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Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum


34 reviews of Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

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Extensive and beautiful

The Thyssen-Bornemisza is part of Madrid's "Art Triangle" (along with the Prado and Reina Sofia) and has an interesting and varied collection that's worth a visit. It's known for having "major works by minor artists and minor works by major artists," a description that's perfectly apt. Yes, it was works by the Impressionists and Italian masters, but the real gold are the lesser-known pieces, especially those of the Fauvists and Dutch/Flemish school. I was surprised gorgeous and technically-masterful works by artists I'd never heard of before.

I will warn you that the collection is spans millenia and you could spend several hours exploring. In fact, many people are already tired by the time they reach the more recognizable sections (the Impressionist, for example). So, pace yourself!

The museum also hosts some of the best temporary exhibits in the city; think Cezanne, Monet, and the like. I's suggest starting with the Thyssen in the morning before checking out the Caixa Forum nearby and exploring the cafes and small galleries in the surrounding Barrio de las Letras district.
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Especially recommended

The Thyssen’s collection is the most complete in terms of movements and eras represented. After exploring the galleries, I must say that the museum, through Carmen Cervera, has a clear preference for Spanish art. However, you can find works by Picasso, Van Gogh, Dalí, Rubens, Van Eyck, Canaletto and Caravaggio, and the temporary exhibits showcase works by Duero, Modigliani, Matisse, Antonio López, and Marc Chagall. On the museum’s website, you can organize a route for your visit by floor or by “timeline” and also purchase tickets, which can save you some waiting time. This is especially recommended if you are going to a temporary exhibit.
Madrid Cool Blog

The third museum of madrid

The Thyssen-Bornemisza is part of the famous "triangle of art" of Madrid, so that it represents one of the fundamental places for any fan. It is an art gallery with more than a thousand works, many of them coming from the huge private collection of the Thyssen-Bornemisza family.

In 1993, the Spanish government decided to buy it so that all citizens could enjoy these wonders. A small part of these works is located in the Museo Nacional de Arte de Catalunya in Barcelona, but the main headquarters of the museum in the Villahermosa Palace, in Paseo del Prado.

The oldest pieces are of Gothic art of the 12th century and the most recent are of the modern art of the 20th century. In particular, one can find works of the Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque, Rococo, Romanticism and 19th and 20th century art until Pop Art. The 19th century North American painting section is unique in Europe, while the one on Impressionism, Fauvism, German Expressionism and 20th century experimental avant-garde are the greatest ones in Spain.

I personally do not recommend visiting this museum if you have little time in Madrid, privileging the Prado and the Reina Sofía. But if this is not the first time you come or if you live there you should go, having a look at the temporary exhibitions that can be very interesting.

The museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 am and 7 pm. The entrance fee to the permanent collection is 8€ (5.50€ with discount) and to the temporary one it costs 10€ (7€ with discount).
ciro gek

The evolution of painting

The Thyssen Museum is located in Madrid, containing a rather large part of the Thyssen-Bornemisza family's art collection. The Thyssen and most of the collection are in Madrid but a small part is in the Museo de Arte de Catalunya in Barcelona.

A spectacular art gallery where you can see the evolution of painting, especially in Europe, from the Gothic to the 20th century.

I find it difficult to choose an artist or a style in particular, each painting has its own charm but what stroke me the most was Impressionism, especially Monet and Van Gogh.
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Guided visits

This is one of the best places to visit in Madrid. There have been many different exhibits and almost all of them interesting. But, you also have the option to take private guided tours after the museum has closed. What makes this even more interesting is that you can choose a theme for your visit as well as your guide and have the whole place to yourself. This way, you can learn to interpret and appreciate the art you’re seeing.
Sonia Rumayor
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Most important collections

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is an institution that houses one of the most important art galleries in Europe. Here podrs give you a good ride by different pictricas and artistic currents from the thirteenth century to the twentieth century in one place. The permanent collection includes works ranging from Flemish painting surrealism Dal, besides preserving the collection of Thyssen barons and the Baroness Carmen Thyssen Museum has an area diseada for education and inculcate the values ​​of art ldica way "Educate Thyssen," a coffee with a modern design and an art shop where you can find variety of collectibles motif of your favorite works from the collection. Notably, the museum not only preserves these works is that the other task is to spread this task not only in Spain, but around the world. Another important point is that this museum hosts temporary exhibitions annually a large thanks to support from private collectors and synergies between museums of world renown.

De las colecciones más importantes

El Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza es una de las instituciones que alberga una de las pinacotecas más importantes de Europa. Aquí podrás darte un buen paseo por diferentes corrientes pictóricas y artísticas desde el siglo XIII al siglo XX en un mismo lugar. Esta colección permanente cuenta con obras que van desde pintura flamenca al surrealismo de Dalí, además de conservar la colección de los barones Thyssen y de la baronesa Carmen Thyssen el museo cuenta con una área diseñada para la educación e inculcar los valores del arte de manera lúdica "Educa Thyssen", una cafetería con un diseño vanguardista y una tienda de arte en la que puedes encontrar gran variedad de objetos coleccionables con motivos de tus obras favoritas de la colección. Cabe destacar que el museo no solo conserva estas obras y es que su otra tarea es difundir esta tarea no solo en España, sino alrededor del mundo. Otro punto importante es que este museo recibe anualmente muestras temporales de una gran envergadura gracias al apoyo de coleccionistas privados y sinergias entre importantes museos de renombre mundial.
María José Morr
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The thyssen-bornemisza museum is at t...

