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Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib)


23 reviews of Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib)

Hari mandir sahib at night

.. Staying at the temple Hari Mandir Sahib in the evening is a joy! You feel like you are on fire, as at any time your life can just fly away. We sat in the crowd and matched totally mesmerized the tremendous beauty of the small temple. I spent a very long and pleasant time there. On one side there were the other people that I spoke to and they asked me, as I smiled and I shook hands. The spirituality of their actions, the honesty of their gestures, called my attention to the verses that did not stop ringing all over the sacred complex, the softness of the moment .... A moment of peace and harmony with oneself unspeakable ....
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The procession to the temple, between car traffic and rikshaws, is exciting

The Golden Temple in situated in the city of Amritsar, in the Punjab region. The procession to the temple, between car traffic and Rikshaws, is exciting. Entire families, men holding hands, naked sadhus, women singing - all with their heads covered. We are all the same, all looking to find a moment of peace.
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Golden temple

Pilgrims, families and people of all faiths come every day to Amritsar to enjoy the Golden Temple of the Sikhs, in the state capital of Punjab. No matter what the condition or religion. The temple offers food and accommodation to all who contemplate coming to visit. Donations are welcome as well.
Ana Salvá
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Amritsar holden temple

A great experience from the standpoint of human aesthetic: a mix of colors, hundreds of people who come to its temple, and the beauty of the temple and the music. If you can, book one day to visit Amritsar, which is found not far from Delhi. Tt is a good starting point to visit the Himalayas.
lidia fernandez torrell
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Despite the chaos of the ancient city...

Despite the chaos of the ancient city of Amritsar, one does not lose its way. And is that the crowds are huge all the time walking to the Golden Temple. Holy men, pilgrims, families and people of other religions through the city to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the sacred temple of the Sikhs. The impressive complex is unrealistic from the same input. Moved by the openness of the Sikhs, who allow access to anyone who wants, no matter their status or religion. Just remove your shoes, cover their heads and shoulders, and legs show. Once inside the complex blinding whiteness. The temple, decorated with 750 kilos of gold, shining in the center of a sacred pool where Sikhs made ablutions. This is surrounded by a large courtyard with marble floors and galleries where people seek refuge from the sun and settles for hours to pray. In the immaculate courtyard Sikh music constantly sounding, music that transports you to a world of peace and serenity. The temple is open 24 hours every day of the year, and those responsible for keeping it clean and prepare food that is distributed free volunteer Sikhs. The variety of people, their colorful, storytelling, sacred chants, peace, cleanliness and beauty of the place makes you want to return to the Golden Temple several times. Go early in the morning, and during the evening is inspiring, relaxing and memorable.

A pesar del caos de la ciudad antigua de Amritsar, uno no pierde el rumbo. Y es que son enormes las multitudes que a toda hora caminan hacia el Golden Temple. Santones, peregrinos, familias enteras y gente de otras religiones atraviesan la ciudad para disfrutar de la belleza y serenidad del templo sagrado de los Sikhs.
El impresionante complejo resulta irreal desde la misma entrada. Conmueve el carácter abierto de los Sikhs, quienes permiten el acceso a quien lo desee, no importa su condición ni religión. Sólo hay que descalzarse, cubrirse la cabeza y los hombros, y no mostrar las piernas. Una vez dentro la blancura del complejo enceguece. El templo, adornado con 750 kilos de oro, resplandece en el centro de una piscina sagrada donde los Sikhs realizan abluciones. Ésta está rodeada por un gran patio con suelos de mármol y galerías donde la gente se refugia del sol y se instala durante horas a orar.
En el inmaculado patio suena constantemente música sikh, una música que transporta a un mundo de paz y serenidad. El templo está abierto 24 horas todos los días del año, y los encargados de mantenerlo limpio y preparar la comida que se reparte gratuitamente son voluntarios Sikhs.
La variedad de gente, su colorido, los cuentacuentos, los cánticos sagrados, la paz, la limpieza y belleza del lugar hace que uno desee regresar al Golden Temple varias veces. Ir muy de mañana, y durante el anochecer resulta inspirador, relajante e inolvidable.
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Golden temple, a single energy!

