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Bardenas Reales


64 reviews of Bardenas Reales

See Víctor Gómez - machbel's photos
30 photos

American-western landscape in spain

There are impressive places in Spain, such as Las Bardenas Reales, a semi-desert landscape that reminds one of westerners. Here is where movies such as Airbag, and James Bond were filmed, for example.

In this natural park and biosphere reserve we must stop at Castildeterra.

The mountain’s peak has different forms, depending from where you are looking at it. The northern part, known as Bardenas Blancas, has a path that surrounds the park and takes you to the most interesting places.

To get there you have to take small agricultural paths, closed to the public traffic, so I recommend that you are prepared to walk, cycle or book an excursion around the area.

The landscape is spectacular, especially at sunset, there are amazing corners everywhere, yet some are difficult to access.

A good and quick way is to travel Las Bardenas Reales by Segway. It allows you to get to the best places and it is easy to drive.

There are many stops on the way, and you must take a small break to admire the landscape. The journey is about 4 hours, the price is 80 Euros, since this vehicles are expensive, they cost about 8000 Euros.
Víctor Gómez - machbel
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Bardenas' splendour

Declared Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Las Bardenas Reales await on the other side of the Ebro. You cross it, drive a few kilometers and it seems as if you are in an unreal place.

In the north of La Bardena Blanca, the land is white and yellow, depending on the time of day and the sunlight. On the South it is red. You can barely see the color green.

The air is dry, there is silence everywhere, the north wind is constantly blowing. Can a place with this characteristics be beautiful?

The desert awakens in many people an enormous attraction, and Las Bardenas is similar in this way. Of course, the desert has sand, and here it is more like a dusty land. There are no dunes either. The formations seem as if they were sculpted by a talented sculptor. But the artist’s name is Erosion and it never stops working. It slowly and constantly changes the forms of his pieces of work.

You can see between the hills groups of sheep. Who know what they eat or where they come from.

You can’t see houses in this desolate landscape, only the horizon, which changes color depending on the sun.
See Julio Irisarri's photos
8 photos

A secret desert

When people think of Navarra, they imagine a green place, with a cool weather and mountains, where they have a delicious gastronomy, thus making it a perfect place for a weekend getaway. But Navarra also has unexpected surprises.

It is true that some parts are green, but there is a secret place that will amaze you: a dry and arid place different to what we imagine Navarra to be.

In the south there is a natural park called Las Bardenas Reales, which is beautiful. It is a desert with little water and shade. The mountains have been shaped by erosion, and they constitute a peaceful and silent landscape. It is great to walk from the plain to one of its peaks to admire its great size.

Bardenas is a place full of stories of ovnis, bandits, kings and princessess that is now guarded by a military base.

Today it is one of Navarra’s main places, but before this it was a place where people worked long hours under the sun. It is also a popular place to film movies, spots, and fashion events.
Julio Irisarri
See Juan Pons's photos
34 photos

White desert in the green navarra

A King and Bardenas Roncaleses come to eat crumbs tallow at least seven months. So sang a Jack Navarra describing the place to be welcome in the room these Pyrenean shepherds with their flocks, until the snows retire, grow grass for cattle in the mountains we Pirenaicas.Recorrimos this famous and no less beautiful Natural Park protected from 6 April 1999 and almost 40,000 hectares in some of them several times before its declaration as a protected area. This barren place is usually filled in beautiful Spring flowers that seem like they want to decorate the landscape in hinóspito appearance today visited by numerous people at the same time points were defined to ensure conservación.Os advise if podeís, hiring a guide who knows this unusual and beautiful place so we can learn and understand this area and its dynamics from 18 million years ago that is the age that scientists give to the oldest fossil nest ever found and was discovered by chance here by Julio Salillas fossilized eggs and corresponds to a sort of Flamenco when this was formerly a swamp, until recent centuries who speak of herds and pastoral life, in addition to its History and Etnografía.Os certainly recommend good shoes and bring water well want to walk because of this corner of the Spanish Geography merece.Teneís well as others close by too much natural places such as Arts and Leisure to spend pleasant days in this region of the unexpected always beautiful Navarre.

