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El Rastro


38 reviews of El Rastro

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It preserves its flavor

The traditional Rastro market (located between Lavapiés and La Latina) has changed over the years, it nevertheless keeps having a unique flavor, especially in the streets around Ribera de los Curtidores, where most of the stands are and where you can find almost everything.

The most "genuine" part of El Rastro is located in in General Vara del Rey square, in Mira el Río Alta and Baja, Miral el Sol, El Carnero, El Mellizo, Carlos Arniches, El Bastero streets. There you have furniture and antiques, books and fabric remnants, the extraordinary olives of Casa Jiménez to eat on the way, the sardines, peppers and octopus, which you eat standing (there are no chairs) in the popular and always packed Santurce bar, the snails in sauce of Caracoles bar, all the "characters" still present there who could perfectly have escaped from one of Pérez Galdos' novels.
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A madrid classic

El Rastro, that Madrid classic, is still alive! This very morning I met up with a few friends and we had a great time exploring the winding streets and peeking into the booths. We found ourselves both surprised and a bit nostalgic at the offerings and had a great time people-watching and seeing the urban artists working there. The autumn sun, bathing the whole market in its light, made the whole thing even better.
In El Rastro you can find objects that you didn’t know existed, objects from your childhood, and curiosities from the 80’s and 90’s: clothing and textiles from India, the legendary Marihuana store (where every good metalhead goes to look his/her best), t-shirts for every taste imaginable, old photographs, movie posters from old and new classics… can even find pastry vendors in traditional Madrid costumes!
The antique stores are also still open, as are the second-hand record stores and camping stores. But not everything is so retro. There are a lot more street performers now than in the past you can stumble upon them as you make your way through the crowds.
You can also find designer clothes, laptop covers, and other things advertised as “clearance items.” So, in the end, if you’re visiting Madrid or if you live here, take a few hours to get lost in El Rastro on Sunday mornings (it’s the only day it’s open!)
Alicia Ortego
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A flea market you can’t miss

If you find yourself in Madrid one Sunday morning, I recommend exploring El Rastro de Madrid, Madrid’s legendary flea market which extends down Ribera de Curtidores Street and spills out onto the small surrounding streets. The market, located in the colorful and multicultural La Latina neighborhood, has vendors for every taste, from antique collectors to fashion victims.
It’s something no visitor to Madrid can miss and is a good place to find a unique souvenir for yourself or your loved ones, or simply to take a look around.
But, you must keep in keep in mind that El Rastro can get packed throughout the morning and you should keep watch over your belongings. If not, it might be a pickpocket getting a souvenir! That being said, it’s quite safe and fun place as long as you stay aware of your surroundings.
María Alba
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A place where you can find everything

El Rastro market is one of the markets you cannot miss out on visiting. It is true even though I expected something better to be honest. But on the whole it is a positive conclusion.

One can find some new and second-hand stuff, antiques of immemorial times or iPhone cases. It is, as we say it here, a sort of pharmacy, a place where you have everything. The market is so famous the singer-songwriter Joaquin Sabina dedicated a song to it "Con la frente marchita". One cannot help but singing it to oneself when walking through the stands of the market...

To finish the walk, you should go to a bar (sitting down is not allowed!) to have some beers and some snacks. I would last recommend, and because I read it and not from personal experience, to be careful with the pickpockets...
martin susel
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Walking through the most traditional madrid

Sundays in Madrid without El Rastro would not be the same. It is a meeting point, a place with all types of things and all types of people. A classic. The "fleamarket" par excellence. Where you can find of everything or leave without anything.

A place to eat tapas, drink vermouth, look and be looked at, deal with the stall keepers. A place where you let yourself go with the flow of people, going from one side to another, seeing stuff that even today can look curious. A good way to get to know the purest Madrid, the most typical.

Every time I go to Madrid I dedicate Sunday morning to "Rastrate", a good activity.
Dónde vamos Eva
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De la Ribera de Curtidores, 21, Madrid
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