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Villages in Argentina

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150 villages in Argentina

Villages in El Calafate
El Calafate
El Calafate is a good place to stay if you visit the Natural Park Glacier (Perito Moreno and company). It offers a special attraction for travelers during the winter: ice skating on a natural lake. If you prefer, you can run around and change your option for free for whoever wants to run over the ice but doesn´t want to do trekking in the glaciers.
Villages in Villa La Angostura
Villa La Angostura
It has beautiful lakes and the village is picturesque. It's all decorated with wooden casasde, including the shops. the place is full of gardens from which to choose your favourite site! There is also an ancient forest called myrtle to go hiking or biking! This is at the neuquen in Argentina Andes!
Villages in Jujuy
A small church in Jujuy, north of Argentina
Villages in Humahuaca
Humahuaca is the name of the Gorge-that lovely, deep and long sickle high tour of the Rio Grande, a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO, and is also one of their towns. They say that due to the significance that Humahuaca had in the XVII and XVII centuries, the heart will always beat here. I love the people. I like the square chipped houses,watching the natives selling their native clothes, the bohemian environment that is promoted by artisans from other areas of the country, the white church, places where they go to eat tamales, empanadas or locro. Humahuaca, despite being a quiet town, is (as Tilcara and Purmamarca) a good place to base yourself to explore the Gorge, as it has a good variety of inns and hotels.
Villages in Purmamarca
This town of the famous and stunning Quebrada de Humahuaca, is a deep in the province of Jujuy, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful, not only for the fabulous colors of its Cerro de Seven Colors, but because of its typical houses of adobe, cactus, and for its shaded square where natives sell their crafts and where you can also see the small white church. Purmamarca moves at a much slower pace than you might be used to which makes you want to stay there forever. But it's worth it to go out out of the small town and onto the local paths. Cultivated fields are framed by colourful hills, and remote villages dot the area and contain the secrets of the ancient inhabitants of Puna.
Villages in Uspallata
Trekking to the "High Mountain" is a destination that shouldn't be missed if you visit Mendoza. During this tour, you see Potrerrillos, the famous Puente del Inca, Aconcagua from afar and you go to snowy Penitentes. The tour also passes through Uspallata and ends in the frontier village of Las Cuevas. If the weather conditions are good, which they never are in winter, you can climb the spectacular Cristo Redentor.
Villages in Tilcara
Tilcara is a lovely place, a small town but with a great cultural and historical background, as shown in its four museums, and the cultural center with an internet café, very lively, with a restaurant and a place where I could enjoy performances calchaquies groups and other Argentinian folklore. It has a beautiful botanical gardens with a type of area adapted for height height, I wandered for a while and learned a lot about botany through reading the informative panels.
Villages in San Rafael
San Rafael
This photo was taken in September of last year, when I went for a few days with friends to San Rafael, a village in the city of Mendoza. I really love going to San Rafael, it is truly an inspiring place. That was a day with a beautiful sunset, and I took some beautiful photos. Here is one of them.
Villages in Saldungaray
Saldungaray Cmentery Portal
Following the Sauce Grande River, south of the province of Buenos Aires, one can see a fabulous and monumental structure that functions as the local cemetery. This magnificent work, worth seeing at sunset as we did, is composed of a large wheel with a cross with Chris at its intersection. It was built by the artist Francisco Salamone, an Italian-Argentine architect, who lived and worked in Argentina and built in just four years, between 1936 and 1940, more than 60 buildings in 25 municipalities of Buenos Aires.
Villages in Corrientes
Corrientes Capital
This is a city where you can eat well, walk the streets, explore the waterfront, and be inspired by its spectacular carnival! It's a must! In summer, you can enjoy the beaches on the banks of the Paraná River. People are friendly and welcoming. This was a whole other side to Argentina for us.
Villages in Neuquén
Lake Traful
Traful Lake is one of my favorite places in the world, at least of the ones I have explored. I have never felt peace manifest itself on earth as well as it does in this place. I recommend it to anyone visitng the the province Neuquén, Argentina. It's the ideal place for anyone who wants to connect with nature and with themselves. The most starry nights and the most beautiful sunrises!
Villages in San Luis
You can go hiking in the mountains.
Villages in Villa ventana
Villages in Buenos Aires
Villages in Iruya
Beautiful place, far away from the city's chaos and really quiet among huge and stunning mountains!
Villages in Villa General Belgrano
Villa General Belgrano
This little village that can be found in Cordoba, Spain will definitely surprise you. It is somewhat like finding a German village in Argentina. It's a true taste of Germany in full Córdoba. There you can enjoy the Oktoberfest, the Alpine Chocolate Festival or Tyrolean Carnival, activities that the inhabitants of the City held regularly since they arrived in 1932. In that year he began a current Central European immigration: German-speaking people coming fleeing famine, war and ideological persecution.
Villages in San Marcos Sierras
San Marcos Sierras
At the end of Punilla Valley, we went to San Marcos Sierra which is really close to Capilla del Monte and the Cerro Uritorco. San Marcos Sierra is a very quiet and lovely town, but at night there is always some activity in the central square. Many hippies came in the 70s and some of them still live there, and the entire town is marked by the hippy culture and you should go to the hippy museum, since it is the only one in the world and what you need to understand the history of this town.
Villages in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
Things to do in Rio Cuarto
It is a beautiful small city surrounded by mountains, you can visit all year round. It has a mall full of crafts, food, theater, film, and various activities to do in the evening, organized by the municipality. It is one of my favorite places, where I can go. It's a very warm city. To go hiking, there is a hill near by called The Hill of the Virgin. It's roughly a 2 hour walk through streams, waterfalls and you can smell the fresh herbs. There is a place called the 7 waterfalls which is just beautiful. Then you can go for dinner at a restaurant, tucked between the mountains, a walk for the whole family. There is a spa, a place to sunbathe, or simply to drink with friends and eat a roast!
Activities in Argentina
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