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Cave of El Soplao


34 reviews of Cave of El Soplao

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Underground stone forest

This cave was opened to the public in 2005, but it was really discovered in 1908. It's one of those places where nature goes on a whim and uses only water to create dazzling rock formations.

The Soplao cave has the highest concentration of “eccentric” stalactites and stalagmites in the entire world. The stalactites grow out randomly in every direction any seem like a rock forest or a stone coral reef.

This is an unusual phenomenon and is only found in a few caves. Of course, it's much nicer to see it in person. To see the cave, there's the standard route (€10.50) that's fully accessible for people with disabilities. Or, you have the Adventure route (32€) where, with a suit and helmet provided by the guides, you can explore the interior of the cave. This visit is more expensive than normal, but it lasts 2.5 hours and you’ll see many more chambers that have not been changed by human hands.

The cave is a must-see and, as you can imagine, I'd suggest going on the Adventure route!
Víctor Gómez - machbel
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Most amazing thing i've ever done

This is one of the most spectacular and amazing things I've done in my life.

To get to La Cueva El Soplao, there's a long detour from the highway along narrow curvy roads and then a seemingly endless hike, but boy was it worth it!

As soon as you enter the cave, you're just overwhelmed. My eyes were like saucers! The views are amazing and you can see as far as Naranjo de Bulnes, the Sierra de Cuera mountains, and they even say you can see the Bay of Biscay if the day is clear.

There's a new train which covers the first 400 meters of the cave. Inside, the temperature are around 12-13ºC and the humidity around 90%, so make sure to bring comfortable footwear and very warm jacket.

The entrance could not be more spectacular. You're greeted by a huge gallery opening up before your eyes. The guide turned off all the lights and began to explain the history and features of the cave using lights and sounds.

In total, we walked about 1500 meters of the 18 total kilometers that make up the Soplao caves. You can also try the "Adventure" visit where you don overalls, helmets, and boots and delve another 3km deep into the cave.

You can't take pictures inside, so you can have a look at the website to get an idea of the cave's interior. One look and you'll be overcome by the desire to visit, and I don't blame you!
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In my opinion, this is the most beautiful cave I have ever seen. They've really set everything up nicely so you can see everything in detail and not miss an inch of the unparalleled beauty and unique whiteness of the shapes. Both the trip on the mining train and the views of the cave itself are wonderful.

This was the best by far...I wouldn't miss it for the world. I, for one, will definitely be back.
Silvia del Moral

Magical world

If you take a trip to Santander, I'd suggest visiting the Cueva de Soplao. We had heard a lot of good things about this place, about its unique size and number of what are called "eccentric" rock formations. It's like entering a magical world.

The cave is large and the ceilings, walls, and floors are full of what appear, at first glance, to be ice formations. The whiteness and sheer variety of the formations is amazing.

Tickets can be purchased via phone (as we did), online, or directly at the ticket office, but the wait can be as long as half an hour before you can enter.

There are many ways of visiting: the general visit, which covers the central gallery, and an "Adventure" visit (much more expensive at 32 euros), which, apparently, takes you much farther into cave with equipment provided. It sounds really cool actually, but we were a bit short of time. Hopefully we'll be back one day.

Their website is very complete and you can see some photos. Unfortunately, you can't take pictures inside. The location of the cave is also quite beautiful, but in our case there was thick fog the day we went. It’s on top of a mountain and, apparently, you can see all the way to Naranjo de Bulnes and the surrounding peaks and valleys around.
Alicia Ortego
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Tourism - adventure

Soplao caves may be the most spectacular I've seen, especially eccentric stalactites that defy gravity in curious ways. It is a complex of more than 20 kilometers of caves, originally fruits of mining. Now you can visit an area that is well adapted, but if you want you can make the journey called adventure tourism, which juts far into the cave and where you must go spelunking to get to new and more soprendentes caves lit only for your own front. Experience comes in overalls and boots to prevent mud and able to walk along the path and front hull to find out.

