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Lumbier Gorge

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The natural reserve of Foz de Lumbier is an impressive gorge formed by the Irati River. It is located in Navarra, 35 kilometers from Pamplona.

It is spectacular to walk in the interior of the canyon, with walls up to 130 meters in altitude. We can see birds of prey such as the Griffon vulture, eagles, Egyptian vulture, owls and even bearded cultures.

There are two paths, one is 2.5 km and the other one 5.5 km. On both of them you will have to cross two tunnels, I recommend you take a flashlight with you.

At the entrance there is a spacious parking lot, a picnic area and toilets. I really recommend this place.

Foz Nature Reserve

To enter Foz, you have to cross two ancient train tunnels by foot. The first one is shorter and with bad visibility. The second one is longer and it is completely dark, so you should take a flashlight.

Once you go out of the tunnel you will find a spectacular landscape, with vultures flying over your head, the wonder of the canyon and the sound of the river.

It was declared Nature Reserve and special area for the protection of birds. It has a cobbled path, conditioned for bicycles, strollers and wheel chairs.

The parking is 2 Euros for the whole day.

15 kilometers away you will find the queen of the canyons, the Foz de Arbayún. You can visit a part of it from Usún. If you prefer, you can go to the Iso viewpoint, located on the road that goes from Lumbier to Navascués, where you have the best views of the canyon.

You can get more information on the Centro de Interpretación de las Foces, located on the Plaza Mayor, (Lumbier). The telephone Lumber is 948 88 08 74.

Another interesting point is the viewpoint located on the national highway, you can see hundreds of birds of pray flying over the viewpoint.
Laura Lirio

Relaxation and Nature

I went there to enjoy the peace and tranquility and the landscape of one of my favorite places, as well as to enjoy nature.

It is well taken care of and you can walk and enjoy the birds that live there.

The train used to cross this area, but today the tracks have been substituted by a path that follows the same journey.

The birds nest in the rocks next to the river.

There is a bridge called “Puente del Diablo” (Devil’s Bridge). The legend says that it was built with his help. There are some tunnels that used to be crossed by the electric train.

As you walk, you have the pleasure of listening to the river and birds that live there.

I recommend this place.
Txema León

A Place to Walk and Relax

From the moment we parked the car, the Foz de Lumbier stood in silence and calmness.

It is the ideal place to relax and disconnect. I found interesting the fact that the path goes along the old train tracks and that you have to pass two dark tunnels. You can also see cultures flying and resting in the rocks.

Our group chose the shortest walk, which had interesting views but I would have liked to go further.

All in all, it is a beautiful and calm walk.
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