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Restaurants in Callander
The Lade Inn Restaurant
As Iain Quintana recommended, I visited this pub for lunch. It was a great success and a great tip. It's located in a strategic location at the beginning of the Trossachs on the way to Lock Katrine. Nearby is Kilmahog where there are highland bulls that are hairy with a very large horns. You can feed it vegetables that you buy at the store for 1 pound. The pub food is of great quality, the service is very friendly, and the homemade beer is incredible. For those with children, they are welcome and there are toys for them. They entertain a lot while eating. I recommend it.
Restaurants in Manchester
The Old Wellington
The Old Wellington Inn is one of the historical places ( built in the sixteenth century) where the most important business transactions of Manchester City were held. It was the home of the birth of John Byron, one of the revolutionary British phonetics and miraculously was one of the few historic buildings that was not damaged by bombing during World War II , which destroyed most of downtown Manchester. This causes the visual characteristics of this place contrast to the modern city center. In 1948 the building was declared a monument of the city of Manchester. In addition to an excellent selection of local beers, the place is decorated with pretty taste, and were surprised by the quality of food and price, not at all crazy considering it is in the city center (a the back of the cathedral) and its architectural features and popularity. Their culinary specialties include cakes or pie, which are very famous. Likewise, the lamb is another dish to consider. If you want to eat traditional food in the heart of the British central area, in a typical building, without a doubt this is the most recommended place in Manchester.
Restaurants in Nottingham
Pitcher and Piano
In the south of the city, between the "Galleries of Justice" and the modern contemporary art museum that's going to open soon, there you'll find an impressive Gothic church that has been deconsecrated and converted into a spectacular space where you can enjoy a drink or even some tasty mussels with chili sauce. You have to go up to where the girls' bathroom is, at the highest point, and then from there you can appreciate the studied use of space and colorful stained glass, a really cool place that's not to be missed in this vibrant city.
Restaurants in Doune
Red Lion Restaurant
The restaurant of the hotel works with independent access, and offers a wide selection of traditional Scottish food, including dishes such as salmon marinated and cooked with dill and the famous 'Haggis, neeps and taties' (haggis with mashed mashed potato and turnip). It is traditional and calm, but remember that it is closed on Sundays. A good wine list - although there are few Spanish wines to choose from- but we can opt for some Chilean harvest, which are also recommended.
Restaurants in Bournemouth
The Mary Shelley
The Mary Selley is the perfect place to go if you want to eat well and eat cheap. It's next to one of the busy main streets of Bournemouth center, tours a corner and suddenly find yourself in a much more quiet, next to a beautiful church (where, among other people are buried Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein). The pub has big windows. If you explore the menu you'll find some pretty good values. For less than 5 pounds you can eat well. The food is not bad and has some variety. Ideal to enjoy a traditional English breakfast, eat, have a beer or coffee. The staff is nice and if you're not fluent with English, many of the staff are Spanish. It has wi-fi network. This pub is part of a chain called Wetherspoon. All the pubs are exactly what you would find anywhere in the United Kingdom.
Restaurants in Stirling
Nicky Tams Bar and Bouthy
One of the oldest traditional pubs in the heart of Stirling. Traditional food at a very good price served in the upper part of the pub ("bouthy"). Here you will find a good atmosphere in the lower part ("Bar"). Small and full of objects from long ago, the Nicky Tams also boasts of being the pub of choice in central Scotland, with numerous experiences (although many may well be an effect of the numerous pints consumed there). I can not say it´s one of the most beautiful, perhaps one of the most disordered (in general) but are of those places have personality. Here you will find pleasant service and people of all ages are welcome. In addition, unusual in these parts, is a machine with Spanish products: olives, pistachios ... In fact the machine is all in Spanish. A good spot to eat something or enjoy a good pint in the heart of town.
Restaurants in Bridge of Allan
Westertone Arms
The Westerton Arms is the most famous pub to be found in the Bridge of Allan. It is divided into two parts, one for drinking and another for eating. Many locals come to this bar. The most popular drink here is the Scottish pint. I was surprised by the limited range of whiskeys. In the area opposite the restaurant, you can find quite traditional food in relation to its price it is very good. In fact it is almost always full. A negative point is the fact that it does not admit reservations, which makes eating there (sometimes) a real struggle. It was recently renovated (including new website), this pub is the spirit of the town (which for many is too posh).
Restaurants in Aberdeen
The Stage Door Restaurant
Among the theater and the Academy of Art, one of the most bohemian of Aberdeen (Silver Street), is this unusual restaurant, which is possibly one of the most original and better quality of the entire city. Located in the highest area of ​​an ancient theater, exceptional service, a menu that changes monthly and where traditional Scottish merges with local seafood and the chef's creativity (French trained). In addition, a generous wine menu with good selection of Spanish wines (which isn't very common in these parts). All this in a relaxing atmosphere with classical music at a perfect volume. We thought that the bill would be huge but we were surprised to see that it was good value, in other places we have paid more and eaten worse. For those ve want something different, for those ve like to eat well and for the most discerning palates in Aberdeen, this is a place to keep in mind.