Turismo - aventura

Las cuevas del Soplao pueden ser las más espectaculares que he visto, especialmente por sus estalactitas excéntricas, que desafían a la gravedad en curiosas formas. Es un complejo de más de 20 kilómetros de cuevas, originariamente frutos de la minería. Ahora se puede visitar una zona que está perfectamente adaptada, pero si quieres, puedes hacer el recorrido que se llama de turismo aventura, que se adentra mucho más en la cueva y donde hay que hacer espeleología para llegar a nuevas y más soprendentes cuevas solo iluminadas por tu propio frontal. La experiencia viene con un mono y botas para evitar el barro y poder caminar por el recorrido y con casco y frontal para descubrirlo.
Ignacio Izquierdo
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Cueva el soplao

It is a unique experience in life and can return to see better. I went when I was 13 years old and I paricio an awesome thing that nature offers us. To those who have not fared recommend going to visit is beautiful and impressive

Cueva el soplao

Es una experiencia única en la vida y se puede volver a ver mejor que mejor. Yo cuando fui tenia 13 años y me paricio una cosa impresionante que la naturaleza nos ofrece. A los que no han ido les recomiendo que vayan a visitarlo es preciosos y impresionante
Sandra G.F
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Amazing excursion

We Soplao Cave were thinking that passes every 30 minutes and the girl at the box office was very unfriendly and we said no, we had to wait one hour without giving explanations. We asked if we could go on the next pass and he replied that there was ... It took away the urge to go but decided to pay and stay waiting. In the end the truth it was worth, the tour guide was super nice and explained everything clearly. The Surprising Truth nature do such wonders!

Alucinante excursión

Llegamos a la Cueva del Soplao pensando que los pases eran cada 30 minutos y la chica de la taquilla era muy antipática y nos dijo que no, que teníamos que esperar 1 hora sin darnos explicaciones. Preguntamos si podíamos pasar en el siguiente pase y nos respondió que no había... Se nos quitaron las ganas de entrar pero decidimos pagar y quedarnos esperando. Al final la verdad que valió la pena, la guía de la excursión era súper simpática y explicó todo de forma clara. La verdad que sorprende que la naturaleza haga esas maravillas!
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Something unique

The cave was discovered soplao following mines, Florida. It is one of the great wonders of geology, one of the few known places where eccentric formations abound. It is a treat to behold. You can not take photos inside as well interiro damaged the caves. I leave the only picture I have and tell you that deserves lq worth going to see, you will not see anything like that.

Algo único

La cueva del soplao se descubrió a raíz de unas minas, La Florida. Es una de las grandes maravillas de la geología, uno de los pocos lugares conocidos donde abundan las formaciones excéntricas. Es un lujo para la vista. No se pueden hacer fotos por dentro ya que igual daña el interiro de las cuevas. Os dejo la única foto que tengo y deciros que merece lq pena ir a verlo, nunca veréis algo parecido.
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Mbar a cave, impressive.

Its antiquity dates back to 110 million years. Here arose amber appearance of a blue-purple color, highly unusual and that has a brightness and color never before seen in the world. You can visit it through the recreation of a mine train goes from the mining gallery "The Isidra" to the cave itself. Once inside the cave you can cross it on foot and go through variety of rooms and galleries.

Una cueva de ámbar, impresionante.

Su antigüedad se remonta a 110 millones de años. Aquí surgió aparición de un ámbar de color azul-púrpura, sumamente extraño y que tiene un brillo y color nunca visto antes en el mundo. Se puede visitar gracias a la recreación de un tren minero va desde la galería minera de "La Isidra" hasta la propia cueva. Una vez dentro de la cueva puedes recorrerla andando y pasar por variedad de salas y galerías.
Alba Solano Polo
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It's worth a stop to see it. it is a ...

It's worth a stop to see it. It is a cave discovered by the work of the mines of La Florida, for over 100 years. He has over 30 km of galleries, but only a small part is accessed. Is fairly representative of many geological formations (stalagmites, stalactites, lava, curtains, aragonite ....). We visit with tour guide is accessed through a cave train to parallel to the galleries of the old mines. Pretty well organized, takes only open since 2005. It has two routes visited: The cave of the largest and most accessible (1h 30min travel, for all ages, 10 Euros / person) and the path of initiation into caving (about 2h 30min, you get basic equipment and is made with two cavers, cave becomes a less accessible, 30 euros / person)

Vale la pena hacer una parada para verla . Se trata de una gruta descubierta por las labores de las minas de La Florida , hace más de 100 años . Tiene más de 30 km de galerías , aunque sólo se accede una pequeña parte . Es bastante representativa de numerosas formaciones geológicas ( estalacmitas , estalactitas , coladas , cortinas , aragonitos .... ) . Se visita con guia turística y se accede a través de un tren hasta la gruta paralelo a las galerías de la antiguas minas .