Un desierto blanco en la verde navarra

A Las Bardenas del Rey ya vienen los Roncaleses,a comer migas con sebo por lo menos siete meses. Así cantaba una jota Navarra que describía al lugar de acogida en el que debían de estar estos pastores del Pirineo con sus rebaños,hasta que se retirasen las nieves y creciera el pasto para el ganado en las Montañas Pirenaicas.Recorrimos este famoso y no menos bello Parque Natural protegido desde el seis de Abril de 1999 y de casi 40000 hectáreas de extensión en varias ocasiones alguna de ellas antes de su declaración como zona protegida. Este árido lugar se suele llenar en Primavera de bellas florecitas que parece como si quisieran decorar este paisaje en apariencia hinóspito hoy en dia visitado por numerosas personas al mismo tiempo que se han delimitado lugares para garantizar su conservación.Os aconsejo si podeís,la contratación de un guía que conozca este lugar tan inusual como bello y poder así aprender y comprender esta zona y su dinámica desde hace 18 millones de años que es la edad que los científicos dan al nido fósil mas antiguo jamas encontrado y que fue descubierto casualmente aquí por el señor Julio Salillas y corresponde a huevos fosilizados de una especie de Flamenco cuando antiguamente esta era una zona pantanosa,hasta los últimos siglos que hablan de rebaños y vida pastoril,además de su Historia y Etnografía.Os recomiendo desde luego llevar agua y buen calzado además de ganas de andar pues este rincón de la Geografía Española bien lo merece.Teneís muy cerca también otros lugares tanto Naturales,como de Ocio y Arte para poder pasar unos días agradables en esta inesperada Comarca de la siempre bella Comunidad Foral de Navarra.
Juan Pons
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A world apart

We are not in Monument Valley, but in Europe, in Spain, halfway between Zaragoza and Pamplona. The Nature Park - Biosphere Bardenas, however, is a place out of the world, especially if contrast arrivals from the chaos of the Casco Viejo of Pamplona and the faboulous Olite; away from it all, in the middle of nowhere, yes but not reported too, like a gem to be discovered only for those who really want to own, the Bardenas surprise yes for almost lunar landscapes, desert, for wide views and boundless, the air, the sky, the horizon, but also - and perhaps above all - because they make you think. Nothing earth-shattering, nothing harmony with Mother Earth, or things like that, quite simply you find yourself in the midst of the silence immersed in a work where the man puts his hand away from feelings, thoughts, commitments and it is as if I were always belonged to that place. You can visit by car (the main road is unpaved but passable) or even on foot or by mountain bike (to enjoy the show at their own pace), but in the latter case it is strongly recommended to stop at the information into giving some indication - and a map!

A world apart

Non siamo nella Monument Valley, ma in Europa, in Spagna, a metà strada tra Zaragoza e Pamplona. Il parco naturale - biosfera delle Bardenas Reales è però un luogo fuori dal mondo, in particolare se per contrasto arrivi dal caos del Casco Viejo di Pamplona e dagli scorci da fiaba di Olite; distanti da tutto, in mezzo al niente, segnalate sì ma nemmeno troppo, come una gemma da scoprire solo per chi davvero la vuole possedere, le Bardenas Reales sorprendono sì per i paesaggi quasi lunari, desertici, per le vedute ampie e sconfinate, per l'aria, il cielo, l'orizzonte, ma anche - e forse soprattutto - perché ti fanno pensare. Nulla di trascendentale, niente armonia con la Madre Terra o cose di questo tipo, molto semplicemente ti ritrovi in mezzo al silenzio immerso in un'opera dove l'uomo non ha messo mano, lontano da affetti, pensieri, impegni ed è come se fossi sempre appartenuto a quel posto.
Si possono visitare in auto (la strada principale è sterrata ma praticabile) o anche a piedi o in mountain bike (per godersi lo spettacolo con i propri tempi), ma in questo ultimo caso è vivamente consigliato fermarsi al punto informazioni per farsi dare qualche indicazione - e una mappa!
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See Bardenas Aventure's photos
5 photos

Horse riding piskerra and ralln.

Our adventure begins in Aguilares Information Point where we met with Jose Mari, who brings in truck horses. We continue in the truck to the Corral del Truco where the adventure begins riding. The magnificent horses and very quiet. From the yard we went to the cabin of The Politos across a desert littered with small hillocks large sandstones. From the cottage we went through the ravine Cauldron, which leads to the northern border Pisquerra. Following the path along the military viewpoint, we hit The Azagadero the Barranco de los Cambrones known on maps by Arista Bonita or Deer Pass. Amazing views of Rallón and the surrounding landscape. We descend the ridge following the path that leads to the fields bordering the Cambrones. Back to the truck went through Captain's Cabin, The Labyrinth and back to the Corral del Truco. 0034609772450 ' http://www.bardenasaventure.com'

Paseos a caballo en piskerra y rallón.

