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The Giant´s Causeway


46 reviews of The Giant´s Causeway

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Beyond any expectation

I went to Belfast for work and from there I went with locals to do some sightseeing in Northern Ireland. The trip was very economical- I flew with Easyjet from Alicante there is a direct flight to Belfast. The landscapes in the north are amazing although the weather in January is not too good. One day I went to see The Giant's Causeway and I have to admit that it was one of the most impressive natural environments I've ever seen. The basalt columns along the coast were beyond any expectation. If there were a list of the 7 wonders of the world regarding natural environments I have no doubt that this would be one of those wonders beyong being a World Heritage Site. I advise dressing warmly, as it's freezing and windy. We also saw some seals and a nearby castle. The locals also told me these shores were disastrous for the Spanish Armada. It is 3km from Bushmills, where you can leave your vehicle and walk the rest.
Toni Calderón
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The top attraction in northern ireland

Let's be honest, this isn't much of a secret. It's the first thing mentioned in all the guides and the most popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland, but there's a good reason for that. It's truly spectacular! If you can, I recommend that you visit Giant's Causeway in summer, as the weather here in winter is horrible, and a bitingly cold wind will distract you from the beauty of the area. I went in February, and I can't wait to return at a better time of year! If you're lucky enough to have good weather for your trip, there are footpaths with stunning views. It's just a couple of hours from Belfast, and while you can easily find plenty of bus tours, it's better to go on your own, so you can appreciate it at your own pace. From Belfast, you can go by train and then bus, and you should know that on Sundays, prices are much cheaper so look out for deals!
Marta Torelló
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Sunset in the giant's causeway

Wonderful enjoy unforgettable sunset at the Giant's Causeway: an area with about 40,000 basalt columns about 60 million years. Declared a World Heritage Site and a National Nature Reserve. The Irish legend of its creation: The story goes that there were two giants, one of Ireland (Finn) and one of Staffa (Bennandoner), that took very badly and threw rocks continuously. From time to throw rocks form a field of stones on the sea. The Scotsman giant decided to go the way of rocks and beat your opponent, because ste was stronger than the other. Women's Giant Irlands (Oonagh) saw how the scotch giant vein, so I decided to dress your baby husband. By the scotch and see that the baby was so big, she thought that her father will be three times as large as that fled stomping rocks, which sank in the sea to the other giant could not get to Staffa.

Atardecer en la calzada del gigante

Maravilloso + inolvidable disfrutar del atardecer en la Calzada del Gigante: un área con unas 40.000 columnas de basalto de unos 60 millones de años. Declarada Patrimonio de la Humanidad y Reserva Natural Nacional.

La leyenda irlandesa de su creación:

Cuenta la historia que había dos gigantes, uno de Irlanda (Finn) y otro de Staffa (Bennandoner), que se llevaban muy mal y continuamente se tiraban rocas. De tanto tirar rocas se formó un campo de piedras sobre el mar. El gigante escocés decidió pasar el camino de rocas y derrotar a su adversario, pues éste era más fuerte que el otro. La mujer del gigante irlandés (Oonagh) vio cómo venía el gigante escocés, así que decidió vestir a su marido de bebé. Al llegar el escocés y ver que el bebé era tan grande, pensó que su padre sería el triple de grande, así que huyó pisando muy fuerte las rocas, que se hundieron en el mar para que el otro gigante no pudiera llegar a Staffa.
Belén Carmona
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Baslticas columns

Contains over 37,000 basalt columns from the relatively rapid cooling of lava in a crater or caldera that occurred about 60 million years. The lava cooled and condensed to form hexagonal cracks characteristics and large vertical columns of basalt. It's incredible, only matched anything I have seen in Mammoth lakes, California, near Yosemite, the Devils Postpile National Monument is located on the northeast coast of Ireland, about 3 km north of Bushmills. It is surrounded by all kinds of legends, the most famous being the giant Finn MacCool who made the road as a path across the sea to engage in battle with Scottish giant Benandonner. Coming down the road from the visitor center (or come walking or going by bus to one pounds the way), you agree to the causeway, watching the sea, becomes your left into the driveway right small and in the large driveway. The high content of iron in the landscape around the cliffs of ocher explains the sharp rocks.

