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Spa in Argentina

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31 spa in Argentina

Spa in Mar del Plata
Seaside Promenade of Mar del Plata
From the beautiful apartment where we stayed in Mar del Plata you could see the ocean. We were only about a half a block away from it, so I couldn't resist taking pictures of it on a starless night. The spectacle of the moon on the sea is what I really want to share with you.
Spa in Luján de Cuyo
Termas Cacheuta
These springs are located about 2 hours from Mendoza and the mountain range, and are what equpadas Aencion calls that are becoming an attractive resort, with artificial waves .. There is a thermal circuit river, picnic areas, waterfalls etc. .. It is certainly an area to enjoy the scenery accompanied by these gentle waters.
Spa in San Martín de los Andes
Circuit 7 Lakes
It's a place that many young Argentines know but don't value, because they don't go to enjoy the beauty and charm that the place has, both in winter and summer. It has a particular charm both the nature that surrounds the city and the center of the city. Nature in the region is exquisite and beautiful. A place not impossible for anyone to know that loves nature. A combination of different colors that can be found devido from Snow White to the turquoise waters, which are made to believe that any tourist is the perfect mirror the sky and never see a color more beautiful in the world. It has all kinds of greens, because it has an interesting vegetation and severa kinds of animals in the area that generates admiration. Definitely too many reasons to visit this place ... And once you have come, you definitely consider staying for the rest of your life as it's an earthly paradise. I couldn't stay, but I want to return as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Visit Bariloche, in any season, and you won't regret it.
Spa in Carilo
Spa in Chascomus
Cascomús Lagoon
Chascomús is only 100 km from Buenos Aires and is an excellent getaway to escape the daily madness. In their campsites you can relax, play some games or read a book. It is surrounded by green and a deep pond. Another interesting fact is that before entering the city, on the road, is Atalaya. Where the best croissants in Argentina are sold.
Spa in Rosario
Spa in Colón
Waterfront of Uruguay River and Surroundings
We visited in April 2011 and really enjoyed the entire city, including the spa, museum, regional, gastronomy, hospitality, silverware businesses and great leather for sale. There are also lovely coastal beaches where we relaxed during the day.
Spa in Olavarria
Colonia San Miguel Balneario
Colonia San Miguel is a town in the Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. It is located 24 kilometers southeast of the city of Olavarria. It was founded by 15 Volga German families who arrived hear in the steamship Hohenstadt in February 1878. San Miguel was officially founded on October 3, 1881, and the colony had taken its name from the Vorsteher (director of the council of elders), Miguel Stoessel. Nevertheless, among the settlers it was called Dehler in remembrance of the village on the Volga where these families came from. Colonia San Miguel Municipal Beach is an area that has large landscaped green spaces, stoves and tables, body baths, electricity and water. The magnitude and beauty of the place allow for multiple outdoor activities. The tranquility of the surroundings invites you to rest and relax. The history and culture of the people also deserves attention. We aim to provide a relaxing alternative, development and fun for the general population, with quality services in a warm and organic, natural and unique atmosphere. Email: blog:
Spa in Paraná
Municipal Spa in the City
The City Municipal Beach is the ultimate resting place of our small but friendly city. It's the everyone's meeting place and has beauty and charm.
Spa in San Antonio Este
The Grotto Spa
At low tide the stones, corals, algae, snails and crabs are exposed. Between each rocks there is a mini ecosystem. You can dip your feet in these natural pools of warm water. Highly recommended to take a walk on the rocks, but be careful and wear sandals.
Spa in Buenos Aires
Spa in Villa Yacanto
Spa in Río Tercero
Río Tercero
From where I was sitting she looked so beautiful...I was called to her by a photo and there I was.
Spa in Almafuerte
This is the spa in Almafuerte which has improved year by year. It is only a few km from my city. It also has grills, a calm river where you can swim, with swimming pool and nearby, is "the bomb" which is a resort for camping, a bit far away and quiet.
Spa in Colón
Colón Springs
This is in villa elisa between colon rivers. Every year I go on holiday with my family. The resort has many hiking activities and games for kids. The interesting thing about this place is that it has the only public swimming pool with waves. I recommend it.
Spa in Santa Clara del Mar
Spa in Concepción del Uruguay
Spa in Buenos Aires