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225 reviews of Giralda

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4 photos

Inside it does not have stairways but ramps

La Giralda is a part of the Cathedral of Seville, although for its history it deserves its own separate chapter. Not for nothing, it is all that remains of the mosque on which the aforementioned cathedral was built.

It is the tallest building in Seville, not counting the Alamillo Bridge, and at one time, was the tallest tower in the world.

Inside it does not have stairways but ramps. It was created this way so that horses could climb to its highest point. It is crowned by a set of bells and Christian architecture (Renaissance) and by the very well-known Giraldillo, a weathervane statue that symbolizes faith and which eventually gave name to the whole building.
Antonio Ruiz García
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My giralda

What I can say about La Giralda, trying to be fair with all that this wonderful millenary tower has given me.

I live about ten minutes’ walk from the "Roof of Seville", for which I feel I’ve been a bit cheeky not visiting it more often. It's a place where one can think while watching the city. Problems are not so great from up there. Concerns transform into exaggerations. Suddenly the noise of the metropolis slumbers, cars and people become ants and everything is more beautiful and heavenly.

The ramps that climb to the top of the Giralda are long, but they’re always worth it. Once you're up, watching everything from the best vantage point possible, it is impossible not to go down with a smile, aware, of course, that all the things that concern us in life will someday get better.
Luisfer Romero Calero
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The tower of seville

One of the most beautiful and charming spots in the world, La Giralda in Seville Cathedral, and the district of Santa Cruz with that smell of Azahar (orange blossom), alleys and narrow streets, the art of its people. A myriad of wonders found in this Seville neighbourhood, with its majestic tower, La Giralda of Seville. What more could you want?
Sergio Naranjo
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63 photos

Discovering views

When you take pictures you generally photograph what you see, or what you think you see, but when you see it again you see things that your eyes hadn't seen. That's what happened to me when I saw the pictures I took of the Tower of Giralda. I discovered, for example, a white line that ended up being the Alamillo Bridge, built between 1989 and 1992 by Santiago Calatrava. The bridge has only one arm and it is one of the most outstanding constructions made in Seville for the Universal Exhibit in 1992.

I could also see afar the Quinto Centenario Bridge, with two towers of 120 meters in altitude and inaugurated in 1991 for the celebration of the 500 years of the discovery of America. On the background I could distinguish the La Cartuja Island, famous for its convent that is now a china and porcelain factory.

You can also see the colorful interior of the Palacio Arzobispal, the bullring "Real Maestranza", a part of the city hall, cupulas in different styles, swimming pools, terraces, the patios of the cathedral and gardens. It is really amazing to see from a distance everything that is special and characteristic of a place.
Marta Pilar
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With comfortable footwear

When visiting the cathedral of Seville we are faced with a dilemma: will we be able to climb 36 flights of steep stone ramps? What will we find at the end of them?

Of course we can, although we are aware that the descent will have to be taken slowly, holding the handrails as the stone is quite worn. Of course, comfortable footwear with soles that do not slide should be worn.

When we go up we find, in the belfry, the most wonderful views of Seville from all sides, and during the descent, taking advantage of the little windows and open spaces, the best panoramas of what we normally do not see in a cathedral, from its naves, its transept, its domes, and all that they entail.
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It is a special place, no doubt about it. By day and by night, its immensity will amaze everyone. It is very surprising to see the different styles mixed in the architecture, and also how big the Giralda is. It is the perfect place to walk around, a place that deserves a good visit.
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I dreamed of being a tower of gold and pearls

Cathedral Bell for five centuries, mosque minaret for many less and abandoned construction of the enemy during intermission. So summarize my life if I could speak from this stone jewelry in which I close. I was Muslim princess and disobedience made me tower according to legend. I dreamed of being a tower of gold and pearls, and precious stones carved tiny. But my father, a great caliph, placed me in the middle of Seville, to my shame and pride of the city. The muezzin ascended on high to call people to prayer. Then moved to this good man by heavy bells, merry and bright under the Andalusian sun. I also built then the top of the tower, which is in the Renaissance style, and top with the giraldillo, with the true task of indicating where the wind goes. They say that a certain Dan Brown knows me and talk about me in a novel, The Da Vinci Code. But I have no steep stairs or tourists die here. To climb ramps and there are 35, I repeat, by tripping and falling nobody has died yet. Beyond who creates it. Today the wind silva south and beyond that is heading toward the will of giraldillo. I too am inclined, like someone who could extend their arms and come in contact with my father, who marched south with tears.

