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Coves in Spain

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426 coves in Spain

Coves in Ciudadela
Cala Macarelleta
A few kilometers to the East of Son Saura beach and the Es Talaier cove, the path that goes through the precios town of Sant Joan of Missa a series of coves that look like they’re taken out of dreams appear. Turquete cove is the first; then Macarella cove. From there, you can go walking along a solitary path where you can smell the fresh pine towards the beach. They’ve also created a path for cars to get to the same beach. It’s great, but the only problem is that it’s overpopulated in summer, although the families with kids are thankful for that. I find it fun to go on a mini excursion form Macarella to the paradise that is Macarelleta cove. For a few minutes, when you’re climbing up the rocky crag, you’ll get lost in what you’re doing and feel like Indiana Jones.
Coves in Sant Josep de sa Talaia
Cala D'hort Beach
I have a lot to write about Ibiza, my home for 7 years and where I found many beautiful corners. And why not start with Es Vedra, mysterious rock that emerges from the sea. It has a big rock and a smaller rock, called Es Vedranell. It is a symbol of the island for many of us who have been there, and it has a lot of energy. You can see it from Cala d’Hort, even though I recommend watching the sunset from the cliffs that will take you to Atlantis (a beautiful cove of difficult access). To get there, you need to take the San José road until de detour that takes you to Cala d’Hort and, several coves ahead, after the town of San José, you have to follow the signs that signal this cove. In the last crossing before arriving, instead of turning left like it says, you will continue straight on a dirt road until you have to halt. There you can leave the car and continue walking. The paths are visible and will take you close to the cliffs. With some luck there won’t be any clouds and the sun will paint the sea orange, which will leave you speechless. Then you will feel why Ibiza has attracted all kinds of people throughout the years. Some of you may think that it’s because of the parties, but luckily it’s not only that. When the good weather begins, there are people that go there to do yoga, taking advantage of the energy of this rock in the sunrise and sunset. Once there was even a hippie that lived there nourishing himself with the sunsets. There are many legends surrounding this majestic rock, so if one day you miss a party and come see it, I believe that you will have won (and saved money, since looking at it is free!)
Coves in Sant Josep de sa Talaia
Cala Conta
100% recommend. The views are wonderful, the sea is impeccable and the sunsets are totally unique. This beach is a MUST. I can assure you, you will not regret it. The only bad thing about it is that it gets too crowded so you better wake up early if you wish to get a good parking spot (if you have a car) and a good place at the beach itself.
Coves in Cala Galdana
Galdana Cove
This beach is incredible. The water is crystal-clear and the sand is white and clean. There are also some incredible views. It’s highly recommended to go with children since it’s quite ample and doesn't get too crowded. You can also go to Macarella cove on foot, a trip which takes around a half hour. You need to wear shoes on the trail, though, as there are lots of rocks. Finally, you head down 216 steps and arrive at this clean little beach.
Coves in Conil de la Frontera
Calas de Roche
Calas de Roche to La Barrosa Beach. These two spots can be found between Chiclana and Conil de la Frontera. It's the ideal spot for a trip, and the journey between the two can be done along the beach in just a few hours by bike, or, if you have more time, you can walk. You'll come across landscapes and coves like these ones with people ve are out doing the same thing you are. It gets really amusing. Sport, fresh air and sightseeing all in one go. Yes, you have to bring a snack and water.
Coves in Cabo de Gata
Cove of San Pedro
Impressive cove with amazing beauty. Like everything it has its pros and cons, but it is an impressive place: great atmosphere and nature, everything. The access is easy. A negative point is that you can’t purchase ice on the beach, but overall it’s great. In august it’s really crowded, but it has a cool atmosphere, even though the nudist atmosphere is quite reduced. It is better to go in low season. The boats are a great business, the charge you 12 Euros, but it is worth it! =)
Coves in Ferreries
Mitjana Cove
It’s a true luxury to have a savage cove of blue celestial waters with fine, white, white, white sand and a parking lot so close to the cove. There’s a cave in the left with a little bit of sand and plenty of shade, which makes the perfect place for a mid-day siesta.
Coves in Es Mercadal
Pregonda Cove
Located in the north of the island, this beach is totally different from the rest. The area is protected and is within one of the island’s natural reserves. To get to Cala Pregonda by car, you need to first get to Es Mercadal and then follow the road toward Fornells and exit towards the Cavallería Beach. Once you’re on the road, follow the signs toward Binimel (the beach before Cala Pregonda) and then leave the car in the parking lot. The downside is that you need to take a half hour walk to get to this cove, not exactly pleasant when the sun is beating down. The walk is fine though if you bring plenty of water. And the reward is priceless! The cove has a series of rocky islands which protect it from the wind and surf. The sand, fine and smooth, is of a unique orange color. The color of the water is turquoise, as always, but the cove is also famous for its wide variety of colors.
Coves in Sant Antoni de Portmany
Coves in La Calobra
Coves in Garachico
Coves in Cala Blanca
Turqueta Cove
I don’t know if I was influenced by the name, but with the fine white sand and sky-blue water, the whole cove is elegantly turquoise. It’s a must for those who love to visit hidden coves and even those who don’t. This cove is for everyone!
Coves in Benitachell
Moraig Cove
To arrive at this cove, you need to get to the village of Benitachell and then ask for the Cumbre de Sol housing development. It’s a bit tricky to get to, but once you arrive it’s really worth the trip. It’s a peaceful place and has a small beach bar in case you forgot to bring food. It’s small, but pretty, and far from all the mass-tourism areas. Depending on what time of year you go, you might even find yourself there alone!
Coves in Javea
Cove Ambolo
Not too far down from Cape Nao is a small, peaceful cove called Ambolo. I discovered it because, besides from being a photographer, I like to fish. Some friends recommended it to me and now I love taking pictures of the scenery.
Coves in Santanyí
Coves in Formentera
Cala Saona
The best of Cala Saona is definitely experienced from the sea. Watching the sunset from the sea and spending the night, then waking up in paradise is an unforgettable experience. If you have the chance to go there by boat it's worth it to get away from the islands and spend a night in this cove.
Coves in Mañón
Coves in Santanyí
Cala Mondragó
One of The best beaches in Mallorca.
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