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Of Touristic Interest in Portugal

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418 of touristic interest in Portugal

Of Touristic Interest in Porto
The Six Bridges Cruise
So many bridges
Of Touristic Interest in Porto
Funicular Dos Guindais
I took the funicular on the tourist office's advice. It is the fastest way to climb from bank of the Duero (Dock Ribeirato) the upper area of ​​the city in order to visit the Cathedral (in the neighborhood of Batalha). The station is a bit hidden, just in front of the Puente de Luis I, and rises to the Rua Augusto Rosa (there is also the reverse). At the station there are ticket machines, you have to get the Z-2, and the journey costs € 0.95 (2 minutes). It is a modern cabin with panoramic windows and capacity for 20 people. Interestingly, this funicular has existed since 1891, but was recovered after more than a century of inactivity. It is operated by the Metro do Porto. Another way to get higher up the neighborhood is to take the Elevator da Ribeira for free, leaving us in Calle Mouzinho Silveira.
Of Touristic Interest in Braga
Bom Jesus Funicular
There are two cabins which are held by the same cable. When one comes up, their deposits are filled with water. The bottom one empties their deposits and this way is how the breaks make it go up while the other goes down. it´s truly ingenious and ecological. It´s a nice and pretty place. Don´t miss out.
Of Touristic Interest in Lagos
Boat Tour to the Caves of Punta da Piedade
Beautiful trip. The tour guides are so nice!
Of Touristic Interest in Tavira
Tavira's Little Venice
Walking around Praça da República we went to the Puente Romano and we saw a white pillar painted in the colors of the city shield. It also had an inscription honoring those killed during the 1383-1385 political crisis when the defense of the bridge lead to victory in the struggle for independence from Portugal. Just across the Puente Romano you can almost smell the sea with a twist, old houses, some almost in ruins but with beautiful railings and many plants, some completely shelled by time and moisture, but some with flowers pots, umbrellas and very white paint. The back stairs overlook the special river - it is as clean and quiet as the Gilao and it was there that I gave it the name of the "Venice" of Tavira. (Data are from the Municipal House on the Plaza.)
Of Touristic Interest in Furnas
Enterrar El Cocido de Furnas
It is truly an art form: burying the food of Furnas! For me it was the first time I saw a stew buried in the ground. The vapors emanating from the stew and from the two streams, one cold and one hot, are how the stew is prepared. It a very natural way to prepare the stew, being as it is baked in the earth itself. The stew here in the Azores can be made in two ways: from cod or from meat. I personally decided to try the meat. To give you an idea of the process; holes are dug in the ground, then pots with the stew in are placed into these. They are then covered with wooden lids; one of the most curious sights I have ever seen in my life. It's not every day that you see food being buried that you know will be later served on your plate ... I still remember the taste (very different from anything in Spain) of this stew that was cooked in the heat of volcanic craters.
Of Touristic Interest in Sao Miguel
The Ponta Ferraria Lighthouse
It is the largest lighthouse and the second oldest in Azores after Ponta do Arnel. This light house could not be more different. It is in a flat area, and has the typical housing construction, where several families could live in the lighthouse. It doesn't look 111 years old, and is considered the island's best preserved lighthouse. You can access the lighthouse from the town of Ginetes
Of Touristic Interest in Funchal
Tukxi Madeira
No need to fly to a distant country for a rickshaw ride. If you walk through Funchal, you now have the opportunity to get on one of these popularly Asian vehicles. Motorized rikshaws of Tukxi have more advantages than either India or Thailand, as they are electric, and therefore don't pollute or make noise, and moreover, they are safe. They have belts and blankets if it's cold, are clean and convertible, more like luxury tuk tuks. You would like New Delhi. There is a Tukxi stop in Praça do Mar, Lido, and the historic center of Funchal, but make sure to reserve by phone. The cheapest tour costs 20 euros, for three people at a time, and it passes Farmer's Market, Town Square, and Municipal Garden. However, there are many other paths, and you even have the option to customize your own.
Of Touristic Interest in Peso da Régua
Douro River Cruise
During a beautiful summer day, I almost went for a cruise on the River Douro (Douro in Portuguese) and the output is the made from the lovely town of Peso da Regua on a boat of these that make the crossing for 50 minutes, but offered services of a full day or even a week with boats of all kinds, depends on the duration of the voyage. Going down to the "Cais do Douro" I noticed a very long cruise with many cabins and restaurant. I was curious about it, so I asked if we would be going towards it. Really looked like a big floating hotel. As we did not have much time do we settle for almost an hour watching the spectacular landscape of vineyards, noting that the river water sometimes blue and others returned as green as the color of the vines on the hills and quiet breathing. .. I recommend this short cruise as it is a very relaxing way of knowing the Douro Valley and travel case make a river between Porto and Pinhao which is the more common and where we find three locks and with different slopes to the passage of the river that possibly do in my next getaway.
