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Great Wall of China


93 reviews of Great Wall of China

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Great wall of china

The quintessential Wall of China is one of the most visited sites in the country of China. The section that is usually visited by most tourists is the first part, which has a completely rebuilt wall and is closest to the center of Beijing. But there is a more rustic side of the wall: The Simatai section. This stretch has a unique landscape for two reasons: One, is the lack of people, since its conditions and remoteness is not very visited, and the other reason is its status: The wall remains how it was, with no reconstructions or additions . This gives a special touch to the place, given the fact that seeing the Great Wall completely reconstructed is like seeing the Roman Colosseum in its entirety. It is highly recommended for those who want to see things as they were and do not mind walking in-between rubble.
Belén G. Bonorino
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You have to see it

Visiting the Wall of China can be done in different ways. We decided to take one of the tours that go near Tiananmen Square, of course, the tourists in the group and the guide were Chinese ... No one had mercy on us even though we were 8 people .... the tour was in Chinese (although the guide knew English) ... because of this ... we laughed a lot, it was like the immersion trips in Spain where they take you to shops to buy things ... in our case we went to a store that sold jade, and they also took us to eat .... it was like a soup kitchen ... in which people would speak with a megaphone to seat people at tables, haha it was great, and it was clear that the vast majority of our group of 8 refused to try any of this but it was pretty fun. What to say about the Wall, you have to see it. It's awesome, but you already know that and why should we tell you they same details you can read on Wikipedia, right?
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When I went to China, it was an adventure. When we went to Tiananmen Square we found some guides who offered the wall tour for RMB 100. When we arrived it was 10 below zero and windy. We almost had to cover our faces because we were frozen... But that did not stop our climb. With a little effort we went up. The amazing view, a fantastic experience. It is so immense you can lose yourself in it! If you go to China, you have to visit the Great Wall!
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Simply wonderful!

It's like being part of history, standing up on the wall, imaging the enemy armies trying to invade the empire and coming up against this impressive wall and archers. It's a must if you're in China!

One piece of advice: use the "xiaozhe" (small car) to come down from the wall, but not to go up. You save money and don't miss the amazing walk up the wall!
Antonio Moreno
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One of the best trips I've ever taken. If you go to China, you must visit this imposing wall and everything else this city has to offer. I went in July and the weather was perfect. The view and panorama you have from up on the wall is simply unforgettable.
Carlos Escobar
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The great wall of china

The Great Wall of China
Gustavo Prieto
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Visit the great wall of china (mutianyu) as diver for kids !!

The Great Wall is ... that big. For this reason we must be clear that choose to stretch with the children. We recommend this Mutianyu because the climb is chairlift and lowering blocks in 5 minutes in a giant slide! What can you say about this place ... amazing, huge, glorious, epic, spectacular, amazing ... and we could go on for hours, but better go and see. If you're with kids, forget making a big stretch going. Mutianyu area is ideal for that by the age of our children, we can increase the degree of difficulty of the tour. The about 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 hours. But if you feel like you all a bit more complicate treks have up to 4 days. For the kids, with one or two hour walk is enough, and more considering how hot it is in the month of July. Indispensable!, Hats and sunscreen. Children will ask more of a fall down the slide ... but that will be difficult.

Visita a la gran muralla china (mutianyu) ¡¡lo mas diver para los peques!!

La Gran Muralla es … eso grande. Por esta razón hay que tener claro que tramo escoger para realizar con los mas pequeños. Nosotros recomendamos este de Mutianyu porque la subida se hace en telesilla y la bajada se hace en 5 minutos ¡en un tobogán gigante!

Que se puede decir de este lugar... increíble, enorme, glorioso, épico, espectacular, alucinante,... y así podríamos seguir durante horas, pero es mejor ir a verlo. Si vas con niños, olvídate de hacer un gran tramo andando. El área de Mutianyu es la ideal por que según la edad de nuestros hijos, podremos aumentar el grado de dificultad de la excursión. La hay de 1, 2, 3, 4 e incluso 5 horas. Pero si os apetece complicarlo todo un poco mas tenéis trekkings de hasta 4 días.

Para los mas peques, con una o dos horas de paseo es suficiente, y más teniendo en cuenta el calor que hace en el mes de Julio.

