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Calle Laurel


40 reviews of Calle Laurel

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From pincho to pincho

Everyone told us we should go to Laurel Street in Logroño, where you eat "pinchos" (a special type of tapas). So we went there and it was without a doubt the best decision we could have made.

At first, we went in shyly to places that were packed with people. Getting to the counter was something quite complicated and we were not exactly sure about how and what to order; but the very kind waiters were very helpful. Once we knew the tricks of ordering we were the "kings" of the place: one "pincho" here, another there, one beer for you, an aging wine and then to the next place... We went again the next night, and the next day...

The prices are very reasonable: it depends on the place but the average price for a "pincho" is 2€. As for drinks, apart from the usual, you can order "cortos" (small glasses) that can contain been cider or wine, which cost around 50 cents (depending on the wine you order of course).

It is quite difficult to tell you about one place in particular, since you go and try them all and do not remember the names. What I can do is recommend one particular "pincho". For example the "zamburiñas" filled with sea food was to dye for (1,80€), or the ham "zapatillas", something simpler but the ham is very good. Another popular thing is the mushrooms, served with different sauces and condiments or the "Bocatitas del tío Agus" (meat sandwiches), which I also highly recommend, as well as the fried eggs of the Bodeguilla de los Rotos. I want to go back!

The most famous is Laurel Street, but just next to it there is also San Juan Street, which is still a nice place to have some snacks and a good time. They told us that it is sometimes called "The Elephants' Path". This is because in Spanish "to be trunk" means being drunk. Anyway, the important thing is to have a good time and enjoy local gastronomy.

I highly recommend it. It is also a good place to enjoy different specialties of the Rioja's ultimate product: its wine.


This street in Logroño is one of the most Spanish you can find in our country. It is a meeting point for people of all ages. You can find many generations at a time. The grandparents eating "pinchos", their sons with their wives and the entire set of grandchildren. It is something you have to see. A healthy, nice and family environment, and very local as well. Moreover you enter the street, declared national touristic interest, and you ask yourself: where is the crisis? Of course I have been there only during the weekend, it might not be the same during the week.

I recommend it 100%.
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A classic in logroño

It’s like this: if you go to Logroño you have to go to Laurel Street, also known as the “path of the elephants”, because if you go from bar to bar and from wine to wine you end of drunk (“trompa” in Spanish slang). If you are in La Rioja, the best thing is to taste the wines of each bar.

The tapas tasting is quick, because of the constant coming and going of locals and tourists. Now you can see it has become touristy but a few years ago, the locals explain, it was typical to throw bachelor parties there, so many bars had a sign that said that people throwing bachelor parties were not allowed.

Besides the wine tasting, each bar has a gastronomic specialty: pinchos for 2 to 3 euros, very elaborate and for all tastes. You have the classics, such as the bread with ham and tomato, or with mushrooms, or the innovative ones they serve in Juan y Pinchamé and D.O. Laurel.

The best thing is to go on a weekday to feel the local atmosphere and, if you can’t, then don’t go on rush hours (noon, 2 pm, 9 pm) since it is always packed.
Analía Plaza
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Night life, gastronomy and atmosphere

Without a doubt, it's the most popular street in Logroño. And it deserves the title. It is one of the streets that the traveler always looks for when he or she arrives in a Spanish city: a place where you can go out at night to enjoy gastronomy and atmosphere. And Laurel Street is a classic: a superb place to go with friends or family, to have drinks during the day or at night.

Usually people go from one bar to another, as we do in any city in the North of Spain. A glass of wine and a "pintxo" and to the next one. Also, in each bar they usually have a special "pintxo", so it is about tasting all of them and then deciding which are the ones you like the most.
Pedro Jareño
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The elephants' path

A typical place, also known as "The Elephants' Path (see explanation above). In each place they have some kind of specialty: fried eggs, meat, "patatas bravas", mushrooms, "zapatillas", baby squid...

The typical thing to do is: a glass of wine, a pincho and... next bar! If you go to Logroño, don't miss out on it!
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Xipo Enelmundoperdido
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Taberna Del Tío Blas La Laurel
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laura tenebrosi
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Blanca Cañadas
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