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Damnoen Saduak Floating Market


42 reviews of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

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Floating market

A pink cab? Thats so odd!! The good news is that I was surprised until I saw that the ones in Barcelona are black and yellow. Here I show you a trip I took to Thailand especially Bangkok. In the photos I show what caught my attention such as a floating market.
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Full of colors

Damnoen Saduak, Bangkok's floating market, is a bit outside of the city. It's a pretty touristy market, that's for sure, but it's worth the trip nonetheless because shopping for food and gifts from one boat to another is a pretty unique experience. Haggling the price of a Buddha statue, or a silk shirt, or a pretty drawing from a canoe is fun!

To visit the market, you need about an hour in a bus and the easiest way is to go with a tour company. You're going to be surrounded by tourists at the market anyways, so there's no point in trying to find a local bus in a foreign language when the guides will just pick you up from you hotel, help you negotiate prices, and visit the teak homes where people like the same way they did centuries ago.

The market is full of colors and is somewhat chaotic, the canals full of longboats with everyday items, fruits, vegetables, spices, and souvenirs. You can also take advantage of your time there to visit Nakron Pathom, Asia's largest pagoda.
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A ton of souvenirs and food

Damnoen Saduak is a town located about an hour from Bangkok in car, where you can hop on a canoe and cruise through the natural canals. The canals are full of stops where you can find a ton of souvenirs and food like delicious noodles you can eat in the same boat. You can see how they prepare the food in the boats themselves and how they cut the chilis to make tasty, spicy Thai chili paste!
antonio panadero sotos
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Arguably two fltantes markets, but no...

Arguably two fltantes markets, but not quite true. The well-known (and megaturístico) Fltante Market, is an hour and a half or two hours by bus from Bangkok. The bus station is caught in this, and costs 80 baht (not reaches 2 €) route. It is located in the town of Ratchabury. EYE, bus drivers, and cobradoras, always so kind, if you know that they will leave the floating market of tourists on a pier, where the price of "excursion" trips an hour. Tell them to go to normal market or bus station, from there you get to the pier (very close) and haggle mercilessly bullies are miuy the kind who know how to smile. In the market you can find everything, but less and less of the authentic and growing tourist souvenir stalls. Besides all the boatmen will take you to the Coco Sugar Factory, Sugar Factory to Palma, and a restaurant. The first two input logically charge. I declined the option of seeing the truth. What if I bought a kilo of lychees was (I'm passionate about), whose starting price was 100 baht, I ended up paying 50 baths, and days later in Chiang Rai, I could buy that same kilo of lychees for 20 baht and no haggling. As an alternative to such "turistada", which would still be relatively interesting, we have the option of visiting Bangkok klongs. They are "the little Venice of Bangkok". These are within the city, across the river. You have to get to them by boat or in tour contract or renting the little boat directly into any tourist pier. The price depends heavily on your ability to haggle. Not exactly a floating market, but rather its "way of life" of selling as you can (in small boats) say that "harvested". If you have coconuts as well tomorrow collects and sells them in the boat, or make juices, soups or frozen and sold, ie what each can. They are obviously more authentic, but the boatmen always take you through the channels frequented by tourists. Little more can be said about what we can find there. A gem.

Podría decirse que hay dos mercados flotantes, aunque no es del todo cierto.

El archiconocido (y megaturístico) Mercado Flotante, está a hora y media o dos horas de bus desde Bangkok. El bus se coge en la estación este, y cuesta 80 baths (no llega a 2€) el trayecto.

Se encuentra en la localidad de Ratchabury. OJO, los conductores de autobús, y cobradoras, siempre tan amables, si saben que vas al mercado flotante te dejarán en un embarcadero de turistas, donde el precio de "la excursión" de una hora se dispara. Diles que vas al mercado normal o a la estación de autobús, desde allí llegas al embarcadero (muy cercano) y a regatear SIN PIEDAD, que son muy abusones con esa sonrisita amable que saben poner.

En el mercado se encuentra de todo, pero cada vez menos de lo auténtico y cada vez más puestos de souveniers para turistas. Además todos los barqueros te llevarán a la Fábrica de Azúcar de Coco, a la Fábrica de Azúcar de Palma, y a un restaurante. Los dos primeros lógicamente te cobran entrada. Yo decliné la opción de verlos, la verdad. Lo que si me compré fue un kilo de lichies (que me apasionan), cuyo precio de salida eran 100 baths, terminé pagando 50 baths, y días después en Chiang Rai, pude comprar ese mismo kilo de lichies por 20 baths y sin regateo.