"You hate being at home, but it's the best experience you can get out of it." - Was the first thing I heard when I asked what it was like to experience the temple as pilgrims do: eating, sleeping and experiencing everything he was there to offer you. Of course there are also those who have told me that the sacrifice is too great just to save a bargain hotel and food, but that depends on your point of view. For those unaware, dormitories surrounding the Golden Temple as well as the cafeteria giant in his entrance, is open and free for anyone willing to experience something truly remarkable. After a very exciting night sleeping with Sikh pilgrims in the holy temple of religion, I made sure to get up at 4 am to take my morning chai, as do the more traditional, and wait for the sunrise behind this marvel. Why does not belong to any religion, I do not usually feel comfortable visiting temples of either, but the generosity and selflessness with which the Sikhs pilgrims surrender to Community tasks are indescribable! Every night, when most pilgrims rests, after the ceremony of the holy book collection, a set of voluntary thoroughly scrub the main part of the temple built with 750 pounds of gold. And for the arduous task of cleaning, they use only a single ingredient: milk. Besides the thrill of seeing the first rays of sun shine there, was proof that these acts as simple generate an extraordinary peace!

Golden temple, uma energia única!

"Você odiaria se estivesse em casa, mas é a melhor experiência que você pode ter fora dela." - foi a primeira coisa que ouvi quando perguntei como era vivenciar o templo como os peregrinos o fazem: comendo, dormindo e experimentando tudo que ele está alí para te oferecer.

Claro que há também aqueles que me disseram que o sacrifício é grande demais só para economizar uma pechincha de hotel e comida, mas isso depende do seu ponto de vista. Para quem não sabe, os dormitórios que cercam o Golden Temple, bem como o refeitório gigantesco na entrada dele, é aberto e livre para qualquer um disposto a vivenciar algo realmente marcante.

Depois de uma noite muito emocionante dormindo com os peregrinos Sikhs no templo mais sagrado da religião, eu fiz questão de me levantar às 4 da madrugada para tomar meu chai matinal, como fazem os mais tradicionais, e esperar o sol nascer por trás daquela maravilha.

Por não pertencer a nenhuma religião, eu não costumo me sentir confortável visitando templos de qualquer uma delas, mas a generosidade e o desprendimento com que os peregrinos Sikhs se entregam às tarefas comunitárias são indescritíveis! Todas as noites, quando a maioria dos peregrinos repousa, após a cerimônia de recolha do livro sagrado, um conjunto de voluntários esfrega minuciosamente a parte principal do templo construída com 750 quilos de ouro. E para a árdua tarefa de limpeza, eles usam apenas um único ingrediente: o leite.

Além da emoção de ver os primeiros raios de sol brilharem alí, ficou a prova de que estes atos tão simples geram uma paz extraordinária!
Patricia Schussel Gomes
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Amritsar is the capital of the indian...

Amritsar is the capital of the Indian state of Punjab, its name means "City of Amrita", the nectar of the Gods. The Golden Temple is the site dedicated to the Sikh religion, which in this state is the predominant one, a place of pilgrimage for the devotees, although it is becoming the main tourist attraction of this city. The building is at the center of a pool in which pilgrims immerse themselves for ablutions and drink its water considered sacred. The Temple is so called because its walls are entirely covered with gold foil. Entering this place is very exciting, the people inside were kind and asks you where you come from if you've eaten, if you have to sleep. The Temple has a huge kitchen, where they are then prepared and distributed free of charge, more than 40,000 meals. The atmosphere is filled with a mystical atmosphere and the music coming over the speakers is performed live inside the Temple.

Amritsar è la capitale dello stato indiano del Punjab; il suo nome significa " Città dell'Amrita", il nettare degli Dei.
Il Tempio d'Oro è il luogo consacrato alla religione Sikh, che in questo stato è quella predominante; un luogo di pellegrinaggio per i devoti, anche se sta diventando l'attrazione turistica principale di questa città.

L'edificio è posto al centro di una piscina nella quale i pellegrini si immergono per abluzioni e ne bevono l'acqua considerata sacra.
Il Tempio è così chiamato poiché le sue pareti sono interamente ricoperte di una lamina d'oro.

Entrare in questo luogo è molto emozionante, la gente all'interno è gentile e ti chiede da dove vieni se hai mangiato, se hai dove dormire.
Il Tempio è dotato di un'enorme cucina, dove vengono preparati e poi distribuiti gratuitamente, oltre 40.000 pasti.
L'atmosfera è pervasa da un clima mistico e la musica che viene diffusa dagli altoparlanti è eseguita dal vivo all'interno del Tempio.
Vincenzo Tessarin
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Golden temple - golden temple

This temple is the most sacred to the followers of the Sikh religion rather, it is the equivalent to the Vatican for Catholics. You can enter any person, regardless of their religion. The only requirement for entry is to cover your head with a scarf, go barefoot and pants that you use will cover the knees. The entire temple complex is made of white marble and gold that gives it a more than impressive. Inside the temple temple helpers cook and serve meals to people with fewer resources. From my point of view is at the level of the Taj Mahal, just fascinating.

