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Caravasar Zein-o-din hotel

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2 reviews of Caravasar Zein-o-din hotel

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Caravasar zein-o-din

When backpacking, you don't normally stay in this time of place. However, don't outrule it because there are few places in Iran where you can stay in a caravan and have it be worth it. It is 50 km from Yazd, and you can get here by taxi / car. Is very close to the road, so you do not need a 4x4. Actually no rooms because it preserves the structure of the original building, where through two symmetrical wings spread different rooms that are closed by curtains. It is very safe, so do not worry. The best thing to do here is to go up to the terrace at night where you will greatly enjoy the night sky. The food is pretty good, and the yard is a luxury. Organize parties "native" with music and dancing, but of course, I had plenty a bit because it's a bit turistada. You can take a walk around, but watch out for snakes ;-) It runs a family that has been in Spain and often receive many tourists here. Watch stocks, not present in the door because you can find all full if you called before.
Juan Carlos Milena
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Txaro Franco
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