Restaurants in Kippen
The Inn at Kippen
About 16 km of Stirling we can find the village of Kippen, which is famous for it's Inn, which is actually a modern Scottish restaurant where we can find, apart from a lovely atmosphere, friendly service and a menu without that can end doubts about British food. Among other delights you can try salmon cooked with dill and other sauces or pate 'Arbroath Smokie' based on a traditional Scottish North Coast - East of Scotland, based on dry herring marinated in local herbs. There is a good selection of wine and desserts. In all it is a very charming and definitely creative Scottish cuisine (I had to put international in the description as I found it not to be British or Scottish)
Restaurants in Edinburgh
Deacon Brodies Tavern
It's the first place that I ate in Edinburgh and, of course, I had to order an impressive Haggis, a kind of sausage for undemanding Scottish stomachs, mostly because it is heavy and is served with a delicious whiskey sauce. Everything is washed down with a good beer and a plate of fish and chips to whet your appetite.
Restaurants in Harrogate
The Montpellier
The Montpellier is an unoriginal name for this neighbourhood pub in Montpellier! Montpellier is one of the most beautiful places to visit because there are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars around. The city is dedicated to tourism and fun, so you'll always enjoy your stay in Montpellier. This is an old pub with a few tables outside to enjoy good weather. Inside, the décor is very cozy, with a fireplace, wood furniture and rugs on the floor. They serve pub food, like meat pies and homemade burgers, and the plates are generally accompanied by vegetables. There is a great selection of home-brewed ales. In general, the British are not going from pub to pub if they go out. They usually always go to the same pub, hence the family atmosphere where everyone knows everyone and they go to chat after work. The prices are reasonable.
Restaurants in Harrogate
Christies is a pub in Harrogate, right in the heart of the city. There they broadcast games on their giant screen TV's and the place gets really packed at night. There are some tables you can sit at outside in the summer, and the pub has several rooms on the inside. In general, the pubs are in a whole house, where once on the first floor had a bed and Breakfast. This is built on the ground floor of a house, and there are apartments above normal.
Restaurants in Oxford
The High Table
The High Table is the restaurant of the hotel Mercure Eastgate. It operates independently and one can eat or have tea at any time without being a hotel guest. It is one of the nicest restaurants in the city, a 17th century house renovated with a comfortable décor. There is a lounge with a selection of wines and cocktails, and a more formal lunch. They serve breakfast and lunch until 6 and also "afternoon tea", a selection of small breads and rolls served with tea or a glass of champagne. Dinner is served until 9pm. They eat dinner quite early! Prices are fair, between 7 and 10 pounds a person, and you can eat things such as scallops with cauliflower or clams, for a 2nd plate there is duck, sirloin, and costs between 15 and 20 pounds per head, and desserts cost around 6 pounds.
Restaurants in Stirling
The Filling Station
The Filling Station is an American-style restaurant chain found throughout the UK, especially in Scotland. Each establishment incorporates local British dishes, so the American theme is a little ambiguous. In the Stirling location, found in the city centre, the price-value makes it more than recommendable. You can sample dishes from Scottish Haggis to pasta and burgers, with a decent selection of wines and beers from 10:00am to 23:30-24:00. Its location and modern decor make it an ideal spot for a break and, as the name suggests, a food refill.
Restaurants in Kinghorn
Niven's Coffee Shop
Niven's Coffee Shop offers its patrons some typical soups (such Cullen Skin, which is made with potato and cod or hake), meat dishes, Scottish breakfasts, snacks, sandwiches, coffee, tea, etc. It's a little place in the center of Kinghorn, but it's almost always full because it's cheap. The quality is good and the service is very good. It doesn't exactly match the restaurant's concept, but for a light lunch or a snack it's the ideal place in Kinghorn.
Restaurants in Fife
Red Lion Inn
In one of the most central areas of Culross, you will find this typical local restaurant, specialising in steaks (Scottish angus steaks) but because of its proximity to the coast the fish is also excellent. It is very traditional in its exterior and interior, the atmosphere is very cosy with wood all over the place, the service is fast, friendly and the food is great. Personally I loved a variation of the traditional haggis that was served with a whiskey sauce, cream and cheese and likewise the lamb with mint sauce .... although the menu is quite extensive. We cannot say that this is one of the cheapest places, but considering the quality in the preparation of the dishes, it is not that expensive at all ... You can look at the menu on the restaurant website.
Restaurants in Glasgow
The Harvester is a pub and restaurant in Paisley Road, in a place called Springfield Quay. It is a group of restaurants and shops that are fairly new, but is a bit far from the heart of Glasgow and if you don´t have a vehicle, it´s a 20-minute walk from Glasgow Central. It is a pub that is dedicated to offering grilled meats, and there is generally an Early Bird menu, where you eat before 7pm, so it may be a late lunch when you decide to take advantage of the offer, which are two courses for £ 5. With a beer it doesn´t cost more than 9 pounds, which is reasonable. There is a menu that is worth 4 pounds for kids who are welcome. The Early bird menu, for example, consists of filled mushrooms, soup, fried chicken or sausage and mashed potatoes or a cheesburger.
Restaurants in Durham
Seven Stars Inn
At one end of the historic city of Durham, in the North-West coast of England in Shincliffe, there is an Inn where you can spend the night. It´s definitely more famous though for its superb cuisine. Founded in the eighteenth century, it currently offers a variety of food for lunch, dinner and Sundays. The wine and beer lists are also extensive. The cuisine, which is traditional British with use of local products, offers excellent meats, such as lamb's leg and an original black-pudding skewer. There´s also trout or salmon and very tasty vegetarian options. The atmosphere is good and the service most professional. Recommended by Michelin Guide, this inn is a good place to break that bad stereotype about British cuisine.
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