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Toledo Cathedral


167 reviews of Toledo Cathedral

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Not to be missed!

This is a corner that can’t be missed every time you visit Toledo. The cathedral was built in the 13th Century, in a pure gothic style that can only be compared in Spain with the Burgos’ Cathedral or the one in León. Its façade, tower, statues and relieves will amaze you.

It is of a breathtaking beauty, both by day and illuminated by night. Even though you have to pay to go in, it is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

It is the biggest gothic cathedral in all of Spain and it was finished during the time of the Catholic Kings. It was the symbol of the Spanish future ahead, a true manifest of the intention of the catholic power in a multicultural Toledo of the time. A must!
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Art to impress

Even though it is difficult to see the monuments in the old part of Toledo, at least this cathedral is found in a square that allows you to contemplate the façade with a certain perspective.

I sat in one of the benches and from there observed the details of the façade. On the top you will see the Holy Dinner, an invitation to what you can find inside. A bit down you can see the statues of the evangelists and the local saints.

What most caught my attention was the scene of the tympanum. Instead of having the classic Final Judgment you could see a feminine figure giving a man archbishops’ clothing, since in Toledo the archbishopric is a transcendental act.

I couldn’t see the interior because it was closed, although I’ve seen some videos of the UNED (National University of Distance Education). I had the same feeling. It is an art that wants to impress rather than to excite. It reflects the power of the man that lived there and controlled the destiny of Spain.

There, in Toledo the destiny of the Jews was decided, and this is why Philip II chose another capital. This is what this cold art transmits me, perfect from a technical point of view but heartless.
El Viajero
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A must

I can say little of a place that is best described in encyclopedias, detailing the kind of architectural style, histories, and legends.

I will just say that visiting Toledo and not going inside the Cathedral is almost a sin. The best thing is to go inside from the Puerta del Reloj (Clock Gate) going down Chapinería Street. There you can have a glimpse of the temple, then surrounds the building, going past the Puerta de los Leones (Lions Gate), (please stop to take a look), then reach Puerta Llana (Flat Gate) and be sure to pay to go in, or you will regret it. It costs 7 € plus 3€ more if you want the guided tour with tape recorder.

Once inside you will see how impressive it is: the choir chair is carved in a spectacular way (no pictures allowed there, but I couldn’t resist), it has a pair of magnificent organs, the Chapter Hose with mujedar decoration is impressive, the windows and the rosette on top of the main door can’t be missed and, specially, don’t miss what they call “el Transparente” (the transparent), behind the main altar.
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Toledo's cathedral

What most surprised me of this fabulous cathedral was, without a doubt, its huge size.

In my opinion, the exterior is much richer and attractive than the interior, especially the doors of access with thousands of images and sculpted allegories. I also really liked the Arch of the Palace, which seems to remain unchanged throughout the centuries.

A curiosity we heard was that in 1755 the biggest of the nine bells was installed: the Campana Gorda (the fat bell), raising its 17 tons of weight by means of pulleys moved by 100 mariners that came from Cartagena. It cracked with the first chime, so the original three meter clapper was changed for a smaller one!

The entrance is 7 €, a bit expensive, especially if we take into account that it has places that need urgent restoration.
Roberto Gonzalez
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Another marvel of toledo

Unfortunately, my camera ran out of memory, so I could only take pictures of the Cathedral’s facade as well as some details, so I have to depend on my visual memory to tell you about everything I saw and everything that made me marvel inside the place.

It is not very common to submerge in the history of a place before visiting it, and I haven’t done this every time I travel, but I did do it before traveling to Spain, and I saw many of the places I wanted to visit. The few facts I knew about San Ildefonso were limited to my religious historic knowledge: that he was a Spanish monk that was later Archbishop of Toledo after the death of San Eugenio in the year 659, who was famous for his wisdom and virtue. He continued the treaty of viris ilustribus of San Isidro and wrote important works, two of them remain and are found in the British Museum. People celebrate him on the 28th of January.

To go inside the cathedral is another one of the wonders of medieval Toledo. It houses a great magnificence, opulence and rich history. In its majestic façade there is only one tower, the tower bell that holds inside the famous “Fat Bell”. The embossed bronze that covers the door’s leaves are superb, especially the one in the tympanum of the main entrance.

In the entrance at the right you can see the representation of the Final Judgment, and the one of Hell at the left side. The central scene is reproduced with more or less magnificence in each and every one of the interior chapels of the five naves.

The Chapter House is decorated with a beautiful golden coffering and it has a mural painting that reproduces scenes of the life of the Virgin and the Passion of Christ; the emblem of the chapter are reproduced in all of the furniture, paintings, doors, walls and altarpieces. The altarpiece of the Virgin’s Chapel is solely done on alabaster; in the table of the altar there is a small urn of red stone that holds the white stone where, according to tradition, the Virgin Mary rested her feet.

All the chairs of the choir show in their splendid carving all the history of the conquering of Granada, their historical worth is priceless. In the archbishops’ chair, carved in alabaster, you can see the Transfiguration of Christ in Mount Tabor. The altar shows the scene of the Last Supper, chiseled in marble, a great piece of marble and bronze with a lighting that is an authentic explosion of color and movement.
In the main chancel, the altarpiece is completely carved in larch wood and covered in fine gold. It is really impressive and you can see there a great number of figures. In the vault of the sacristy there is a majestic fresco with nice colors full of angels and figures.

You can also see a magnificent painting of El Greco of the 18th Century: The Disrobing of Christ. The chapel of San Ildefonso with its superb altarpiece of bronze and marble in the most pure gothic style of the 14th Century is really impressive.

One can say that this cathedral was well planned and designed, not only to manifest the miracle of San Ildefonso but also to shelter a great part of Spanish history.
Marta Pilar
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Pure beauty

There’s not much more I can add that hasn’t already been said about the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo.

It’s an impressive structure, just looking at it from floor to ceiling leaves you without words. The exterior doors will leave you with the same feeling, especially the door of the lions, the most modern but definitely not the least interesting.

It’s a completely necessary stop if you in Toledo. I’m inclined to say if you’re in Spain as well.

One of the most astonishing cathedrals of spain

One of the most astonishing cathedrals of Spain
Carlos Muñoz
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