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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Published on May 21, 2018

Published on August 14, 2016

1.Ownership, object, and use of the Website and App

1.1 The website www.minube.co.uk (the ìWebsiteî) and the mobile application (ìMinube Appî or the ìAppî) is property of PRS MARKETING SERVICES, S.L. (ìMINUBEî) registered at Calle Loeches, nave 65.9, 28925, Alcorcón, Madrid, Spain, inscribed in the Registro Mercantil de Madrid, in tome 19,300, book 0, folder 156, sheet M-338138, inscription 1, and with CIF B 83737064 and C.I.C.M.A. 2703.

1.2 The present terms of use regulate the use of the Website by the users (the ìTerms of Use). The present Terms of Use, together with the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, regulate the treatment of usersí personal data, the terms and conditions which govern the Website and App and the services offered via the Website and App (the ìTerms and Conditionsî).

1.3 The user (the ìUserî) should read attentively the following Terms and Conditions. The use of the Website or the App by the User implies the acceptance of content of these Terms and Conditions. If the User does not agree with this content, he/she should not use our services.

1.4 To use the Website or download/use the App, you should meet the following requirements:

-a.) Be at least 14 years of age; and

-b.) Able to enter into a binding contract with MINUBE and not be subject to any debilitating factor.

1.5 If you are between 14 and 18 years old, we recommend that you first inform and consult your parents or legal guardians before using our Website or App. Users below 14 years of age are expressly prohibited from registering as Users. If we receive notice that a child under 14 is registered as a User, we will take the necessary steps to remove or block the User profile.

1.6. These Terms of Use constitute the contract between the User and MINUBE regarding the use of the Website, and supersede any other prior agreements between the parties relating to the Website, whether verbal or written.

1.7. The object of MINUBE and the Website and App is to provide an intermediary service between Users and companies in the airline, hotel, leisure, or car rental industries, among other, with the purpose of searching for cheap flights, hotels, and cars, according to the preferences of the Users.

1.8. Registered Users also have the right to participate in a social network which permits them to share reviews related to the tourism industry.

1.9. Notwithstanding the foregoing, MINUBE permits Users to share content about Places around the World in exchange for financial reimbursement (hereafter, the Evangelists) in agreement with the present conditions.

1.10. The user is responsible for using the Website and App in a responsible and legal manner, in compliance with generally accepted codes of conduct necessary for the maintenance of public order. The user is prohibited from using Website and/or App for ends which are unlawful, contrary to the present Terms and Conditions, in violation of the rights and interests of MINUBE and its affiliates, in any way harmful or damaging to Minube (including overloads), or interfere with the normal use and enjoyment of the products and services which Minube offers.

1.11. MINUBE, with the goal of improving service and benefitting the Users, reserves the right to modify, unilaterally and without prior warning, the Website and App or any substantial aspect thereof, the operational and technical conditions, or the Terms of Use.

1.12. Users, with the object of improving the website and establishing an optimal level of quality, can also suggest modifications which they deem useful by contacting those responsible for the website through the email address info@minube.com.

1.13. The Users agree to follow any instructions which MINUBE, through the Website itself or from authorized Minube personnel, transmits to the Users.

1.14. For any additional information or doubts, complaints, or suggestions, Users can contact those responsible for the site at info@minube.com.

2. What do we offer?

2.1 MINUBE, via the Website as well as the App, offers Users, at no cost, the ability to search associated companies offering national and international flights, hotels, and automobile rentals.

2.2 At the same time, MINUBE is a social network composed of registered Users who constitute an active community and share experiences related to travel and tourism.

2.3 MINUBE also permits Users to browse selected tourism and leisure offers as well as any promotions which MINUBE may decide to incorporate in the future.

2.4 Notwithstanding the foregoing, any User can act as an EVANGELIST subject to the hiring conditions detailed in the present terms.

3. Who can be Users?

3.1. Users of MINUBE are defined as any physical person who enters the MINUBE platform.

3.2. Access to determined features of MINUBE is limited to all persons older than fourteen (14) years of age and who have completed the necessary registration form and accepted the present Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy (the ìRegistered Usersî).

3.3. Only Registered Users above eighteen (18) years of age and with necessary legal capacity are entitled to purchase offers which imply a financial disbursement.

