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Cities in Argentina

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75 cities in Argentina

Cities in Mar del Plata
Mar del Plata
Mar del Plata is the most popular tourist destination in Argentina. Located on the Atlantic coast about 404 kilometers from the capital of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata offers its visitors magnificent beaches, beautiful bays, cliffs and majestic forests that line more than 40 kilometers of coastline. More than eight million tourists visit every year, so it's easy to see that the service sector is the mainstay of the city's economy, but it also has an important agricultural and fishing industry. Points of interest include the Plaza de Colon, the Torreon del Monje, Barrio Los Troncos, Punta Mogotes and the port. At night there are plenty of pubs, bars, discos and the famous Casino Mar de Plata for those who like to enjoy urban nightlife. You can find whatever you're looking for here.
Cities in Cafayate
Both the road to Cafayate and the area of Bodegas has incredible landscape, with a combination of colors that welcome us to Cerros, at the same time giving a sensation of total tranquility.
Cities in Bariloche
Cerro Catedral
The famous Cerro Catedral ski resort in San Carlos de Bariloche has slopes suitable for all levels surrounded by beautiful scenery. There are various back country tours as well. You can go skiing on the trails or in the woods. It's fun to ski slopes off the beaten path, but that are completely safe. One of my favorite places was La Laguna. There are other activities as well, like hiking, ATVs, snowmobiles and sleds. You can read about more of my memories in my travel blog Elisaserendipity: blogspot.com/2010/07/argentina-recuerdos-de-la-nieve-en-la.Html
Cities in Colón
Columbus City is surrounded by lush green beauty. It's situated on the Rio Uruguay, in the province of Entre Rios, Argentina. The city can be found in the center of the MERCOSUR (Southern Common Market). Colon is known for its crafts, its spa, its beaches and regional flavors (creole). The food city has a range of accommodation and gastronomic services. Moreover boasts several camping with all the amenities located on the banks of RIO.
Cities in La Plata
La Plata
This magical place transports you to a unique and distinct place as soon as you enter, it will surprise you!! It's indescribable, you have to see for yourself. There are many things on display like toys, bottles, cars, bikes, motorbikes, old billboards, and a moving bar! There is a cute patio with stones and plants. I really hope you go because I really enjoyed it. It's on av 1 n 121 between 34 and 35. Open weekends only from 15 to 19 hours. www.coleccionrau.com.ar
Cities in San Martín de los Andes
San Martín de Los Andes
Follow the Seven Lakes Road, cross the dense and enormous forest bordering Lake Correntoso, then cross the river of the same name that continues along the Lagos Villarino, Falkner, Hermoso and Meliquimia to reach the town of San Martin de los Andes. It is located on the shores of the beautiful Lacar Lake. San Martin de los Andes is a town of roughly 40,000 inhabitants, and is about 40 km from the border with Chile. The landscape is similar to a pocket in that it is protected from the wind, yet here it is quite different from other places. It is very warm, with wooden buildings, some of which look very rustic. The hotels in the area are varied and there are excellent restaurants and grills where you can eat the famous Patagonian lamb. It is a beautiful lakeside town located on the shores of Lacar Lake and you can go fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, climbing, rafting, take part in agrotourism, among many other things. The town was founded in February 4, 1898. The Plaza San Martín is the historic core of the city and it is from there that the streets spread out from. There is a monument to General San Martin in the center and a lot of trees to all sides, including centenarians araucarias that still stand and other ornamental species. There are many civic and cultural events carried out here like the Trabun, a Mapuche event that takes place every year. This event takes place during the month of December bringing together musicians from Argentina and Chile. Throughout the year there are several craft fairs and local retailers that bring in fine fruits, sweets, dried flowers and other goods from local producers. You can reach this area by plain, accessed through Chapelco Airport, which is about 22 km from the urban center. Surrounding the square and the surrounding area are the main public buildings, many with great historical and architectural value. The address and phone are the same as the Municipality of San Martin de los Andes.
Cities in Villa Carlos Paz
Villa Carlos Paz
It was a day trip, an unforgettable experience and the city is really nice, I recommend going to Cordoba.
Cities in Tigre
On the outskirts of Buenos Aires, it is definitely worth exploring Tigre. In the area with the canals, public service is provided by boat. Many residents of Buenos Aires have their holiday homes there.
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Cities in Santa Fe
Santa Fe
A walk through the capital of the province is worth it. It´s a beautiful, very small city that offers a variety of historical and entertainment tours. The city is very secure and calm. There are many places to stay and eat.
Cities in Cordoba
Cities in Tandil
Tandil is an amazing place Buenos Aires, 500 Km from the capital. The air of the mountains, easy rhythm, vegetation, climate, and especially the local people make this city a magnificent place to relax and walk around and admire nature in many ways.
Cities in El Bolsón
El Bolsón
I was at El Bolson for one day but I would love to return. Its location and craft fair are very cute since it is a city that in the 70s was filled with hippies and still retains something of the spirit of the movement. The craft beers are unforgettable with a large variety of flavours and the Puelo Lake National Park which is a few miles from Bolsón.
Cities in Buenos Aires
Cities in Esquel
This is true paradise. Here you go to sleep with one beautiful landscape and you wake up to another one. It is so great that its beauty appears to be endless. I'd go back to climb up Tonchita, it is beauty in a nutshell. You have to visit for yourself because I can not explain such beauty, my dream is to go back there.
Cities in Luján
Lujan is more beautiful in person but we here are some pictures to let you start living it.
Cities in San Antonio de Areco
San Antonio de Areco
Take a steam locomotive from the railway station in Areco, which hasn't been in service for years. This locomotive is on display as part of railway history, which in Argentina is quite run down, because they have been closing branches and stations.
Cities in La Rioja
La Rioja
A place with a gentle breeze, fresh, perfect to visit all year round, where you can do all kinds of sports and fishing. Surrounded by hills that offer a stunning landscape, the Los Sauces Dike means river waters form a beautiful artificial lake. Suitable for camping, fishing and water sports, it's an inevitable destination for everyone who comes to La Rioja eager to enjoy its scenic beauty. During the summer, the dam has hot springs to the delight of locals and tourists with its refreshing waters and surrounding shade. In its vicinity lies the newest tunnel that connects the city of La Rioja with Villa Sanagasta. Dike Los Sauces is 15kms away from the capital of La Rioja by RN 75.
Cities in San Antonio de los Cobres
San Antonio de Los Cobres
The environment here is quite hostile for man. The height is synonymous with low atmospheric pressure, and therefore less oxygen in the air. However, the attraction of The Coppers than compensates for altitude sickness, or altitude sickness as it is called in the area. The village is filled with the splendor of legend and mineral wealth. This is a unique place where indigenous physiognomy traps with simple architecture, and visitors are just amazed by the surrounding landscape. In August there are celebrations for the Pachamama, a female god, who is the god of producing, blessing and engendering and lives in the bowels of the earth. In order to clean the whole house, the families do a great deal of putting together all of the garbage, putting out incense, they place in a large shovel fathoms, which added plants in the area (chacha and pupusa) and with this preparation sahúman houses knees and apologize to Mother Earth and goods received thank praying together. Then make a big hole in the ground and in incense add alcohol, Creole food and strong drinks containers, which are then plugged into the next year. Meanwhile people drink alcohol with their friends and place amulets made with black and white threads that called Yoki (Llojke)
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