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Hermitage Museum


29 reviews of Hermitage Museum

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Hermitage museum

Gauguin Fe, a French post-impressionist painter, was one of the most important 19th century. His most famous paintings are painted in Polynesia, where, sick and ruined, he decided to flee Europe and civilization to discover and capture new things in his paintings. After going back to France without money, he received an inheritance from his uncle and decided to stay permanently in Polynesia. In Tahiti, he met Tehura, which would become his model. He was very inspired and painted 70 canvases in just a few months. But after some years of happiness, administrative and personal problems, he sank. He also had some major health issues: A leg injury that failed to heal and syphilis. Towards the final years of his life he found a partner and had a son with a young woman of the Marquesas, but later he also contracted leprosy. In 1897 he attempted to kill himself, survived and only with a small pension. He later died on May 9, 1903. In the Hermitage you can find "Pastors Tahitians",and "Woman holding a fruit" among other works of his.
Las sandalias de Ulises
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Hermitage museum

It must be very difficult to choose among so much beauty and so many treasures when you visit or worse still teach a museum like the Hermitage. What criteria should follow? Being frugal and just see what everyone recommends? Venture and be your new treasure discoverer remaining in a corner of a room lost? For my part, and moved by our guide effectively, I had a general idea, but not comprehensive than I could hide the Winter Palace. From the magnificent staircase, master of Jordan, through the Chamber of Peter I, the clock "Peacock" and the delicate white-Pavilion Room Small Hermitage, the Golden Hall with its little treasures such as precious cameos, the Room two stars of Leonardo da Vinci's "Madonna Litta" and the "Virgen de la Flor". Do not forget the St. George Hall or Great Hall of the Throne, which reproduces the ceiling drawing of marquetry floor or vice versa, and in the New Hermitage Small Hall of the glass roof and end up in the Hall of Twenty Columns Winter glimpsing Canalillo going from one building to another. We would need a thousand lives to enjoy a few moments of each of the more than three million works of art that shows us the Hermitage.

Museo del hermitage

Debe ser muy difícil elegir entre tanta belleza y tantos tesoros cuando quieres visitar o lo que es peor enseñar un museo como el Ermitage. Que criterio debes seguir? Ser parco y solamente ver lo que todo el mundo recomienda? Aventurarte y ser tu un nuevo descubridor de tesoros que permanecen en una esquina de alguna perdida sala?
Por mi parte, y movido por nuestra eficaz guía, tuve una idea global, aunque no incompleta de lo que podía esconder el Palacio de Invierno.
Desde la fastuosa escalera principal, del maestro Jordán, pasando por la Sala de Pedro I, el reloj" Pavo Real" y la delicada y blanca Sala- Pabellón del Pequeño Ermitage, el Salón Dorado con sus pequeños tesoros, como los preciosos camafeos, las dos estrellas de la Sala Leonardo da Vinci: la " Madonna Litta" y la " Virgen de la Flor".
No nos olvidemos de la Sala de San Jorge o Sala Grande del Trono, cuyo dibujo del techo reproduce el de la marquetería del suelo o viceversa, ya en el Nuevo Ermitage la Sala Pequeña de Techo Acristalado y acabar en la sala de las Veinte Columnas, vislumbrando el Canalillo de Invierno al pasar de un edificio a otro.
Necesitaríamos mil vidas para disfrutar unos instantes de cada uno de los más de tres millones de obras de arte que el Ermitage nos muestra.
Roberto Gonzalez
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Go to st. petersburg, regardless of t...

Go to St. Petersburg, regardless of the time it is, and not go to the Hermitage Museum, is a mistake. Throughout history, from the Romanov dynasty, has built up an unrivaled collection of art treasures, from Upper Egypt ceramics to jewelry Bronze Age and a full selection of works by artists such as Rubens, Rembrandt, Picasso, Matisse Titian, Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo. Cezanne, Gauguin and Van Gogh, among others. All the museum itself is a work of art, buildings, roofs, windows and furniture are works of art. It was declared a state museum in 1917. Along with the Prado are the largest in the world. The vastness of the place, six main buildings, and more than three million visitors a year require the visitor a little organization. From west to east are, the Winter Palace, the Small Hermitage, the Old and New Hermitage and Hermitage Theatre. Among the diversity of artistic expression can be found: Numismatic, Russian Culture, Arts East with more than 190,000 pieces, Arsenal with 1500 pieces, sculpture and painting western ancient Greece and Rome and prehistoric art and decorative arts

