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Historical Monuments in Andalucía

463 historical monuments in Andalucía

Historical Monuments in Granada
The Alhambra
Nestled in the Hill of Sarika fortress lies a tale of the Arabian Nights, battles and lost kingdoms, of great beauty ... It is per
Historical Monuments in Seville
Alcázar of Seville
One of my favourite places in Seville for the peace it breaths walking in the gardens. It is delightful in spring and refreshing i
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Historical Monuments in Seville
Torre del Oro
One of the most recent offerings of Almohad art in Seville was the very famous Torre del Oro (Golden Tower) Built in 1220/21 by
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Historical Monuments in Córdoba
Alcazar de Los Reyes Cristianos
Place of great historical importance.
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Historical Monuments in Ronda
Puente Nuevo Bridge
Spent New Year's Eve in the town of Ronda, Spain. We arrived just before sunset & trekked down the side of a mountain to get this
Historical Monuments in Malaga
Alcazaba de Málaga
Historical Monuments in Ronda
Historic Centre of Ronda
Ronda is special. If you're passing through Málaga, don't forget to see the marvelous town of Ronda, so knightly and exciting.
Historical Monuments in Huelva
Rio Tinto Pier
After visiting the “British Legacy” of the Interpretation Center “Huelva, Puerta del Atlántico” (Huelva, Gate to the Atlantic), I
Historical Monuments in Granada
Court of the Lions
The Palacio de los Leones of Mohamed V is the jewel of the crown of the Alhambra! As you step across the threshold of the Patio de
Historical Monuments in Seville
Casa de Pilatos
A Gorgeous palace that is worth seeing, walking around every corner as well as the beautiful gardens. The colourful gardens and th
Historical Monuments in Almería
Cable Inglés
This is one of the most important monuments of Almeria, our great Cable Inglés. It is well worth spend any afternoon doing nothing
Historical Monuments in Córdoba
Patio de los Naranjos
The Patio de los Naranjos is part of the Mosque of Cordoba. It was built by Rahman I and is the oldest and largest courtyard in th
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Historical Monuments in Antequera
Alcazaba de Antequera
Well, I had a great time here. Outside it was raining, the wind was cold, it was better inside, with half lights, ornaments and st
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Historical Monuments in Seville
Walls of Seville
The best preserved section (if not practically the only one) of the walled enclosure of Seville is located near the neighbourhood
Historical Monuments in Seville
Monastery of Santa Maria de las Cuevas
In search of the legacy Expo 92 left us in Seville I ventured to the Island of La Cartuja. Large buildings with massive metal p
Historical Monuments in Seville
General Archive of the Indies
Seville developed as a city following the discovery of America in 1492. It is when the city port became the first axis of communic
Historical Monuments in Carmona
Alcázar Puerta de Sevilla
My Spanish class went to a town near Seville last Thursday. We took a bus together and arrived early in the morning. We walked thr
Historical Monuments in Granada
Its disturbing figure dominates the entire sky of Granada with the Torre de Vela as standard and with a clear declaration of inten