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Things to do in Quebec

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The top 143 attractions in Quebec

Streets in Quebec
Old Quebec
During a trip to Quebec I found myself immersed in the beauty of Old Quebec.
Of Cultural Interest in Quebec
Quartier Petit Champlain
The neighborhood of "petit champlain" is situated below old town. You can get there by going down the stairs or by taking the the "funicular," a little train that costs $2. Seeing the street in winter with all the snow and Christmas decorations is like entering the town of Santa Claus! The holiday magic continues in the form of colorful houses, lights, and ice sculptures. As for the shops and restaurants, there´s a bit of everything. There are souvenir shops, a place that sells maple products, clothing and fashion and a theater too! It´s a fun and magical place for children too!
Unusual Places in Quebec
The Fresque Des Québécois
In the Place Royale you will see a large mural on the side of a house, more than 400 square meters long which represent many historical characters of Quebec, situated in the windows, bridges and elements of a "supposed" Quebec Street. In front of it you can find a panel in which you can identify all of them. It's like a giant trompe l'oeil in where you will see a ton of visitors taking pictures of it.
Museums in Quebec
Canadian Museum of Civilization
We visited the Museum of Civilization in Quebec City on a rainy day during our stay there. Rain or no rain, this museum is definitely worth checking out if you're into learning about history, art, or the heritage of the people in Quebec and Canada. There were several exhibits at the museum when we visited, including "Haiti in Extremes", "Masters of Olympus" (Greco-Roman artifacts), "This Is Our Story: First Nations and Inuit in the 21st Century", among others. We were primarily interested in visiting the Haiti exhibit, where we learned that many people from Haiti have immigrated to Quebec City and Montreal over the years. There were many works of art by Haitians on display, especially pertaining to their religion, and responding to the aftermath of the earthquake in 2010. Whether you are looking to learn more about the people of Quebec, Canada, or around the world, definitely set some time aside to visit the Museum of Civilization in Quebec City.
Islands in Quebec
Ile d'Orléans
Orleans Island (or Ile d'Orleans) is a very short drive from Quebec City. You will cross a bridge from the highway and land directly amongst traditional rural living in Quebec. Be sure to drive a complete loop around the main road, Chemin Royal. You will find many shops and stands selling fresh produce, jams, jellies, preserves, wines, ciders, and so much more. We were able to buy some delicious farm fresh jam, and we were able to try samples at the shop. You will be surrounded by farmland with each farmer growing their own fruits and vegetables that are used in the products they sell. A specialty of the island are products made from blackcurrants, including wines and jams. I highly recommend that you stop at some scenic lookout points for beautiful views. Another option is to rent bikes on the island and ride your bicycles around the Chemin Royal. This is a great place to relax, take it easy, and enjoy some time away from bustling city life.
Squares in Quebec
The Place Royale is located in Quebec. The Notre Dame des Victoires is a very interesting and photogenic place that is worth a peaceful visit without the hustle and bustle of other tourists. I recommend going at 9 am in the summer to quietly observe everything before the hourdes of tourists begin to enter.
Historical Monuments in Quebec
Quebec Parliament Building
The Quebec Parliament Building is where the motto "Je me souviens" (I remember) emerged, in reference to the identity of the Quebecois people. On the facade, you'll find twelve bronze statues representing heroes of the province. Inside, the main hall is decorated with an images representing the countries that contributed to the development of the region, with the French fleur de lis, the Irish harp, and the lion of Scotland.
Gardens in Quebec
Plains of Abraham
Visiting the site of a battle is a way to live a little bit of history. On the Plains of Abraham on 12 September 1759, the French fought against the British navy, and it was a decisive moment the history of Canada. Strolling through it, it's hard to imagine that this haven of calm and tranquility was once the site of a ferocious battle.
Historical Monuments in Quebec
Citadelle of Quebec
The Citadel is undoubtedly the area's major tourist spot. Built in the 17th century, this fort defended the city from attacks until well into the 19th century. All of the walls and towers were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985. Not only does it transport you in time, but to medieval Europe. The walls, in perfect condition, can be walked upon, and the towers, which assemble the whole, are named after saints. Access into the citadel is made by different sized arches. The site's hilltop location, delineated by the Rio San Lorenzo, allows for surveillance. Currently the citadel, with its cobbled narrow streets, can be explored on foot and it's curious that French, the official language, is maintained at a high percentage in the population and all signage and warnings are also in French. It's very beautiful and unique among the North American landscape. Places like this, perhaps in South-America, like Cartagena, Santo Domingo, San Juan, and their beautiful Spanish fortifications are still Caribbean, while in the northern hemisphere, there are different weather conditions. It's a nice place to visit in Quebec, allowing you to know and understand its history.