¡Imprescindible!, gorras y crema solar. Los niños os pedirán más de una bajada por el tobogán pero eso... será difícil.
Makuteros Family Run
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A unique and wonderful place

Until we arrived the day and we did the minimum to go to the Great Wall of China, we set our sportswear, take the metro to Xihimen station (anyway in hostels give you maps indicating the metro stations of TOURIST places ). Then estbamos very lost, Haban many gentlemen who decan us they were taking us (outside a station bus), but they spoke overpricing and already habamos Ledo room a bus to Badaling for 10 RMB, so we kept walking .. . we walked a block or so following people (we went in February, had very few people and it was very cold) and found that decan whereabouts ah we arrived the bus that took us. We saw pass as 3 buses and would not stop, so we decided to get into a place where buses salt (was not the first station) and clearly ah were all buses (OJO question which will Badaling). They charge 10 RMB the way (way), did not row and left very cmod. Arriving at the Chinese Wall bus left us in a place that deca where was the entrance or anything ... to a terrible cold, I was on a hose, shoes and warm jacket (I was freezing alive), until we found the entry. We started up and then there was the part where the ticket was bought (cost about 40 RMB, if you bring your school card is cheaper). And purchased the entrance have access to both sides of the Chinese wall, I suggest going to there are less people first, because that only comes the sun in the morning, then it is very good to take all possible photos, in addition to you'll have the wall almost to yourself. I recommend going after the other sector, as that comes the sun almost all day (and the cold is necessary to seek the sun), but as it is there are more people later. Muchsimo enjoy the place, it is unique in the world and is beautiful. An incredible experience! PS: It's best to go well cmodo and very warm on this date! (Only to say that the water bottle froze us, I hope you have an idea of ​​the cold that haca)

Un lugar único y maravilloso

Hasta que llegó el día y nos hicimos el ánimo para ir a la gran muralla china, nos pusimos nuestra ropa deportiva, tomamos el metro hasta la estación Xihimen (de todos modos en las hostales te dan mapas indicando las estaciones de metro de los lugares turísticos).

Luego estábamos MUY perdidos, habían muchos señores que nos decían que ellos nos llevaban (afuera de una estación de buses), pero hablaban de precios excesivos y ya habíamos leído que salía un bus hasta Badaling por 10 RMB, por lo que seguimos caminando... caminamos una cuadra mas o menos siguiendo a la gente (fuimos en febrero, había muy poca gente y hacia MUCHO frío) y encontramos un paradero que nos decían que ahí llegaba el bus que nos llevaba.

Vimos pasar como 3 buses y no paraban, entonces decidimos meternos en un lugar de donde salían los buses (no era la primera estación) y claramente ahí estaban todos los buses (OJO pregunta por el que va a BADALING). Cobraban 10 RMB el trayecto (ida), no hicimos fila y nos fuimos muy cómodos. Llegando a la Muralla china el bus nos dejo en un lugar que no decía a donde estaba la entrada ni nada... hacia un frío terrible, yo andaba de calzas, zapatillas y chaqueta abrigada (me estaba congelando viva), hasta que encontramos la entrada. Empezamos a subir y luego estaba la parte donde se compraba el boleto (costaba aprox 40 RMB, si llevas tu tarjeta escolar es mas barato).

Ya comprada la entrada tienes acceso a ambos lados de la muralla china, te aconsejo ir al que hay menos gente primero, ya que a ese solo le llega el sol en la mañana, entonces esta muy bueno para tomar todas las fotos posibles, además que tendrás la muralla casi para ti solo. Después te recomiendo ir al otro sector, ya que a ese le llega el sol casi todo el día (y por el frío es necesario buscar el sol), pero como es mas tarde hay mas gente. Disfruten muchísimo el lugar, es único en el mundo y es hermoso. Una experiencia increíble!

PD: Lo mejor es ir bien cómodo y MUY abrigado en esta fecha! (solo con decir que la botella de agua se nos congeló, espero que tengan una idea del frío que hacía)
Francisca Moreno Ramos
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The great wall of china is a great si...