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is at three major museums in the Spanish capital. It forms the "Paseo del Arte" ie walking art with the Museum Reina Sofia and the Prado Museum. This is the last museum I saw these three. I would urge you to take the audio guide to take the wealth of art present in this museum. The museum traces the history of art (painting) from its beginnings to today. The audio guide captures the outline very clear. I believe, against, if you do not take the audio guide, the information is fairly short. This is a beautiful museum very rewarding.

Le musée Thyssen-Bornemisza est un dès trois musées principaux de la capitale espagnole. Il forme le "paseo del arte" c'est à dire la promenade de l'art avec la musée de la Reina Sofia et le musée du Prado. C'est le dernier musée que j'ai vu sur ces trois.

Je vous conseillerais vivement de prendre l'audio-guide pour saisir toute la richesse des œuvres d'art présentes dans ce musée. Le musée retrace l'histoire de l'art (peinture) de ses débuts jusqu'à aujourd'hui. L'audio-guide permet de saisir les grandes lignes de façon très claires. Je crois, par contre, que si vous ne prenez pas l'audio-guide, les informations sont assez brèves.

C'est un beau musée très enrichissant.
May Lopez
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Retrospective exhibition

The artist, who has overseen the selection and assembly along with the two commissioners-Maria Lopez, his daughter, and Guillermo Solana, artistic director of the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza and the art curator, Paula Luengo, is presented to the public in a large sample of quasi autobiográfico.Las pieces of the last twenty years and coming directly from their study, nearly half of the 130 works on display, are giving way to more distant production in time to the fifties . There is no chronological order in this sample, the path goes forward and backward in the work of Antonio Lopez who, as is evident, is active and working

Exposicion antologica

El artista, que ha supervisado la selección y el montaje junto a los dos comisarios ‐María López, su hija, y Guillermo Solana, director artístico del Museo Thyssen‐Bornemisza, así como la comisaria técnica, Paula Luengo‐, se presenta ante el público en una gran muestra de carácter casi autobiográfico. Las piezas de los últimos veinte años y las que llegan directamente de su estudio, casi la mitad de las 130 obras exhibidas, van dando paso a la producción más lejana en el tiempo, hasta los años cincuenta. No hay un orden cronológico en esta muestra, el recorrido va hacia adelante y hacia atrás en la obra de Antonio López quien, como queda patente, está activo y trabajando
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Located along the famous passage du p...

Located along the famous passage du Prado in the Spanish capital, the Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza Foundation is an art museum located within the "golden triangle" of the museums of Madrid, near the Prado and Queen Sofia galleries. The collections presented in this museum are a bit of a history of figurative art that covers many periods and movements, ago the first paintings and religious icon of the Middle Ages, to contemporary artists. These include a large section dedicated to impressionist and expressionist.

Situé le long du fameux passage du Prado dans la capitale espagnole, le musée de la fondation Thyssen-Bornemisza est un musée d'art situé au sein du "triangle d'or" des musées de Madrid, à proximité du musée du Prado et des galeries de la reine Sofia.
Les collections présentées dans ce musée forment un peu une histoire de l'art figuratif qui couvre plusieurs périodes et mouvements, dépuis les premiers tableaux et icône religieux du moyen âge, jusqu'aux artistes de l'époque contemporaine.
Il y a notamment une large section dédiée aux impressionistes et expressionistes.
Roland Flutet
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The father of the present baron thyss...

The father of the present Baron Thyssen belonged to a wealthy German family who made a fortune in heavy industry. He began his collection with works of primitive Germans and expands until it is to store it in the Villa Favorita. The Palace-Gallery had to temporarily close until the son of the Baron reopens and enrichment with stunning contemporary art. In 1988, the Spanish Ministry of Culture with the barons Thyssen sign an agreement that the family lent the collection for a period of nine years. But a few months later the contract is changed, and the entire collection is definitely acquired by Spain. In 1992, the government gives the Palacio Villahermosa to host this extraordinary collection. This is the famous Spanish architect Rafael Moneo is responsible for the restoration of the building. The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is located near the Prado Museum and the Reina Sofia Museum. Visiting these three museums to discover much of the history of art today. The Thyssen Museum offers 775 paintings, 447 of which predate XIX. The collection is organized chronologically, from the XIIIth to the XXth. For the record, a court painter bought the land to build his house. But XVIII Salon del Prado became the new cultural and fashion center of the fashionable and the Duke of Villahermosa bought the site to make a palace in the rules of French Neoclassicism and according to urban plans of Carlos III, monarch of the Enlightenment. This is what Palacio which was restored to house the museum. A new building of 18 rooms that hosts the collection of Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza was incorporated into the museum, two rooms are used for temporary exhibitions.