Nuestra aventura comienza en el Punto de Información de Aguilares donde nos reunimos con José Mari, quien trae en camión los caballos. Continuamos en el camión hasta el Corral del Truco donde comienza la
aventura a caballo.
Los caballos magníficos y muy tranquilos.
Desde el corral nos dirigimos hacia la Cabaña de Los Politos atravesando una zona desértica con pequeños cabezos plagados de grandes piedras areniscas.
Desde la
Cabaña nos dirigimos por el
Barranco del Caldero, que nos lleva a bordear por la parte norte Pisquerra. Siguiendo el sendero que bordea el mirador de los militares, damos con El Azagadero del Barranco de los Cambrones, conocido en los mapas por Arista Bonita o Paso del
Ciervo. Unas vistas increíbles del
Rallón y del paisaje que lo rodea.
Descendemos por la arista siguiendo el sendero que nos lleva hasta los campos de cultivo que bordean Los Cambrones.
De vuelta hacia el camión pasamos por La Cabaña del Capitán, El Laberinto y de regreso al Corral del
0034609772450 ' http://www.bardenasaventure.com'
Bardenas Aventure
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See Ignacio Izquierdo's photos
28 photos

An unreal landscape

You can say many things Bardenas and you can see many pictures, but until you can not make the You travel an idea of ​​the immensity, the size and the infinite variety of its forms. We did a tour van with guide that was taking us for a few Accompanied points sb another walk to meet only one of its points of interest. Really it deserved it and was beyond expectations (which were already high). To visit sb necessary means of transport and it is worth staying until the evening to enjoy the scenery of a unique way.

Un paisaje irreal

Se pueden decir muchas cosas de las Bardenas Reales y se pueden ver muchas fotos, pero hasta que no las recorres no puedes hacerte una idea de la inmensidad, del tamaño y de la variedad infinita de sus formas.

Nosotros hicimos un recorrido en furgoneta con guía que nos fue llevando por algunos puntos acompañados de algún que otro paseo para poder conocer solo alguno de sus puntos de interés.

Realmente mereció la pena y estuvo más allá de las expectativas (que ya eran altas).

Para visitarlo es necesario algún medio de transporte y merece la pena quedarse hasta el atardecer para disfrutar los paisajes de una manera única.
Ignacio Izquierdo
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Incredible, a desert in the north of ...

Incredible, a desert in the north of Spain. Actually this is not entirely a desert steppe zone but with some vegetable patches remaining. There are also some agricultural areas but yields should not be very high. But it really is a beautiful place, especially at sunset, which then illuminates the cliffs and brings out all the colors. Erosion has done most of the work here, either by water or wind. The cliffs are carved and some are ruiniform or "fairy chimneys" may appear. A feast for the eyes. The courses are available in the park by car on the main track (watch body!) Or bike and walk (it seems, information collected before you go, there are snakes in quantity!) . Unfortunately I could not opt ​​for these two transport because of the late hour, but that's a shame because you can go near cliffs and the "desert" area. I will return again! that's for sure!

Incroyable, un désert au nord de l'Espagne. En fait c'est pas totalement un désert mais une zone de steppes avec quelques touffes végétales qui subsistent. Il y a également quelques zones agricoles mais les rendements ne doivent pas être très élevés. Mais c'est vraiment un lieu magnifique, en particulier au coucher du soleil qui illumine alors les falaises et fait ressortir toutes les couleurs.

L'érosion a fait le gros du travail ici, que ce soit par l'eau ou le vent. Les falaises sont sculptées et quelques figurent ruiniformes ou "cheminées de fées" peuvent apparaître. Un vrai plaisir pour les yeux.