Yo soñaba con ser torre de oro y perlas

Campanario de Catedral durante cinco siglos, minarete de mezquita durante muchos menos y abandonada en construcción del enemigo durante el intermedio. Así resumiría mi vida si yo pudiese hablar desde esta alhaja pétrea en la que me encierro. Fui princesa musulmana y la desobediencia me convirtió en torre según cuenta la leyenda. Yo soñaba con ser torre de oro y perlas, labrados minúsculos y piedras preciosas. Pero mi padre, un gran califa, me colocó en medio de Sevilla, para vergüenza mía y orgullo de la ciudad. El muecín subía a lo alto para llamar a la gente a la oración. Luego cambiaron a este buen señor por campanas pesadas, alegres y brillantes bajo el sol de Andalucía. También me construyeron posteriormente lo más alto de la torre, que es de estilo Renacentista, y pon encima, el giraldillo, con la fiel tarea de indicar hacia dónde va el viento.

Dicen que un tal Dan Brown me conoce y habla de mí en una novela, El Código Da Vinci. Pero yo no tengo escaleras empinadas ni aquí mueren turistas. Para subir hay 35 rampas y, repito, por tropezar y caer aún no ha muerto nadie. Allá quien lo crea.

Hoy el viento silva hacia el sur y hacia allá que se encamina la voluntad del giraldillo. Yo también me inclino, como quien pudiera extender sus brazos y llegar a tocar a mi padre, que se marchó hacia el sur con lágrimas en los ojos.
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Atop the belvedere is

Anyone you talk to Sevilla immediately comes to mind is the Giralda. This is the bell tower of the Cathedral de Santamaría, which correspond to the lower two-thirds of the old mosque minaret of the Almohad City S.XII. The top is a shot Christian added to house the bells. At the top is the Giraldillo, a bronze statue that functions as a weather vane and a symbol of the city. The Giraldillo was the largest bronze sculpture in the European Renaissance. La Giralda was once the tallest tower in the world and is currently the tallest building in the city. In 1928 it was declared a national heritage and in 1987 joined the list of World Heritage. The tower has a ramp stairs but throughout it formerly by riding up. Currently you can climb to the top, paying the price of admission to the cathedral (cheaper for students) and at the top is the viewpoint from which you can see stunning views of the city. The fame of the Giralda is such that there is an exact replica in Kansas City, the twin city Sevilla. There was also a Madison Square Garden in New York that was destroyed. Having little time to see Sevilla, the best way to not miss anything is certainly up to the Giralda. I said before that The Giralda is the bell tower of the cathedral of the city and the highest point. If we go up the ramp ending up with a viewpoint not suitable for people with vertigo. The views are spectacular, from there we can see each of the symbols of the city. From there we see from the nearby, such as the gardens of the Alcázar, the Patio de los Naranjos, other churches, the Court of Bandera, the Barrio de Santa Cruz with its magnificent terraces, the Plaza del Triunfo, etc. Until other more distant as the Town Hall, Bridge Quincentennial Alamillo Bridge, the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza, until golden tower and the river. It's like looking at the old vintage prints when major buildings stood. Truly worth climbing up there and spend some time looking at the city and how it changed over the weeks. It is very relaxing even when you have vertigo, once you reach up and feel protected enough to look away any fear you.

En lo alto se encuentra el mirador

A cualquiera que le hablemos de Sevilla enseguida le viene a la cabeza la Giralda. Ésta es el campanario de la catedral de Santamaría, cuyos dos tercios inferiores corresponden al alminar de la antigua mezquita de la ciudad de época almohade del S.XII. La parte superior es un remate cristiano añadido para albergar las campanas.
En la punta se encuentra el Giraldillo, una estatua de bronce que hace las funciones de veleta y es símbolo de la ciudad. El Giraldillo fue la escultura en bronce más grande del renacimiento europeo. La Giralda fue en su día la torre más alta del mundo y actualmente es la construcción más alta de la ciudad. En 1928 fue declara patrimonio nacional y en 1987 integró la lista de Patrimonio de la Humanidad.
La torre no tiene escaleras sino una rampa a lo largo de toda ella por la que antiguamente se subía a caballo. Actualmente se puede subir hasta arriba, pagando el precio de la entrada a la catedral (más barato para estudiantes) y en lo alto se encuentra el mirador desde el que se puede observar unas impresionantes vistas de la ciudad.
La fama de la Giralda es tal que existe una réplica exacta en Kansas City, ciudad hermanada con Sevilla. También existió una en el Madison Square Garden de Nueva York que fue destruida.

