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Plaza de España


232 reviews of Plaza de España

See Jesus Sanchez Gonzalez (Zu Sanchez)'s photos
40 photos

From another world

It's no coincidence that the Plaza de España has been the set for many movies (Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars, etc.) thanks to its masterful architecture. Anibal Gonzélez designed multiple buildings from the Ibero-American Expo of 1929 but this is definitely the high-point. It's simply so photogenic that I never get tired of snapping it from all angles.
Jesus Sanchez Gonzalez (Zu Sanchez)
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An alcove for each spanish province

Perhaps one of the most famous squares in Spain; certainly, one of the most visited in Seville.

This is a very large and spacious square, adorned with a beautiful fountain and surrounded by a waterway.

The peculiarity of this place is that it has an alcove for each Spanish province, and of course, one is thrilled to see their province reflected in the middle of Seville. On the alcove mural, is the coat arms and something characteristic of the province.

It is a must; if in a Calash and not very hot, even better.
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5 photos

Beautiful colour scheme

It is a curious place, the Plaza de España in Seville. It has a beautiful and spectacular colour scheme.

I found it curious to walk through this example of regional architecture, world famous for being one of the locations in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, where they filmed the scene on Naboo in which Anakin Skywalker escorted Padme Amidala.
See Kristyn Assise's photos
1 photo

Figure in the plaza

The Plaza de España was beautiful, mystical, absolutely captivating; the grand space seemed to stretch on endlessly. I was alone and he was alone, the figure in the distance. Together in the plaza, we shared the feeling of being alone.
Kristyn Assise
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See Raul Cintron's photos
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The plaza de espana

An open plaza honoring all of the cites of Spain with an old-style feeling for Spanish architecture.
Raul Cintron
See บอร์นทูบี เกียรติกวานกุล's photos
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Plaza de españa

Plaza de España
บอร์นทูบี เกียรติกวานกุล
See Mark Barnes's photos
2 photos

The rain in spain..............

Falls mainly in Seville, by jove we got it! Wander round this plaza to be wowed.
Mark Barnes
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Roberto Gonzalez
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Emily Mackowiak
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Allan Robert P. J.
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Silvia del Moral
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José Manuel Bernal Guillén
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Benoit Penant
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Adriana Grecu
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