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Cities in Ukraine

15 cities in Ukraine

Cities in Kiev
Hard to believe that just a few months ago, Kiev was such a beautiful and peaceful city
Cities in Stary Krym
Staryi Krym
It is an historic town of Crimea, founded in the 13th century by the Mongols who made it the capital of the Emirate of Crimea. It was so prosperous that it became known as the second Baghdad. Today, it has 9000 inhabitants. The Mosque and Madrasa were constructed in 1314. The city lost its grandeur and population when the Khanate of Crimea Bakhchisaray moved its capital. Much was destroyed by Russian communism. I really liked this place, the people are very friendly and are surprised when you tell them who you are, because there are not many tourists. The imam told us the history of the place as they were trying to rebuild the Madrassa through donations, but it is very rare.
Cities in Yalta
The city of Yalta is situated on the south of Crimea and is well known for holing the famous "Conference" (from Yalta). This was the meeting held during the Second World War, from 4 to February 11, 1945. Attendees were Stalin, F. W.Churchill, and Roosevelt, as heads of government of the USSR, the United Kingdom and the United States respectively. With just over 80,000 inhabitants, Yalta is found along the Black Sea coast. It is a summer resort for wealthy Russians, and its spa is infamous. Without a doubt it is worth taking one of the boats which take you along the coast. This way you have the option to see all the palaces, such as the "Livadia" among others (this is where the conference was hosted).
Cities in Simferopol
After the fall of the USSR, Simferopol became the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Krym) within the newly independent Ukraine. Most of its inhabitants are ethnic Russians, with significant minorities of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, who in 1990 returned from exile in Central Asia after the rule of Stalin. The city has a railway station, which is undoubtedly the most beautiful building in the city and an international airport. It also has the longest trolleybus line in the world, with a length of 86 kilometers, which links Simferopol to Yalta on the Black Sea coast. We visited a bar to have a drink but the manager did not like the look of us and, after asking us where we were from, he invited us to leave, calling security. He said that, as we had come from Spain, we could have a disease and he did not want us there so we left as fast as we could! They are not very accustomed to tourism in Western Europe.
Cities in Sudak
Sudak is a beautiful city located in the southern part of Crimea (Krym), seventy kilometers away from Simferopol. With over 14,000 inhabitants, the most characteristic aspect of this coastal town is its fort, visible from all points of the city and from the sea, as it is located on top of the mountain and makes the panorama of the city really beautiful. It is believed that the city was founded in 212 AD, in the sixth century, when the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I ordered the construction of a fortress to be built in the town, which was an important place of trade until the twelfth century. This became a very important place for trade along the Silk Road. In the early thirteenth century the Venetians came to Sudak, renaming it Soldaia, though ultimately ceding control to the Genoese in 1365. In 1783, the town finally passed to the Russian Empire, along with the rest of Crimea. It would appear that there was a mass migration as a result of the instability that followed during that period. in 1778, the Russian ruler Potemkin ordered the evacuation of the Christian population that had been living in the Crimea. The town quickly became a small town, and according to the census of 1805, there were only thirty-three people still living in Sudak. Today it is a popular tourist destination, especially in the summer.
Cities in Bakhchysarai
Bakhchisaray... We find its name written in many ways. This city of 26,000 inhabitants is located in the autonomous Republic of Crimea. When visiting Ukraine and Crimea, it was one I liked, especially its Hansaray Palace (the only surviving palace of the Khans in the Crimea) and the mountains from which you can see and hear the call to prayer from the mosque inside the palace. In the 16th century it became the capital of the Crimean Khanate and the center of political and cultural life of the Crimean Tatar people. After the occupation of the Crimean Khanate by the Russian Empire in 1783, it became an ordinary city, but remained a Tatar cultural center until the mass deportation in 1944. The Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz dedicated a poem to the monuments of Bakhchisaray. I made the trip with a group of Poles, and this was important to them.
Cities in Lviv
Cities in Sebastopol
Cities in Rivne
Cities in Krivoy Rog
Kryvyi Rih
The best place to take in the cold and melancholy. You will feel under pressure after two days here. So dress your in furs, Uggs, and be ready for everything.
Cities in Sevastopol
Cities in Odessa
Cities in Kherson
Cities in Kamianets-Podilskyi
Cities in Berdyansk