3.4. Any Users above eighteen (18) years of age who share content on MINUBE can become Evangelists.

4. Data Accuracy

The User represents and warrants the accuracy and truthfulness of all personal data provided to MINUBE, whether during registration, purchase of offers provided on MINUBE, or in relation to any information on travel, experiences, or other materials pertinent to the MINUBE platform, and maintains responsibility for keeping that data up-to-date at all times.

5. Conditions of Registration

5.1. Users who wish to utilize the services offered on the Website and App (as they are defined in section 10) should register with the Website via the registration form created for that purpose, for which they must follow the indicated instructions and provide the required data (the ìRegistration Formî).

5.2 Once the Registration Form is completed, Registered Users will receive an email to the address provided on the Registration Form to activate their User account.

5.3 The User will be solely responsible for choosing a password of adequate security. To this end, the User is recommended to avoid choosing simple and/or evident passwords which could be easily deciphered by third parties. The User is responsible for maintaining the secrecy of his/her password and should not provide the password to third parties. If the User suspects that his/her password has been obtained by a third party, the User should immediately modify his/her password.

5.4 For any doubts regarding the registration and cancellation of User accounts, the User can contact us at the following email address: info@minube.com

6. Personal Account

6.1. Once registered, the User will have access to his/her personal account. Through this personal account, the user will have access all the services which Minube provides to its community.

6.2. The user accepts that his/her username and password must be kept confidential, and that the User is the sole custodian of his/her username and password. For the userís security, this information must not be given to third parties.

6.3. The use of a personal account and password are understood to be undertaken by the person to which the account pertains. As such, the user should notify info@minube.com if he/she detects any anomaly regarding the use of his/her account data in order to modify or cancel his/her registration..

6.4. In the case that a Registered User detects that his/her personal account has been compromised, he/she should communicate the incident to MINUBE immediately so that the necessary measures can be taken.

6.5. The use of fraudulent personal accounts will result in losing the right to continue using the services of the Website and App.

7. Creating your profile

7.1 Filling out your information:

When filling out the profile, each Registered User should follow the tone and theme of the site. For this reason, MINUBE will delete any User profiles on the Website and App which contain:

-Sexually suggestive language

-Sexually suggestive images

-Abusive, aggressive, violent, discriminatory, or defamatory content

-Obscene or offensive language.

7.2. Incorporation of images and profile photos:

7.2.1. Registered Users of the Website and App upload images to their profiles with the knowledge that they will be used to identify each User. To be accepted by MINUBE, profile images must comply with the rules which establish their correct use. Therefore, personal photographs will be considered valid, and in the case that multiple persons appear, the User expressly warrants to have the authorization of the person or persons who appear in the photo, exonerating MINUBE from all responsibility for the infringement of the personal image rights of the person or persons depicted. All content which is considered offensive, erotic, sexual, or in bad taste is not permitted and will be subject to elimination by MINUBE. MINUBE cannot verify that published images depict the user the image is intended to represent. As such, Minube is exonerated from all responsibility resulting from the infringement of personal image rights of person depicted, or the intellectual property of the creators and/or rights-holders thereof.

7.2.2. MINUBE reserves the right to eliminate, without prior notice, the accounts of Registered Users who do not respect the required standards of quality and accuracy.

7.2.3 Given that it is impossible for MINUBE to control all content uploaded, MINUBE does not assume responsibility for this content. Any Registered User who provides information or engages in activity which violates applicable laws assumes exclusive responsibility for the consequences of his/her actions and recognizes that MINUBE is exempt from any responsibility. Nevertheless, Minube periodically performs content checks to assure that content is in compliance with internal company policies and to maintain minimum quality standards.

7.2.4. With everyoneís help, we can make the Website and App a better site; if you find any inappropriate content such as images, video, or other forms of content which do not comply with the stated conditions, please contact us at info@minube.com

7.2.5. MINUBE can suspend or delete accounts of Registered Users which violate any of the above conditions.

8. Account expiration

Once a user has registered with the Website, his/her account should remain active. In cases of inactivity, an account can be eliminated after a period of five (5) years since the account was last active without prior notice.

9. Website and App Terms of Use

9.1. These Terms of Use grant the User a nonexclusive, nontransferable worldwide license during the time that the Registered User remains registered on the Website and/or App, to install and use the Website on a device pertaining to them, with the sole purpose of using the Services. In no case should the User rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute or sublicense the Website and App to third-parties.

9.2. Unless expressly stated otherwise, any use of the Website and/or App for a purpose different to that set out above will require prior authorization from MINUBE. In particular, but without limitation, the User will require our prior authorization to: (i) reproduce or transform the Website and/or App in order to correct errors; and (ii) make successive versions of the Web Site or programs derived therefrom.

