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Las Ramblas


75 reviews of Las Ramblas

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A wonderful walk

Visiting Las Ramblas seems very common and unoriginal but, for many travelers, it is and always will be a wonderful walk. Even after many times, we keep being as fascinated as the first time we saw it.

Personally I got to know Barcelona and the Ramblas in 1976. At the time, Spain was Spain and Catalunya was less Catalunya than nowadays. To be honest, as foreigners visiting Barcelona, it is a little bit hard to understand you visit a place with a double personality. Today Barcelona is the heart of Europe, the favorite place for young people who come to live a cosmopolitan experience in an old and noble city.

This time I arrived in Barcelona by boat and I was amazed at the new building of the harbor, with hundreds of thousands visitors a year. I must say every time I visit the city it is more beautiful and has a better atmosphere for tourists. Yes, it's true it lost a little bit of this typical spirit you could only feel in Las Ramblas. Everything was unique, you could only see certain things there: the traditional people, the flowers, the painters and artists showing their work, the stands with fruits or other goods form the region, and, of course, the tourists throughly enjoying Spain.

Now it is more of an international, open-minded, diverse, original, alternative and funny atmosphere. You can bump into the famous human statues (mimes) representing the creative magic of the young, or groups of support or protests against cause X; art, culture, shops, food; today being a foreigner is the common factor share by most of the passers-by 24 hours a day.
ana schwarz
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They have it all

Las Ramblas have it all. Hemingway didn't referred to them as the most beautiful street in the world. Not only the architecture, but also the urban life, which also includes the horse-drawn carriages, typical in the old parts of town. Take a ride and you can go from Plaza Cataluña to the Columbus monument. Nice for a romantic summer evening, even though you can also do it during the day and at different seasons of the year.
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A different place

The Rambla of Catalunya is one of the large pedestrian avenues of Barcelona. There is traffic on each side, but in the center you can walk without problems, enjoying the beautiful buildings of this street of the Eixampe, built in the 19th and 20th century by the best architects of the city.

In the pedestrian area there are events all year long and art exhibition. They put sculptures there for some months. La Rambla is a parallel to Passieg de Gracia and starts from Plaza de Catalunya, going up until the Diagonal avenue. There were many reforms last year and it was partially closed to traffic but it is now completely functional.

It is a very commercial place, with chic fashion and luxury shops. Some of the shops have been there for decades, but most of them were bought by international brands. Some restaurants take the opportunity to put a terrace, and there are also generations old cafés. Up there, at the level of Córcega street, there is the headquarters of the government of Barcelona.
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It still has the special something

It’s true that this street is filled with tourists which makes it almost impossible to walk at certain times of the day, there’s less flower stands, the street actors are all over the place, but the Ramblas are still a sacred spot in Barcelona.

Maybe it’s because this street seems to have a life of its own. Shadows from the trees above cover the avenue until it ends at the sea. Or maybe because you find yourself right in the heart of bustling Barcelona while strolling down the Ramblas.
Víctor Gómez - machbel
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We love the atmosphere

Happiness, life, colors, the multitude of people, all different, everything in la Rambla of Barcelona makes it a place different to what we are used to.

At the end of the Rambla and looking at the sea there is the Statue of Columbus, more than 60 meters high. A separate mention to the people who go there dressed up, delighting everyone, children and grown-ups.
eli y cris
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An essential place

I love the Ramblas, it is my favorite spot of Barcelona. Many people, many things to see, many shops to browse or where you can buy souvenirs. There are also various places to eat or for coffee for a nice chat with your friends. Excellent for long and relaxing walks until the harbor and from there to the beach.
Juan Pablo Ortiz Arechiga

Simply spectacular

A walk on the Ramblas of Barcelona means color, life, distraction, culture, it is impossible to get out of there without smiling of satisfaction for having walked through the entire street. Flowers, mimes, I even saw a fakir with a bed of thorns. It is relaxing and funny at the same time. It has something special that makes it different than any other place. I highly recommend walking on the Ramblas at least once in your life.
miguel a. cartagena
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La rambla is surely the most famous a...

La Rambla is surely the most famous avenue of Barcelona. I love this avenue is still alive day and night. In the latter, you will find everything! Controllers, florists, pet stores, restaurants, bars mix. If you stop for a drink or food, I urge you to pay attention to the price (and quality). These restaurants are often tourists jokes. I remember eating a paella which was reported less than 10 euros. Once seated, the paella were available only in and we wanted to absolutely enjoy the Ramblas. So I took something else! I paid my glass in the $ 20 Tinto de Verano. It was a big glass, it is true but it is very expensive! I, in any case, had a very pleasant evening but go in knowingly. The setting is beautiful and the restaurants are much less. I have written several articles on my blog "life-of-crumbs" of the city of Barcelona. If you are interested, you can read it at: Http :/ /''

La rambla est sûrement l'avenue la plus connue de la ville de Barcelone. J'aime beaucoup cette avenue qui est toujours aussi vivante de jour comme de nuit. Dans cette dernière, vous trouverez de tout ! Des automates, des fleuristes, des animaleries, des restaurants, des bars se mélangent.

