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Tower Bridge


313 reviews of Tower Bridge

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An interesting experience

After visiting the impressive engine room, our guide told us that Tower Bridge would soon open. When boats need to pass the bridge, but they are too large to go under, they need to inform the administration with 24 hours' notice. Passage for the boats is free. In general, the bridge rises just enough to let the boat through, and is only lifted to its full extension out of respect for the royal family or, for example, when the body of Winston Churchill was brought to London for his state funeral. The bridge raises in less than 30 seconds, and traffic is stopped for 5 minutes while the bridge lifts, the boat passes, and then the bridge lowers again.
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A great city

London is a city that can really change you, and bring out something that you never knew you had. It's a paradox: a multicultural city, unconventional and young, but also the home of the oldest institution in the country, the royal family. It's a great city because it has opened its doors to everyone ... tourists, students and professionals all rub shoulders here, and the different cultures have brought new ideas, new lifestyles, and new foods to the capital. The British capital is a young city for young people, with rhythms of life that only extremely strong hearts can bear. London also offers immense museums (most with free admission), endless shopping in Regent Street and Oxford Street, and huge parks such as Hyde Park.
Giulia Scaroni
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London calling

This photograph came from a trip a took after I graduated college. I've never been to Europe before and when I arrived in London I felt like I was home. I roamed the streets day and night and found the London Bridge to be breath taking during the evening. I had to capture that beauty on film and I think the black and white gives it something more.
Kait Rak
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The greatest capital city in the world

London - the city that has everything for the budding tourist - culture, sights, experiences and an amazing history. Here is the famous Tower Bridge a spectacle for tourists and this shot was taken during the time of the Olympics.
Robert Watkins
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Classic beauty

A classic, but truly magnificent place to visit. Get there on a sunny day and it will truly impose on you the grandeur of this institution.
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Sunny day at london

that was one of the moments it was not cloudy , but it was really a sunny day I have decided to go out
and find interestings sites to explore, well it worth it....
Joaquim Ribeiro
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Awesome marina

There is an awesome marina behind Tower Bridge, on the north side. You should go!
Veronica Lidia
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Tower bridge

Tower Bridge
Carlos Danielo Left Right
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Dimitrea Sullivan
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Tower bridge

Tower Bridge
Carly Dancer
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Izzy G.
Vlad Sidorak
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One of the most views expectaculares

Tower Bridge and Tower Bridge is one of the most important monuments of London, almost to the height of Big Ben, and is one of the most spectacular views that can be seen from the famous Tower of London. It lies in the east of the city, metro Tower Hill, and what you can see through it very closely. Its neo-Gothic towers built in 1894 and its mechanism to get up and let the boats on the Thames are its hallmarks. To know when there rises a telephone information: 7940 3984. Among the Wakefield Tower and the White Tower of the Tower of London are the cages of the famous ravens of this medieval castle London, one of the most visited monuments in the British capital, with two million visitors each year. Legend says that if these crows disappear disappear this ancient tower and also across Britain. Since the opening of this impressive medieval castle 6 crows have always lived within its walls. Those who are living are called Branwen, Hugine, Munin, Gwyllum, Thor and Baldrick and each can last an average of 25 years. Do not be afraid to cross the Thames on the famous Tower Bridge, cuelquier not open in time to let the boats of the Thames ...! Yes, the bridge is lifted by a novel mechanism (in the days when it was installed) 1000 times a year. If you want to see the show you can inform the upcoming dates on their website. In addition, the views you have of London from this bridge are spectacular, you can not miss a photo here. London Bridge is located next to the famous Tower Bridge (with which people often confuse), in the east of the English capital, crossing the Thames. Although less famous and much less spectacular than the Tower Bridge this bridge is special and has so simple this denomination because until 1750 was the only one that crossed the Thames in London and was therefore one of the most famous in the world. Although it has been rebuilt many times, the original was built by the Romans in the year 46. The current is 1973.

Una de las vistas más expectaculares

El puente de la Torre o Tower Bridge es uno de los monumentos más emblemáticos de Londres, casi a la altura del Big Ben, y es una de las vistas más espectaculares que se pueden divisar desde la famosa torre de Londres.

Se encuentra en el este de la ciudad, metro Tower Hill, y lo podréis observar bien de cerca atravesándolo. Sus torres neogóticas construidas en 1894 y su mecanismo para levantarse y dejar pasar a los barcos que navegan por el Támesis son sus señas de identidad.

Para saber cuándo se eleva hay un teléfono de información: 7940 3984.

Entre la Wakefield Tower y la White Tower de la torre de Londres están las jaulas de los famosos cuervos de este castillo medieval londinense, uno de los monumentos más concurridos de la capital inglesa, con dos millones de visitantes cada año.

La leyenda dice que si estos cuervos desaparecen desaparecerá también esta centenaria torre y toda Gran Bretaña. Desde que se inauguró este impresionante castillo medieval siempre han habitado 6 cuervos dentro de sus murallas. Los que viven actualmente se llaman Branwen, Hugine, Munin, Gwyllum, Thor y Baldrick y cada uno puede durar una media de 25 años.