9.3. The User is not authorized to decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, decrypt or otherwise modify the Website and/or App and/or their source code. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User shall be entitled to observe, study, and verify their operation without prior authorization from MINUBE, when said acts are necessary for the use of the Website and/or App. The use of the Website does not require completion of any security copy, so the user will refrain from it.

9.4. The documentation related to the Website and App and/or Services that we provide to the User (user manuals, instructions, these Terms of Use, etc.) are property of MINUBE ("Documentation"). Through these Terms of Use, we grant the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide license for the duration set forth in these Terms of Use, so he/she can use the Documentation for the sole purpose of the use and enjoyment of the Website and App in accordance with these Terms of Use.

9.5. The User commits to deleting the Website and App from their device and destroy related Documentation prior to delivering the device to a third party, regardless of the form that the stated delivery may take (sale, forfeiture, etc.)

10. Services offered by Minube

To assure that your experience using the Website and App is fun, safe, and useful, we hereby present the services we offer and the conditions which you should respect for the benefit of the community (the Services).

10.1 Flight, hotel, and rental car search

10.1.1. MINUBE, through collaborative partnerships, allows for the search of flights, hotels, and rental cars among the best companies in the industry (ìThird Party Providersî). Once the user has completed a simple form with their date and time preferences, Minube will search for the best offers which allow users to plan their trips and stays in a simple and budget-sensitive manner. As MINUBE provides a service to search published offers, the final purchase of any product or service is realized on the website of a Third Party Provider. Therefore, the Registered User is subject to the terms and Terms of use of the Third Party Provider websites.

10.1.2. Given that the services offered by MINUBE depend of the servers of Third Party Providers over which MINUBE has no control, MINUBE will not be held responsible for the veracity of searches realized nor for the information contained therein, nor do we guarantee that the service will be available at any given moment.

10.1.3. The User accepts that MINUBE acts as a mere intermediary between users and the Third Party Providers, and therefore is not responsible for the obligations assumed by the User in the case that he/she purchases a product or service. All purchases of products or services are completed on the websites of the Third Party Providers.

10.2 Community of travelers

Being a User of MINUBE makes you a member of our online community. Once registered, you can:

Discover destinations throughout the world based on the recommendations of other users

Share your experiences: tell others about your favorite places to stay, eat, have fun, relax, and get inspired and then save and share them

-Explore the travels of your contacts, and save their favorite places

-Comment on photos and videos

-Create lists

-Rate places and offers

10.3. Relive my trips

10.3.1. Via this feature, the Registered User can organize the photos stored on their devices into trips. The User can also create backup security copies of their photos to be stored in the Website and accessed at the Userís convenience. Under no circumstances will personal photos or photos unrelated to travel and landscapes be uploaded.

10.3.2. To use this feature, the Registered User must select the ìCreate my albumsî option which allows for the storage of all photos on the userís device on servers belonging to MINUBE and the creation of security copies of these photos.

10.3.3. Prior to the uploading and storage of his/her photos to the MINUBE servers, the User will be informed that the use of this service grants MINUBE access his/her photos with the end of performing this service. In the case that the User does not want to grant MINUBE access to his/her images and photos, we ask that he/she please refrain from using this service.

10.3.4. In addition to offering security copies of images pertaining to the User, this service also allows MINUBE to offer Users personalized content via the Website or App.p>

10.3.5 Photographs and images that the User uploads, send, or stores using this service continue to pertain to the User and are therefore the intellectual property rights of the content always pertain to the creators or rights-holders of that content.

10.3.6. By uploading, sending, or storing images and photographs using our service, the User grants MINUBE a worldwide license to use and store said content. MINUBE can make use of the rights which said license confers with the sole end of providing these services. The license will remain valid until the moment of deletion of the User account.

10.4.7 At any time, the Registered User can edit, cancel, modify, or delete the photos or images that they have uploading using this service.

11. Cancelling or changing a reservation

The cancellation policy of any purchased product or service will be listed in the product or serviceís description or in the conditions established by each of our Third Party Providers. Therefore, in the case the User desires to cancel or change any purchased product or service, the User should do so in the Website of the Third Party Providers. p>

12. Rules of Conduct

12.1 Participation in the Website or App as well as the creation and publication of content, whether they be text, images, or video, should maintain the following rules of conduct:

In benefit of all members of MINUBEís community of travelers, users are asked to use appropriate language and respectful conduct towards fellow users of the Website and App as well as unregistered third parties, whether they be physical or legal persons.