Columnas basálticas

Contiene más de 37.000 columnas de basalto provenientes del enfriamiento relativamente rápido de la lava en un cráter o caldera volcánica que ocurrió hace unos 60 millones de años.
La lava se enfrió y condensó formando sus características grietas hexagonales y las grandes columnas verticales de basalto.

Es increíble, sólo comparable con algo que yo haya visto en Mammoth lakes, California, cerca de Yosemite, la Devils postpile national monument
Se encuentra en la costa nororiental de Irlanda, unos 3 km al norte de Bushmills.
Está rodeada por todo tipo de leyendas, la más famosa es la de que el gigante Finn MacCool realizó la calzada como camino a través del mar para entablar batalla con el gigante escocés Benandonner.

Llegando por la carretera desde el centro de visitantes (o vienes andando o vas en bus a 1 libra el trayecto), accedes a la calzada que, mirando al mar, se convierte a tu izquierda en la calzada pequeña y en la derecha en la gran calzada.
El alto contenido de hierro en el paisaje de los acantilados del alrededor explica el fuerte color ocre de las rocas.
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The magic of nature!

The rock formations of the Giant's Causeway are quite unique in its kind. The perfect symmetry of these columns do not cease to amaze and feed the imagination. The news of this strange natural phenomenon spread only in 1693, thanks to the former Bishop of Derry. Initially we wondered seriously if he could have been a giant to build this path or not, and only in 1771 it was announced that the Giant's Causeway was a phenomenon of volcanic origin, as a result of an intense activity took place six million years ago. The hexagonal shape of these basalt columns surprise so much, that even inquiring in detail about you continue to fantasize about giant who could have built this road. The place is really beautiful and on days of bad weather the lava rocks, black make the coastline more dramatic, so beautiful. And 'certainly one of the reasons why it is worth to get to the northern tip of the peninsula Irish!

Le magie della natura!

Le formazioni rocciose del Giant's Causeway sono decisamente uniche nel suo genere. Le perfette simmetrie di queste colonne non smettono di stupire e di alimentare la fantasia. La notizia di questo strano fenomeno naturale si diffuse solo nel 1693 grazie all'ex vescovo di Derry. Inizialmente ci si chiedeva seriamente se poteva essere stato un gigante a costruire questo percorso o meno e solo nel 1771 si annunciò che il Giant's Causeway fosse un fenomeno di origine vulcanica, a seguito di una intensa attività avvenuta sei milioni di anni prima. La forma esagonale di queste colonne di basalto sorprendono così tanto, che pur informandosi dettagliatamente a riguardo si continua a fantasticare sul gigante che potrebbe aver costruito questa strada. Il posto è davvero stupendo e nelle giornate di mal tempo le rocce laviche, nere rendono la costa ancora più drammatica, in modo stupendo. E' certamente uno dei motivi per cui vale la pena di arrivare fino alla punta nord della penisola irlandese!
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See juan manuel pérez gómez's photos
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The legend comes to life

The way to get to certain places as distant, always start by chance. This is very evident in this excursion. In a language class Elementary read the legend of two giant bullies, separated by the ocean, which is throwing stones from their homes, so they created a bridge of stones, the Giants Causeway. Were not as brave as the smallest at the approach to his opponent, terrified sought help from his clever wife, true hero of the story, who made him hide in a basket and covered him like a baby. When the big man came to his house, the ingenious Gigantona offered tea and asked him to wait for her husband who was not home. While he waited, looked at the basket and seeing as grown rod, came out as a soul by the devil imagining as would be the father of the child and not breaking the road to be followed. This destruction is the suspected cause of Ireland and Scotland are not linked. Anyway, in this legend was a picture of the road that made me imagine jumping by its hexagonal rocks, said and done.

La leyenda cobra vida

La manera de llegar a ciertos lugares tan distantes, siempre empieza por una casualidad. Esto es muy evidente en esta excursión.
En una clase de lengua de Primaria leímos la leyenda de dos gigantes bravucones, separados por el océano, que se lanzaban piedras desde sus moradas, tantas que crearon un puente de piedras, la calzada de los gigantes. Resultaron no ser tan valientes porque el más pequeño al ver acercarse a su oponente, despavorido pidió ayuda a su inteligente esposa, verdadera héroe del cuento, quien le hizo esconderse en un cesto y lo tapó como si fuera un bebé. Cuando llegó el grandullón a su casa, la ingeniosa gigantona le ofreció té y le pidió que esperara a su marido que no se encontraba en el hogar. Mientras esperaba, se asomó al cesto y al ver al tan crecido vástago, salió como alma que lleva el diablo imaginándose como sería el padre de la criatura y rompiendo la calzada para no ser seguido. Dicho destrozo es la supuesta causa de que Irlanda y Escocia no estén unidas.
En fin, en dicha leyenda había una foto de la calzada que me hizo imaginarme dando saltos por sus rocas exagonales, dicho y hecho.
juan manuel pérez gómez
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See Raphinadas - Raphaella Perlingeiro's photos
6 photos