Teniendo poco tiempo para ver Sevilla, la mejor forma de no perderte nada es sin lugar a dudas subiendo a la Giralda. Ya he comentado antes que La Giralda es el campanario de la catedral de la ciudad y el punto más alto.
Si subimos su interminable rampa llegamos hasta un fantástico mirador no apto para personas con vértigo. Las vistas son espectaculares, desde allí podemos observar cada uno de los símbolos de la ciudad.

Desde allí vemos desde los más cercanos, como pueden ser los jardines del Alcázar, el Patio de los naranjos, otras iglesias, el Patio de Bandera, el Barrio de Santa cruz con sus magníficas terrazas, la plaza del Triunfo, etc. Hasta otros algo más lejanos como el Ayuntamiento, el puente del Quinto Centenario, el puente del Alamillo, la Plaza de toros de la Maestranza, hasta la torre del oro y el río.
Es como mirar en los antiguos grabados de época cuando resaltaban los edificios más importantes. Verdaderamente merece la pena subir hasta allí y pasar un rato mirando la ciudad y cómo va cambiando con el paso de las semanas. Es muy relajante incluso cuando tienes vértigo, una vez llegas a arriba te sientes bastante protegido y al mirar se te quita cualquier miedo.
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La giralda in seville, a unique experience

The Giralda of Seville is one of the most famous monuments of not only the city but the whole Spanish geography, therefore, among other things, its international is also very important. In fact, it is the symbol of the city to miuch @ s along with the Golden Tower on this issue I did not because I was born in Seville and live there, just visit from time to time. During these visits I always find a place to stop by the cathedral and surrounding area that are for me the heart of this city and any city that has clear cathedral. Whenever I can I loaded my camera. It has had, said and written about Seville Cathedral, Santa Maria de la Sede and the Giralda. minaret of the old mosque of the city, so it is very difficult to add something new but is from the pure subjectivity. In my case, the Giralda is a cluster of sensations related to emotions, atmospheres, concerns and personal preferences, including of course the aesthetic or architectural, which would be difficult to break down and whose interest would be very limited. My recommendation for the traveler who first visited Seville is too obvious to miss by that magic square that are for me the Giralda, the cathedral, the royal palaces and the Jewish and leisurely enjoy a unique experience.

La giralda de sevilla, una experiencia singular

La Giralda de Sevilla es uno de los monumentos más conocidos no sólo de la ciudad sino de toda la geografía española, por éso, entre otras cosas, su proyección internacional es también muy importante. De hecho, es el símbolo de la ciudad para miuch@s junto con la Torre del Oro. Yo no en esta cuestión pues nací en Sevilla ni vivo allí, sólo visito de cuando en cuando-.

En esas visitas siempre encuentro un hueco para pasarme por su catedral y alrededores que son para mi el corazón de esta ciudad y de cualquier ciudad que disponga de catedral claro. Siempre que puedo voy cargado con mi cámara de fotos.

Se ha contado, dicho y escrito mucho sobre la catedral de Sevilla, Santa María de la Sede, y la Giralda. minarete de la antigua mezquita de la ciudad, tanto que resulta muy difícil añadir algo nuevo sino es desde la más pura subjetividad. En mi caso, la Giralda es un cúmulo de sensaciones relacionadas con emociones, atmósferas, inquietudes y gustos personales, incluidos por supuesto los estéticos o arquitectónicos, que sería difícil de desglosar y cuyo interés sería muy limitado.