Templo de oro - golden temple

Este templo es el lugar mas sagrado para los seguidores de la religión Sij, es el equivalente al Vaticano para los católicos. Puede ingresar cualquier persona, indiferentemente de su religión. El único requisito para su ingreso es cubrir tu cabeza con un pañuelo, entrar descalzo y que los pantalones que uses te cubran las rodillas.

Todo el complejo del templo esta fabricado en mármol blanco y oro que le da un aspecto mas que impactante. Dentro del templo los ayudantes del templo cocinan y le sirven comida a las personas de menores recursos. Desde mi punto de vista se encuentra al nivel del Taj Mahal, simplemente fascinante.
Federico Martin
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Amritsar golden

Venture out for a country where more than one billion people. Different cultures, traditions and religions are part of the Story of this ancient place called India. The Golden Temple in the city of Amritsar in northwest India, receives over one hundred thousand visitors a day. the sacred place of the Sikh religion, and also considered a symbol of human brotherhood and equality. In exclusively for Sikhs, open to all who seek solace in his spiritual journey. Besides the visit, the temple offers free accommodating and meals for pilgrims. As a way of gratitude, visitors voluntarily repay to this warm welcome and work as volunteers in the preparation of meals in the kitchen and serve the prximo the cafeteria. More than 40,000 people are benefiting daily. Visit this temple opened my mind to the importance of this place al, in addition to a very special place, having experienced the rituals of pilgrimage fea in the Temple. Witness the real sense of humanity and pilgrims who guide their lives to a greater cause.

Amritsar dourada

Aventure-se por um país onde vivem mais de um bilhão de pessoas. Diferentes culturas, tradições e religiões fazem parte da História deste lugar antigo chamado Índia.

O Templo Dourado, na cidade de Amritsar, noroeste da Índia, recebe mais de cem mil visitantes por dia. É o lugar sagrado da religião Sikhismo, e também considerado um símbolo da fraternidade humana e da igualdade. Não exclusivamente para os sikhs, é aberto a todos que buscam consolo em sua jornada espiritual.

Além da visita, o templo oferece gratuitamente acomodação e refeições para os peregrinos. Como forma de gratidão, visitantes retribuem espontaneamente a esta calorosa recepção e trabalham como voluntários no preparo das refeições na cozinha e a servir ao próximo no refeitório. Mais de 40 mil pessoas são beneficiadas diariamente.

Visitar este templo abriu minha mente para a importância deste lugar que al, além de um lugar muito especial, ter vivenciado os rituais de fé e a peregrinação no Templo. Testemunhar o verdadeiro sentimento de humanidade e dos peregrinos que guiam suas vidas a uma causa maior.
Carmel Silveira
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A magical place ......

This is at the heart of the city of Amritsar in India and very close to the borders of Pakistan. Late spirituality of "Sikhs" a sacred place, a community founded by Guru Ram Das in 1577, an immense temple bellisimo the Golden Temple! Known as "Harmandir" where the sacred book "Adi Grant" overwhelming and pilgrimage center of faith for Sikhs! beware! No matter which religion we have, and just where and how you host the sijis, what you see that passion come to purify the water estamque about "Harmandir" where it appears to float across a breathtaking visual esperiencia. I decided: Extend my trip to visit this temple and the days I was there through the whole one, he broke with many pilgrims stairs where the water runs permanently, so you'll purified according feet entering the immense complex of soils marble, circa estamque families come from different castes some even with his assistant, who looked at my position as he removed his clothes and has helped sumerjirse that if with his turban and daggers on. By this courtyard pilgrims roam endlessly all day, for their music be heard continuously buildings and prayers or suras that priests read from sacred books or Adi Granth capturing wonderful moments. After following the row and a beautiful bridge-corridor the guru you're approaching the golden dome of Harmandir, a dome of 100 Kilos of wrought gold reflecting in the lake under the intense sun, here the granthis take turns singing the suras. While it is time for an overnight stop kitchens and their "Guru-Ka-Langar" diners where you dispensed per day 10,000 free visitors rations, nothing more I approached I was offered my plate tray if I wanted to eat, a place full of hospitality sijis as well as offering accommodation for three nights maximum for pilgrims - travelers. Wait at dusk to enjoy the carriage of "Adi-Granth" in a sacred procession to the second unit's "Akal Takht" with magic chants. The hospitality of the community "sijis" is well known, also five rules that govern them. A complex with four doors that welcome the Golden Temple and worth looking into one of them and discover a check that no traveler should stop enjoying, I did.