The Great Wall of China is a great site, a great place to be missed under any circumstances. Any address that is probably the most colossal and most famous sites in China it is essential to discover for several reasons. Historically, this is surely the greatest projects that have been undertaken: It is the largest military structure in the world, started in 220 BC to protect China's invasion of the North, its construction continued for over 2000 years, eventually reaching a set of fortifications reaching more than 6700 km. In human terms, it is to remember the lives that coutées construction, the footprint of each dynasty has chosen to extend this huge undertaking, and finally, the ability of the technical men to ask such a mark on nature and a hostile terrain including lush vegetation and mountains. The Great Wall of China therefore offers a special experience for all those who want to climb. The Badaling section is the most touristic and easier access (40 km north of Beijing by the freeway), however do not forget that the Great Wall was built in the heart of China's mountains and climbing This wall can be physical such as when you have to cross landscaped stairs almost a right angle with the ground ... Do you also cover well as the cold and wind are often appointment. But after that, the greatest reward will be able to proudly say "I walked on the Great Wall of China." You can even buy medals or diplomas with your photo on the wall, or memories from the Chinese handicraft merchants that sell installed on stands on the Great Wall.

La grande muraille de Chine est un site exceptionnel, un lieu incontournable à ne manquer sous aucun prétexte. Tout d’aborde c’est surement le plus colossal et le plus célèbre des sites chinois qu’il est indispensable de découvrir pour plusieurs raisons. Sur le plan historique, c’est sûrement les plus grand des chantiers qui aient été entrepris : C’est la plus grande structure militaire du monde, commencée en 220 avant J-C pour protéger la Chine des invasions du Nord, sa construction s’est poursuivie pendant plus de 2000 ans, pour finalement atteindre un ensemble de fortifications atteignant plus de 6700 kilomètres. Sur le plan humain, c’est se remémorer les vies que cette construction a coutées, l’empreinte de chaque dynastie qui a fait le choix de prolonger cette immense entreprise, et enfin, la capacité de la technique des hommes à poser une telle marque sur une nature et un terrain hostiles comprenant végétation abondante et montagnes. La grande muraille du Chine offre donc une expérience hors du commun à tous ceux qui voudront la gravir. Le tronçon de Badaling est le plus touristique et le plus facile d’accès (40 km au Nord de Pékin par l’autoroute), cependant n’oubliez pas que la Grande Muraille est construite au cœur des montagnes chinoises, ainsi l’escalade de cette muraille peut être physique notamment lorsque vous avez à franchir des escaliers aménagés qui forment quasiment un angle droit avec le sol…Pensez également à bien vous couvrir car le froid et le vent sont souvent au rendez-vous. Mais après cela, la plus belle récompense sera de pouvoir affirmer fièrement « J’ai marché sur la muraille de Chine ». Vous pourrez même acheter des médailles ou des diplômes avec votre photo sur la muraille, ou bien des souvenirs issus de l’artisanat chinois que vendent des marchands installés sur des stands sur la grande muraille.
Alex et Gab
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Winter hike from jinshanling to simatai

1st January 2013, I made the unique experience of a hike along the Great Wall in the snow. A breathtaking ride at -10 ° C. In winter, the wall displays a very different from postcards face. The sky is clear blue (almost no trace of pollution in Beijing), we only see the snow covered mountains and vigils gray stones of the wall (dense vegetation and thousands of tourists have disappeared). So if you are not cautious and amateur thrills, I urge you to visit the Great Wall during the winter. I enclose an extract from the article on this hike on my blog: "The Great Wall is often a misconception like a huge continuous wall but in reality it is intersected by mountains that form a natural rampart Several sections. the wall, more or less tourism, open to the public. Some are restored, others much less. We opted for the section from Jinshanling to Simatai, the less touristy but less restored. A portion was closed in 2009, suddenly hiking does more than about 5km. But this section has the advantage of being very busy and that's saying something. There was only our group of 10 people and a few Chinese tourists. was The Wall ! to us for one of the most visited monuments of China, it was just amazing ... "Read the entire article: '' -la-grande-muraille.html

Randonnée hivernale de jinshanling à simatai

1er Janvier 2013, j'ai fait l'expérience unique d'une randonnée le long de la Grande Muraille sous la neige. Une balade à couper le souffle par -10°C. En plein hiver, la muraille affiche un visage bien différent de celui des cartes postales. Le ciel est bleu et clair (presque aucune trace de la pollution de Pékin), on ne voit plus que les montagnes couvertes de neige et les veilles pierres grises de la muraille (la végétation dense et les milliers de touristes ont disparu).

Donc si vous n'êtes pas frileux et amateurs les sensations fortes, je vous conseille vivement de visiter la Grande Muraille au cours de l'hiver.

Je joins un extrait de l'article consacré à cette randonnée sur mon blog :

"On imagine souvent à tort la Grande Muraille comme un immense mur continu mais en réalité celle-ci est entrecoupée par les montagnes qui constituent un rempart naturel. Plusieurs sections de la muraille, plus ou moins touristiques, sont ouvertes au public. Certaines sont restaurées, d'autres beaucoup moins.

