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Iguazu Falls - Puerto Iguazú


264 reviews of Iguazu Falls - Puerto Iguazú

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79 photos

Over 2000 species of flowers

Iguazu National Park is located within a rainforest, about 800meters above sea level, and is South America's second largest biodiversity reserve, although it's only 35% of what it was 100 years ago due to rampant development. There are over 2000 species of flowers, 150 plants per hectare, 400 species of birds, and a huge variety of mammals, reptiles, and insects. The remaining areas are like green islands, stretched between farms, plantations, pine forests, trails, and ever-expanding cities.

Within the great forest there is an innumerable amount of tourist attractions for all tastes. The Iguazu Falls are just one of many natural wonders that you can't stop visiting. During this visit, something which we do every year since my brother lives in Posadas, we decided to collaborate with a film crew and, as you can see in the photos, we got some great shots of how the view changes as you move around the falls...the clouds of mist provoked by the pounding water, the ebb and flow of the vegetation around the water...I hope you like my walk around the falls' turbulent waters, and I'll be waiting for you here if you want to join!
Marta Pilar
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3 photos

Magical combination of flora and fauna

I took these photos from the Iguazu viewpoint in the early evening. You can see the sheer force of the water crashing against the rocks and the amazing clouds of refreshing mist it creates. Iguazu Falls is an amazing place and a magical combination of flora and fauna. You can't miss's one of the most important nature reserves on the planet. I recommend it 100%!
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2 photos

Full of life, sound, and energy

It's a wonderful place full of greens of every share, and it's an ideal place to relax and let go of stress. You can feel the energy of the water in your body and it's good for the spirit!

You can see the falls from anywhere in the surrounding jungle. The sound of the falling water is like a symphony that floods your senses. When you arrive at the viewpoint next to the Bosetti falls, it's customary to take a pause and make a wish....but everyone always wishes the same come back to this paradise, this wonderful place full of live, sound, and energy.

This place was made to make you feel alive!
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2 photos

Photo on watter

An amazing spectacle of the waters, when the rains are more intense the volume of water makes it even more beautiful, making the falls beautiful and intense. It is worth getting a little wet to enjoy these falls. The force of water is so great that it causes a mist that makes you totally wet. The tour of the falls has many surprises and one of them was the contact with nature. In this very different picture of tour when a butterfly landed on the hand of my companion and it remained as if to give welcome. It was very different and I had to portray it.
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See Raul Fuster's photos
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Iguazu butterflies

What I liked about Iguazú is the animal life. A great example of this is the butterflies you can take pictures of! The contrast of landscapes along Argentina is perfectly clear to get to Iguazu. They're all just boundless and green, it's a real jungle! There are some small motor boats that take you to the bottom of the falls and spend less, quite an experience. Also you can rent a helicopter over the falls.
Raul Fuster
See javier goros's photos
1 photo

Must see

If you are by the vast country of Argentina, this is a must-see type of place. Here, you can enjoy nature and the cultural environment among its inhabitants -the Guarani, which have a rich history. The area is quite enough, Puerto Iguazu is a nice city. I really enjoyed its gastronomy, its places, people and its color, but what most impressed me is the belief that people have and the need to live with the Nature. Definitely a place to return.
javier goros
See Lupe Chilo's photos
10 photos

Maravilloso lugar!!!

Maravilloso lugar!!!
Lupe Chilo
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Amazing place! full of nature and peace.

Amazing place! Full of nature and peace.
Ana Daniela Vieira
Jennifer Perez
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Javi Soto
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Lucio Sassi
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Cecilia Salas
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