Como alternativa a semejante "turistada", que no por ello deja de ser relativamente interesante, tenemos la opción de visitar los klongs de Bangkok. Son "la pequeña Venecia de Bangkok". Estos están dentro de la ciudad, al otro lado del río. Se tiene que llegar a ellos en barca, bien en excursión contratada o bien alquilando la barquita directamente en cualquier embarcadero turístico. El precio depende mucho de tu capacidad de regateo.

No son exactamente un mercado flotante, sino más bien su "forma de vida" que consiste en vender como se pueda (en barquitas) digamos que "el producto de la cosecha". Si uno tiene cocos pues los recoge bien de mañana y los vende en la barquita, o hacen zumos, sopas o helados y las venden, es decir, cada uno lo que puede. Son evidentemente más auténticos, pero los barqueros siempre te llevan por los canales más frecuentados por los turistas.

Poco más se puede decir de lo que allí podemos encontrar. Sencillamente encantador.
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In the two years i have traveled to t...

In the two years I have traveled to Thailand have enjoyed this magical place. Not for its souvenir shops and clothing but for their channels. At first when you ride in a longtail is feeling a little overwhelmed because you hit many more walking around the main sites but when you leave this area and trek through the other channels is not so confluidos when you relax and enjoy watching the margins houses where many Thais. In this market you can buy everything. Food, clothing and especially decorative elements like tables, figures of buddhas or elephants, vases, hats typical Thai is what you will find in the market. In this area also have other attractions such as the Cobra Show and other shows. Normally you will not have problem in hiring this tour as it is one of the attractions of the country. The first year we visited this market along with Phra Chedi Phatom and Rose Garden. The second trip we did along the tour that took us to his River Kwai Kanchanaburi, Tiger Temple and other tours. It is a place worth seeing although much has changed with respect to previous years. Despite being crowded even you can get an idea of ​​the lifestyle that led in Thailand and this is a small outpost of what was. Greetings.

En los dos años que he viajado a Tailandia he disfrutado de este mágico lugar. No por sus tiendas de souvenirs y de ropa sino por sus canales. Al principio cuando montas en un longtail la sensación es un poco de agobio ya que te chocas con muchos más paseando por los lugares principales pero cuando sales de esta zona y paseas por el resto de canales no tan confluidos es cuando te relajas y disfrutas viendo las casas a los margenes donde viven muchos tailandeses.

En este mercado puedes comprar de todo. Comida, ropa y sobre todo elementos de decoración como cuadros, figuras de budas o elefantes, jarrones, sombreros típicos tailandeses es lo que podrás encontrar en la zona del mercado. En esta zona también tienes otras atracciones como el Cobra Show y otros espectáculos.

Normalmente no tendrás problema en contratar este tour ya que es una de las atracciones del país. El primer año visitamos este mercado junto con Phra Phatom Chedi y el Jardín de las Rosas. El segundo viaje lo hicimos junto al tour que nos llevaba a Kanchanaburi con su Rio Kwai, Templo del Tigre y otras excursiones.

Es un lugar que merece la pena ver aunque haya cambiado mucho con respecto a años anteriores. A pesar de estar masificado aún te puedes hacer una idea de la forma de vida que han llevado en Tailandia y esto es un pequeño reducto de lo que fué.

miguel a. cartagena
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Market of damnoen saduak

One of the must-see when in Bangkok is Damoen Saduak market, just outside the city. This crossed the Chao Praya River, which is very muddy and earthy color. In the background you can see the area where Thai Silom and Sathorn are the most modern buildings and skyscrapers most original, one that has shaped robot. The market of Damnoen Saduak, situated 100 kms southwest of Bangkok, is a maze of narrow channels or khlongs. Traders are mainly women, most dressed in their traditional blue shirts farmer or "mobon" and conical straw hats, the rowing in small wooden boats. The fresh food products come directly from the farms. Weather conditions and the land of Thailand is conducive to the cultivation of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. It consists of three markets. The largest, Ton Khem, is in the Khlong Damnoen Saduak. In parallel Khlong Hia Kui is where the shore anladas structures function as stores selling souvenirs to tourists. To the south is Khun Phitak, less crowded market. The exoticism of the place is so great, that although at one point seems to be onstage for tourists, when we forget that feeling to dive into the environment with our five senses.