Si vous vous arrêtez boire un verre ou manger; je vous conseille vivement de faire attention au prix (et à la qualité). Ces restaurants sont souvent des attrapes touristes. Je me souviens avoir mangé dans un où était indiqué une paëlla à moins de 10 euros. Une fois assise, les paëllas étaient disponibles qu'à l'intérieur et nous voulions absolument profiter des Ramblas. J'ai donc pris autre chose ! J'ai payé mon verre dans les 20 euros de Tinto de Verano. C'était un gros verre, c'est vrai mais cela reste très onéreux !

J'ai, dans tous les cas, passé une soirée très agréable mais allez-y en toute connaissance de cause. Le cadre est magnifique et les restaurants le sont beaucoup moins.

J'ai rédigé plusieurs articles sur mon blog "vie-de-miettes" sur la ville de Barcelone. Si cela vous intéresse, vous pouvez le lire à cette adresse : ''

Les statues humaines des Ramblas sont fascinantes et toujours surprenantes. Lorsque je vais à Barcelone et même si j'y suis déjà allée des dizaines et des dizaines de fois, je vais me promener sur l'avenue des Ramblas (et je passe aussi par le marché qui se situe juste à coté !).

Les statues humaines des Ramblas sont amusantes, drôles et émouvantes. J'aime leur jeu avec les passants, surtout avec les enfants, leur façon d'essayer de capter toujours l'attention de mille et une façons. Je reste sans voix face à leur imagination et le travail si soigné de leur déguisement.

Ces statues sont vraiment impressionnantes. En revanche préparez quelques pièces si vous comptez vous faire prendre en photo avec elles !

Je vous conseille vraiment d'y aller faire un tour. Ah oui,à être sur les Ramblas, passez donc au marché central qui est tout proche (Ramblas, 85-89). Vous ne serez pas non plus déçu !
May Lopez
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La rambla is an iconic walk from the ...

La Rambla is an iconic walk from the center of Barcelona, ​​street most traveled tourists, lined with small newsagents, merchants of flowers, birds and animals, bars and restaurants, mimes and shops. It connects the old port to the Plaça de Catalunya. These are actually several sections with different names depending on where you are. From north to south: - La Rambla de Catalunya, extension the rest of the Rambla from Plaça de Catalunya - La Rambla Canaletes and fountain - La Rambla dels Estudis, with the university not far - The Rambla de Sant Josep (where was the convent of Saint Joseph) where there are florists and bird sellers - La Rambla dels Caputxins (where was the former Capuchin monastery) - La Rambla de Santa Monica, overlooking the harbor and where the parish takes its name - La Rambla del Mar, which extends to the sea in the old port, a walk on a wooden bridge. Once covered the almost 2 km of La Rambla, we are totally immersed in the atmosphere of Barcelona!

La Rambla est une promenade emblématique du centre-ville de Barcelone, la rue la plus parcourue des touristes, jalonnée de petits kiosques de presse, de marchands de fleurs, d'oiseaux et d'animaux, de bars et restaurants, de mimes et de commerces. Elle relie le vieux port à la Plaça de Catalunya. Ce sont en fait plusieurs tronçons possédant des noms différents suivant là où l'on se trouve. Du nord au sud:

- La Rambla de Catalunya, extension du reste de la Rambla, à partir de la Plaça de Catalunya;- La Rambla de Canaletes et sa fontaine;- La Rambla dels Estudis, avec l'université non loin;

- La Rambla de Sant Josep (où se trouvait le couvent de Saint Joseph) où l'on retrouve les fleuristes et les vendeurs d'oiseaux;- La Rambla dels Caputxins (où se trouvait l'ancien couvent des Capucins);

- La Rambla de Santa Monica, donnant sur le port et où se trouve la paroisse qui lui donne son nom;

- La Rambla del Mar, qui se prolonge vers la mer dans le vieux port, une promenade sur une passerelle de bois.

Une fois parcourus les presque 2 km de La Rambla, on est totalement plongé dans l'ambiance de Barcelone !