Bastante bien organizada ,lleva sólo abierta desde el 2005 . Tiene dos rutas visitables : La de la gruta principal y más accesible ( de 1h 30min de recorrido , para todos los públicos , 10 Euros/persona ) y la ruta de iniciación a la espeleología ( de unas 2h 30min , que te dan equipamiento básico y se hace con dos espeléologos , se hace por una gruta menos accesible , 30 euros/persona )
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The arrival to the Caves and has charm, ascension drive to the site, typical North road with curves and enjoy the scenery of the area. They have very well put together what is the area with a gazebo, cafe, shop and especially the cave. Access is mounted on a miniature train, a distance more symbolic than anything else, but nice. Once in the cave tour where they explain how the cave was formed and the different formations in it. Worth the walk about 50 minutes in the cave and keep the mouth open to what is in it. Inside the cave makes chilly (about 11 degrees) so that the jacket will be good. Do not upload photos because you can not take pictures inside ;)


La llegada a las Cuevas ya tiene encanto, ascensión en coche hasta el emplazamiento, carretera típica del Norte con curvas y disfrutando los paisajes de la zona.
Tienen muy bien montado lo que es el área, con un mirador, cafetería, tienda y, sobre todo la cueva.
A ella se accede montado en un trenecito, en un recorrido más simbólico que otra cosa, pero agradable.
Una vez en la cueva la visita guiada donde te explican cómo se formó la cueva y las diferentes formaciones que en ella hay. Merece la pena el caminar unos 50 minutos por la gruta y quedarse con la boca abierta ante lo que hay en ella.
Dentro de la cueva hace fresquito (unos 11 grados) asi que la chaqueta vendrá bien.

No subo fotos porque no se puede hacer fotos en el interior ;)
Alberto García
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Holidays 2011

A cave exceptional, the best, be sure to visit if you Cantabria, area you can also eat, the environment of the valley is worth visiting.

Vacaciones 2011

Una cueva excepcional, la mejor, no dejes de visitarla si vas a Cantabria, también puedes comer por zona, el entorno del valle es digno de visitar.
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I've never seen a cave of this magnitude and with many stalactites and stalagmites, but most eccentric formations.


Nunca había visto una cueva de estas magnitudes y con tantas estalactitas y estalagmitas, pero sobretodo las formaciones excéntricas.
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This cave is located between the town...

This cave is located between the towns of Valdáliga, Herrerías and Rionansa, high in the Sierra de Arnero, at 540 meters altitude. This place has been known since the late nineteenth century due to the exploitation of mines in Florida. To descend into the cave we have to get on a little train that takes you to the beginning of the route. Under the ground is about 50 meters walk through an old mining gallery approach the cave itself, with its wonderful formations. The tour takes about 45 minutes. I recommend you visit this place if you want to buy some tickets in advance online or by calling the telephone number 902 82 02 82.

Esta cueva esta situada entre los municipios de Valdáliga, Herrerías y Rionansa, en lo alto de la Sierra de Arnero, a 540 metros de altitud. Este lugar es conocido desde finales del siglo XIX debido a la explotación de las minas de La Florida. Para descender a la cueva tenemos que subir a un pequeño tren que no llevará hasta el principio del recorrido. Bajo el subsuelo se recorren unos 50 metros a través de una antigua galería minera que acercará a la cueva propiamente dicha, con sus maravillosas formaciones. La visita dura aproximadamente 45 minutos.

Os recomiendo que si queréis visitar este lugar compréis las entradas con antelación por internet o llamando al número de teléfono 902 82 02 82.
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If I asaber what I would like, we would have taken the adventure tour, q 3 km walk, down. Worth watching, but come warm!


Si llego asaber lo que me iba a gustar, hubieramos cogido la visita aventura, q caminas 3 km mas, hacia abajo.
Merece la pena verlo, pero venid abrigados!!
Fani Moreno
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Information about Cave of El Soplao

Cave of El Soplao Phone Number
+34 942 709 390
+34 942 709 390
Cave of El Soplao Address
Prao El Collao, S/N, 39553 Celis, España
Prao El Collao, S/N, 39553 Celis, España
Cave of El Soplao Website
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