Les parcours dans le parc sont possibles en voiture sur les pistes principales (attention aux carrosseries!!!) ou en VTT et à pied (il paraît, des infos récupérées avant d'y aller, qu'il y a des serpents en quantité!). Je n'ai malheureusement pas pu opter pour ces 2 derniers moyens de transport du fait de l'heure tardive mais c'est bien dommage car on peut plus s'approcher des falaises et de la zone "désertique".
J'y retournerai une autre fois! ça c'est sur !
Matthieu CARRY
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See Luis Sanmiguel's photos
1 photo

Art in nature

It's a wonderful area, the place is eroded by water and wind creating amazing shapes and worthy of any artist, but in this case the artist is the same nature. At present, most of the Royal Bárdenas are protected by the figure of a nature park has 39,274. since 1999. Previously, in 1986, two sites of Bardenas, Boo's Corner and the Black Falls, had been declared nature reserves. From November 7, 2000 the area was declared a Biosphere Reserve. It's a wonderful area, the place is eroded by water and wind creating amazing shapes and worthy of any artist, but in this case the artist is the same nature. At present, most of the Royal Bárdenas are protected by the figure of a nature park has 39,274. since 1999. Previously, in 1986, two sites of Bardenas, Boo's Corner and the Black Falls, had been declared nature reserves. From November 7, 2000 the area was declared a Biosphere Reserve.

Arte en la naturaleza

Es una zona maravilloso, el lugar es erosionado por el agua y el viento creando formas sorprendentes y dignas de cualquier artista, pero en este caso el artista es la misma naturaleza.

En la actualidad, la mayor parte de las Bárdenas Reales se encuentran protegidas en mediante la figura de un parque natural de 39.274 ha. desde el año 1999. Anteriormente, en 1986, dos parajes de las Bárdenas, el Rincón del Bú y la Caídas de la Negra, habían sido declaradas reservas naturales. Desde el 7 de noviembre de 2000 el conjunto fue declarado Reserva de la Biosfera.

Es una zona maravilloso, el lugar es erosionado por el agua y el viento creando formas sorprendentes y dignas de cualquier artista, pero en este caso el artista es la misma naturaleza.

En la actualidad, la mayor parte de las Bárdenas Reales se encuentran protegidas en mediante la figura de un parque natural de 39.274 ha. desde el año 1999. Anteriormente, en 1986, dos parajes de las Bárdenas, el Rincón del Bú y la Caídas de la Negra, habían sido declaradas reservas naturales. Desde el 7 de noviembre de 2000 el conjunto fue declarado Reserva de la Biosfera.
Luis Sanmiguel
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80 photos

The bardenas of navarra is a place of...

The Bardenas of Navarra is a place of great interest semidesert and geographical zoo and more specifically the White Bardena. It is characterized by sinkholes and gullies eroded by millennia, presenting a landscape semi lunar or Martian semi. It is a very beautiful natural park. It is located south of Navarre and Little Gem.

Las Bardenas de Navarra es un paraje semidesertico de gran interés zoológico como geográfico y más concretamente la Bardena Blanca. Se caracteriza por carcavas y dolinas erosionadas por milenios, que presentan un paisaje semi lunar o semi marciano. Es un parque natural muy bello. Se encuentra al sur de Navarra y merece la pena conocerlo.
Martin Zalba Ibáñez
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Following a photography course to rea...

Following a photography course to realize about three years ago, I met some fabulous place, dies in Spain lie that having such a great place is so little known outside Navarre and little else, the truth is that I was surprised by the desiertico landscape that closely resembles the Grand Canyon saving the logical differences. He said a fantantico I recommend any good outdoorsman know.

A raíz de un curso de fotografía que realize hace aproximadamente tres años,conocí un poco este fabuloso lugar,perece mentira que teniendo en España un lugar tan fantástico sea tan poco conocido fuera de Navarra y poco mas, la verdad es que quede sorprendido por el paisaje desértico que se asemeja mucho al Cañon del Colorado salvando las lógicas diferencias.
Lo dicho un lugar fantástico que recomiendo a todo buen amante de la naturaleza conocer.
ramon fernandez
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3 photos

The bardenas is a fantastic landscape...

The Bardenas is a fantastic landscape formations over time has changed at will dejandono spectacular scenery, nature park and is considered the best times to visit are early morning and late afternoon, has a track grijilo you can go all the drive smoothly, avoiding the hours of noon and early afternoon. Near the town of Arguedas, is a beautiful place for its formations of gypsum, clay and sandstone, has a track that takes us all the way, drive, early morning and late afternoon are best for photographing . Castill Terra is the most emblematic natural monument Bardenas with the danger that may disappear soon, as you can see we offer endless Bardenas photographic images.

Las Bardenas es un paisaje fantástico de formaciones que el paso del tiempo ha modificado a su antojo dejandono un paisaje espectacular, esta considerado parque natural y las mejores horas para visitarlo son a primeras horas de la mañana y ultimas de la tarde, tiene una pista de grijilo en las que se puede recorrer todo el trayecto en coche sin problemas, evitar las horas de medio día y primeras de la tarde.

