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Playa de la Malvarrosa


50 reviews of Playa de la Malvarrosa

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A few hours of rest and relaxation

Getting to Valencia, heading along the Azahares coastal area, entering into the marina neighborhood, where Malvarrosa beach gave me a great feeling up serenity and peace. The fine sand and relaxing sound of the waves creates a great environment.

When I asked my friend about Malvarrosa, she told me that it was full of malvarrosa flowers (hollyhocks). It’ just a few kilometers outside of the city (maybe 6 or 7), but is easily accessed by bus or the modern tranvia, or by bike.

The boardwalk is especially charming. You can enjoy the walk while stopping for a bite to eat or a drink at one of the numerous bars, restaurants, pubs, karaoke bars, clubs, etc., depending on the time of day. There are wooden walkways on the beach, umbrellas, chairs, toys for children, etc.

The amount of palm trees along the beach is striking. There’s also a good amount of ficus plants, the majority are somewhat tilted towards the land, which makes me assume the wind is almost always coming in from the sea. It’s an ideal beach for grabbing some R&R.
Marta Pilar
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A great walk

Valencia’s Malvarrosa beach… I still remember when I went walking in the center of the city, many years ago… and I suddenly found myself I a somewhat dirty, abandoned neighborhood… It’s changed a lot, because this memory has nothing to do with the state of the beach today. With an extension of 5 km (or more), the beach is pretty clean and invites you to walk and walk and walk along its shore, which is something I love to do, and something I really miss, as I live in Madrid now and there’s nothing comparable.

In the afternoon, fisherman sit along the shores with their poles, hoping for the day’s catch. (I saw one of them reel in a big one, but couldn’t get my camera out in time). They’ll tell you they’ve been fishing there during the afternoon for years. It surprises me that they’d fish right there on the shore, next to the great port of Vallencia. We have to be sure to take care of our precious Mediterranean!
Alicia Ortego
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3 photos

Great during the day and at night

Without a doubt, it’s the most known beach in Valencia. At least for those of us that don’t live there. It’s an enormous beach, and maybe that’s why it surprises us foreigners, as we’re used to the small beaches like in Levante.

What I like best about Malvarrosa, besides being a perfectly located place for a swim next to the city, is that they’ve created a precious boardwark running parallel to the beach. Logically, there’s food and drink stalls, restaurants, bars, pubs, etc. There’s always a great atmosphere on this boardwalk, both during the day and at night.
Pedro Jareño
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My trip to Valencia was improvised and only lasted a day but that day was unique. The beach was quiet and not crowded like other beaches in Spain, the water was clear, the colour of the sky and the company, the best. If I could repeat, I would without doubt. I highly recommend this fantastic beach.
Raquel Palomino
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Jonas Talavera
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May Lopez
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Alisa Kolobova
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Natalia Perazzo
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