Mi recomendación para el viajero que visita por primera vez Sevilla es demasiado obvia: que se pierda por ese cuadrado mágico que forman para mí la Giralda, la catedral, los reales alcázares y la judería y disfrute sin prisas de una experiencia única.
José Manuel Bernal Guillén
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Giralda guide

La Giralda in Seville is one of the landmarks of the city, its name comes from the vane that has on top of the steeple, Call giraldillo, symbolizing the triumph of the Christian faith and is Muslim on the Giralda is Almohad from base to the belfry, was built in 1184 as the minaret of the old mosque, from here the mujedin called to prayer five times a day, so it has ramps instead of steps to facilitate the rise that took place riding. They say he was the inventor of algebra gever who devised and designed in this way, a tower within a larger and in between the 34 ramps that rise above. La Giralda is well defined 2estilis k one Muslim and one Christian have spoken. Was for the year 1355 and in Christian times when the minaret collapsed and crowning four golden balls so decided Giralda minaret Pörner remained so small that until the 16th century when the ends Hernán Ruiz with what we see today from belfry then topped with giraldillo; de1200 kilos bronze statue of moral bartolome melted. The Giralda is preserved until today thanks to Alfonso X the Wise son of Ferdinand III who conquered the city from the Almohads, was the one who threatened to kill all Muslims sevilla if pulling a stone minaret. There are many stories around the entire giralda one counts as ringers lived inside her and a son of a ringer bell went flying by finding death after hitting hand bells, now the system is automatic so we will not see more ringers fly ... Learn more about Seville and different routes at your disposal; maria sevilla Travel Guide 644576712

Giralda guia

La giralda de sevilla es uno de los emblemas de la ciudad ; su nombre se debe a la veleta que tiene en lo alto del campanario ; llamada giraldillo, simboliza el triunfo de la fe cristiana sobre la musulmana y es que la giralda es almohade desde su base hasta el cuerpo de campanas ; se construyo en 1184 como el alminar de la antigua mezquita de sevilla , desde aquí el mujedin llamaba a la oracion 5 veces al día ; por lo cual tiene rampas en vez de escalones para facilitar la subida que se realizaba a caballo. Dicen que fue gever el inventor del algebra quien la ideo y la diseño de esta manera ; una torre dentro de otra mas grande y entre medio las 34 rampas que suben arriba. La giralda tiene 2estilis bien definidos uno musulmán de k hemos hablado y otro cristiano .fue por el año 1355 ya en época cristiana cuando se derrumbo el minarete y las 4 bolas doradas que coronaban la giralda así que decidieron porner un minarete pequeño que se mantuvo así hasta el siglo 16 cuando hernan ruiz la termina con lo que vemos hoy en día a partir de cuerpo de campanas y se corona con el giraldillo ; estatua en bronce de1200 kilos fundida por bartolome del moral.
La giralda esta conservada hasta hoy en día gracias a que alfonso x el sabio hijo de fernando III el santo quien conquisto lo ciudad a los almohades ; fue el que amenazo con matar a todos los musulmanes de sevilla si se tiraba una sola piedra del alminar.
Hay muchas historias alrrededor de la giralda una de ellas cuenta como los campaneros vivian dentro de ella y un hijo de un campanero salio volando por el campanario encontrando la muerte tras haber tocado las campanas a mano ; actualmente el sistema es automático así que no veremos a mas campaneros volar... Mas información sobre sevilla y diversas rutas a vuestra disposicion ; maría guia turistica sevilla 644576712
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Faro sevilla

Faro and symbol, beacon of hope for those returning from overseas and last memory for those who were leaving, memories of a Muslim and a Hispalis Sevilla inquisitive Christian, which was highest tower in the world with 97.5 meters , built as a minaret of the old mosque with remains of ancient Roman buildings and vertebrate on ramps that allowed, it is said, the Sultan riding up. Survivor, by parties to the earthquake that nearly destroyed in 1365 and Lisbon in 1755, was under renovation from 1558-1568, when it was added the famous giraldillo, which is actually called Triumph of Faith Victorious, whose last restoration cost a whopping € 600,000. Tower call to prayer, clock (which is still preserved machinery), lightning, light, barn, housing and city logo, star of any film or ad series is rolled in Seville, posters, postcards or any advertising and marketing element that boasts. Giralda Sevilla without it is inconceivable ... but not without the frame Giralda masterpiece that gives Sevilla.