Un lugar magico......

Este se encuentra en el corazón de la ciudad de Amristar en India y muy próximo a las fronteras de Pakistán . Late la espiritualidad de la comunidad " Sijs " un lugar sagrado , fundado por el Guru Ram Das en 1577; un Templo inmenso y bellisimo el ¡Templo De Oro ! conocido como " Harmandir " donde se guarda el libro sagrado " Adi Grant " sobrecogedor ¡¡centro de peregrinacion y de fe para los sijs!!
Da igual la religión que tengamos , ya solo el lugar y como te acogen los sijis , lo que ves con que pasión acuden a purificarse en el agua del estamque alrededor del " Harmandir " donde parece flotar que es toda una experiencia visual sobrecogedora .
Decidi : Alargar mi viaje para visitar este templo y de los días que estuve uno entero lo pase allí , tras entrar junto a muchos peregrinos por unas escaleras donde corre el agua permanentemente ; así te purifica los pies según vas entrando al inmenso complejo de suelos de mármol , alrededor del estamque llegan familias de diferentes castas algunos incluso con su ayudante , que ante mi posición veía como le quitaba la ropa y le ayudo ha sumerjirse eso si con su turbante y dagas en el.
Por este patio deambulan sin cesar peregrinos todo el día , como por sus edificios escuchandose continuamente la música y las oraciones o suras que los sacerdotes leen de los libros sagrados o Adi Granth captando momentos maravillosos .
Despues y siguiendo la fila por un hermoso puente -pasillo el del guru te vas aproximando a la cúpula dorada del Harmandir , una cúpula de 100 Kilos de oro labrado que se refleja en el lago bajo el intenso sol , aquí se turnan los granthis para entonar las suras .
Mientras es momento de visistar las cocinas y sus " Guru-Ka-Langar " comedores donde se dispensan al día unas 10.000 raciones gratuitas a los visitantes , nada mas aproximarme me ofrecieron mi plato-bandeja por si quería comer , un lugar lleno de la hospitalidad sijis lo mismo que ofrecen alojamiento por tres noches máximo para los peregrinos - viajeros .
Espere al anochecer para poder disfrutar del transporte del " Adi-Granth " en una procesion hacia la segunda dependencia sagrada el " Akal Takht " con la magia de los canticos .
La hospitalidad de la comunidad de los " sijis " es sobradamente conocida , también sus cinco reglas por las que se rigen .Un complejo con cuatro puertas que dan la bienvenida a este Templo Dorado y merece la pena entrar por una de ellas y descubrirlo , una visita que ningún viajero deberia dejar de disfrutar ; Yo lo hice .
E.Sonia Requejo Salces
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The golden temple is one of the archi...

The Golden Temple is one of the architectural follies that can be encountered in India, as well as the Taj Mahal. This gurdwara is the ultimate sanctuary for Sikhs. As a reminder, Sikhism is one of many Indian religions, rooted in the state of Punjab. As always, we take off our shoes at the entrance, it must then go around the sacred pool (Amrit Sarovar, hence the name of the city) in the direction of clockwise, and finally access to the interior the temple that houses the "Guru Granth Sahib", the sacred book of the Sikhs. If you fancy, you can share a meal offered by the community, with tens of thousands of pilgrims of all faiths.

Le Golden temple est l’une de ces folies architecturales que l’on peut rencontrer en Inde, au même titre que le Taj Mahal. Cette gurdwara représente le sanctuaire ultime pour les Sikhs. Pour rappel, le sikhisme est l’une des nombreuses religions indiennes, qui prend ses racines dans l’état du Punjab. Comme toujours, on se déchausse à l’entrée, il faut ensuite faire le tour du bassin sacré (Amrit Sarovar, d’où le nom de la ville) dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre, pour enfin accéder à l’intérieur du temple qui abrite le « Guru Granth Sahib», livre sacré des sikhs. Si l’envie vous prend, vous pouvez partager un repas offert par la communauté, avec des dizaines de milliers de pèlerins de toutes confessions.
Sophie & Yannick
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Sikh ceremony in the golden temple

Sikhs are very friendly people who receive very good way to unwind and they are really honest sometimes to reach extreme levels. The temple ceremonies are performed with faith and devotion on the part of the audience, this is a great pool and edificacin is coated with pure gold. Not only in the ceremony but rather during the stay in the place you can tell muchsima peace and quiet. They always have their heads covered with turbans on their daily lives.