Ir a San Petersburgo, independientemente de la época que sea, y no ir al Museo del Hermitage, es un error. A través de la historia, desde la dinastía Romanov, ha ido acumulando una incomparable colección de tesoros artísticos; desde la cerámica del alto Egipto hasta la joyería de la Edad de Bronce y una selección completa de obras de artistas como Rubens, Rembrant, Picasso,Matisse Tiziano, Da vinci, Rafael, Miguel Ángel. Cezanne, Gauguin y Van Gogh, entre otros.
Todo el museo en si es una obra de arte; los edificios, los techos, las ventanas y los muebles son obras de arte. Fue declarado museo estatal en 1917. Junto con el Museo del Prado son los más grandes del mundo.
La inmensidad del lugar, seis edificios principales, y más de tres millones de visitantes al año requieren del visitante un poco de organización. De oeste a este se encuentran, el Palacio de Invierno, el pequeño Hermitage, el viejo y el nuevo Hermitage y el teatro del Hermitage.

Entre la diversidad de expresiones artísticas podemos encontrar: Numismática, Cultura rusa ,Arte oriental con más de 190.000 piezas, Arsenal con 1500 piezas, escultura y pintura occidental antigua Grecia y Roma y arte prehistórico y artes decorativas
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Excursions to the hermitage

The Hermitage is the third museum in the world after the british in London and the Louvre in Paris and is not just an art gallery, the colleccin has 3 million objects of exhibition (paintings, sculptures, coins and medals, objects of applied art) . Today, the palace is the most famous of the 400 museums in St. Petersburg and one of the most known in the world, the Hermitage. The museum materials are in 5 different buildings: Winter Palace, Pequeo Hermitage Theatre, The Old Hermitage and the New Hermitage. In addition there is an exhibition of Impressionism in the building of Staff. The colleccin Hermitage museum has long Histria from the era of Catherine the Great, even today.

Excursiones al hermitage

El Ermitage es el tercer museo en el mundo después del Británico en Londres y el Louvre en París y no es solo una pinacoteca, la collección cuenta con 3 millones de objetos de exposición (cuadros, esculturas, monedas y medallas, objetos de artes aplicadas).

Hoy en día, el palacio es el más famoso de los 400 museos de San Petersburgo, y uno de los más conocidos del mundo: el Hermitage. Los materiales del museo se encuentran en 5 edificios diferentes: Palacio de Invierno, Pequeño Ermitage, El teatro, El Ermitage Viejo y el Nuevo Ermitage. Además hay una exposición de impresionismo en el edificio del Estado Mayor. La collección del museo Ermitage tiene larga história desde la época de Catalina la Grande hasta hoy día.
Никитин Павел
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The hermitage is the oldest and large...

The Hermitage is the oldest and largest museum in the world. Located in the heart of St. Petersburg on the banks of the Neva, and within six buildings classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, including the Winter Palace - the former residence of the Tsars Russians. More than 60 000 pieces are exhibited while nearly 3 million items are kept in reserve. Paintings and sculptures of artists and Italian, Spanish, German, English, Russian, Danish, French sculptors, the Hermitage is one of the world's largest art museums.

L'Hermitage est le plus ancien et le plus grand musée du le monde.
Situé au cœur de Saint-Pétersbourg au bord de la Neva, et a l'intérieur de 6 bâtiments classés au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, dont le Palais d'Hiver - l'ancienne résidence des Tsars Russes-.
Plus de 60 000 pièces y sont exposées tandis que près de 3 millions d’objets sont conservés dans les réserves. Tableaux et sculptures des peintres et sculpteurs italiens, espagnols, allemands, anglais, russes, danois, français, l’Ermitage est un des musées d’art les plus importants du monde.
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Strolling between history and art

A curious fact tell you to see all the exhibits in the Hermitage would have to be for 5 full days and only giving time to each work 15 seconds. Can you imagine? Incredible! The only drawback I see is the time to go, as you have to endure long queues. With no concerted agencies timeout.

Paseando entre historia y arte

Como dato curioso diré que para poder ver todas las obras expuestas en el Hermitage tendrías que estar durante 5 días completos y dando solamente de tiempo a cada obra 15 segundos.
Te imaginas?
El único inconveniente que veo es a la hora de entrar, ya que tienes que soportar grandes colas. Con las agencias concertadas no hay tiempo de espera.
Jose Manuel Sales
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The hermitage museum is located in th...

