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La Boqueria Market


191 reviews of La Boqueria Market

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A meeting point

The current Mercado de la Boquería has lived through many phases. We will hereby try to give a faithful description of the facts. The initial origin of this market is not very clear. What we know for sure is that it started as an itinerant market, located in the Rambla de Barcelona, ideal place of the commercialization of goods. It was not the first time it was used as such for there had been some stands of meat and other goods since the beginning of the 12th century.

La Rambla gained more importance as a walk; the Market was not convenient and many times they tried to take it off. Remembering that villages and cities in Catalunya have been founded around the markets, we found that it was originally an open air one in front of one of the gates of the old wall (Pla de la Boqueria), where the peddlers and peasants of other villages and farms would settle in order to sell their products.

Currently it is of great importance in the culture of Barcelona. It is a meeting point with the goods from other countries like fish, meat, fruit or vegetables... for its cuisine which gives a great mix of gastronomical cultures. One easily gets to eat a lot inside the market during the stops and in the bars. You can't miss it.
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Where i love without limits

Every time I go back to Barcelona I visit the Mercado de la Boqueria, like it's a a ritual. the market is located on the Ramblas in a world full of smells, colors, textures, etc. At the stands you can find a great variety of foods, all of great quality.

La Boqueria origins come from the 13th century. Part of the current structure is from 1700, even though the building went through several changes afterwards. One cannot go to Barcelona without passing by this wonderful market.

When the weather is nice, I love buying a good piece of bread, brie cheese, tomato, serrano ham and a handful of strawberries. With my goodies and, as if I was an authentic foreigner, I have a picnic in a sunny spot of the Cathedral square. Amazing.
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A place to satisfy one's curiosity

Every time I walk on the Rambla, it is impossible not to stop in at one of the most famous Market of Barcelona. An explosion of colors, curiosities, people, smells mixing up in this typical place of the most authentic Barcelona. I take the opportunity to have a tropical fruit smoothy, buy sweets I know I won't find in any other place, and to take pictures.

The Mercado de la Boqueria charms everyone and you can have a tasty tapas and an animated chat with anyone. There are many tourists but also many living their everyday life in Barcelona. Simply one of my favorite spots in Barcelona.
Dónde vamos Eva
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A variety of fresh products

Going down the popular Rambla right in the center of Barcelona, apart form seeing hundreds of tourists, one can find the famous Mercado de la Boqueria, emblematic and essential visit of everyone coming to the city.

Around the 12th century, it was only an itinerant market which started growing throughout time and became what it is today: a fully-loaded market where you can get a variety of fresh products. It is perfectly located in the center, so it's always packed of tourists and locals, who, one generation after the next, have felt the pride of having the greatest market of Spain on Catalan lands.

Some of stands are run by the fourth generation of stallholders, tradition is one of the features of this market. Inside you get anything you like, fish, seafood, meat, cheese, fruit, juice, dessert, wine, prepared dishes restaurants, among other things. The structure is under constant renovation due to the business potential that has grown during centuries until nowadays.
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Wonderful and exquisite stands

I got to know markets like this one when I was a child in Rosario. There was one on the current Plaza Montenegro, although they started disappearing giving way to other attractions. They existed because half of the immigrants in Rosario were from Galicia and Catalunya and the other half came from various Italian cities and I knew people who had owned stands like these.

This is why it was a great surprise to discover one of similar dimensions right in the center of Barcelona, because I had already seen the weekly markets of the different places I visited, but never a similar one. As usual, my friend told me "Marta shut your mouth" and it was not because it was open to eat, but because of the astonishment in front of what looked more like a boutique than a market. I recalled a not so famous Albert Einstein quotation "One who doesn't have the gift of marveling or getting enthused would better be off dead, because his eyes are closed." and I thought "I'm saved", because until now I have marveled at everything I have seen and lived.

And it is not because of the Market, it is because of the astonishment itself, this ability children have and that thanks to God I haven't lost yet and I hope I'll never lose. And back to the topic, I recommend not missing out on the wonderful and exquisite stands of La Boqueria.
Marta Pilar
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This was the highlight of our trip! m...

This was the highlight of our trip! My daughter booked this market tour La Boquería and I wasn't so excited about it. I am so so glad she did. We had the best time ever. What was unique was that we got to go to the market to shop for some of the ingredients. What a fun time that was. The chef and his assistant are just the BEST!
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Great food

Great food
stefan dockx

I went to barcelona and it was a real...