Mercado de damnoen saduak

Una de las visitas obligadas cuando se está en Bangkok es el mercado de Damoen Saduak, a las afueras de la ciudad. Para ello cruzamos el río Chao Prayá, que es muy turbio y de color terroso. Al fondo se puede ver la zona de Silom y Sathorn Thai donde están los edificios más modernos y los rascacielos más originales, como uno que tiene forma de robot. El mercado de Damnoen Saduak, situado a unos 100 kms al suroeste de Bangkok, consiste en un laberinto de estrechos canales o khlongs. Son principalmente mujeres las comerciantes, la mayoría vestidas con sus tradicionales camisas de granjero azules o "mobon" y sombreros de paja cónicos, las que reman en pequeños barcos de madera. Los productos alimenticios frescos vienen directamente de las granjas. Las condiciones del clima y la tierra de Tailandia son propicias para el cultivo de una enorme variedad de frutas y verduras durante todo el año. Está formado por tres mercados. El más grande, Ton Khem, se halla en el Khlong Damnoen Saduak. En el Khlong paralelo está Hia Kui, donde las estructuras anladas a la orilla funcionan como almacenes que venden recuerdos a los turistas. Al sur está Khun Phitak, el mercado menos concurrido.
El exotismo del lugar es tan grande, que si bien en un momento nos parece estar en un escenario para turistas, al momento nos olvidamos de esa sensación para sumergirnos en el ambiente con nuestro cinco sentidos.
Roberto Gonzalez
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Floating experience.

It is the largest floating markets most of the delta of the Chao Phray. Although it is more than 100 kilometers from the center of Bangkok, it is well connected. There are tours that leave from the center through the hotel to pick up tourists, that fu the option we chose to go there, it took between bus and boat something more than an hour to arrive. Open from 7 in the morning until 5 pm and is a wonderful place to spend the day. Recommend to start early, because tourists are coming along in the morning, when I was, not many people came and very cmodo fu, but I imagine that depending on the time of year this may vary. To reach the market you have to take a boat which takes about 20 minutes, is very interesting to see the houses pequeas people living on the edge of the river, we passed even a small altar dedicated to Budha! There are many gastronomic variety, as well as things to buy (from clothing to home furnishings). There is a market area where you can walk but the most beautiful and interesting is going through the posts located along the river by canoe. Of course, a highly recommended experience.

Experiencia flotante.

Es el más grande de los mercados flotantes del delta del Chao Phray. Aunque se encuentra a más de 100 kilómetros del centro de Bangkok, está muy bien comunicado. Existen tours que salen desde el centro pasando por los hoteles a recoger a turistas, esa fué la opción que elegimos para ir allí, tardamos entre autobús y barco algo más de una hora en llegar. Abre desde las 7 de la mañana hasta las 5 de la tarde y es un lugar maravilloso para pasar el día. Recomendaría salir a primera hora, ya que los turistas van llegando a lo largo de la mañana, cuando yo estuve, tampoco vino mucha gente y fué muy cómodo, pero me imagino que dependiendo de la época del año esto puede variar.
Para llegar hasta el mercado hay que coger un barco que dura unos 20 minutos, es muy interesante ver las pequeñas casitas de la gente que vive al borde del río, pasamos delante de incluso un pequeño altar dedicado a budha!
Hay mucha variedad gastronómica, así como cosas para comprar (desde ropa hasta mobiliario para el hogar).
Existe una zona del mercado por donde se puede ir caminando pero lo más bonito y curioso es pasar por los puestos que se encuentran a lo largo del río en canoa.
Desde luego, una experiencia muy recomendable.
Stephanie Magnin Vella
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A place two experiences

That Damnoem Saduak floating market is super touristy and crowded, most people already know. What few people know is that the essence of the market can be experienced very early, before the arrival of dozens of tour buses coming from Bangkok. For this you only get one day before, stay in town and go by 7am the market. This is the best time to visit him, this time he shows more charming. The silence still stands and the environment also has the sound indecipherable conversations in the local language plus the sound of the water due to strokes. Even without tourists, the Thai talk more to pass the time. They say it is "to exercise the English language." The most fun is that they appreciate the effort of "farang" (foreigners in Thai) to learn the local language, and a simple "sà wat dii" (hello in Portuguese) increases their sympathy.

Um lugar, duas experiências

Que o mercado flutuante de Damnoem Saduak é super turístico e cheio, a maioria das pessoas já sabe.

O que pouca gente sabe é que a essência do mercado pode ser experimentada bem cedinho, antes da chegada das dezenas de ônibus de excursão vindos de Bangkok. Para isso, é só chegar um dia antes, se hospedar na cidade e ir perto das 7 da manhã ao mercado.

Esse é o melhor horário para visitá-lo, nessa hora ele se mostra mais encantador. O silêncio ainda se destaca e o ambiente tem também o som indecifrável das conversas na língua local somado ao som da água devido às remadas.