Churches in Quebec
Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church
The church Notre-Dame des Victoires is the oldest stone church in all of North America and is situated on the Place Royale, formed by narrow pedestrian streets that still keep the style of years of the past. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions and one of the most photogenic places, so I recommend you visit in the morning (no need to get up early, around 9am) if you don´t want to be in the a square of hundreds of tourist ve are being guided on tours. It's worth getting up a little early to be able to sit quietly and observe all the little details of the buildings.
Gardens in Quebec
Montmorency Park
The Montmorency Park was named a National Park of Canada in 1949, and today it's a very pleasant area to walk around, admiring the cannons and monuments, and the beautiful views of the city, with the river and the lower part of Quebec on display. It is located in Vieux Quebec and it's very easy to get there, just go to Le Château Frontenac and a little later, find the Montmorency Park, which must be a lovely place for picnics in the summer. I visited in winter, so it was full of snow, while the St. Lawrence River (St. Lawrence) was frozen in large part, creating a truly spectacular panorama. Tip: you will easily reach the most famous staircase in Quebec, which has appeared in a lot of movies. They're known as "breakneck", so hold on tight.
Of Cultural Interest in Quebec
Les Délices de l'Érable
Les Délices de l'Érable is located on the central Rue Saint Jean in Old Quebec. On the 1st floor there's a small museum explaining (with obvious commercial objectives) the multiple nutritional benefits of maple syrup. You can see beautiful pictures and explanatory signs, as well as some objects which are on display, how maple is produced and the sap is processed to make maple syrup, which is part of many desserts in the area. In the shop below is a tasting counter, so you can try the products for sale, and of course there's a multitude of products derived from maple ... interesting as a gift or a sweet treat before going to suffer the cold!
Markets in Quebec
Marché du Vieux Port
If markets can be a good way to get to know a culture, the Marché du Vieux Port meets all the requirements to do so. It's next to the port where large ships sail along the river Saint Laurent. Their products seem the most genuine and typical cuisine and cuisine of Quebec such as corn on the cobs and blueberries, not to mention the blueberry pies or the chocolate crepes. Also worth trying is the honey and apples which have a wide variety in the region of Quebec. There's also a stand that offers over 200 varieties of beer which are all locally produced.
Of Cultural Interest in Quebec
Artillery Park
The artillery park and the walls of the ancient citadel of Quebec can both be found a little beyond the Chateu Frontenac. These five km of walls are very well preserved and contain gardens with the slogan "I remember" in reference to the special identity of the people of Quebec. In the summer months you can see the changing of the guard in the Cuidadela. It´s very Buckingham style.
Of Cultural Interest in Quebec
Old Quebec Funicular
The upper area of ​​the city of Quebec is united with the lower part by a funicular. It is true that you have to go up the stairs which are right nextto it, but honestly I recommend thatyou go up on it to find yourselves in Quebec of the late 1800s.
Viewpoints in Quebec
Terrasse Dufferin
This terrace has the name of a governor of Canada, Lord Dufferin, and is a large wooden walkway that runs along the river San Lorenzo. It has booths and wrought iron lamps, and offers a nice view of the city, the river, and the Isle of Orleans. It's a 671m walk. In the summer there are street performers, and in the winter you can see people racing sleds downhill. Beautiful views.
Churches in Quebec
Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church
The Church Saint-Jean stands at the corner of Rue Deligny and Rue Saint-Jean, which gives its name. It's essential to at least see it, as Rue Saint-Jean is one of the most important streets in the city! Situated above a small hill, the church was built in the late nineteenth century, and is part of the historical monuments of the city. If you have a chance to enter, take it, because interior really is remarkable. A nice break before entering the more touristy Old Town!
Of Touristic Interest in Quebec

The best things to do in Quebec

Are you curious about what to do in Quebec? Well, the city has an important historical, cultural and natural heritage, so you'll find plenty of interesting places to visit in Quebec.

Of all the things to see in Quebec, the Old City is the most popular among visitors. The town was founded in the seventeenth century as a French colony and has a quaint European appearance. The Old City is divided into two sections: the Upper Town and Lower.

The Lower Town, known locally as the Basse-Ville,
is the oldest area of ​​the city and one of the most beautiful attractions in Quebec. It's also home to some of the most important stuff to do in Quebec like the Church of Notre-Dame des Victoires, the neighborhood of Petit Champlain, Place-Royal and the Musee de la Civilisation.

Another of the top Quebec attractions is the Notre-Dame de Québec, the first cathedral built in North America. One of the most popular Quebec activities
among locals is going for a walk along the the
Terrasse Dufferin, a beautiful boardwalk with views of the majestic
Chateau Frontenac. So, if you're planning your trip, have a look at the recommendations from real travelers on minube and find all the absolute best things to do in Quebec.