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Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach


6 reviews of Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach

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One does not expect to find a monument so disheartening in a tropical landscape like Miami Beach, located just a few meters from the beach and bathed in the Florida sun. This monument makes perfect sense, however, because Miami Beach's Jewish population is very large. In fact, behind New York, this city has one of the highest Jewish populations in the United States. Therefore, and because people want to remember their history, they erected this monument in memoriam to the Holocaust in 1990, to honor the six million Jews killed by Nazism. The monument is a huge bronze hand 13 meters high, upon which hundreds of men and women, representing the torment of the victims, climb. This suffering contrasts with the serenity around the small lake, populated with beautiful water lilies. Around the sculpture and lake, a dark, belt-like, stone tunnel has the names of the victims of the concentration camp engraved on the walls. A quiet, perfect place to go unwind.
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Will send chills up your spine

In a city famous for beach parties, this monument reminds us of one of the darkest chapters of human history. Amid the palms and modern avenues of Miami, this hand seems to stretch out of the ground asking for help. To get there you have to go through a small tunnel that will send chills up your spine. Quiet music plays and the walls are engraved with the names of thousands of victims of the Nazi Holocaust. The monument is sure to stir your emotions, and as you get closer you'll see clearly how it represents the victims of this terrible time.
Natalia Arias
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A touching reminder

Even though it's only open 10-5, the Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach is a touching reminder of the horror of the Holocaust and all the lives that were lost. Inside the memorial you see it is bodies that make up the giant hand reaching into the sky. I thought it was a touching and accurate representation of the event.

The most interesting aspect of the memorial was the fact it was built at 1933-1945 Meridian Ave. The Holocaust took place between 1933-1945!

Worth taking time to stop in and take a look around. It's a great reminder for everyone.
Elizabeth Grace Becker
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Miami beach holocaust memorial

The Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach was built as a way to honor the Jewish victim of war. Despite being a place of remembrance of a very sad story a very beautiful and peaceful location with several sculptures. At the entrance a corridor full of war poca photos with discries lead to Monument background where is the main work. A giant mo with people trying to climb, with aspects of suffering and pain. Around this monument a large panel with the names of the victims, always with a Hebrew music fund. Who developed the idea of ​​the memorial were Jewish survivors residing in the United States. The memorial is open daily from 09am s 21h and free admission.

Memorial do holocausto de miami beach

O memorial do Holocausto em Miami Beach foi construído como forma de homenagear os judeus vitima da guerra. Apesar de ser um lugar de uma lembrança muito triste da história é um local muito bonito e tranquilo com várias esculturas.
Na entrada um corredor cheio de fotos da época da guerra com discrições levam ao fundo do monumento onde está a obra principal. Uma mão gigante com pessoas tentando escalar, com aspectos de sofrimento e dor.
Ao redor desse monumento um grande painel com o nome das vítimas, sempre com uma música hebraica de fundo. Quem desenvolveu a ideia do memorial foram os judeus sobreviventes que residem nos estados Unidos. O memorial fica aberto diariamente das 09h às 21h e a entrada é gratuita.
Aquele Lugar
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Judo holocaust memorial in miami, florida, usa

In contrast to the relaxation of Miami lives a monument reflecting the pain of the victims of the Holocaust. A huge iron hand of 13 meters drags victims of calamity, with sculptures of men, women and children oppressed by the hand of horror. Around the hand, a small lake with floating plants conveys calm, as opposed to the monument, representing, perhaps, hope.

Monumento al holocausto judío en miami, florida, eeuu

Contrastando con el relax de Miami convive un monumento que refleja el dolor de las víctimas del Holocausto. Una enorme mano de hierro de 13 metros de altura arrastra a las víctimas a la calamidad, con esculturas de hombres, niños y mujeres oprimidos por esta mano del horror. Alrededor de la mano, un pequeño lago con plantas flotantes transmite calma, en oposición al monumento, representando, quizás, la esperanza.
Monica Olivera
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Information about Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach

Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach Phone Number
(305) 538-1663
(305) 538-1663
Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach Address
1945 Meridian Avenue
1945 Meridian Avenue
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