Faro de sevilla

Faro y símbolo, luz de esperanza para los que volvían de allende los mares y último recuerdo para los que se iban, recuerdos de una Hispalis musulmana y de una inquisidora Sevilla cristiana, la que fue torre más alta del planeta con sus 97,5 metros, levantada como minarete de la antigua mezquita con restos de antiguas edificaciones romanas y vertebrada en rampas que permitían, según se dice, al sultán ascender a caballo.
Superviviente, por partes al terremoto que casi la destruye en 1365 y al de Lisboa de 1755, estuvo en remodelación desde 1558 a 1568, momento en que se añadió el famoso Giraldillo, que realmente se llama Triunfo de la Fe Victoriosa, y cuya última restauración costó la friolera de 600.000 €.
Torre de llamada a la oración, de reloj ( del que aún se conserva la maquinaria), pararrayos, luminaria, granero, vivienda e insignia de la ciudad, protagonista de cualquier película, serie o anuncio que se ruede en Sevilla, de carteles, postales o cualquier elemento publicitario y de marketing que se precie.
Sevilla sin la Giralda no es concebible...pero tampoco la Giralda sin el marco que de obra maestra le otorga Sevilla.
Roberto Gonzalez
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The cathedral and la giralda

The Seville Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and the third world church. The interior is magnificent. There is a story behind the construction of the Cathedral. The way it is constructed means the difference of happiness and sadness. When the sun shines through the windows and a person is entering the Cathedral or she is escaping the sadness, darkness and towards the light, happiness. I like this story a lot because it makes me happy. The Cathedral is also the site where the body of Christopher Columbus. It is proved that these are the remains of Columbus. They were not sure that the body of Colon they went to two other countries before arriving in Seville. There is a joke that Colon was traveling after death. Outside of the Cathedral there is the ruins of the old mosque. It shows the difference in the ruins because building bricks were used instead of stones as the Cathedral. The minaret, La Giralda, is also the only thing that survived the ruins completely. It Triente-five floors and ramps climbed to aribbean used because in the past a man on horseback rode up to inform people aribbean the time to pray. In point of La Giralda view is very nice. You can see all of the city of Seville. It was my favorite part of my visit to the Cathedral. I also want to go again during a church service to hear the massive church organ. I can only imagine the sound coming out of that instrument.

La catedral y la giralda

La Catedral en Sevilla es la Catedral gótico mas grande del mundo y la tercera iglesia del mundo. El interior es magnifico. Hay una historia detrás de la construcción de La Catedral. La manera en la que esta construida significa la diferencia de la felicidad y la tristeza. Cuando el sol brilla a través de las ventanas y una persona esta entrando a La Catedral el o ella esta escapando la tristeza, la oscuridad y acercándose a la luz, la felicidad. Me gusta a esta historia mucho porque me hace feliz.

La Catedral también es el sitio donde esta el cuerpo de Cristóbal Colon. Esta comprobado que esos son los restos de Colon. No estaban seguros porque el cuerpo de Colon fue a dos otros países antes de llegar a Sevilla. Hay un chiste que dice que Colon seguía viajando después de morir.

A fuera de la Catedral hay los ruinas de la mezquita vieja. Se nota la diferencia en las ruinas porque la construcción se usaron ladrillos en vez de piedras como la Catedral. El minarete, La Giralda, también es la única cosa que sobrevivió completamente de los ruinas. Tiene triente-cinco pisos y para subí hasta aribe se utilizan rampas porque en el pasado un hombre montó en caballo hasta aribe para informar las personas a la tiempo para rezar. En el punto de La Giralda la vista es muy bonito. Puede ver todo la ciudad de Sevilla. Fue mi parte favorita de mi visita a La Catedral. También quiero ir otra vez durante una servicio de la iglesia para oír la órgano de iglesia masivo. Solo puedo imaginar el sonido que sale de ese instrumento.
JoAnna Magnuson
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A high experience

One can not visittar Sevilla without climb the Giralda, although we must take it easy, because you do not have stairs but a continuous ramp that forces you to give a lot of laps. From above you see clearly that the predominant style is the Gothic cathedral, with its arches and courtyards, and you have a spectacular view of Sevilla. lost in the horizon. During the rise or fall is worth stopping in the various rooms that are in the way, as the bells camera, watch camera, which preserves the original hood first, 1400; chamber machines, which houses the construction material of the original tower, as a collection of wheels and a cart to transport stones and chamber Mudejar Cathedral.

Un experiencia de altura

Uno no puede visittar Sevilla sin subir a la Giralda, aunque hay que tomárselo con calma, porque que no tiene escaleras sino una rampa contínua que te obliga a darle un montón de vueltas.

Desde arriba ves claramente que el estilo predominante de la catedral es el gótico, con sus arcos y patios, y tienes una visión espectacular de Sevilla. que se pierde en el horizonte.

