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La Esquinica


13 reviews of La Esquinica

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The best tapas in barcelona

Barcelona isn’t a traditional tapas city; they don’t usually serve free tapas in bars when you order a drink and the restaurants that specialize in tapas tend to be on the expensive side. But then there’s La Esquinica, a restaurant far from the city center but easily accessible (metro line 5, Virrei Amat or Vilapicina stops) that has a very extensive and affordable tapas menu.

The place is very well-decorated, the service is quick and friendly, and the portions are generous and flavorful. You don’t need to go in a large group to be able to sample various dishes; if you order around two tapas per person, you’ll leave satisfied.

The price, with drinks and dessert, is around 10-12 € more or less. But, alas, there is a drawback. There are very long lines on Fridays and during the weekends, so it’s best to try and go during the week.
Ramón Ruiz Lario
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An aragonese bar in barcelona

La Esquinica is most probably the most famous tapas bar in Barcelona. As the name indicates, it is run by Aragonese people (actually people from Teruel) and you order everything with the typical diminutive (different one from the rest of Spain, in this case patatica, jamoncico, etc.) and there are no "chicos" and "chicas" but "maños" and "mañas"...

For many years, it remained one of the best preserved secrets in the city, it was situated in a very quiet place, almost up the Turó de la Peira, a place where I bet 99% of the people of Barcelona have never been too and almost without a tourist.

Nevertheless, the place was already very popular, and depending on the time of the day there were long lines to get a table, especially on the terrace. As the name indicates, it was located on a street corner. And this very corner was badly hit at the end of the eighties, with the degeneration of the cement used in constructions. Entire blocks of houses had to be destroyed before they would threaten to fall down.

However, La Esquinica was resurrected after a couple of years, in Paseo de Fabra i Puig which is not exactly a place of touristic interest either, but that is at least connected to public transportation networks. From then on, the popularity and public recognition has been increasing.

In terms of tapas, it is not what it used to be, but it still has a more than acceptable level. They take care of the old pool, which is a very good sign. It is very nice to go to a place more than 20 years later and to keep seeing familiar faces... The service is quite informal, self-confident, and they have an amazing ability to work hard, and I can assure you they are not short of work.

Barcelona is not a good place to have tapas. Too many tourists, too many rip-off shops. La Esquinica looks more like other regular tapas places in Spain.
Jano Montano

Stuff yourself full with tapas

It is probably the only place in Barcelona to stuff yourself with good quality tapas, and this is exactly why finding a free table becomes a difficult task, because this place enjoys great popularity in the Nou Barris area.

Getting to La Esquinica is easy, you just have to get the subway line number 5 until Vilapicina leaving you in Paseo Fabra i Puig, and if you go up the street, you will find the restaurant on your right side.

It is most of all very important to be patient, because there is usually a long line at the door, so the best is to come a few hours before to get a number (like at the fruit shop). If you go without a number you will have to wait for a table to get free. The interior is decorated in a rural style, with iron and wood.

The atmosphere is very good even though it is not the perfect place to have an intimate conversation since it is so packed it is hard to talk normally. The tables are usually very large so that narrowness and human warmth are guaranteed.

The tapas menu is quite extensive and appetizing, with the typical suffix "ica" at the end of each one of them (morcillica, navajicas, bravias, chistorrica...). It is precisely in La Esquinica that I had one of the best patatas bravas in Barcelona.

Moreover the quantity of tapas in the place is quite generous, so that you will get full quite fast. For a drink I recommend the "Guays", one liter jars of kalimotxo (wine and coke) for example. And all this for an excellent value for the price.
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Tapas bar/restaurant

Aragonese Restaurant. With a great variety of tapas, all of them absolutely delicious with an extremely quick service! You just have to order and they immediately bring it to your table. It is a large place with an Aragonese decoration, but you have to go on time because it gets full very fast. They have a machine to get a number, that's all I have to say... I highly recommend it!
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Kirian De La Torre
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Information about La Esquinica

La Esquinica Phone Number
+34 933 582 519
+34 933 582 519
La Esquinica Address
Fabra I Puig, 296, 08031 Barcelona, España
Fabra I Puig, 296, 08031 Barcelona, España
La Esquinica Opening Hours
mon closed
tue 8:00 - 0:00
wed 8:00 - 0:00
thu 8:00 - 0:00
fri 8:00 - 0:00
sat 8:00 - 0:00
sun 8:00 - 16:00
La Esquinica Website
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