Ceremonia sikh, en el templo dorado

Los sikhs son personas muy amables que reciben de muy buena manera al viajero y que son realmente honestos en ocasiones hasta llegar a niveles extremos.
Las ceremonias en el templo se realizan con mucha fe y devoción por parte de los asistentes, este se encuentra en una gran piscina y su edificación se encuentra recubierta de oro puro.

No solamente en la ceremonia sino por el contrario durante la estadía en el lugar se puede percibir muchísima paz y tranquilidad.
Siempre tienen sus cabezas cubiertas por turbantes en su vida cotidiana.
César - Mochilero
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This temple is known as "the golden t...

This temple is known as "The Golden Temple" and is the holiest shrine of the community "Sikh" but is open to all denominations provided that no rules as tabaco.Hay introduction of alcohol or to remove your shoes when entering and Inside ablutions and offerings are made. Become a center of pilgrimage, the pilgrims bathe in the pond because for the "Sikh" water is a key element. At dawn the sun shines on the golden dome of the temple at the same time reveals the splendor of the building. In 1984 he fought a battle for possession of the temple when a Sikh separatist group took it as bastion and Indira Gandhi (then Prime Minister) ordered a military intervention that came through blood and fire on the premises.

Se conoce este templo como "EL TEMPLO DORADO" y es el santuario más sagrado de la comunidad "Sij" aunque está abierto a todas las confesiones siempre que se respeten normas como la no introducción de alcohol o tabaco.Hay que descalzarse al entrar y en el interior se realizan abluciones y ofrendas. Convertido en centro de peregrinación, los peregrinos se bañan en el estanque pues para los "sijs" el agua es un elemento primordial. Cuando amanece el sol brilla sobre la cúpula dorada del templo a la par que revela el esplendor del edificio.

En 1984 fué librada una batalla por la posesión del templo cuando un grupo independentista
sij lo tomó como bastión e Indira Ghandi (entonces primera ministra) ordenó intervenir a un ejército que entró a sangre y fuego en el recinto.
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The golden temple

The golden temple is by far the most sacred shrine of Sikhism. If this religion forbids lide of pilgrimage, implying that the sacred is everywhere, thousands of visitors come all the same daily visit this temple like no other. This is probably one of the most beautiful temples in India despite its rather modest dimensions. The alliance of marble and lor, in the quiet of the sanctuary provides a rsultat simply poustouflant.

Le temple d’or

Le temple d’or est de loin le sanctuaire le plus sacré du Sikhisme. Si cette religion interdit l’idée de pèlerinage, sous-entendant que le sacré est partout, des milliers de visiteurs viennent tout de même quotidiennement visiter ce temple à nul autre pareil. C’est probablement l’un des plus beaux temples de l’Inde malgré ses dimensions plutôt modestes. L’alliance du marbre et de l’or, dans le calme du sanctuaire donne un résultat tout simplement époustouflant.
Marie & Matt
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Golden temple

At the center of the city of Amritsar is the symbol of all Sikhs in the world: the Golden Temple. The Golden Temple is the main spiritual goal for the faithful to this doctrine, but also non-religious thousands of visitors visit the site each day. The Golden Temple is surrounded by a pool in which this is reflected, and access is free for all though very busy. To enter the Golden Temple is necessary for both men and women, to cover their heads and remove their shoes.

Golden temple

Al centro della città di Amritsar si trova il simbolo di tutti i Sikh del mondo: il Golden Temple. Il tempio d'oro è la principale meta spirituale per i fedeli di questa dottrina, ma migliaia di visitatori anche non religiosi visitano il sito ogni giorno. Il tempio d'oro è circondato da una piscina in cui questo si riflette, e l'accesso è gratuito per tutti anche se molto affollato. Per entrare al Golden Temple è necessario, sia per gli uomini che per le donne, coprirsi la testa e togliersi le scarpe.
Angelo Zinna
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Information about Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib)

Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) Phone Number
+91 183 255 3957
+91 183 255 3957
Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) Address
Amritsar, Punjab, India
Amritsar, Punjab, India
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