I went to Barcelona and it was a really fantastic experience.
I went with my family and we visited Parque Guëll and Sagrada familia
Federica Mantellassi
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Temple of gastronomy

The Boqueria market is much more than a market, is an attraction in itself and a temple of gastronomy in the traditional living traders and merchants with the thousands of tourists who visit each day, firing their flashes shamelessly on unique delicatessen. La Boqueria market is one of the most emblematic of Barcelona, ​​offering the most varied food. Its 2583 m² of retail space they accommodate more than 200 food stores you can find everything from the most traditional products such as meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, more raw materials to special domestic and import, suitable for palates more gourmet (foie, exotic fruits, cold cuts, ostrich eggs, mushrooms ...). If something does highlight of this market is the excellent quality of the products and, above all, an excellent presentation: sell out is his best marketing. In La Boqueria also have bars and "kiosks" where some tapas (one of the most famous is the Pinotxo) and posts where you can buy freshly squeezed juices for 1 €, or chopped raw fruit that can even combine with a glass yoghurt. Historically, the market La Boqueria Market is also known as San Jose, occupying the space of the former convent of Sant Josep of the Discalced Carmelites. Opened in 1840, though the history of this market back much further, because in this place and were concentrated in the thirteenth century flesh peddlers. In 1848 he built the present square neoclassical portico with large Ionic columns, covered by a roof of iron. The main entrance is an arch made in 1913 by modernist architect A. of fern. It is an iron gate decorated with glass panels in blue and yellow circles Gaudí style of hanging the old shield of the city. Located on Las Ramblas in Barcelona, ​​this market is a must-see if you go to Barcelona. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 20:30.

Templo de la gastronomía

El Mercado de la Boquería es mucho más que un mercado, es un atractivo turístico en sí mismo y un templo de la gastronomía en el que conviven tradicionales comerciantes y mercaderes con los miles de turistas que lo visitan cada día, disparando sin pudor sus flashes sobre singulares productos delicatessen.

La Boquería es uno de los mercados más emblemáticos de Barcelona, con una oferta alimentaria de lo más variada. Sus 2583 m² de superficie comercial dan cabida a más de 200 tiendas de alimentación en las que puedes encontrar desde los productos más tradicionales como carnes, pescados, frutas y verduras, a las materias primas más especiales tanto nacionales como de importación, aptas para los paladares más gourmet (foie, frutas exóticas, embutidos ibéricos, huevos de avestruz, boletus...). Si hay algo que destacar de este mercado es la excelente calidad de los productos y, sobre todo, su excelente presentación: vender con la vista es su mejor marketing.

En La Boquería también hay bares y "kioskos" donde comer unas tapas (uno de los más famosos es el Pinotxo), así como puestos donde poder comprar zumos naturales recién exprimidos por 1€, o fruta natural troceada que incluso puedes combinar con un vaso de yogur.

Históricamente, el mercado de La Boquería es también conocido como Mercado de San José, ya que ocupa el espacio del antiguo convento de Sant Josep de las carmelitas descalzas. Fue inaugurado en 1840, aunque la historia de este mercado se remonta mucho más atrás, ya que en este lugar se concentraban ya en el siglo XIII los vendedores ambulantes de carne.

En 1848 se construyó la actual plaza neoclásica, porticada con grandes columnas jónicas, cubierto por una cubierta de hierro. En el acceso principal hay un arco modernista realizado en 1913 por el arquitecto A. de Falguera. Es un portal de hierro decorado con paneles de vidrio de color azul y círculos amarillos al estilo de Gaudí, del que cuelga el antiguo escudo de la ciudad.

Situado en plenas Ramblas de Barcelona, este mercado es una de las visitas obligadas si vas a la ciudad condal. Horario de apertura: de lunes a sábado de 8:00 a 20:30.
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It's incredible what you can find here

In Catalonia, the markets have a long tradition and roots as many of the towns and cities were founded around markets. The market of Sant Joseph better known as the Boqueria market is one of the most traditional Barcelona. Born as a street market located on the Ramblas in front of one of the gates of the old city wall and today is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Barcelona. So, it is always very crowded. It's amazing what can be found here, because there is really everything. Fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, sweets, milkshakes .. sure you can find what you want. It is very nice to see everyone in front of banks, asking anything and trying to negotiate the price. In the market you can also sit at the bar to enjoy lunch with fresh food. Be careful because sometimes, due to the large crowd of people, thefts can happen. But, usually with a little attention, nothing happens. Go to the Boqueria is nevertheless an essential experience when visiting Barcelona. For more information: Http :/ / bit.Ly/8YAxtS

Es increíble lo que se puede encontrar aquí

En Cataluña, los mercados tienen una gran tradición y arraigo ya que muchos de los pueblos y ciudades fueron fundados en los alrededores de los mercados. El mercado de Sant Joseph mejor conocido como la Boqueria es uno de los mercados de Barcelona de mayor tradición.