Ainda sem turistas, os tailandeses conversam mais para passar o tempo. Dizem que é “para exercitar a língua inglesa”. O mais divertido é que eles apreciam o esforço dos “farang” (estrangeiros, em tailandês) em aprender a língua local, e um simples “sà wàt dii” (olá, em português) aumenta a simpatia deles.
Turismo Backpacker
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Damnoen saduak floating market

One of the visits made me more excited for my trip to Thailand and I really recommend to everyone s visitors to this country is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, located an hour and a half (in Thailand is better guided by time and not by the miles) from Bangkok. It is true that there is a market in Bangkok floating, but it has nothing to do as it is clearly geared towards tourists, through logic but "decadent" version of the original. Instead Damnoen Saduak market, but also many tourists and souvenir sales, lets see tailandenses still selling vegetables, fruits, prepared foods, nuts and other tools of everyday life. One of the things I liked, and that would become a common denominator of Thailand, is the hustle and especially the colors, aromas from street stalls (in this case floating) and the friendliness and smiles of perennial natives. A must. One of the visits made me more excited for my trip to Thailand and I really recommend to everyone s visitors to this country is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, located an hour and a half (in Thailand is better guided by time and not by the miles) from Bangkok. It is true that there is a market in Bangkok floating, but it has nothing to do as it is clearly geared towards tourists, through logic but "decadent" version of the original. Instead Damnoen Saduak market, but also many tourists and souvenir sales, lets see tailandenses still selling vegetables, fruits, prepared foods, nuts and other tools of everyday life. One of the things I liked, and that would become a common denominator of Thailand, is the hustle and especially the colors, aromas from street stalls (in this case floating) and the friendliness and smiles of perennial natives. A must.

Mercado flotante de damnoen saduak

Uno de las visitas que más ilusión me hacía en mi viaje a Tailandia y que realmente recomendaría a tod@s los que visiten este país es el mercado flotante de Damnoen Saduak, situado a hora y media (en Tailandia es mejor orientarse por el tiempo y no por los kilómetros) de Bangkok. Cierto es que en Bangkok hay un mercado flotante, pero no tiene nada que ver ya que está claramente orientado hacia los turistas, en una lógica pero "decadente" versión del original.
En cambio el mercado de Damnoen Saduak, aunque también con muchos turistas y venta de souvernirs, aún permite ver a tailandenses vendiendo verduras, frutas, platos preparados, frutos secos y otros útiles de la vida diaria.
Una de las cosas que más me gustó, y que se convertiría en un común denominador de Tailandia, es el bullicio y, sobre todo, los colores, aromas de los puestos callejeros (en este caso flotantes) y la simpatía y perenne sonrisa de los nativos.
Una visita obligada.
Jorge Sanmartín Maïssa
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Very tourist

As I said before speaking Channel, has changed a lot, the first time I was there there was a wooden platform with 4 small shops, buildings are by now you're going from one to another with shops. Yes, there are vendors selling boats and prepared fruit and food but there are fundamentally the stalls with all kinds of clothes, souvenirs, some crafts. Yet and still some 90 kilometers from Bangkok, is still the most popular and which are the most tourists.

Muy turístico

Como ya he dicho antes al hablar del Canal, ha cambiado muchísimo, la primera vez que estuve allí había una plataforma de madera con 4 tiendecitas, ahora son edificios por los que vas pasando, de uno a otro lleno de tiendas. Si, también hay vendedores en las barcas vendiendo fruta y comida ya preparada pero fundamentalmente lo que hay son puestos con todo tipo de ropas, recuerdos, algo de artesanía. Aún así y estando a unos 90 kilómetros de Bangkok, sigue siendo el más popular y al que van la mayoría de los turistas.
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Very colorful

Of all the floating markets of the city, this is undoubtedly the largest and better known by tourists. Worth going and find out how this form of trade and live in water, fruits, vegetables, meals, docks can be found the same, more true artisans. There are several ways to reach the public bs takes two hours from Bangkok. Do not forget to haggle, the real price is a quarter more or less than required. I liked much a journey that is done by the Intracoastal Waterway by boat. Worth no doubt.

