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Squares in Argentina

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186 squares in Argentina

Squares in Buenos Aires
Plaza de Mayo
Located in the historical district of Monserrat bordering the district of San Nicolas de Bari, the Plaza de Mayo was occupied in 1661 by Jesuit buildings that have now been demolished. This religious group arrived at the time of the Spanish conquest to evangelize the inhabitants of the continent. The Plaza de Mayo has held markets, executions, fiestas, and bullfights, but mainly it was the meeting place for traders, a place where you could buy candles, fish, armadillos, and chickens. It is also where, on May 25, 1810. Argentina took its first step towards freedom and where in 1860 the Constitution was sworn in. The modern square was designed in 1902 like Independence Park in the city of Rosario by the French landscape architect and naturalized Argentine, Carlos Thays, famous for using palms trees from Rio de Janeiro. The square has two fountains and an equestrian statue of General Manuel Belgrano in bronze on a granite pedestal. The body was made by French sculptor Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse and shows the hero holding the flag in the act of taking an oath, while the horse was sculpted by Argentine Manuel de Santa Coloma, who was born in Argentina Embassy in Paris. The monument was funded by the Argentine people who gave what they could, as a sort of public gratitude to the creator of the nation. On the monument, there are two bronze plaques reading "Manuel Belgrano February 13, 1813" and "Acts of Congress of Tucumán July 25, 1816." In the center of the square stands the Pyramid of Mayo, and next to the bronze statue of Don Juan de Garay. In front of the square is the Cathedral, which dates back to the nineteenth century.
Squares in Mendoza
Plaza Independencia
It is the central square of the city .. Clean, big and very active. It is quite easy to reach as it is situated in the center of the city and next to it are the tram stops, perfect to rest as it has sinks that can cool you down. In the evening there are shows that keep the action alive.
Squares in Mendoza
Plaza España
Plaza España was part of the redesign of Mendoza which took place after the 1861 earthquake. It was designed in 1863, and is one of the four squares that surround the Plaza Independencia. It's had a number of names over the years, including Montevideo and Carlos Pellegrini, until finally it was given the name of Plaza España. The other squares nearby are Plaza Italia, Plaza Chile and Plaza Independencia. In 1946 it was remodeled using some materials brought from Spain, like friezes. In 1993, the decision was made to restore the 1,561 badly damaged tiles that used to show scenes from the founding of the city. It is now one of the most-visited places in Mendoza, with people coming from all over to see the beautiful tile work, Andalusian wrought iron lanterns, central fountain, beautiful monuments and wide variety of plants. It's a great place to come and relax in the shade of the trees.
Squares in Salta
Plaza 9 de Julio
This is Salta's central square, surrounded by historic buildings with beautiful pastel colours. A highlight is the controversial Archaeological Museum, showing Incan objects that have been found throughout the Andes - but in fact, its most famous pieces are the mummified remains of three Incan girls sacrificed and buried alive in the top of a nearby volcano. In any case, the square is really a nice place to stroll under the trees when the heat is too high.
Squares in La Plata
Plaza Moreno
On November 19, 1882, the founding ceremony of the city of La Plata took place in this square plaza. The huge green space (8 hectares in total, one of the largest in Argentina) is dotted with statues and bordered by trees. The Plaza Moreno is iconic of La Plata, and on one side you have the imposing Cathedral and on the other,Town Hall.
Squares in Buenos Aires
Plaza San Martín
Plaza San Martín is a wonderful green space perched on the cliffs and shaded by huge trees. There are curved paths leading to a large lookout point with views over the Retiro neighborhood and the Torre de los Ingleses. There are stunning buildings surrounding the square, including the Palacio Paz, the Plaza Hotel, and the Kavanagh Building, built from reinforced concrete in 1936 and declared a World Heritage architectural site. During lunchtime, the area fills with workers from the nearby offices looking relax with a picnic on the grass.
Squares in Cordoba
Plaza España
The other day I was bitten by the bug of wanting to take pictures, but I did not know where to go. I was accompanied by my best friend and we walked and walked, thinking we could photograph and suddenly we thought about Plaza España (a small square in a roundabout where many of the major avenues of Cordoba meet.) I had never been in the middle. Despite being located on a roundabout the noises sounded far away and it felt like a different place. It was quiet, a world which moved at a different speed.
Squares in Buenos Aires
Squares in Salta
Plaza Guemes
You have to be there to understand it correctly. Who was Guemes? Why does a town love him even though many years have passed by? Who were and are the gauchos? This is where we begin to understand this lovely history of love and fidelity ... Read more:
Squares in Rosario
Plaza de la Cooperación (Cooperation Square)
Last week, walking towards Spain Park as is my normal routine, I stopped by this dry place, given the opportunity I would comment that I would like them to put a little more green between the bricks and take some pictures and decided to contribute something to this corner of my city. Ah! In Rosario there is still no rain for more than 10 months.
Squares in Santiago del Estero
Belgrano Square
It is the main square in my native city of La Banda in the Santiago del Estero province, Argentina. Remodeled, rejuvenated and with a new lit up fountain that changed the face of the urban landscape. It is wide, occupies a block with a beautiful natural color. There is a children's playground where I take my two grandsons to play with those that enjoy it every now and again.
Squares in Mendoza
Squares in Cosquín
Plaza Federal
The FEDERAL PLAZA, was inaugurated in the City of San Roque, the District Punilla Valley, in May 2000. It's designed in a huge semi-circle, in the middle of which are the flags of all the Argentinian districts. The property also offers magnificent panoramic views of the nearby San Roque Lake. The FEDERAL PLAZA is a representative symbol of this famous mountain town.
Squares in Cordoba
Squares in Cordoba
Squares in Mendoza
Squares in Pergamino
25 de Mayo Square
The May 25 Square is extremely large and spacious and occupies two entire blocks and is a valuable green space in the middle of the town of Pergamino. It has at its center a magnificent monument to General San Martin, who appears on horseback and in an attitude of greeting. The size of the sculpture is huge. The square is divided into different sectors, with large paved paths which cross the square, beds with plants and quite low shrubs ..... It is completely surrounded by a double row of towering casuarina trees, separated by a wide dirt road. It also has an area with aplayground and one thing you should not miss the FANTASTIC ----- Carousel.
Squares in Mendoza
Plaza Pellegrini
This small square is one that you'll probably pass through on your way from the bus terminal to the city centre. It offers a rest area, benches and flowers, and some shelter from the sun, which can hit hard, even in winter. A nice spot.