Nació como un mercado ambulante situado en las Ramblas de Barcelona delante de una de las puertas de la antigua muralla y hoy en día es una de las atracciones turísticas más conocidas de Barcelona. Por eso, siempre está muy lleno de gente.
Es increíble lo que se puede encontrar aquí, porque hay verdaderamente de todo. Fruta, Verdura, Pescado, Carne, Dulces, batidos..Seguro que puedes encontrar lo que quieres. Es muy bonito ver todas las personas enfrente de los bancos, pidiendo cualquier cosa e intentando negociar el precio. En el mercado es posible sentarse también en las barras para disfrutar de un almuerzo con comida fresca. Hay que tener cuidado porque a veces, debido a la gran multitud de gente, pueden suceder robos. Pero, normalmente con un poco de atención no pasa nada. Ir a la Boqueria es de todas formas, una experiencia imprescindible si visitas Barcelona.
Para más informaciones: ''
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Sips and bites ..

Knowing a city also means closer to the lives of most people, visit a market, I think that is part of those curiosities that can speak on culinary traditions. After watching the market in Valencia we were curious to find out the chores on Catalan cuisine. St. Josef La Boqueria market or you find out right away in the middle of the popular Rambla, between the Palais de la Virreina and the Liceu Theatre. Inside there a spectacle of colors, scents, great diversity of products where tourists mingle with locals and vendors. It is always a crowded space, a particular commodity and you do not find in a supermarket, the high quality of local products or from other countries, a wide selection of vegetables, fresh or dried fruit, mushrooms, wild berries and grass, meat, fish and shellfish, cheeses, pastries. As in Valencia there are places where you can safely eat it and always be spoiled for choice. Sellers healthy and tastes very well satisfy the curiosity of tourists. Even a drink is fine, and the more traditional tapas, nibbles of typical dishes of the country. I recommend the tapas "sea", clams marinara, calamari alla romana, fried shrimp, octopus in vinegar, salt cod balls, you choose what you want. Taste the wines, I recommend Montsant and Penedes, Moscatel, sweet dessert wine, but there are many others. A coffee and a cake at the end and you'll see that it still remains a day you will return for sure, we went back twice in the same day. And I still think the sips ... bites ..

Sorsi e morsi..

Conoscere una città significa anche avvicinarti di più della vita dei abitanti, visitare un mercato penso che fa parte di quelli curiosità che possono parlare sulle tradizioni culinarie. Dopo aver visto il mercato di Valencia eravamo curiosi di scoprire delle faccende sulla cucina catalana. La Boqueria o mercato San Josef lo scopri subito a meta della popolare Rambla, fra il Palazzo della Virreina e il Teatro Liceu. Dentro ce uno spettacolo di colori, profumi, grande diversità di merce dove i turisti si mescolano con abitanti e venditori. E sempre uno spazio affollato, una particolare merce che non la trovi in un supermercato, la qualità alta dei prodotti tipici locali o dai altri paesi, una vasta scelta di verdura, frutta fresca o secca, funghi di bosco e di prato, carne, pesce, crostacei e molluschi, formaggi, dolci. Come a Valencia ci sono dei posti dove puoi mangiare tranquillamente ma e sempre l’imbarazzo della scelta. I venditori sano benissimo soddisfare la curiosità e i gusti dei turisti. Anche un aperitivo va bene, più tradizionale e il Tapas, dei bocconcini di piatti tipici del paese. Vi consiglio il tapas “di mare”, vongole alla marinara, calamari alla romana, gamberi fritti, polpo all’aceto, polpette di baccalà, scegli che vuoi. Assaggia anche i vini, vi consiglio Montsant o Penedes, Moscatel, vino dolce da dessert, ma sono tanti altri. Un caffè e un dolce alla fine e vedrai che si resti ancora un giorno tornerai di sicuro, noi siamo ritornati due volte nella stessa giornata. E ancora penso ai morsi..
Adriana Grecu
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A very pleasant place to stroll and buy quality local products and imported

La Boqueria comes out in all tourist guides Barcelona and therefore is full of tourists, which has done enough to increase prices, but still a very pleasant place to stroll, shop or take something off peak hours. Your posts are a paragon of color, exposure and variety merchandise Perhaps my favorite part, in fall season, is the mushrooms, we know that the Catalans are very fond of collecting and eating mushrooms, and in positions Boqueria's specialty mushrooms of all types, sizes and shapes imaginable curious.