The Hermitage Museum is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, on the banks of the Neva. This is one of the largest museums in the world. In this museum you can see the pieces of antiquity, a collection of works of European art of the classical period. You can see the works of Rembrandt, Rubens, Matisse and Paul Gauguin, Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso. That is why this museum is always compared with that of the Louvre and the Prado. In addition to the building that houses the museum impresses with its architecture that is striking in its beauty. So it is not by chance that this building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Le musée de l’Ermitage est situé au cœur de Saint-Pétersbourg, au bord de la Neva. C'est un des plus grands musées du monde. Dans ce musée vous pourrez admirer les pièces de l’Antiquité, une collection d’œuvres d’art européen de la période classique. Vous pourrez voir les œuvres de Rembrandt, Rubens, Matisse et Paul Gauguin, Léonard de Vinci, Pablo Picasso. C'est pourquoi ce musée est toujours comparé avec celui du Louvre et du Prado. En plus l'édifice qui abrite le musée impressionne par son architecture qui est frappante par sa beauté. Alors, ce n'est pas par hasard que cet édifice est classé au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO.
Alisa Kolobova
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The hermitage is one of the most impo...

The Hermitage is one of the most important museums of the world, it has inside some of the most outstanding collections of Planet, one of the must-see when visiting St. Petersburg, payment gateway, I recommend going first thing in the morning, queues are very large, it takes many hours for the visit, as it has numerous buildings.

El Hermitage es uno de los museos más importantes del Mundo, dispone en su interior algunas de las colecciones más destacadas del Planeta, una de las visitas obligadas en las visitas a San Petersburgo, entrada de pago, recomiendo ir a primera hora de la mañana, las colas son muy grandes, se necesitan muchas horas para la visita, ya que dispone de numerosos edificios.
Iván Marcos
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Immense and impressive

The Hermitage is next to the Prado Museum one of the largest in the world. Hundreds of rooms full of great works, since they can see magnificent paintings, sculptures, clothes, watches, lamps ..... A peculiarity of the Hermitage is that in each room there is a guardian (very old ladies taking care not to touch anything). The truth is that in one visit, four or five hours if it is not anywhere near all the ancient art that is inside.

Inmenso e impresionante

El Hermitage es junto con el
Museo del Prado uno de los más grandes del mundo. Son cientos de salas llenas de grandes obras, desde ellas puedes ver magníficos cuadros, esculturas, ropajes , relojes, lamparas.....
Una peculiaridad del Hermitage es que en cada sala hay una guardiana ( señoras muy mayores cuidando que no se toque nada) .
La verdad es que en una sola visita, 4 o 5 horas no se ve si por asomo todo el arte milenario que hay en su interior.
María Carmen García Moraleda
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Worth a trip

Unforgettable majestic structure in the variety of the exhibits. That is an entire travel experience.

Vale un viaggio

Maestoso nella struttura indimenticabile nella varietà delle opere esposte. Vale un'intera esperienza di viaggio.
oscar maria lanciani
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Russian prado.

What to say about this amazing museum, not only for its size but also for the beauty of its facade and interiors. It will take a few hours to travel accounts, so it depends on how long you're in St. Petersburg to visit.

El prado ruso.

Qué decir de este impresionante museo, ya no solo por su extensión, sino por la belleza de su fachada e interiores. Te llevará unas cuentas horas el recorrido, por lo que depende del tiempo que estés en San Petersburgo para visitarlo.
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The most beautiful museum in russia

It is one of the biggest attractions of the city, but you have to book a whole day to visit as it is huge.

El museo más bonito de rusia

Es uno de los mayores atractivos de la ciudad, pero tienes que reservar un día entero para visitarlo ya que es enorme.
Joanjo Fontanet
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Muse of the hermitage

It is the largest museum in the world in terms of exhibits (over 60,000 rooms in approximately 1,000 rooms!) There are parts of Antiquity, a collection of works of European art of the classical period. Paintings by Dutch and French artists (Rembrandt, Matisse, Gauguin) and two oil paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and many paintings by Picasso. The building is listed in monial Heritage.

Musée de l'ermitage

musée de l'ermitage
Mariposa Española
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As a painting

They took care of the Museum, as old tales.

Como una pintura

Ellas cuidaban el Museo, como hadas ancianas.
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Hermitage museum st. petersburg

To visit unhurried and footwear cmodo

Museo del hermitage san petersburgo

Para visitarlo sin prisas y con calzado cómodo
Jose Valdivieso Sánchez
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