No tengáis miedo de recorrer el Támesis sobre el famoso Tower Bridge, no se abrirá en cualquier momento para dejar pasar a los barcos del Támesis…!
Eso sí, el puente se levanta por medio de un innovador mecanismo (en la época en la que se instaló) unas 1000 veces al año.

Si queréis ver el espectáculo os podéis informar de las próximas fechas en su página web.

Además de esto, las vistas que tenéis de Londres desde este puente son espectaculares, no os podéis perder una foto aquí.

El puente de Londres está situado al lado del famoso Tower Bridge (con el que la gente suele confundirlo), en la zona este de la capital inglesa, atravesando el Támesis.

Aunque menos famoso y mucho menos espectacular que el Tower Bridge este puente es especial y tiene esta denominación tan sencilla porque hasta 1750 era el único que atravesaba el Támesis en Londres y era, por tanto, uno de los más famosos del mundo.

Aunque ha sido reconstruido en muchas ocasiones, el original lo construyeron los romanos sobre el año 46. El actual es de 1973.
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The king of the thames

No doubt that is one of the must-visit destinations in the city. Built in the late nineteenth century by Jones, an honorable London architect who won the competition for the bridge in front of 50 designs. When we stand just below, we draw our attention the walkway that goes from one to another tower whose floor is made of glass and that makes take an elevator or go up the 300 peldaos to see the perspective from above. This areo road, that once was open, is well garrisoned by the sides to avoid fashion that he had to come to commit suicide by Tower Bridge and to form part of an exhibition hosted by the building of the most famous bridges in the world. Thames is now closed to commercial traffic, so that the event be open the bridge is a luxury. A photo of the moment must be very difficult to get, right? According to all accounts, an American businessman was ripped off when buying the London Bridge in Arizona, pensndose was the Tower Bridge in London ... Leaving the bridge and down almost to the level of the river, there is an exhibition showing how to work the elevation system from its construction until 1976, thanks to a steam engine, and the current electrical system.

El rey del támesis

No hay duda de que es uno de los destinos de visita imprescindibles de la ciudad. Construido a finales del siglo XIX por Jones, un honorable arquitecto londinense que ganó el concurso del puente por delante de 50 diseños.

Cuando nos situamos justo debajo, nos llama la atención la pasarela que va de una a otra torre cuyo suelo es de cristal y eso hace que tomemos un ascensor o subamos los 300 peldaños, para ver la perspectiva desde arriba. Este camino aéreo, que en su momento estuvo abierto, está bien guarnecido por los lados, para evitar la moda que hubo de venir a suicidarse al Puente de la Torre y para formar parte de la exposición que acoge el edificio sobre los más famosos puentes del mundo.

Ahora el Támesis está cerrado al tráfico comercial, por lo que el acontecimiento de verse abrir el puente es un lujo. Una foto de este momento debe ser muy difícil de conseguir, ¿verdad? Según se cuenta, un empresario americano fue estafado al comprar el puente de Londres de Arizona, pensándose que era el puente de la Torre de Londres...
Saliendo del puente y bajando casi al nivel del río, hay una exposición que muestra cómo funcionaba el sistema de elevación desde su construcción hasta 1976, gracias a una máquina de vapor, y el sistema eléctrico actual.
Una vez más vemos el cambio que la tecnología produce en nuestras vidas, como el que ha conseguido '' al permitirnos compartir nuestras aventuras al momento con nuestra familia y amigos.
Roberto Gonzalez
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Excellent view from above

This extraordinary piece of engineering than 115 years of existence allows visitors to enjoy a great view from the height of its galleries. Descediendo from them to the rooms where the old machinery exposed bridge, you realize two things primarily: the intelligence of human beings capable of such devices at the time they were made and the care and direction Cleaning should be responsible for its maintenance key. The original hydraulic mechanism used pressurized water stored in six accumulators. The water was pumped into the accumulator by steam engines. Currently, the original hydraulic machinery still opens the bridge, but has been modified to use oil instead of water, and electric motors have replaced steam engines and accumulators. To end our visit to a fellow known Bridge we did a photo occasionally disguised ........ Who knows!

Excelente vista desde la altura

Esta extraordinaria obra de ingeniería de 115 años de existencia permite a sus visitantes disfrutar de una excelente vista desde la altura de sus galerías. Descediendo desde ellas a las habitaciones donde se encuentra expuesta la antigua maquinaria del puente, uno se da cuenta de dos cosas fundamentalmente: De la inteligencia de los seres humanos capaces de realizar tales artilugios en la época en que se realizaron y el mimo y el sentido de la limpieza que deben tener los encargados de su mantenimento.

El mecanismo hidráulico original utilizaba agua a presión almacenada en seis acumuladores. El agua era bombeada dentro de los acumuladores mediante motores de vapor. Actualmente, la maquinaria hidráulica original todavía abre el puente, aunque ha sido modificada para utilizar aceite en lugar de agua, y motores eléctricos han sustituido a las máquinas de vapor y los acumuladores.

Para finalizar nuestra visita al Puente unos compatriotas conocidos ocasionalmente nos hicieron una foto disfrazados de ........ ¡cualquiera sabe!
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