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Of Cultural Interest in Argentina

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367 of cultural interest in Argentina

Of Cultural Interest in Buenos Aires
Floralis Genérica
Walking in Buenos Aires in March this year, I decided to go on the tour of the United Nations Plaza, as well as the Avenida Figueroa Alcorta and Austria, and to go and see this gigantic Floralis Generic, a metal sculpture that is located on a four acre park that is surrounded by many trees and is situated on a pond that protects it. According to the author it depicts flowers worldwide. It is surprising both because it opens at 10am, and due to its slow and deliberate closure in subsequent times up to sundown and its color varies with the chang ine the position of the sun. The inside is particularly impressive, mostly the reddish hue that comes when it closes.
Of Cultural Interest in Buenos Aires
El Ateneo Grand Splendid
This library is in the Santa Fe Avenue near the corner of Avenida De Callao in the heart of Buenos Aires. It was once the old movie theater and then the Grand Splendid Bookseller recycled it and did so by retaining its structure, the stage, the boxes and the beautiful dome.
Of Cultural Interest in Ushuaia
Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse
This photo was taken on a sail on the Beagle Channel on the island abutting Lighthouse At The End of The World- as named in Jules Verne's book.
Of Cultural Interest in Buenos Aires
Downtown Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires' Puerto Madero area is where they are currently building the tallest buildings in the city. Puerto Madero is one of the newest and most cutting-edge neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, considered to be particularly modern and exclusive.
Of Cultural Interest in Tilcara
The Pucará de Tilcara, the Strength of the Quebrada de Humahuaca
Discovered about 100 years ago, the Pucara de Tilcara is a 900 years old fortress, which was built by the Tilcara in a strategic location of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, on a small hill about 100 m (the site is 2,450 m above sea level), which dominates the Rio Grande. The place is ideal for defence, because on one hand it is protected by the sheer drop to the Rio Grande and on the other by the slopes of the mountain. It is quite large, which gives an idea of ​​its historical significance, and they have excavated and identified neighborhoods with houses, animal pens, a cemetery and sacred ceremonial sites.
Of Cultural Interest in Mar del Plata
Port of Mar del Plata
The Barges of the Fishermen are a special colourful site in the Mar del Plata port. You have to go very early to see them leave, but you can go in the afternoon to watch them come in. You'll have a wonderful experience watching the fishermen "guarded" by flocks of seagulls flitting around waiting for a spare fish. It's a very pretty walk that I recommend.
Of Cultural Interest in Rosario
Monumento a Los Caídos en Malvinas
This monument was inaugurated on June 19, 2005 which is the eve of Argentina Flag Day, as a reminder of the sacrifice young Argentine soldiers and officers made in the unequal struggle for the recovery of our Malvinas Islands on April 2, 1982. Erected to remind the entire community, if only for a moment, the reason why. The printed writing are the names of the dead, symbolizing their value to the Nation, the names are alphabetical and without hierarchy on a black marble wall. You can also see the 5 coats of arms that participated in the war. The floor of this ellipse is different from the esplanade in order to mark a separation between the inside and the outside, no mirror in the center of a circular water in which they are represented, enhancements are made of reinforced concrete and are illuminated from below, the Falkland Islands reflected by its contour. The monument is in the Parque Nacional a la Bandera (National Park of Allegiance), the website and the phone are the ETUR Rosario.
Of Cultural Interest in Buenos Aires
Of Cultural Interest in Tucumán
Casa Historica de la Independencia
People who like to learn about the history of countries, and in particular their independence, should not miss this museum "Independence Historical House" which is situated in the center of the city of Tucuman. It takes you through the history of Argentina. A place of memories.
Of Cultural Interest in Corrientes
Costanera de Corrientes
The true beauty and strength of the majestic Paraná River is an expression of life whose magnitude is best appreciated by hearing the sound of its current. The beautiful, extensive waterfront in the city can makes a good extension.
Of Cultural Interest in La Plata
Dardo Rocha Cultural Center
This is a photo I took while I waited to enter my first (and only) photography class, when I saw a girl there who had put herself in my frame, when I arrived home and saw it I noticed.The composition was nice. It´s here, so I´ll share it.
Of Cultural Interest in Buenos Aires
Of Cultural Interest in Salta
Train to the Clouds (El Tren a las Nubes)
The Cloud Train leaving from the city´s train station in Salta to the Viaduct of Polvorilla takes you on a tour of an impressive work of 20th Century engineering achievement. The adrenaline and excitement are the sensations and feelings that it evokes in you. I advise that you do not eat anything before you leave, you have water handy and just ask coca tea or chewing coca because of the low air pressure and the low levels of oxygen. The train was perfectly equipped for it, with an great heating system, although these days in Salta we didn´t need a coat because it was very hot, we wore short-sleeved shirts, but when you go up to San Antonio, the temperature drops abruptly, there are places where you see the ice and the highest peaks snow-capped. The trip is very long but entertaining. You stop for landscapes and photos at each stop. Getting to San Antonio of the Coppers was quite a party and I felt a great feeling when we were so close to heaven and that immensity became our flag and we sang the national anthem. The train departs every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 7:05 pm. From Salta, and returns at 10.15 pm.
Of Cultural Interest in Luján de Cuyo
Potrerillos Dam
Potrerillos is a beautiful place to get some fresh air and be in touch with nature. It's part of the Andes mountain range, is absolutely stunning and offers lots to see whatever time of year you visit.
Of Cultural Interest in La Plata
Of Cultural Interest in Villa Carlos Paz
San Roque Dam
In the year 2009, I visited the province of Cordoba in Argentina. With its lakes, dams and mountains, there´s a wide range of things to do in terms of gastronomy, hospitality, accommodation, and art. We visited San Roque Dam, Alta Gracia, cosquin, Jesus Maria, Rio Ceballos and many other places. Definitely visit Cordoba! The whole family will enjoy it.
Of Cultural Interest in La Plata
Curutchet House (Le Corbusier)
For students, professionals, and architecture lovers who can not visit, you can aso see it in the movie "The Man Next Door" (made in 2010) by Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat, because it is one of the backdrops.
Of Cultural Interest in Tucumán
Escaba Dam
Hello, I am Carmen. I can honestly say that this is a beautiful place where nature offers magic, beauty, and tranquility, it is a place for friends to meet, have some glasses of wine, horseback riding, hiking .. The crystal clear waters of the river Singuil washes your soul .. What is the secret of tourism? That does not endorse this beautiful place???