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Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica


28 reviews of Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica

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Beautiful views from above

After waiting in line for an hour we were able to enter the Vatican. I was not very keen on paying, but hey, it was worth it. I will tell you how we got to the Dome of St. Peter. You enter through a courtyard where you also will also wait for the lifts. After there are a few more stairs which are not suitable for asthmatics or very elderly. But from above, if you're able to elbow a few people out of your way (long live cordiality in holy places), you will get great photos of the square and the views of Rome.
Juan Carlos Milena
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Not for the faint of heart

Access to the Basilica is free but if you want to visit the dome you have to pay between 5 and 7 Euros depending on whether you want to take the stairs or the elevator and then the stairs. I can say that the views are spectacular but hiking the 320 steps will leave you winded!
Arantxa Jiménez
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Toni Calderón
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Ascent vatican dome

For anyone who likes to do a good workout and enjoy beautiful scenery, I point to visit the dome of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. But know that to get there, you need some sacrifices. Kilometric queues and slow, many stairs to climb and many people vying joint space. But all these drawbacks are offset with praise upon their arrival at the summit. They are altogether 520 steps and you will rise circling, like a snail. But you can also ride the elevator and save 200 steps, only spending five euros. I'm as hard bread and well-prepared, I decided to climb the ladder all the same. The cool thing is that the more you approach the top of the dome, narrow and twisted the path becomes. Just do not recommend it for those who have heart problems or high blood pressure. And after much climbing, you can enjoy the beautiful art and richly detailed drawings mosaic dome. And also the site provides an inside view of the basilica. From the outside, one can see St. Peter's Square, the statues and the entire Vatican City. It's really a very nice place. So that makes you want to stay there for hours.

Subida à cúpula do vaticano

Para quem gosta de fazer uns bons exercícios e apreciar belas paisagens, indico visitar a cúpula da Basílica de São Pedro, no Vaticano. Mas saiba que para chegar até lá, é preciso alguns sacrifícios. Filas quilométricas e vagarosas, muitos degraus a subir e muita gente junta disputando espaço. Mas todos esses inconvenientes são compensados com louvor no momento de sua chegada na cúpula.

São ao todo 520 degraus e você vai subindo dando voltas, como em um caracol. Mas também é possível subir de elevador e economizar 200 degraus, só que gastando cinco euros. Eu como sou pão-dura e bem disposta, resolvi subir tudo de escada mesmo. O legal é que quanto mais você se aproxima do alto da cúpula, mais estreito e torto vai ficando o caminho. Só não recomendo para aqueles que tem problemas cardíacos ou de pressão alta.

E depois de tanto subir, é possível apreciar a arte belíssima e rica em detalhes dos desenhos em mosaico da cúpula. E também o local proporciona uma visão privilegiada de basílica.

Do lado de fora, é possível avistar a Praça de São Pedro, as estátuas e toda a cidade do Vaticano. É realmente um lugar muito agradável. Tanto que dá vontade de permanecer por lá durante horas.
Thaís Costa
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History at your feet

Although if you're unlucky, you have to do quite a queue to get in, the spectacular view of St. Peter's Square in front, a little further on the Castel Sant Angelo, and most of Rome if we raise the sight, well worth climb up above the dome of St. Peter's Basilica rises to a total height of 136.57 m from the ground to the top of the external cross. It is the world's highest dome. Its internal diameter is 41.47 m, slightly less than two of the three huge domes that preceded it: the Pantheon, 43.3 m, and the Cathedral of Florence, 44 m. The architects of San Pedro were based on these two domes to find ways of building was conceived as the largest dome in the cristiandad.158 The inner perimeter of the dome has the Latin inscription in letters of 2 m height: 62 TV IS Petrvs Petram HANC SVPER AEDIFICABO ET MEAM ET TIBI DABO ECCLESIAM Regni KEY CAELORVM Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Vulgate Matthew 16:18-19. Under the lantern is the inscription: S. PETRI Gloriae SIXTVS PP. VAMD XC. PONTIF. V. For the glory of San Pedro, Sixtus V, pope, in 1590 and the fifth year of his pontificate.

La historia a tus pies

Aunque si no tienes suerte, tengas que hacer bastante cola para entrar, la espectacular vista de la plaza de San Pedro en primera linea, un poco más adelante el castillo de Sant Angelo, y casi toda Roma si levantamos la vista, vale mucho la pena subir hasta arriba

La cúpula de la Basílica de San Pedro se eleva a una altura total de 136,57 m desde el suelo hasta la parte superior de la cruz externa. Es la cúpula más alta del mundo. Su diámetro interno es de 41,47 m, ligeramente menor que dos de las tres enormes cúpulas que la precedieron: la del Panteón de Agripa, de 43,3 m; y la de la Catedral de Florencia, de 44 m. Los arquitectos de San Pedro se basaron en estas dos cúpulas para buscar la manera de construir la que se concibió como la mayor cúpula de la cristiandad.158
El perímetro interior de la cúpula presenta la inscripción en latín con letras de 2 m de altura:62
Tú eres Pedro, y sobre esta roca edificaré mi iglesia. A ti te daré las llaves del reino de los cielos. Vulgata Mateo 16:18–19.
Bajo la linterna se encuentra la inscripción:
Para la gloria de San Pedro, Sixto V, papa, en el año 1590 y el quinto año de su pontificado.
David Barbero Ramón
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See Sacha's photos
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Go up to the 7th heaven

The dome is available regardless of the Cathedral and deserves to be visited. You hang in against, stairs rising sharply, 500 steps for the bravest, 200 for those who take the elevator. A bearing midway where you can see the inside of the Basilica from the dome, viewed from above so! The higher you go, the more stairs tighten and the atmosphere is confined. It should not be too claustrophobic but if you have the courage to reach the top is amazing! A 360 ° view of Rome, the Vatican, we see far, you can see everything, it's wonderful! Must do!

