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The Albayzín


122 reviews of The Albayzín

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The best sunset?

The sentence that might best describe Granada is "There is no greater misfortune than being blind in Granada" and the trendiest touristic slogan comes from the ex-USA president Bill Clinton, declaring that the sunset from Albaicín is the loveliest in the world.

I recommend visiting the Alhambra early in the morning and going in the late afternoon to see the sunset from the Mirador de San Nicolás in Albaicín then continuing on to Sacromonte, the neighbourhood of the cave-houses and the art of "zambra", the music and dance of Arabic origin which is typical there.

The Albaicín preserves much of the original urban physiognomy like various other medieval constructions. The three elements possess a complementary value to the whole and succeed in creating a unique and universal significance.

Albaicín was the Court of the Zirid monarchs in the 11th century; it is considered the last Arab stronghold before they were completely expelled from Granada.

Today Albaicin is a suburb of the city from where one can see the Alhambra, in which still remains parts of the Moorish wall as well as different doors such as Puerta Elvira or even an Almohad Mansion.
Carlos Olmo
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A walk through albaicín

The neighbourhood of Albaicín is without doubt one of the places you shouldn't miss out on if you go to Granada, there is a good reason why it is classified as World Heritage site. The word Albaicín has various meanings, to us the one closest to the truth is "uphill district” it is why we chose to make the climb by the minibus which leaves from the bus stop next to the Isabel la Católica (Queen Isabel) monument .

It took us to the centre of Albaicín, the Arch of las Pesas (weights), a gate separating the neighbourhood of Albaicín and that of the Alcazaba (citadel), which houses various archaeological Iberian, Roman and Muslim remains. The cistern of Trillo was the first cistern we visited, although we didn't have time to visit all of them of course.

The Moorish church of San Juan de los Reyes, the Mirador de San Nicolás, from where we enjoyed the best views on the Alhambra, after which we wandered aimlessly absorbing the smooth smell of jasmine in the narrow and winding streets. Also the large square, where there was a lively market and some other small squares with Arab remains and various cisterns, we stopped to have a snack at El Ladrillo Restaurant (The Brick), but since it was still early to have lunch we went on walking discovering the charm of this beautiful Arab neighbourhood.

We ended up at Plaza de San Miguel Bajo, where there are many restaurants with terraces; we finally opted for the Mesón El Yunque (Anvil Inn) who specialized in fried fish after observing what they served in each one of them. After lunch we went to the Mirador de San Cristóbal, from where you can see the entire city of Granada, it’s amazing. We descended to the Palacio de los Cordova, where we enjoyed the gardens, a real oasis of tranquillity.

Then we continued down the slope of El Darro, La casa de las Chirimias (House of Pipers’), San Pedro Church which we could not go enjoy as it was closed, Castril House, emphasized by its plateresque door and today an archaeological museum; La puerta de los Tableros )the Gate of Boards=, which linked the walls of the Alhambra and the neighbourhood of the Alcazaba and under which the Darro river goes. And, finally, El Bañuelo or Arab bath.
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The Albayzín area of Granada is the oldest and most charming part of the city, consisting of over 3,000 small winding corridors, some not more than a meter across, which spread across one of the hills in central Granada. The Albayzín charm is really threefold: 1.) the views, 2.) the culture, 3.) the look.

The views from the Albayzín, especially those of the Alhambra, are spectacular, not surprising considering the famous San Nicolas Viewpoint is found there. The cultural aspect of the Albayzín is also interesting: the neighborhood is a protected UNESCO world heritage site and as such, all constructions are limited. Here, you won't find any McDonalds or H&M's, just traditional buildings built in accordance with traditional methods and materials. The neighborhood has a bohemian vibe, with quirky restaurants offering cheap tapas and cañas, street vendors hawking wares in the squares in the mornings, Moroccan-inspired shops, and the occasional flamenco guitarist serenading a fountain-lined plaza.

Finally, the Albayzín is just a pleasure to walk through. The maze of small, white-walled streets dotted with quaint squares, Moorish fountains, and "Carmens," the luxurious traditional homes of the Albayzín, but like oases in the Moorish style, with shady courtyards filled with the scent of flowering vines and the trickle of running water. This should be at the top of your list for your next visit to Granada!
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The perfect way to disconnect

There are houses in ruins, sheltered by the shadows of the deteriorated paint. The cold doesn’t let you go out so you must stay in to hibernate. The visible humidity will get inside the bones of those that are not well prepared. Old streetlights barely give light and they fail to warm up the streets. It is a labyrinth of endless streets, similar, narrow and as white as the snow that observes them from above.

A cold city but not dead… my heartbeats are stronger there, I’ve never felt more alive. It allows you to disconnect, but not from the city.

Amazing city…the perfect way to disconnect.

(Signed: a girl from Córdoba)
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The charm of granada

I spend hours and hours walking without an objective in what I consider one of the most magical neighbourhoods in the country.

Wherever you look to, Albaicín has everything an avid traveller looks for: beauty, photogenicity, wonderful people, hidden sites, colours, joy, entertainment but above all knowing a unique way to live, exceptional.

Granada catches you with the simplicity of its neighbourhoods and leaves you flabbergasted with places like this, the Alhambra, like the Cármenes (typical villas with gardens), which convey the joy of life, the happiness of enjoying yourself and the ephemeral dream of living in a tale of the 1001 nights ;)

How can you be objective about a place you are in love with?

And to top it all, the incredible view from the hill of Sarika, where one doesn't know whether Albaicín proudly looks at the Alhambra or it is the former that looks at the neighbourhood with admiration. There is nothing left to do but sigh like the Moorish that lost such a beautiful possession and let yourself be invaded by a deep melancholy. The melancholy of wanting to return as soon as possible and belong to this place forever ;)

Obviously, Granada is unique to me.
Dónde vamos Eva
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Bohemian, with history, of caves and artists

There are few places that have as much charm as the neighbourhood of Albaicín. Especially once seen from the spectacular viewpoints of the Alhambra. A Bohemian neighbourhood with history, a hippy neighbourhood, one of caves and artists. Flamenco and art. From high on the Alhambra, at dusk, there is not much to say except observe and realize you are looking at one of those landscapes one never forgets.

Moreover, up there, one also realizes the Alhambra is right in the centre of the city and there are viewpoints in all directions. But this is the one I like most.
Pedro Jareño
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Alhambra dawn

Viewed from the Mirador San Nicolas in the Albaicin district of Granada. Crowded and raucus at sunset, the Mirador is serene at dawn.
Mark Rupert
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Ana Maria Beatrice Ifrim
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Benoit Penant
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Marilo Marb
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