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Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Pilar


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The Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar is perhaps, along with the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and La Sagrada Famila, one of the most famous and frequently-visited Catholic cathedrals in all of Spain. According to tradition, it traces its founding back to the era of St. James ve saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary instructing him to build a church on the spot.

Since then, the church has undergone an amazing expansion arriving, finally, at the hulking baroque wonder we have before us. Once you enter Zaragoza, you notice it's four towers and massive dome peeking between buildings and along the horizon, calling you to visit. The first thing you notice as you enter are the proportions: it's massive...really, breath-takingly massive. The gargantuan pillars hold up a ceiling covered in giant domes, each one decorated by some of Spain's most famous artists like Goya. Staring down the football-field sized basilica and taking in the domes, the paintings, the geometric tiled floors, and the excruciatingly detailed decoration of the altars and chapels built into the walls is really an impacting sensation.

Make sure to get there early so you can visit the north end of the cathedral as well (they close it off many times in the afternoons) and enjoy the silence, space, and light filtering through the domes and taking the elevator ride to the top of the San Francisco de Borja tower to enjoy the views of the basilica from above.
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Mighty ceilings

The Cathedral-Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar is in Zaragoza, is the largest baroque religious site in the country, and had a lot of importance in its time.

It’s in the middle of the old centre of Zaragoza, and attracts many visitors every year. The cathedral is imposing from the outside, and also the inside. The interior construction, high and very spacious is imposing and at the same time light. According to the myth, the Virgin Mary ordered a small chapel to be built on this site, which later was converted into a church, and into the cathedral-basilica that we see today.

There are three naves in the basilica, and various cupolas which give even more height to the building. Most of the city’s archbishops are buried here, along with San Braulio, and General Palafox, who was a famous general in the XIX century, governor of Zaragoza and Captain General of Aragon.

You can take advantage of the long opening times, open from 5:45 in the morning until 21:45 in the evening. Entrance is free, you are not allowed to take photos during the times of masses, and you are asked to show the respect and silence due to any religious place.
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Flooding a continent

As soon as you leave the underground car park in the square, take your camera from your bag. A large granite structure grabs your attention and everybody takes photographs of it. Water flows slowly until it finds a gap where it makes little waterfalls. Up to now, everything normal, but what’s the reason for the shape of the gap? Is it a whim of the designer?

Moreover, the water flowing towards the square is contained in a tank as irregular as the gap. You think it doesn’t have an explanation. And after visiting the cathedral you ascend in the lift to the Tower of Santiago and take photos. Then you look below and you discover the explanation for the granite structure. The designer has flooded South America, including Cuba!
juan luis garitaonandía adán
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Information about Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Pilar

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+34 976 397 497
+34 976 397 497
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Plaza del Pilar
Plaza del Pilar
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