Nous avons opté pour la section reliant Jinshanling à Simatai, la moins touristique mais aussi moins restaurée. Une partie a été fermée en 2009, du coup la randonnée ne fait plus que 5km environ. Mais cette section possède l'avantage d'être très peu fréquentée et c'est peu dire. Il n'y avait que notre groupe de 10 personnes et quelques touristes chinois. La Muraille était à nous ! Pour l'un des monuments les plus visités de Chine, c'était juste incroyable... "

Lire l'article en entier : ''
Jérôme Salomon
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Beautiful views

To go to the part of the wall at Mutianyu, just had to hire the tour with one of the thousand vendors that are in the Forbidden City. It cost 10 euros on the bus to take us to Mutianyu, a visit to a ceramic factory, another of silk, a super-rich meal, a visit to a tea, another visit to a place of traditional medicine which incidentally we got a foot massage ... and all for 10 euros!! The tour lasts all day because for a while they let you finish in the Olympic village. This part of the wall is not overcrowded with tourists and also since she see a spectacular view. That if you have to prepare to climb the many stairs. By the way, to lower the price of 6 euros there is a slide that you ride in a cart and d species is fun. I recommend it.

Vistas espectaculares

Para ir a la parte de la muralla en Mutianyu, tan solo tuvimos que contratar la excursión con uno de los mil vendedores que hay en la Ciudad Prohibida. Nos costó 10 euros el que nos llevaran en bus hasta Mutianyu, una visita a una fábrica de cerámica, a otra de seda, una comida super rica, una visita a un lugar de té, otra visita a un lugar de medicina tradicional donde por cierto nos dieron un masaje en los pies... y todo por 10 euros!!!!!

La excursión dura todo el día porque para terminar te dejan un ratito en la villa olímpica. Esta parte de la muralla no está masificada de turistas y además desde ella se ven una vistas espectaculares. Eso si hay que prepararse para subir las innumerables escaleras.

Por cierto, para bajar por el precio de 6 euros hay un tobogán que te montas en una especie d carrito y es muy divertido. Lo recomiendo.
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One of the wonders of the world ....

A gigantesta border work of the former Imperial China, so gigantic that its construction was extended for 2,000 years. And they say you can see from the moon! "The Great Wall" that had wanted to be able to walk through one of the sections of this "long wall" specifically for Mutianyu; it is further away, but we cogia route. Very well reconstructed with far fewer people, enjoying the visit. End, away from the border to the nomadic peoples of the more isolated northern barbarians. Remodels and expands under the Ming dynasty, is larger, reaching its massive 6,000 Km 6 m wide by about 8 m high. His watchmen why discoursing, they served as housing for soldiers and were the starting point for passing information between the cubic stone towers. She partners are also years of forced labor, exile and battles and invasions for that desert with many worker deaths. Built in the Han era and reconstructed in the following dynasties is magnificent and impressive! serving as a border to the Imperial China. A wall with a natural relief of high passes, hills and cliffs that served to defend with another great ally deserts as the mythical "Gobi" held at bay many invaders, Turkish - Manchu - Mongols. Hundreds of watchtowers, hundreds of miles to enjoy meandering. Here you can climb by cable car or walk conbinarlo that was our case. Worth the effort feel a little as the reward is guaranteed and panoramic mountains to the infinite, is dazzling. Wherever you dirijas those eyes avid traveler new sensations immortal memories ... feel under my feet stone slabs ... Another dream come true!

Una de las maravillas del mundo ....

Una gigantesta obra fronteriza de la antigua China Imperial , tan gigantesca que su construcción se extendió durante 2.000 años . Y dicen que se puede ver desde la luna !!

" La Gran Muralla " que ganas tenia de poder caminar por uno de los tramos , de esta " larga muralla " concretamente por de Mutianyu ; pues esta mas lejos , pero nos cogía de ruta . Muy bien reconstruida y con mucha menos gente , disfrutando la visita .

Su fin , alejar de la frontera a los pueblos nomadas mas aislados de los barbaros del norte . Se remodela y se amplia bajo la dinastía Ming , se hace mas grande , maciza llegando a sus 6.000 Km con 6 m de ancha por unos 8 m de alta .

Sus atalayas por las que discurrimos , servian como alojamiento a los soldados y eran el punto de partida para pasar información , entre las torres cubicas de piedra .