Of Touristic Interest in Funchal
Of Touristic Interest in Elvas
Casa da Joana
The workshop of Joana Leal is a microcosm of lace, embroidery and poetry, in one of the shopping streets in Elvas, a border town, just 15 km from Badajoz. Joana Leal has been working with fabrics and needle to keep alive the traditions of embroidery. Its creation is pure art, an art that crosses borders and which has won several international awards. During the visit to the workshop I learned a lot, but highlight two concepts: object poetry, ie Embroidered literature in everyday objects (aprons, tea towels ...) and 'trapología', the technique of recreating products. Inside an old building belonging to the clergy, the store is authentic and parts of the workshop are an old chapel. All rooms are filled with creations of Joana, placed close together. Visiting this site can be combined with a chat with Joana who is always willing to talk about her passion, embroidery, literature or border relations between Spain and Portugal. The danger of plunging into these microworlds is the time it takes to get out of them.
Of Touristic Interest in Castro Marim
Saltworks of Castro Marim
It was a little crazy to venture into this field at 45 degrees in the sun, but it really was worth it. Got to enjoy unique landscapes. The various stages through which water passes marshes until separate salt can be seen in this place. On the horizon you can easily see the picturesque castle of Castro Marim once a defensive bulwark of Portugal. The few plants live in these extreme conditions (halophytic plants). Taking Root to practically the edges with the Guadiana, the natural border with Spain we can see the bridge linking the two countries (Spain and Portugal).
Of Touristic Interest in Figueira da Foz
Of Touristic Interest in Viana do Castelo Municipality
Lift or Funicular of Santa Luzia
One of the essential visits in Viana is the Basilica of Santa Luzia, it's in a natural setting on a hill 300 meters above sea level, there's also a gazebo, an Iron Age fort and a recreational area. You can hop in the car, but the quick, convenient and fun way is to take the Funicular de Santa Luzia (the "elevator"). The funicular station is on Avenida 25 de Abril, in the vicinity of the Hospital. Watch out, as you have to take into account the uneven terrain, the funicular is on high ground just behind the railway station. To get there two methods: a (free) lift on the platform of the train station and cross a metal bridge that crosses over the tracks, or go through inside the Viana Shopping. The funicular is 650 meters long (the longest in the country) and runs in 7 minutes with a vertical drop of 160 meters. It was built in 1923 but was completely remodeled a few years ago. The small cabin takes about 12 passengers and goes up/down every 15 minutes. The round trip ticket costs 3 €. It operates from January 1-May 31 and October 1-December 31: 8 to 6pm and June 1-September 30: 8 to 8pm.
Of Touristic Interest in Freixo de Espada à Cinta
Freixo de Espada à Cinta (Arribes del Duero)
In this area the summer heat can be asphyxiating and there's nothing better than a dip in the river Duero. Down a winding road with breathtaking landscapes you come to this wonderful corner. The trouble is that dogs are not allowed, but I took mine out of the area and she could swim with me. There is a poolside snack bar and picnic area.
Of Touristic Interest in Albufeira
Views to Albufeira
As I've mentioned elsewhere, Albufeira's coast is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and popular tourist attractions of the Algarve. A town with steep, narrow streets with a busy seaport, with little remaining of the old town after the earthquake of 1755. In Roman times it was known as Baltum, and became a central area with plenty of commercial and agricultural activity. Of the major infrastructures built at the time, such as aqueducts, roads and bridges, you can still see some traces remaining. The Arabs called it Al-Buhera (Sea Castle), which is where its current name comes from. It has really beautiful views and great beaches.
Of Touristic Interest in Tavira
Clube de Vela de Tavira
We got here after taking a very long drive, with a great amount of kilometers of land, thorns and sand, as I told you in our adventure to get to Island Camping Tavira Park. This club which history goes back to the 1950s with the practice of sailing, it was one of several regional centers of this type until finally it was founded in 1993, with the main activity area of ​​skills in this sport. It began to hold a wide variety of sailing competitions, currently regional, national and international, Fishing, Hunting and Fishing, swimming and canoeing. It offers a Bar, a Sailing School, Nautical Charts and tractor ramps for partners and many other amenities. From here we are going to the pier to take the ferry to Tavira. We reached here after a lengthy drive, miles of land, thorns and sand, as I told you in our adventure to get to Park Island Camping Tavira. This club with a history dating back to the 1950s was for sailing, and it was one of several regional centers of this type until finally it was founded in 1993. They began to organize a wide range of sailing championships, currently regional, national and international fishing, hunting and swimming and canoeing. On site there is a bar, sailing school, nautical charts and partner tractor ramps and other amenities. From here we headed to the pier to take the ferry to Tavira.
Of Touristic Interest in Fatima
Offering Candles
Next to the Chapel of Apparitions is the place that is dedicated to the offerings of candles, all different shapes and sizes, some are arms, or hands, or legs, a heart, a finger, etc.. With each candle a pilgrim has asked for some healing. That was one of the things I disliked because It sounded more like fetishism than faith. But faith moves mountains and they are grateful and that's what counts. All contact data is from the Basilica.
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