The primary focus of the content on the Website and App is tourism, travel, and experiences pertaining to travel and tourism. Therefore, users must abstain from commentary not directly related to fundamental content of our community. Specifically, content which incites violence, racism, sexism, has political or religious motives, or in any other way disturbs the wellbeing of our community, is prohibited.

Comments and texts which the user decides to publish on the site should pertain to the places and situations cited by the user.

All forms of spam and commercial content disguised as authentic opinions are prohibited

Links that users incorporate into their personal accounts are governed by the requisites of the present terms.

The Users must not incorporate, publish, transmit, share, store, or send on MINUBE the personal data of any third party, including images, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, Social Security numbers, or credit card numbers.

The Users must not solicit any personal data from minors below the age of eighteen (18) or solicit passwords or any personal data with commercial or illicit ends.

The Users are not permitted to upload, publish, transmit, share, or otherwise send materials which contain computer viruses or any other code, file, or program designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the correct functioning of any software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment.

The users have sole and exclusive responsibility for content of any form, especially texts, videos, and photos, which form part of MINUBE.

The Users are also prohibited from using any machine, algorithm, or automated function to create accesses to pages or create content which alters that on MINUBE.

12.2. MINUBE reserves the right to not publish content which contradicts the present rules, as well as remove any published item or comment which contradicts these rules, with no prior notification. MINUBE reserves the right to deny registration and access to the community of travelers to those who repeatedly violate the present rules.

12.3. The User commits to respect the editorial style of MINUBE at all times.

13. Intellectual and Industrial Property of MINUBE

13.1. All information found on the Website and App, including graphic design and codes used, are protected by the authorship rights and other protection rights found in Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, April 12. These rights pertain exclusively to MINUBE or its licensors, the reproduction, distribution, transformation, or public communication thereof is expressly prohibited, as well as any transfer of all or part of the contents of this site, and in general any object that under current legislation is protectable by intellectual property rules.

13.2. All content available on the Website and App or through its service, including designs, text, graphics, images, videos, information, applications, software, music, sound files and other files, as well as the websiteís selection and display (hereafter referred to as the Content) is the exclusive property of MINUBE or its licensors, with all rights reserved.

13.3. No part of the Content of the Website and App can be modified, copied, distributed, framed, reproduced, republished, downloaded, extracted, shown, published, transmitted or sold in any way through any medium, in part or as a whole, without prior written consent from MINUBE.

13.4. Provided that the user meets all requirements and that their use of the Website and App is legitimate according to the present conditions, MINUBE extends a limited license to use and access the website and the websiteís content and to download, legitimately and for personal, non-commercial use only, the websiteís content provided that all intellectual property notifications and warnings remain intact.

13.5. Any other use of the Content of the Website and App is strictly prohibited.

13.6. No brand, trade name, denomination, logotype, slogan, or any other form of differentiating sign shows on the Website or App and pertaining to MINUBE, specifically the name ìMINUBE,î may be used without prior written consent from MINUBE.

13.7. MINUBE expressly reserves those civil and criminal actions under Spanish and foreign legislation to which it may be entitled as a result of the violation of the peaceful possession and/or unauthorized use of the rights of intellectual property.

13.8. Any unauthorized use of any element of MINUBE protected by current industrial property legislation is expressly prohibited. Specifically, no brands, commercial names, banners, denominations, logotypes, slogans, or any other distinctive sign pertaining to MINUBE can be used.

14. Links to third party websites

14.1. The links provided on the Website or App referring to advertising or other content, and whose ownership or liability corresponds to parties other than MINUBE, are not the responsibility of MINUBE, who in no case is obliged to control or approve services, content, data, files, products and any kind of material on those websites. Therefore, under no circumstance can MINUBE be held responsible for the legality of the contents of those pages, those being the sole responsibility of the third party, especially with respect to the law, morality, good customs and public order.

14.2. The existence of links does not imply any relationship between MINUBE and the owner of the linked website

15. Advertising on Minube

The content, offers, and promotions of third parties shown on the Website and App are the exclusive responsibility of those parties.

16. Intellectual and Industrial Property of the content.

16.1. The Users warrant they hold all authorizations or consents for the exploitation of intellectual and industrial property of all content incorporated in any of the websites or application pertaining to MINUBE, whether these be texts, videos, photos or images, files, sounds, and any other works which fall under the protection of intellectual property laws.