On shoulders of giants

To feel at Shoulders of Giants know that place where you feel the insignificance of his meager human existence? The Giants Causeway or "giants causeway" is one of those places. The photos do not show what happens there. It is part of UNESCO heritage. It is a complex prismatic columns of basalt that are more than 60 million years! Above all it is a beautiful place. Surrounded by legends of giants crossing seas to Scotland to fall, there you will probably have the best thoughts of his life. Climb on sidewalks or shoulders of giants Irish, if you have imagination, and let it become. Ps.: If not by car, it is worth hiring one of the tours that leave from Belfast tour. They give another dimension to visit.

Em ombros de gigantes

Para se sentir em Ombros de Gigantes Sabe aquele lugar em que você sente a insignificância da sua parca existência humana? O Giants Causeway ou a "calçada dos gigantes" é um desses lugares. As fotos não mostram o que acontece lá. Ele faz parte do patrimônio Unesco. É um complexo de colunas prismáticas de basalto que existem há mais de 60 milhões de anos! Acima de tudo é um lugar lindo. Cercado de lendas de gigantes que atravessam mares até a Escócia para se apaixonar, lá você terá provavelmente os melhores pensamentos da sua vida. Suba nas calçadas ou nos ombros dos gigantes irlandeses, se tiver imaginação, e deixe-se transformar.

Ps.: se não estiver de carro, vale contratar um dos passeios que saem de Belfast com guia. Eles dão outra dimensão a visita.
Raphinadas - Raphaella Perlingeiro
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Fantasy made stone

The Giant's Causeway is shrouded in myth and legend. It is said to have been carved into the rock by the powerful giant Finn McCool as a path formed by forty thousand basalt columns to move from Ireland to Scotland without getting his feet wet. Apparently the Irlands tena a rival in that land called Benandonner whom I had never known. To prove to everyone that he was the stronger, Finn challenged them to scotch to go to Ulster to duel, as the other giant rejected cruazar to swim the distance between the two lands, the Irlands construy the road in one night. As the giant cross and put his big feet on Irish soil. Displaying Finn, which was much bigger than l ran to her house and following advice from his wife costume baby. When Benandonner saw the size of the "son" of Finn frightened her I only think with what will be the size of his father, and fled running to Scotland breaking the road to Finn could not follow. Beautiful legend, right? But the reality is more scientific, as fascinating hexagonal blocks are the result of an intense volcanic activity, altsimas pressures and temperatures that shaped this area for over 60 million years, cooling and carving large blocks of lava successive eruptions were deposited by the sea. I will make a warning: access to the place where the driveway is located is completely free and not have to pay anything. Do not fall into the mistake we made us as a misunderstanding paid access to the Visitor Center, where the geological formation is explained and give us a audioguies which explain various points of interest. Not bad, we not repent, but the truth is it is not cheap, and it is perfectly avoidable. For this I recommend to park outside the grounds of the visitor center and directly enter the tunnel that is on your right. We passed a locker where pick up and drop the audio guide and take the path down parallel to the road. So only you have to keep up the sea and our right is the Road. We must count on the way there are approximately 1,200 meters and around the slope is considerable. For this they have a continuous bus service plying in 5 minutes by a physician price. However I recommend walking and enjoying the scenery and the union of land and sea FORJ legend giant Finn for the enjoyment of all who come to listen.

Fantasía hecha piedra

La Calzada del Gigante está envuelta en el mito y la leyenda. Se dice que fue excavada en la roca por el poderoso gigante Finn McCool como un camino formado por cuarenta mil columnas de basalto para pasar de Irlanda a Escocia sin mojarse los pies.