Montez au 7ème ciel

La coupole est accessible indépendamment de la Cathédrale et mérite vraiment d'être visitée.
Il faut s'accrocher par contre, les escaliers montent sévèrement, 500 marches pour les plus courageux, 200 pour ceux qui prennent l'ascenseur.
Un palier à mi chemin où l'on peut voir l'intérieur de la Basilique depuis la coupole, vu d'en haut donc!
Plus on monte, plus les escaliers se resserrent et plus l'ambiance se confine. Il ne faut pas être trop claustrophobe mais si vous avez le courage d'atteindre le sommet, c'est époustouflant!
Une vue à 360° sur Rome, sur le Vatican, on voit loin, on voit tout, c'est merveilleux!
A faire absolument!
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See eli y cris's photos
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Once you visit the Vatican, is almost mandatory, throw up your dome. I have to tell you .... we climbed the 500? 600?, Can not remember walking steps, and arrived without air, but worth it for its views over the square and the avenue leading to the castle Santangelo. you can also enjoy the Vatican gardens, which take a different perspective from above

Merece la pena

una vez que visitas la ciudad del vaticano, es casi obligado, lanzarte a subir a su cúpula. Tengo que deciros que nosotros subimos los....500? 600?, no recuerdo bien escalones andando, y llegamos sin aire, pero mereció la pena por sus vistas sobre la plaza, y toda la avenida que lleva al castillo Santangelo. también podréis disfrutar de su jardines vaticanos, que desde arriba toman otra perspectiva
eli y cris
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The dome of st. peter from the quirinale

On the way to the Trevi Fountain and through the Plaza del Quirinale could enjoy this view in the distance of the Dome of St. Peter's Basilica, looking at dusk with lights and sculptures that surround it. The height of the dome can be seen from many parts of the city.

La cúpula de san pedro desde el quirinale

De camino a la Fontana de Trevi y pasando por la Plaza del Quirinale pude disfrutar de esta vista a los lejos de la Cúpula de San Pedro del Vaticano, luciendo en el anochecer con las luces y las esculturas que la rodean. La altura de la Cúpula permite que sea visible desde muchos puntos de la ciudad.
Andres Gamiz Jimenez
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See María Carmen García Moraleda's photos
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Rome, so it goes ...

All Rome is wonderful, the view from the top is superb, when you are there your retinas are spread so much beauty to behold. All Rome has a magnet atrallendote going to each of its greatness, which are many and formidable.

Roma, suma y sigue ...

Toda Roma es maravillosa, la vista desde la cúpula es soberbia , cuando estas allí tus retinas se esparcen para contemplar tanta belleza.
Toda Roma tiene un imán que te va atrallendote a cada una de sus grandezas, que son muchas y tremendas.
María Carmen García Moraleda
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See Jose Antonio Gil Martinez's photos
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Worth visiting

The view from inside the basilica and from the top of the dome are fascinating. Worth your visit. That s refrain elderly and cardacos problems.

Merece la pena su visita

La vista del interior de la basílica y desde lo alto de la cúpula son fascinantes. Merece la pena su visita. Eso sí, abstenerse personas mayores y con problemas cardíacos.
Jose Antonio Gil Martinez
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See Juan Manuel Pérez Díaz's photos
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It is the first time we visited this ...

It is the first time we visited this beautiful town and we love it, climb the dome is a unique experience here in the basilica.

Es la primera vez que visitamos esta bonita ciudad y nos ha encantado,subir a la cúpula es una experiencia única aquí en la basílica.
Juan Manuel Pérez Díaz
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See Jose Carlos's photos
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Vatican views

if you go to Rome not forget to visit this majestic dome, the views of the Vatican and the city of Rome are awesome

Las vistas del vaticano

si vas a roma no olvides visitar esta magestuosa cúpula, las vistas del vaticano y la ciudad de roma son impresionantes
Jose Carlos
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Good memories ... too bad they are fi...

Good memories ... Too bad they are finished ...

Bei ricordi... Peccato che sono finiti...
Flavio Santolamazza
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Rome, the eternal city

Rome view from the dome of the Basilica

Roma, la ciudad eterna

Roma vista desde la cúpula de la Basílica
Lorena Anerol
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Dome of san pedro

Sub 320 steps having daado and pains medial meniscus. Going down to the Plaza de San Pedro, the pain was gone and so to this day. They have seven years therapy curved steps up past took effect. I've recommended it to several and all with the same result ,.

Cúpula de san pedro

Subí los 320 escalones teniendo el menisco interno dañado y con dolores. Al bajar a la Plaza de San Pedro, el dolor había desaparecido y así hasta hoy. Han pasado siete años y la terapia de subir escalones curvados hicieron efecto. Lo he recomendado a varios y todos con el mismo resultado,.
Carlos Antelo Alamán
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Information about Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica

Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica Phone Number
+39 06 6988 371
+39 06 6988 371
Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica Address
Piazza san Pietro, Ciudad del Vaticano, Italia
Piazza san Pietro, Ciudad del Vaticano, Italia
Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica Opening Hours
mon 7:00 - 18:30
tue 7:00 - 18:30
wed 7:00 - 18:30
thu 7:00 - 18:30
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