16.2. The Users grant MINUBE a non-exclusive, worldwide license for the maximum time allowed by intellectual property legislation to the rights of exploitation that apply to the content incorporated in the Website or App and/or application; in particular, the rights to reproduction, public dissemination, online publication, transformation, distribution, or any other form of exploitation, online or offline, in any medium of communication including for commercial ends.

16.3. The Users also grant a license of use and transformation for the translation of the content to other languages or otherwise modify the content to the specifications and technical requisites of the Website and App with the sole object being to display and transmit this content on MINUBE or any other medium of communication affiliated with MINUBE, regardless of geographical location.

16.4. The User can publish his/her content on social networks, in which case the User accepts to be submitted to the present Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as well as those of the mentioned social networks.

17. Contests

The contests organized by Minube are regulated by the rules and conditions set forth for each individual contest.

18. Limitation of Responsibility

MINUBE is exempt from any responsibility in the following cases:

Incorrect use of usernames and/or passwords.

Technical failure, arising from incidental causes or other causes, which affects the normal operation of the service

Unavailability of the website, for maintenance reasons or any others, which affects the normal operation of the service.

The intrusion of third parties into the service. Given the advances in technology, it is possible for unauthorized third parties to enter the site and cause disturbances. Notwithstanding, Minube takes all technical steps to reduce these types of risks. The User is informed that these unlikely intrusions can cause problems and that MINUBE will not be responsible for resolving these problems.

For inaccuracy of the presented information arising from changes or modifications made by airlines, hotels, or car rental agencies. Be informed that MINUBE offers an intermediary service between the User and the associated companies and Third Party Providers and any changes these companies make with respect to availability, price, or schedules are the exclusive responsibility of those companies.

For any legal claims made by third parties relating to intellectual property rights, trademarks, or patents, in relation to any form of content uploaded by the Users to MINUBE. These types of legal claims will be the sole responsibility of the User, who will be held liable for any damages or legal costs that may arise from them.

For any conflict between Users resulting from defamation, bullying, insults, injuries, or any other causes which create conflict between them.

For all opinions, comments, and/or recommendations originating from the Users. MINUBE does not guarantee the accuracy or quality of this content, and the opinions of the users do not necessarily represent those of MINUBE.

For the incidental elimination of part or all of the material present on the Website which may be impossible or costly to recover. Given that this process is extremely difficult to carry out, users are recommended to save back-up copies of their content.

19. Rights Reserved

19.1 MINUBE reserves the right to deny service to or cancel the registration of any User who does not comply with the present Terms of use. This includes the right to delete content without prior warning if the content is in violation of the conditions expressed in this document.

19.2. MINUBE also reserves all actions bestowed by the above-mentioned rights in regards to any infraction that the Users might commit. Furthermore, all legal actions available under applicable law can and will be taken to recover damages and claims. All costs which arise from claims against a user and which are suffered by MINUBE will be duly reclaimed.

19.3 The present Terms and Conditions can be modified at any moment by MINUBE. In the case of this event, MINUBE will notify its users through a notification posted on the Website or App.

20. Validity of the present conditions

20.1. The present conditions are the only ones that regulate the relationship between the User and MINUBE, and they automatically replace any previously-made verbal or written agreement by the parties involved.

20.2 The clauses are applicable as long as they are in effect; if one or more of these clauses is rendered null and void, the rest of the clauses will continue to be applicable.

21. End of Service

21.1. The Users can de-activate their accounts by mailing info@minube.com, with the subject: ìdeactivate minube account.î

21.2. To opt-out of commercial communications, click the ìunsubscribeî option in the respective message or mail info@minube.com, with the subject: ìend commercial mailî

22. Legislation

These Terms of Use have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 on Services of the Society of Information and Electronic Commerce, Law 7/1998 on General Terms and Conditions for Consumption, Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, Law 7/1996 of 15 January, on Retail Trade.

23. Applicable Jurisdiction

23.1. The function and use of the Website and the application of present Terms of use is regulated by Spanish law. MINUBE and the User agree to be governed by the appropriate Courts and Tribunals in all cases.

23.2. In compliance with Directive 2013/11/EU and Regulation 524/2013 of the European Parliament regulating all disputes between consumers and traders arising from the sale of goods or services, the Users seeking to resolve arising from online transactions are informed that they can access an online dispute resolution platform in the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.