Un lugar muy agradable para pasear y comprar productos de calidad locales e importados

La Boquería sale ya en todas las guías turísticas de Barcelona y por tanto esta lleno de turistas, lo que ha hecho incrementar los precios bastantes, pero sigue siendo un lugar muy agradable para pasear, comprar o tomarnos algo fuera de las horas punta. Sus puestos son un dechado de color, mercancía en exposición y variedad

Quizás mi parte favorita, en temporada de Otoño, sea la de las setas; ya se sabe que los catalanes son muy aficionados a la recogida e ingesta de setas, y en los puestos especializados de la Boquería hay setas de todos los tipos, tamaños y formas curiosas que te puedas imaginar.
Carlos Olmo
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A must stop

The Boqueria market is a must for anyone visiting Barcelona. In next to Liceu Rambla, is an oasis of peace amid the urban bustle. The value for money of your item is more than acceptable, especially ice cream. They are rich! It is highly recommended to visit the posts of jellies and candies, fruit and fish. Regarding meat not know why I did not buy, but also looked nice. You have to know how to choose the time that is going to avoid the queues of people coming especially from the cruise port. Can be tremendous.

Una parada imprescindible

El mercado de la Boqueria es una parada imprescindible para cualquiera que visite Barcelona. En plena Rambla junto al Liceu, es como un oasis de paz en medio del bullicio urbano. La relación calidad precio de sus articulos es mas que aceptable, y sobre todo los helados. Que ricos!!!!
Es altamente recomendable visitar los puestos de gominolas y caramelos, la fruta y el pescado.
Respecto a la carne no lo se porque no compré, pero también tenía muy buena pinta.
Hay que saber elegir la hora a la que se va para evitar las colas de gente que viene sobre todo del puerto de los cruceros. Puede ser tremendo.
Rafa Pastor
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La boqueria market

Colors, smells, tastes. The Boqueria market offers a rare experience for all the senses come immediately alert, as soon as the hall past the porch. Fresh and exotic fruits, meat, still wriggling fish, spices intoxicating aromas, vegetables, seafood .. hard not to find what you're looking for. Street market in its infancy, the covered hall was built in 1840. Today its 6000m ² of beautiful displays make the largest market in Europe. And probably the most beautiful. Hidden to the right of the famous Rambla, do not miss the entry, otherwise miss this sensory experience ... And high quality products! Visit (s) need (s) during a stay in the Catalan city!

Marché de la boqueria

Couleurs, odeurs, saveurs. Le marché de la Boqueria offre une expérience rare, car tous les sens entrent immédiatement en éveil, sitôt le porche du hall passé. Fruits frais et exotiques, viandes, poissons encore frétillants, épices aux arômes enivrants, légumes, fruits de mer...Difficile de ne pas y trouver ce que l'on cherche. Marché ambulant à ses débuts, le hall couvert fut construit en 1840. Aujourd'hui ses 6000m² d'étalages splendides en font le plus grand marché d'Europe. Et probablement le plus beau. Dissimulé à droite de la célèbre Rambla, ne ratez surtout pas son entrée, sous peine de passer à côté de cette expérience sensorielle... Et de produits de grande qualité! Visite(s) indispensable(s) lors d'un séjour dans la cité Catalane !
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La boqueria, also known as san josep ...

La Boqueria, also known as San Josep market in memory of the former monastery of the nineteenth century, is a covered market which is part of the attractions of the city. It is a temple of culinary temptation. Always crowded with people, there is absolutely everything. Entering through the famous Rambla we find ourselves in the midst of fruit and sweets. Hard, hard not to be tempted. And why not a glass of fresh fruit juice to 1 €? At the heart of the market place and bottom fish to meat. Some bars are arranged here and there, this is a good way to sample the products to eat there at lunch for example. But beware, the places are expensive. As against the market should be avoided once the stalls and closed at night, unless you are hungry for this trade there, as it becomes the place of any other activity: Prostitutes and transsexuals are their market in place in all corners become dark. To get there stop Liceu metro line L3.

La Boqueria, aussi connue sous le nom de marché de San Josep en souvenir de l'ancien monastère du XIXème siècle, est un marché couvert qui fait parti des incontournables de la ville. C'est un véritable temple de la tentation culinaire. Toujours bondé de monde, on y trouve absolument de tout. En entrant par la célèbre Rambla on se retrouve au milieu des fruits et des confiseries. Dur, dur de ne pas se laisser tenter. Et pourquoi pas un petit verre de jus de fruit frais à 1€ ? Au cœur du marché place au poisson et au fond à la viande. Quelques bars sont disposés de ci, de là, c'est une bonne façon de goûter aux produits que d'y manger, au déjeuner par exemple. Mais attention, les places sont chères. Par contre le marché est à éviter une fois les étales fermés et la nuit venue, à moins que l'on est faim de ce commerce là, car il devient alors l'endroit d'une toute autre activité : Prostituées et transsexuels font leur marché en ce lieu tout en recoins devenus sombres.

Pour s'y rendre arrêt métro Liceu sur la ligne L3.
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+34 933 182 584
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