A ella también están asociados años de trabajos forzados , exilio y batallas e invasiones por aquel desierto con muchas muertes de trabajadores .

Levantada en la época Han y reconstruida en las dinastias siguientes es ¡ magnifica e impresionante ! sirviendo de frontera a la China Imperial .

Una muralla con un relieve natural de altos pasos , de colinas y de riscos que sirvieron para su defensa junto a otro gran aliado los desiertos como el mítico " Gobi " que tuvo a raya a tantos pueblos invasores , turcos - manchues - mongoles .

Centenares de torreones de vigilancia , centenares de kilómetros para disfrutar serpenteantes . Aquí se puede subir en teleférico o conbinarlo andando que fue nuestro caso .

Merece la pena sentir un poquito el esfuerzo ya que la recompensa esta garantizada y su panoramica hacia las montañas infinitas , es deslumbrante .
Donde quieras que dirijas esos ojos viajeros ¡ avidos de nuevas sensaciones de recuerdos inmortales ... de sentir bajo mis pies losas de piedra ... ¡Otro sueño realizado !
E.Sonia Requejo Salces
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How to get to the great wall of china on public transport

In a hostel in Beijing met a Chilean who had directed to go to the Great Wall of China in public transportation by few yuan. The route had left one Israeli, and to keep the wheel, I share this tip traveler here, so you can see a part of the wall where we were practically alone. There are three parts that you can visit the Great Wall. A tourist, one intermediate, and other very complicated. We met a Canadian who had done the latter, and told us that we had to do some climbing. We went to Simatai, intermediate. To get to Sinatai took the subway from Qianmen Station, near our hostel, to Dongzhimen Station, and go out at Exit B. At the bus terminal we took the line 916. It is important that the line cojáis 916 FAST, which is caught inside the station, because outside there is a line with that number is not correct. Then get off at Huairou In the stop is, lowering the bus, approximately 100 meters to the right. At this stop there are many taxi drivers who try telling that despite having no bus, but continues to ignore them. The line to be seized is 936, and leads directly to the Great Wall. The total fare is 19 yuan (per person). To return not follow the same indications. We saw sunset and we're late for the bus, as we were told, the last coming from Beijing's Huairou In at 19h. We accompanied the owner of a grocery store for 50 yuan (per person) to a village near Beijing, and from there took a bus that dropped us off in town. Anyway, the sunset on the Great Wall is worth it, would pay the 50 yuan :)

Cómo llegar a la gran muralla china en transporte público

En un hostal de Pekín conocimos a un chileno que tenía las indicaciones para ir a la Gran Muralla China en transporte público por muy pocos yuanes. La ruta se la había dejado un israelí, y para que siga la rueda, comparto aquí este tip de viajeros, para que podáis ver una parte de la muralla en la que estuvimos prácticamente solos.

Hay tres partes que se pueden visitar de la Gran Muralla. Una turística, una intermedia, y otra muy complicada. Conocimos a un canadiense que había hecho esta última, y nos contó que había que hacer una parte escalando. Nosotros fuimos a Simatai, la intermedia.


- Coger el metro hasta Dongzhimen Station. Salir por la Exit B.
- En la terminal de autobuses coger la línea 916 FAST que está dentro de la estación
- Bajar en Huairou y buscar la parada de bus, a 100 metros aproximadamente a la derecha
En esta parada hay muchos taxistas que intentarán despistarte diciéndote que no hay autobús, pero continúa sin hacerles caso.
- Coger la línea 936 que lleva directamente a la Gran Muralla.

El precio total del trayecto son 19 yuanes (por persona).

Para volver no seguimos las mismas indicaciones. Vimos atardecer y se nos hizo tarde para coger el bus, ya que el último que sale desde In Huairou a Pekín es a las 19h. Nos acompañó el propietario de una tienda de comestibles por 50 yuanes (por persona) hasta un pueblo cercano a Pekín, y de allí cogimos un autobús que nos dejó en la ciudad.

De todas formas, el atardecer en la Gran Muralla vale mucho la pena, volvería a pagar los 50 yuanes.
Ana Salvá
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The great wall chinese chang cheng sa...