Muy colorido

De todos los mercados flotantes de la ciudad, este es sin dudas el mayor y más conocido por los turistas.
Vale la pena ir y descubrir cómo es esta forma de comerciar y vivir en el agua, frutas, verduras, comidas, en los muelles se puede encontrar lo mismo, más verdaderos artesanos.
Hay diversas maneras de llegar, el bús público tarda dos horas desde Bangkok. No se olvide regatear, el verdadero precio es un cuarto más o menos de lo requerido.
Me gustó mucho un recorrido que se realiza por los canales internos en lancha. Vale la pena sin dudas.
Victor Tironi
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March water

At a few hundred kilometers from Bangkok, stands the most famous floating market in Thailand. It is necessary to attend early for greater authenticity. The channels are particularly picturesque with their traditional bridges. Through them run the boats of vegetables around, came to offer their products on the water and the municipal hall where some dealers are waiting on the steps of the platform. Then come the buses of tourists who come to a memorable boat trip, thus combining local canoes.

Marché sur l'eau

A une petite centaine de kilomètres de Bangkok, se tient le marché flottant le plus célèbre de Thailande. Il convient d'y assister tôt pour davantage d'authenticité. Les canaux sont particulièrement pittoresques avec leurs ponts traditionnels. Par eux circulent les barques des maraîchères des environs, venues proposer leurs produits sur l'eau et à la halle municipale où quelques revendeurs attendent sur les gradins du quai.
Puis arrivent les bus de touristes qui viennent faire une mémorable promenade en barque, se mêlant ainsi aux pirogues locales.
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A beautiful ride

Even if the floating market has become very touristy, some places are beautiful with beautiful floral stilt houses built on each other channels, away from the excitement of the center. Unfortunately, vendors will ship to meet us to offer us tourist souvenirs. We will not see the atmosphere of a real market where locals go to buy beautiful fruits and vegetables. I advise you to do so despite avoiding the center of the market which is a factory touristse. Prefer areas more "residential" where you'll see a more authentic hair.

Une belle balade

Même si le marché flottant est devenu très touristique, certains endroits restent magnifiques avec de belles habitations fleuries sur pilotis construites de part et d'autres des canaux, en s'éloignant de l'excitation du centre. Malheureusement, les vendeurs vont à notre rencontre en bateau pour nous proposer des souvenirs touristiques. On ne verra pas l'ambiance d'un vrai marché où les locaux se rendent pour acheter de beaux fruits et légumes. Je vous conseille de le faire malgré tout en évitant le centre du marché qui est une usine à touristse. Privilégiez les zones plus "résidentielle" où vous verrez un cadre un poil plus authentique.
Thibault T
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Just 60 km from bangkok

The city of Nakhon Pathom is located about 60 km west of Bangkok to Burma and the valley of the River Kwae. Great Thai city, Nakhon Pathom is situated on the banks of a tributary of the Chao Phraya and holds a national record: on its soil was built pagoda larger whole Thailand. From Nakhon Pathom you can take the train to Kanchanaburi where he began the Death Railway or continue on well-maintained roads to the step of the three pagodas, the Burmese border. Well worth a visit at night to the great pagoda and the night market, not far from the train station

A soli 60 km da bangkok

La città di Nakhon Pathom si trova 60 km circa ad ovest di Bangkok verso la Birmania e la valle del fiume Kwae. Grande città thailandese, Nakhon Pathom è situata sulle rive di un affluente del Chao Phraya e detiene un record nazionale: sul suo suolo è stata costruita la pagoda più grande dell'intera Thailandia. Da Nakhon Pathom si può prendere il treno verso Kanchanaburi dove inizia la ferrovia della morte oppure proseguire su strade ben tenute fino al passo delle tre pagode, il confine birmano. Interessante una visita in notturna alla grande pagoda e al mercato notturno, poco distante dalla stazione dei treni
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Nowadays i become touristic attraction

We visited in the year 1999 when despite having tourism was really a fruit market. When we visited again in November 2014 only we saw tourists, thousands of boats of tourists and souvenir shops all ... A shame. Only uploaded on the bridge can make a photo of the boats with fruit, isolating them from the tourist. By the way, you must rent a boat because you can not do anything to walk in the market.

Hoy en día convertido en atracción turística

Lo visitamos en el año 1999 cuando a pesar de tener turismo era realmente un mercado de fruta. Cuando lo visitamos nuevamente en noviembre de 2014 solo vimos turistas, miles de barcas de turistas y todo tiendas de souvenirs...un pena.

Solo subido en el puente puedes hacer alguna foto de las barcas con fruta, aislandolas de los turista.

Por cierto, imprescindible alquilar una barca porque no puedes hacer nada andando en el mercado.
Fotografiando Viajes
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Information about Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

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02-517 5464
02-517 5464
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Damnoen Saduak, Tailandia
Damnoen Saduak, Tailandia
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