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Palacio de la Magdalena


91 reviews of Palacio de la Magdalena

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Palacio de la magdalena

In the peninsula of Magdalena there is a palace that was built to house Alfonso XIII and his family when they visited the area.

It has a neoclassic French and English style. It currently houses the university (Universidad Internacional Palacio de la Magdalena Menéndez Pelayo), where they give important lectures every summer.

The gardens are perfect for getting lost.
Carmen Quereda Merino
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Symbol of the city of santander

The Real Sitio de la Magdalena is located in the peninsula of the same name, at the end of the Paseo del Sardinero. It’s far from the center of the city, but there are many bus lines that take you there. It’s the most emblematic place in Santander, a symbol of the city, and a must-see.

At the entrance you’ll find an information booth and reception where you can also get tickets for a tour of the peninsula by train (winter from 9 to 13:30 and from 15:30 to 18:30; in the summer it’s open all day).

The visit to the place includes several different areas, since it has a total area of 28 hectares: the Palace of La Magdalena from 1912 is located on the highest point. It’s a Victorian-style palace that was a gift to the city of Santander so that Alfonso XIII could have a summer palace. It’s now used by the university (Universidad Internacional Menéndez-Pelayo) but it can still be visited. It was declared Historic-Artistic Monument in 1993.

In front of the Royal Palace you can see Mouro Island, with its lighthouse, royal stables, which are today a residence for foreign students (it has a cafe where you can have something to eat or drink), the mini-zoo, and the open-air museum “The Man and the Earth”, where you can see a reproduction of Columbus’ caravels.

The Bikinis and Magdalena beaches are found to the south of the peninsula in front of the Isla de la Torre and Isla Horadada. There is also a children’s park. The Royal pier and the Cerda lighthouse are to the east of the peninsula.

There are plenty of things to see and it’s really worth the long walk.
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Great for a walk

As you go from the avenue of Pereda towards Sardinero beach, to the right is the peninsula that houses the Palacio de la Magdalena. It’s great for walking.

There is a small beech forest that takes you to the palace, a beach on the right side, cliffs, and a train that travels through it all.

You can spend a nice afternoon there, even a whole day. There are recreation areas and a parking lot at the entrance of the peninsula.
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Like the dollhouse i never had

I come from the south, where there are no verdant green areas, so the contrast was a bit of a shock.

I enjoyed a walk in the surroundings of the Palacio de la Magdalena. The building reminds me of a dollhouse I never had, with a bluish-white color, English chimneys, and large windows.

It feels as if a doll is going to exit through the main door, but now there are only students there for summer courses and conferences.

It’s surrounded by the sea, a lighthouse, a promenade, and the beach. There is also a train available in case you don’t feel like walking.

I enjoyed walking, looking out over the sea, and stopping to read the history of the Royal Palace converted into a university. I took a break, tired from walking, to drink a soda, still amazed with the green grass, the sea, and how beautiful Spain is.
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Information about Palacio de la Magdalena

Palacio de la Magdalena Phone Number
+34 942 203 084
+34 942 203 084
Palacio de la Magdalena Address
Av. Magdalena, s/n. Santander, Cantabria
Av. Magdalena, s/n. Santander, Cantabria
Palacio de la Magdalena Opening Hours
Opening hours
Opening hours
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