The Great Wall Chinese Chang Cheng said and written 长城. There are many places to travel the Great Wall: Badaling, Mutianyu, Simatai ... A tip: do not go to Badaling, this place is called the "tourist trap" because everything has been redone and it is not at all authentic. In addition, there are always hugely crowded (agencies often you discover this part because it is cheaper and it is closer). Mutianyu is a little further but worth it. I think we took a taxi 2:30. This time I propose you to discover the spring. You can walk up to the sport but it is long enough. More do not attempt in May because it's too hot. But in winter it is to do. Attention to small vendors. Buy more to return to avoid the clutter and especially NEGOTIATE!! Remember they absolutely want to sell you the highest possible price so do not hesitate to lower prices! If you take the cable car, you will pay a total of 75 yuan (about 7.5 €) for students and if 100 yuan (about € 10) Do not hesitate to go to the top (to the right) is beautiful. A unique and an experience!!

La Grande Muraille se dit en chinois Chang Cheng et s'écrit 长城.

Il y a différents endroits pour parcourir la Grande Muraille : Badaling, Mutianyu, Simataï...

Un conseil : n'allez pas à Badaling, cet endroit est appelé le "piége à touristes" car tout a été refait et ce n'est pas du tout authentique. En plus, il y a toujours énormement de monde (les agences vous font découvrir souvent cette partie car ça coûte moins cher et c'est au plus près).

Mutianyu se trouve un peu plus loin mais vaut vraiment le coup. Il me semble qu'on a mis 2h30 en taxi. Cette fois ci je vous propose de la découvrir au printemps.
Vous pouvez monter à pied pour les sportifs mais c'est assez long. De plus ne le tentez pas à partir de mai car il fait trop chaud. Mais en hiver c'est à faire.

Attention aux petits vendeurs. Acheter plutôt au retour pour éviter de vous encombrer et surtout NEGOCIER !!!! N'oubliez pas qu'ils veulent absolument vous vendre le plus cher possible donc n'hésitez pas à baisser les prix !!!!

Si vous prenez le téléphérique, vous payerez en tout 75 yuans (environ 7,5 €) pour les étudiants et sinon 100 yuans (environ 10€)

N'hésitez pas à aller jusqu'en haut (par la droite), c'est magnifique.

Un lieu unique et une expérience à vivre !!!!
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Located three hours from beijing, thi...

Located three hours from Beijing, this portion of the Great Wall of China in a double advantage: renovated and uncrowded. Many hotels organize expeditions because (starting 6h, 19h back) to Simatai. The walk on the wall lasts 4 hours. For 18 euros (breakfast, transportation, lunch) and 8 euros (check) ticket entry, you can walk, long and athletic enough (some portions are really steep). If you come in first, and you walk fast, you can take pictures of the wall with no one, so the place is not crowded. A chairlift (initially closed in winter) to shorten the walk as well as Tyrolean (at the end), which will save 20 minutes walk (3 euros more) you. In winter, the total absence of green (and almost complete snow) and thus makes the desolate landscape a bit disappointing. Attention to some sellers and guides from the area or Mongolia, you wait up ramps and will want at any price offer their services unnecessary. Allow the water to avoid getting extort from street vendors.

Située à trois heures de Pékin, cette portion de la muraille de Chine à un double avantage: rénovée et peu fréquentée.
Beaucoup d'hôtels organisent des expéditions en car (départ 6h, retour 19h), vers Simatai. La balade sur la muraille dure 4 heures.
Pour 18 euros (petit-déjeuner, transports, déjeuner), et 8 euros (à vérifier) de billet d'entrée, vous pourrez faire la marche, longue et assez sportive (certaines portions sont vraiment très raides). Si vous arrivez dans les premiers, et que vous marchez vite, vous pourrez prendre des photos de la muraille sans personne, tellement le lieu est peu fréquenté.
Un télésiège (au départ, fermé en hiver) permet de raccourcir la marche, ainsi qu'une tyrolienne (à la fin), qui vous fera économiser 20 minutes de marche (moyennant 3 euros de plus). En hiver, l'absence totale de verdure (et quasi-totale de neige), rend le paysage désolé et donc un peu décevant. Attention aux quelques vendeurs et guides venus des alentours ou de Mongolie , qui vous attendrons en haut des rampes et voudrons à tout prix vous proposer leurs inutiles services. Prévoyez de l'eau pour éviter de vous faire racketter par les vendeurs ambulants.
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Information about Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China Phone Number
0086 13601189993
0086 13601189993
Great Wall of China Address
Mutianyu Road, Huairou District
Mutianyu Road, Huairou District
Great Wall of China Website
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