Al parecer el irlandés tenía un rival en esa tierra llamado Benandonner al que nunca había conocido. Para demostrar a todo el mundo que él era el más fuerte, Finn desafió al escocés a que fuera al Ulster a batirse en duelo, como el otro gigante rechazara cruazar a nado la distancia entre las dos tierras, el irlandés construyó la calzada en una sola noche.

Así que el el gigante cruzó y puso sus enormes pies en tierra irlandesa. Viendo Finn, que era mucho más grande que él corrió a su casa y siguiendo consejo de su mujer se disfrazó de bebé. Cuando Benandonner vio el tamaño del "hijo" de Finn se asustó con sólo pensar cual sería el tamaño de su progenitor, y huyó corriendo a Escocia rompiendo la calzada para que Finn no pudiera seguirle.

Bonita la leyenda, ¿verdad? Pero la realidad es más cientifica, ya que los fascinantes bloques hexagonales son el fruto de una actividad volcánica muy intensa, de altísimas presiones y temperaturas que dieron forma a esta zona durante más de 60 millones de años, enfriando y esculpiendo grandes bloques de lava que las sucesivas erupciones fueron depositando junto al mar.
Voy a hacerles una advertencia: el acceso al paraje donde se encuentra la Calzada es totalmente gratuito, no hay que pagar nada.

No caigan en el error que cometimos nosotros, ya que por un malentendido pagamos el acceso al Centro de Visitantes, donde se explica la formación geológica y nos dan unas audioguías que nos explican los diversos puntos de interés. No está mal, no nos arrepentimos, pero lo cierto es que no es barato, y es perfectamente evitable.

Para ello recomiendo aparcar fuera del recinto del centro de visitantes y entrar directamente por el túnel que se encuentra a su derecha. Pasamos por una taquillas donde recoger y dejar la audioguía y tomamos el camino que baja paralelo a la carretera. Tan sólo hay que seguir hasta el mar y a nuestra derecha aparece la Calzada.

Hay que contar con que el camino de ida son aproximadamente unos 1.200 metros y que a la vuelta la pendiente es considerable. Para ello han puesto un servicio continuo de autobuses que hacen el trayecto en 5 minutos por un módico precio.

Sin embargo yo recomiendo caminar y disfrutar del paisaje y de la unión de la tierra y el mar que forjó la leyenda del gigante Finn para disfrute de todo el que venga a escucharla.
Roberto Gonzalez
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The giants causeway

Must if you live a while in Ireland. Very easy and fun with children as they climb the mountains of the giants, walking on the road and stepping puddles entertains them. In the center there are also many activities and english audio guide that helps you with the visit. Watch your time because if it rains a lot you can sink in and the water hits strong wind. You can be quietly vindolo more than two hours. One of my favorite places in Ireland.

La calzada de los gigantes

Visita obligada si vives un tiempo en Irlanda. Muy fácil y divertido con niños ya que subir a las montañas de los gigantes, pasearse por la calzada y pisar los charcos les entretiene.
En el centro también hay muchas actividades y audio guía en español que te ayuda con la visita.
Cuidado con el tiempo ya que si llueve mucho te puedes calar y el agua golpea fuerte por el viento. Puedes estar tranquilamente más de dos horas viéndolo. Uno de mis sitios favoritos de Irlanda.
Carlos Jimenez Garcia
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The giant's causeway is certainly one...

The Giant's Causeway is certainly one of the most touristic places in Northern Ireland, but it's worth seeing. For tranquility, try to come in the early evening (between 17h and 18h), the crowd down and you can enjoy the view in peace. To access the site, there is the possibility of taking a minibus. If you do not have a problem walking and climbing (back) a little, it's not worth taking it. Especially since you can take to return the small path set in the cliffs that offers a magnificent view of the entire site.

La Chaussée des Géants est certes un des lieux les plus touristiques d'Irlande du Nord, mais cela vaut le coup d'être vu.
Pour plus de tranquilité, essayez de venir en début de soirée (entre 17h et 18h), l'affluence baisse et vous pouvez profiter du panorama dans le calme.