Durante la subida o bajada vale la pena pararse en las distintas salas que hay en el recorrido, como la cámara de las campanas, la cámara del reloj, del que se conserva la campana original de primero, de 1400; la cámara de las máquinas, que alberga material de la construcción de la torre original, como una colección de roldanas y un carro para transportar sillares, y la cámara de la catedral mudéjar.
Carlos Olmo
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The giralda is the bell tower of the ...

The Giralda is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Seville, Andalusia. This is one of the largest churches in the world, and a superb example of Gothic and Baroque architecture. The first two thirds of the Giralda are the remains of the minaret of the Central Mosque, dating from Moorish times, when Seville was under Muslim domination. At this time, the minaret was nearly 100 feet high, that was the highest in the world. The minaret was built in the XIIth century under the orders of the Caliph, using the remains of Roman ruins of various sites, including stones of Italica. Above, there is a renaissance party, which now houses the bells. You can climb to the top of the Giralda, there are no steps but ramps, 24 in number, which were large enough so that the muezzin could ride a horse to recite the call to prayer from the top of the tower ! When you reach the top, much less tired than the steps, especially in this heat, it has a beautiful view of the courtyard of the cathedral and the rest of the city. There are several minarets resemble the Giralda in the world, including the Koutoubia in Marrakesh and the Hassan Tower in Rabat, Morocco.

La Giralda est le clocher de la cathédrale de Séville, en Andalousie. C´est l´une des plus grandes églises au monde, et un superbe exemple d´architecture gothique et baroque. Les deux premiers tiers de la Giralda sont les restes du minaret de la mosquée centrale, qui datent de l´époque mauresque, quand Séville était sous domination musulmane. A cet époque, le minaret mesurait près de 100 mètres de haut, c ´était le plus haut du monde.

Le minaret avait été construite au XIIeme siecle sous les ordres du calife, en utilisant les restes de ruines romaines de différents sites, dont des pierres d´Italica. Plus haut, il y a une partie renaissance, qui abrite les cloches désormais.

On peut monter en haut de la Giralda, il n´y a pas de marches mais des rampes, au nombre de 24, qui étaient assez larges pour que le muezzin puisse monter a cheval pour réciter l´appel a la priere du haut de la tour !

Quand on arrive en haut, bien moins fatigué qu´avec des marches, surtout par cette chaleur, on a une superbe vue sur le patio de la cathédrale et le reste de la ville. Il y a plusieurs minarets qui ressemblent a la Giralda dans le monde, notamment la Koutoubia de Marrakech ou la tour Hassan de Rabat, au Maroc.
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La giralda, the bell tower

The visit of the Cathedral of Seville will be incomplete without climbing on top of the bell tower, La Giralda. The tower and one of the most important symbols in the medieval city, being a former minaret of the mosque. It's good to get up and think that those 34 ramps allowed the muezzin, on horseback, to climb to the top to sing the call to prayer. The tower presents Islamic motifs but also the Renaissance. From here a beautiful view of the city. Today at the top you will find a statue of the faith by the name of Giraldillo, the original find him down in front of the door of the Prince. It's good to be here at 70 m in height and look over the rooftops of Seville. One day after we arrived early in the morning to the acanthus cathedral, everything was shining in the rays of the sun. And then an invitation for a carriage ride, do not miss this opportunity.

La giralda, la torre campanaria

La visita della cattedrale di Siviglia sarà incompiuta senza salire in cima alla torre campanaria, La Giralda. La torre e uno dei più importanti simboli della città medievale, essendo un antico minareto della moschea. E bello arrivare in alto e pensare che quelle 34 rampe consentivano al muezzin, a cavallo, di salire fino in cima per intonare l’invito alla preghiera. La torre presenta dei motivi islamici ma anche rinascimentali. Di qui una bellissima vista sulla città. Oggi in cima troverai una statua che rappresenta la fede con il nome di Giraldillo, l’originale lo trovi in basso davanti alla Porta del Principe. E bello trovarti qui a 70 m di altezza e guardare sui tetti di Siviglia. Un giorno dopo siamo arrivati la mattina presto acanto alle cattedrale, tutto splendeva nei raggi del sole. E poi un invito per una passeggiata in carrozza, non perdere questa occasione.
Adriana Grecu
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Information about Giralda

Giralda Phone Number
+34 902 09 96 92
+34 902 09 96 92
Giralda Address
Avenida de la Constitución
Avenida de la Constitución
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