Cerca del pueblo de Arguedas, es un lugar precioso por sus formaciones de yesos,arcilla y areniscas, tiene una pista que nos lleva por todo el recorrido, en coche, las primeras horas de la mañana y ultimas de la tarde son las mejores para fotografiar.

Castill de Terra es el monumento natural mas emblemático de las Bardenas con el peligro de que en poco tiempo puede desaparecer, como podeis ver las Bardenas nos ofrecen infinidad de imagenes fotograficas.
joseba ibarra amor
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See Ángeles Ruiz Garrido's photos
9 photos

Sometimes the time stops and choose parts of the world in which to lay his intense hustle.

Here in Las Bardenas you can enjoy the peace, the silence, the good times to watch the birds, listen to the music of water, finding after a curve with more than 13 horses and jumping joyful. It is an experience that not only offers as described above but also a landscape, which in some areas, seems from another planet, an imaginary world in which dream of all the beings that inhabit after the slits, in the recesses below of as impressive as that of "Cabeza de Castildetierra" seamounts. It's worth your time to accompany the rest Come to Bárdenas.

A veces el tiempo se detiene y elige lugares del mundo en los que reposar su intenso ajetreo.

Aquí en Las Bárdenas Reales se puede disfrutar de la paz, del silencio, de los buenos momentos al observar los pájaros, al escuchar la música del agua, al encontrarse tras una curva con más de 13 caballos alegres y saltarines. Es una experiencia que no sólo ofrece lo antes descrito sino también un paisaje, que, en cierto espacios, parece de otro planeta, de un mundo imaginario en el que soñar con toda clase de seres que habitan tras las hendiduras, en los recovecos, debajo de los cabezos tan impresionantes como el de "Cabezo de Castildetierra". Merece la pena acompañar al tiempo en su descanso: Ven a las Bárdenas.
Ángeles Ruiz Garrido
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5 photos

The arizona desert espaol

South of Navarra, about an hour from Pamplona and about 10 minutes from Tudela we are The Bardenas, past the town of Arguedas and taking the detour to the left we enter the Natural Park has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO. It is a semidesrtico landscape where numerous films have been shot, you can go by car, on foot, bike or horseback, by car takes about an hour and a half at a speed of 40 km / h. A unique and different place where you can enjoy the silence and beauty of its landscapes.

El desierto de arizona español

Al sur de Navarra, aproximadamente a una hora de Pamplona y a unos 10 minutos de Tudela nos encontramos Las Bardenas Reales, pasando el pueblo de Arguedas y tomando el desvío a la izquierda entramos en el Parque Natural que ha sido declarado Reserva de la Biosfera por la UNESCO.
Es un paisaje semidesértico en el que se han rodado numerosas películas, se puede recorrer en coche, a pie, en bici o caballo, en coche se tarda aproximadamente hora y media a una velocidad de 40 km/h.
Un sitio único y diferente donde se puede disfrutar del silencio y de la belleza de sus paisajes.
Juan Conde
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See Jesús Sánchez Ibáñez (kaosjsi)'s photos
1 photo

Moonscape in navarra

If we want to travel without moving too far can imagine we are on another planet watching the unusual and unique landscape of the Bardenas. Near Tudela (a city worthy of that we dedicate a good time) found this desert environment, modeled over time by water erosion, with such whimsical shapes like the fireplace shown in the photo, representative image of the park. The check can be done by car or bicycle, bypassing the military polygon in which it is prohibited enter (the only objection to this magical place). Usually less traveled and for me is one of the essential places to visit a lover of photography.

Paisaje lunar en navarra

Si queremos viajar muy lejos sin movernos demasiado podemos imaginar que estamos en otro planeta contemplando el paisaje insólito y único de las Bardenas Reales. Cerca de Tudela (una ciudad digna de que le dediquemos un buen rato) encontramos este entorno desértico, modelado a través del tiempo por la erosión del agua, con formas tan caprichosas como la chimenea que aparece en la foto, imagen representativa del parque natural. La visita se puede hacer en coche o en bicicleta, circunvalando el polígono militar en el que está prohibido adentrarse (la única objeción a este lugar mágico). Suele estar poco transitado y para mi es uno de los lugares imprescindibles que debe visitar un amante de la fotografía.
Jesús Sánchez Ibáñez (kaosjsi)
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