Les statues humaines des Ramblas sont résolument un élément mythique de l'allée piétonne toute aussi célèbre de la Rambla. Des magiciens, des mimes, des personnages originaux et incongrus... Vous pourrez y rencontrer tout un panel d'animations qui vous plongeront dans l'ambiance festive et bouillonnante de Barcelone !
Morgane F.
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The most alive artery of the city

La Rambla is today one of the strongest symbols of Barcelona. This huge avenue, became a place of life par excellence, from the pretty Plaza Catalunya, to get a lower seven kilometers to the huge statue of Christopher Columbus, and the old port. La Rambla is never empty, and is almost as busy day and night. There are many vendors, flowers and animals, painters, but also all kinds of entertainment and street performances, and, mainly, impressive living statues, the men in suits and incredibly successful proof of great originality, which come alive when resonate the sound of a small room, thrown into their dome ... On each side of the Rambla, there are also many bars and restaurants, as well as several shops, as well as other attractions, such as the beautiful Liceu theater, or the wonderful Boqueria market .... Prerequisite and an inevitable trip to Barcelona!

L'artère la plus vivante de la ville

La Rambla est aujourd'hui un des symboles forts de Barcelone. Cette immense avenue, devenue lieu de vie par excellence, part de la jolie Place de Catalogne, pour arriver, un kilomètre sept plus bas, à l'immense statue de Christophe Colomb, et au vieux port. La rambla n'est jamais déserte, et est presque aussi fréquentée de jour que de nuit. On y trouve de nombreux marchands ambulants, de fleurs ou d'animaux, des peintres, mais aussi toutes sortes d'animations ou de spectacles de rue, et, principalement, ces impressionnantes statues vivantes, ces hommes aux costumes incroyablement réussis et preuve d'une grande originalité, qui ne s'animeront que lorsque résonnera le bruit d'une petite pièce, lancée dans leur coupole... Sur chaque côtés de la rambla, on trouve aussi de nombreux bars et restaurants, ainsi que plusieurs boutiques, mais aussi d'autres curiosités, comme le très beau théâtre Liceu, ou encore le splendide marché de la Boqueria.... Passage obligé, et inévitable d'un séjour à Barcelone!
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The soul of barcelona

This is the city's most popular and one of the most bustling and lively city. S has endless stalls of flowers, souvenirs and handicrafts. Like several terraces of bars and restaurants. Formerly there were stalls of animals but the current legislation has forbidden. Only one left. You can start to roam around from the Plaza de Catalunya to the viewpoint of Columbus. In the first part of the Rambla (Rambla de Paddles) you can see the source known Paddles. Below is the famous Mercat de Sant Josep or La Boqueria. It is an attraction for tourists and visitors but also one of the best markets in Europe. Walking through the crowded corridors is a pleasure for the senses. A few meters further down is the most important theater of the city, the Gran Teatre del Liceu. You should see this and if there is opera better. ''

El alma de barcelona

Esta es la avenida más popular y es de uno de los lugares más bulliciosos y animados de la ciudad. S Cuenta con un sin fin de puestecitos de flores, recuerdos y artesanía. Al igual que varias terrazas de bares y restaurantes. Antiguamente había puestecillos de animales pero la actual legislación lo ha prohibido. Sólo queda una.

Se puede empezar a recorrerlas desde la plaza de Catalunya hasta el mirador de Colón. En la primera parte de la Rambla (rambla de Canaletes) se puede ver la conocida fuente de Canaletes.

Más abajo está el famoso Mercado de Sant Josep o la Boquería. Es una atracción más para los turistas y visitantes pero también es uno de los mejores mercados de Europa. Caminar por sus abarrotados pasillos es todo un placer para los sentidos.

Unos cuantos metros más abajo está el teatro más importante de la ciudad, el Gran Teatro del Liceu. Visita obligatoria y si hay ópera mejor.
Elena Payà
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La rambla is the most famous avenue o...

La Rambla is the most famous avenue of Barcelona and therefore one of the busiest! It starts from the center of town to get to the port, Rambla is composed of several Rambla if you can say La Rambla Canaletes, dels Estudis, Sant Josep, dels Caputxins, Santa Monica and finally the Rambla de Mar. If cars run on his side, Rambla is pedestrianized and lined with kiosks, flower stalls and animals, as well as mimes dressed in suits more or less desirable. On the sides of the road, many restaurants and tapas bars open their doors. However the prices look good, the place is very touristy it sometimes there's abuse! This avenue also serves many important places such as the Boqueria market, the Liceu Theatre, the palau Guell ... Etc.