Le père de l’actuel Baron Thyssen appartenait à une riche famille allemande ayant fait fortune dans l’industrie lourde. Il commença sa collection avec des œuvres des primitifs Allemands et l’élargit jusqu’à ce qu’il doive la stocker dans sa Villa Favorita. Ce Palace-Galerie dut fermer temporairement jusqu’à ce que le fils du Baron la réouvre et l’enrichisse avec de superbes œuvres d’art contemporain.
En 1988, le ministère de la culture espagnol signe avec les barons Thyssen un accord selon lequel la famille prêtait la collection pour une durée de neuf ans. Mais quelques mois plus tard le contrat est modifié, et la collection complète est définitivement rachetée par l’Espagne. En 1992, le gouvernement cède le Palacio Villahermosa pour héberger cette extraordinaire collection. C’est le prestigieux architecte espagnol Rafael Moneo qui est chargé de la restauration de l’édifice.
Le musée Thyssen est situé prés du musée du Prado et du musée Reina Sofia. La visite de ces trois musées permet de découvrir une grande partie de l’histoire de l’art jusqu’à nos jours. Le Musée Thyssen offre 775 tableaux, dont 447 antérieurs au XIXeme. La collection est organisée chronologiquement, depuis le XIIIeme jusqu’au XXeme.

Pour l’anecdote, un peintre de la cour acheta le terrain pour y construire sa maison. Mais au XVIII le Salon del Prado devint le nouveau centre mondain et culturel à la mode et le duc de Villahermosa racheta l´emplacement pour réaliser un palais dans les règles du Néoclassicisme français et selon les plans urbanistiques de Carlos III, monarque des Lumières. C’est ce Palacio qui fut restauré pour héberger le musée.

Un nouvel édifice de 18 salles qui héberge la collection de Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza a été incorporé au musée, deux salles sont destinées aux expositions temporaires.
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When you walk into this museum the first question you ask yourself is: And all this we enjoyed one person walking around your house? Luckily it is now public enjoyment.


Cuando entras en este museo la primera pregunta que te haces es: Y todo esto lo disfrutaba una sola persona paseando por su casa?

Menos mal que ahora es de disfrute público.
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For art lovers ...

It has a really interesting permanent collection, ranging from medieval art to the most cutting edge. Particularly recommended are its temporary exhibitions, usually covering varied and original themes. Best, perhaps, its central location and not too expensive fare. The worst, in my opinion, which has no great masterpieces for his character collection. That does not mean, as I said, his great interest.

A los amantes del arte...

Posee una colección permanente realmente interesante, que abarca desde el arte del Medievo a la más rabiosa actualidad. Particularmente recomendables son sus exposiciones temporales, que suelen abarcar temáticas variadas y originales.

Lo mejor, tal vez, su ubicación tan céntrica y una tarifa no excesivamente cara.

Lo peor, en mi opinión, que no posee grandes obras maestras por su carácter de colección particular. Eso no quita, como ya he dicho, su notable interés.
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This museum has one of the most important art collections in the world, focuses on European painting of the thirteenth to the twentieth centuries and is a perfect complement to the Museo del Prado and the Reina Sofia. It is a museum, smaller in size compared to the Museo del Prado, however is quite well organized. It is a place not to miss.

Museo thyssen-bornemisza

Este museu tem uma das mais importantes colecções de arte do mundo, concentra-se na pintura europeia dos séculos XIII ao XX e é um complemento perfeito ao Museo del Prado e a Reina Sofia. É um museu, mais pequeno em termos de dimensões comparado ao Museo del Prado, contudo encontra-se bastante bem organizado. É um local a não perder.
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I will not be me who discover this museum. But whether to make a recommendation for the undecided over, it's done. It is one of the great classics museums in Spain and is well-deserved fame. The permanent exhibition is in itself remarkable and also has many first-class exhibitions.


No voy a ser yo quien descubra este museo. Pero si hay que aportar una recomendación más para los indecisos, se hace.

Es uno de los grandes clásicos museos de España y tiene la fama bien merecida. La exposición permanente ya es en sí reseñable y además tiene numerosas exposiciones itinerantes de primer nivel.
Pedro Jareño
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A pesar de no ser tan aclamado como el prado museum este representa a pequeo but intense viaje a lo largo de hasta diez siglos de pintura

A pesar de no ser tan aclamado como El Prado museum este representa a pequeo but intense viaje a lo largo de hasta diez siglos de pintura .... aconsejado para los que se sientan ms bien que interesados ​​apasionados a la pintura ... Adems podis convertiros en una obra verdadera (como la de la photo !!!)

A pesar de no ser tan aclamado como el prado, este museo representa un pequeño pero intenso viaje a lo largo de hasta diez siglos de pintura

A pesar de no ser tan aclamado como El Prado, este museo representa un pequeño pero intenso viaje a lo largo de hasta diez siglos de pintura.... aconsejado para los que se sientan más bien interesados que apasionados a la pintura...Además podéis convertiros en una verdadera obra (como la de la foto!!!)
Giovanni Vincelli
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Information about Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

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Paseo del Prado, 8
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