Pour accéder au site, il y a la possibilité de prendre un minibus. Si vous n'avez pas de problème pour marcher et grimper (retour) un peu, ce n'est pas la peine de le prendre. D'autant plus que vous pourrez emprunter pour le retour le petit chemin tracé dans les falaises qui offre une vue magnifique sur l'ensemble du site.
Louise Théodon
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Chausse gloves

Places to visit in Northern Ireland situated in the north, characterized by its 40,000 vertical basalt juxtaposed. The Giant's Causeway is the result of erosion by the sea on an old casting fluid basaltic lava expelled Tertiary dated around 40 million years. The site is on the World Heritage list of UNESCO since 1986 and classified National Nature Reserve in 1987 by the Department of the Environment Northern Ireland.

Chaussée des géants

Site incontournable de l'Irlande du nord situé dans le nord, caractérisé par ses 40 000 orgues basaltiques verticales juxtaposées.
La Chaussée des Géants résulte de l'érosion par la mer d'une ancienne coulée de lave fluide basaltique expulsée à l'ère tertiaire datée d'environ 40 millions d'années.
Le site est inscrit sur la liste du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO depuis 1986 et classé réserve naturelle nationale en 1987 par le Département de l'Environnement d'Irlande du Nord.
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See Ana Asuero Arroyo's photos
1 photo

Stunning scenery basalt

You're walking to what at first appears to be a beach you without much beauty. Until we begin to see the rock formation in the background. It is an area containing some 40,000 basalt columns from the cooling of lava in a crater or caldera that occurred about 60 million years. That is the true explanation, although the legend of a road made by giant mola more ;-) If you drive, you'll pay if you walk into the nearest parking. If you want to spare you, go to the one a few meters above.

Impresionante paisaje de basalto

Llegas caminando a lo que en principio te parece ser una playa sin demasiada belleza. Hasta que comienzas a ver la formación rocosa al fondo. Es un área que contiene unas 40.000 columnas de basalto provenientes del enfriamiento de la lava en un cráter o caldera volcánica que ocurrió hace unos 60 millones de años. Esa es la explicación de verdad, aunque la leyenda de una calzada hecha por gigantes mola más ;-)

Si vas en coche, tendrás que pagar si entras en el parking más cercano. Si quieres ahorrártelo, vete al que está unos metros más arriba.
Ana Asuero Arroyo
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See Oscar Elguezabal's photos
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I fulfilled my expectations

I remain fascinated with mounting for tourism in this place, all this attention to detail and preparation for the tourist to get away with a fantastic experience. The enclosure is larger than I expected, so you can decide how you want to walk. Anyway, there are buses that run between the main building and the symbolic point of the enclosure, and walking can be done without problems. The audio tour is a success. It is included in price and you can choose which you wish to explain. It is also fun because it tells the giant Fynn own a very friendly tone of humor

Cumplió con mis expectativas

Me quede fascinado con el montaje que tienen de cara al turismo en este lugar, todo esta cuidado al detalle y preparado para que el turista salga con una experiencia fantástica. El recinto es más grande de lo que esperaba, por lo que tu puedes decidir cuanto quieres caminar. En cualquier caso, hay autobuses que hacen el recorrido entre el edificio principal y el punto más simbólico del recinto, y andando se puede hacer sin problemas.

La audioguía es todo un acierto. Esta incluida en le precio y puedes elegir que quieres que te expliquen. Además es divertida ya que la narra el propio gigante Fynn en un tono de humor muy simpático
Oscar Elguezabal
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See antonio rodriguez cabañas's photos
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Magical place where you full of beautiful sensations

It is not strange that there is such a legend around that corner of the world, although I would transform what was more than a clash between two giants a love story and the road was built to allow the meeting of lovers

Lugar mágico en donde te llenas de bellas sensaciones

No es extrańo que exista esa leyenda alrededor del aquel rincón del mundo, aunque yo la transformaría para qué fuera más que un enfrentamiento entre dos gigantes una historia de amor y la calzada fue construida para permitir el encuentro de los enamorados
antonio rodriguez cabañas
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See Mercedes “merime” merime madrid's photos
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Giant's causeway

There was once a road on which a giant came running .... left his chair desires, a camel and an organ to a shoe.

Calzada de gigante

Erase una vez una calzada por la que salio huyendo un gigante....abandono su silla de los deseos,
un camello un órgano y hasta un zapato.
Mercedes “merime” merime madrid
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Information about The Giant´s Causeway

The Giant´s Causeway Phone Number
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44 Causeway Rd, Bushmills, Moyle BT57, UK
44 Causeway Rd, Bushmills, Moyle BT57, UK
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