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Torre del Oro


92 reviews of Torre del Oro

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Symbol of struggle

For me, the Torre del Oro (Golden Tower) is one of the most beautiful monuments in the city, both by itself and in its strategic location, always safeguarding the river Guadalquivir...

It has always been "undervalued" when compared with La Giralda, but townspeople have wanted and respected it in through its most difficult times, so much so that after the conquest of the city by Ferdinand III in 1248, the abandonment ensued with the Tower. Thus, it arrived in the sixteenth century in a ruinous state, which meant it needed to undergo important works of consolidation.

Thanks to this consolidation work it reached the eighteenth century, in which the terrible Lisbon earthquake of 1755 shook the city and severely affected the tower. These were critical moments in its continued existence, because although in 1760 they mended the damages and added the upper section, just before the chief officer of Justice Marqués de Monte Real proposed its demolition, to widen the promenade for horse carriages and leave the passage of San Telmo to the Triana Bridge straighter.

The strong opposition from the people of Seville (Even reaching the King) prevented the perpetration of such destruction. A subsequent death threat came from the hands of the Revolution of 1868, whose revolutionaries, who had hurried the demolition of the canvas walls, went up for sale so they could exploit their demolition materials.

Again, the popular opposition were those that made sure the tower survived. It is therefore that I think the Torre de Oro is a symbol of struggle and survival in itself, for all the times it’s had to face destruction and yet always emerged triumphant.
Ana Lab.
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Almohad art

One of the most recent offerings of Almohad art in Seville was the very famous Torre del Oro (Golden Tower)

Built in 1220/21 by order of the last Almohad governor of Seville Ibn Uhla, in order to close the passage to Arenal with a wall that connected it to the torre de la Plata (Silver Tower), between which passed the Guadalquivir. The river port was closed with a thick chain to the Tower fortress (now destroyed) in the current neighbourhood of Triana, and concretized the last stronghold which would form part of the walls of the Alcázar, which aimed to defend the city.

When it was recovered by Fernando III, the tower was used for a while, as a chapel dedicated to St. Isidore. In 1760, Sebastian Vander Borcht was responsible for adding a circular body.

Currently, the entry gate is, in reality, the gateway of the old wall. It was used as a prison in the middle Ages and in some cases, kept precious metals that were bought by the fleet of the Indies.

Two versions circulate about the origin of its name. One indicates that it comes from the azulejos that covered it and the sunlight that when shining gave them golden tones. Another tells us that the King Don Pedro had locked in the tower a lady of unique beauty, of whom he had fallen in love, taking advantage of the absence of her husband away fighting in the war.

Currently, it has been converted into a Naval Museum holding inside engravings, models, old navigating tools, marine charts and historical documents.... such as the naval history of Seville and of numerous illustrious sailors.

Unfortunately, I have only photos of its building because the day I went, I think it was a Monday, it was closed. It's been Spanish heritage since 1949. Visits can be made from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00.

Walking around there is another one of the wonderful vivid experiences, especially, having seen live and direct the Guadalquivir River, of which I had heard so much about at home and in many songs. Of course, under the blazing sun on a hot day.
Marta Pilar
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On the banks of the guadalquivir

Emblematic monument of Seville located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, on the shore closest to the old part of the city.

As important as the visit to the museum, located inside the tower, is the visit to the Teatro de la Maestranza, facing the tower. Thus, the Maestranza bullring is next to the theatre too.
Jose Manuel Casas
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Es impresionante la vista y la transc...

Es impresionante la vista y la transcendencia cultural que alberga esta increíble ciudad.
Benny Montecinos
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