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Caves in Italy

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48 Caves in Italy

Caves in Alghero
Neptune's Grotto
Neptune's Grotto (Italian: Grotta di Nettuno; Catalan: Cova de Neptú) is a stalactite cave near the town of Alghero on the island of Sardinia, Italy. The cave was discovered by local fishermen in the 18th century and has since developed into a popular tourist attraction. The grotto gets its name from the Roman god of the sea, Neptune.
Caves in Capri
Blue Grotto
We went on this trip to Capri without really knowing what we would find there. We did know that it was an island, and indeed it is a beautiful island, with the small drawback that you have to arrive by boat and the best views are at the top of the mountain and to get there you have to drive in suffering the zig-zags of the roads which are also not more than three meters wide. But once we got to the top the views were beautiful. And another view of the island cliffs are reflected in the water, it is a feast for the eyes
Caves in Cala Gonone
Cave of the Marine Ox
The Grotte del Bue Marino (“sea cow cave”) is undoubtedly the most amazing attraction in Filicudi. You can go inside the grotto on a boat or even just by swimming. The interplay of lights, sounds, and shapes is really evocative and beautiful! The noises in the cave seem like the distant lowing of cattle, a phenomenon which gives the cave its name. You can’t miss it!
Caves in Dorgali
Ispinigoli Cave
This is an unusual cave: it’s home to the largest cave column in Europe which measures 38 meters high. It’s made up of a 37-meter stalagmite that has fused with a 1-meter stalactite. It’s a real shame that you can’t take photos or videos though I’ll say there were quite a few people who openly flaunted the rule. This photo was taken at the entrance to the cave. It’s not a very good photo but you can still see the column.
Caves in Florence
Grotte de Buontalenti
Many say that opera was sung for the first time at the Buontalenti Grotto. But truly the creator was, among other things, a grand designer in the service of the Medici and it's easy to see in the décor of this false cave, with stalactites and incrustations of supreme originality. The cave opens for a bit every 2 hours starting at 11 am and is located near the exit of the Boboli Gardens.
Caves in Castro Leccese
Zinzulusa Cave
This cave is one of the most famous and important of the Italian coast. It is called Zinzulusa. Its full of subterranean biodiversity, and is situated in a spot overlooking a majestic opening in the Ionian Sea on the coast between Santa Cesarea Terme and Castro Marina (Otranto, Lecce ).
Caves in Ulassai
Grotta di Su Marmuri
These magnificent caves are located in Ulassai and you know you’re in for a treat because even the road to the caves is beautiful. The entrance is also impressive: you have to descend 200 steep and slippery steps before arriving at this 850-meter long cave with two underground lakes, basins, stalactites, stalagmites, columns and other spectacular formations. There are several galleries which are enormous. The internal temperature is rather cool so I’d suggest bringing at least a sweatshirt. All and all, it’s a really nice excursion for nature lovers.
Caves in Santadi
Grotte Di Is Zuddas
With only a 10 min drive from the Necropolis of Montessu upi are in Grotte Is Zuddas. The tour is of one hour and tickets cost 9 euros. The journey is nice although it is advisable to take warm clothes as the temperature drops about 10 degrees or more in comparison with the outside.
Caves in Genga
Caves in Capri
Caves in Toirano
Caves in Vieste
Caves in Vergemoli
Caves in Gaeta
Caves in Castelcivita
Caves in Sadali
Caves in Bolognano
Caves in Rovereto