La Rambla est l'avenue la plus célèbre de Barcelone et donc une des plus fréquentées! Elle part du centre de la ville pour arriver jusqu'au port, la Rambla étant composée de plusieurs Rambla si l'on peut dire: La Rambla de Canaletes, dels Estudis, de Sant Josep, dels Caputxins, de Santa Monica et enfin la Rambla de Mar. Si les voitures circulent sur ses cotés, la Rambla est piétonne et jalonnée de kiosques, marchands de fleurs et d'animaux, ainsi que de mimes déguisés aux costumes plus ou moins recherchés. Sur les côtés de la route, de nombreux restaurants et bars à tapas ouvrent leur porte. Cependant regardez bien les prix, l'endroit étant très touristique il y'a parfois des abus! Cette avenue dessert également de nombreux lieux importants, comme par exemple le marché de la Boqueria, le théâtre du Liceu, le palau Guell...Etc
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A must in barcelona

Unquestionably the street stroll in Barcelona! Down the street from the Placa de Cataluna to the port and you will experience a typical Spanish time. It moves, ca speak, it's colorful, it's fruity, it smells good, it's alive! A pleasure to soak up the atmosphere. The central pedestrian street is bordered by two roads for cars. You will see the path of flower stalls, restaurants, souvenir shops, entertainment and even people to learn about the city if you are lost. If you now look at both sides of the walkway you will see the Liceu Theatre, the Palau de Gaudi, Josep Boqueria St-see, and other architectural curiosities.

Un incontournable de barcelone

Incontestablement la rue où flâner à Barcelone!
Descendez la rue depuis la Placa de Cataluna jusqu'au port et vous vivrez un moment typiquement espagnol. Ca bouge, ca parle, c'est coloré, c'est fruité, ça sent bon, c'est vivant!
Un vrai bonheur de s’imprégner de cette ambiance.
La rue centrale est piétonne, bordée par deux routes pour les voitures. Vous y verrez sur le chemin des kiosques à fleurs, des restaurants, des magasins de souvenirs, des animations et même des personnes pour vous renseigner sur la ville si vous êtes perdus.
Si vous regardez maintenant des deux côtés de cette allée piétonne vous verrez le théâtre Liceu, le Palau de Gaudi, la Boqueria St Josep à voir absolument, et autres curiosités architecturales.
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Las ramblas is always fascinating

La Rambla and the mirror of Barcelona, ​​full of liveliness and originality, a symbol of this city. Leaving the Piazza Catalunya walk you get to this avenue that ends with the Columbus monument at Port Vell. A very busy day mainly of notes, many lights offer a special charm. Shops, stalls, restaurants and cafes, street performers, living statues, musicians, cartoonists ... everything attracts the attention of all passers-by, all surprising. A place that represents the spirit of the city, you have to forget everything and indulge in the ritual of the Spanish paseo. La Rambla, a crowd that flows continuously, fascinating and unforgettable. Also visit the La Boqueria market, you will not be disappointed, Placa Reial. This place is the heart of Barcelona, ​​on pain you leave you Mancher, try to ritornare.Un path that I recommend wholeheartedly.

Las ramblas sempre affascinante

La Rambla e lo specchio di Barcelona, piena di vivacità e originalità, un simbolo di questa città. Partendo da Piazza di Catalunya a piedi si arriva a questa viale che finisce con il monumento a Colombo al Port Vell. Un posto molto affollato di giorno soprattutto di note, tanti luci offrono uno fascino particolare. Negozi, delle bancarelle, ristorantini e caffè, attori da strada, statue viventi, suonatori, caricaturisti...tutto attira l’ attenzione di tutti i passanti, tutto sorprende. Un luogo che rappresenta lo spirito della città, devi dimenticare tutto e abbandonarsi al rituale spagnolo del paseo. La Rambla, una folla che scorre ininterrottamente, affascinante e indimenticabile. Da visitare anche il mercato La Boqueria, non sarai deluso, Placa Reial. Questo posto rappresenta il cuore di Barcelona, a pena ti allontani ti mancherà, cercherai di ritornare.Un percorso che lo consiglio con tutto il cuore.
Adriana Grecu
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The most famous street in barcelona, ...

The most famous street in Barcelona, ​​La Rambla welcomes every day thousands of tourists. She is known not only by the famous Boqueria Market and the theater of opera and ballet El Liceo located there, but also thanks to its extraordinary atmosphere. Many cafes world cuisine, mimes and living statues placed on both sides of the aisle, merchants sweets, itinerant animal - all this creates an exotic atmosphere of a market surrounded by wonderful architecture XIX - XX century. Immersed in artistic illumination at night, it seems to be on the stage of a theater where all passers immence are actors.

La rue la plus connue de Barcelone, La Rambla accueille chaque jour des milliers de touristes. Elle est connue non seulement grâce au fameux marché La Boquería et au théâtre de l’opéra et du ballet El Liceo qui y sont situés, mais aussi grâce à son ambiance extraordinaire. De nombreux cafés de cuisine du monde, des mimes et des statues vivantes placés de deux côtés de l’allée, des marchands de sucreries, des animaleries ambulantes - tout cela crée une ambiance éxotique d'un marché de merveilles entouré par l'architecture de XIX - XX siècle. Plongé dans l’illumination artistique pendant la nuit, on a l'impression d’être sur la scène d’un immence théâtre où tous les passants sont acteurs.
Alisa Kolobova
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