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38 reviews of Belchite

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Belchite, ancienttown

When you decide to visit a place like Belchite, you can’t forget what happened in the Spanish Civil War. The experience is devastating, the destruction is complete. Belchite, ancient town, like the sign in the entrance says, is an enormous open air horror museum. It is an enclave that is disappearing with time and nature. An enormous ruin that will disappear with time and this is why I felt like documenting it.

I was also interested in the architecture of the buildings. The vault compartments that have disappeared with the bombings or are severely damaged, yet the transverse arches are still standing. It is like being in a practical course of architecture. It is a corner of the history of Spain that is worth visiting.
Toni Calderón
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The history of belchite

The history of Belchite can be summed up like this: after the national uprising against the Second Republic, the militaries of Zaragoza supported the coup, transforming the area into a battle field. The republican army moved forward claiming the regions until they stumbled with an impressive military contingent barricaded in Belchite.

The battle was one of the bloodiest battles in the history of Spain.

The town resisted with such strength that after the victory Franco himself honored the people that were still alive.

He offered a gift for the town, they had to choose between changing the system of dry land crops to an irrigation one, which would have completely transformed Belchite, making it the richest land in Aragón, or to build a new town. They chose the second option, which has left a legacy to new generations: a memory of what happened in that place.

Belchite is frozen in time, abandoned by its people, looking towards itself and the few visitors that go there.

The new town was rebuilt by the republican prisoners, and most of them continued living in the ruins of Belchite, since they had no future elsewhere.
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I love this town. I have been there three times and I have also been in its religious holidays. It is a town that we wanted to visit because of its history. The town remains the way it was after the war of Belchite in the Civil War. Many houses have been destroyed and more and more houses fall with the passing of time. They are considered historical ruins and I hope they remain like this.
Victor del Pozo
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In the photo you can see the church o...

In the photo you can see the church of St. Augustine and St. Martin performed at night. During the civil war was strongly attacked Belchite being a great Republican resistance did not expect Franco's troops, being small village was attacked Belchite huge, so being killed in battle more than 30,000 people Belchite and nearby villages. Franco as a token of his victory Belchite decided that should remain as it was after the war ... And so it was until today, remains Belchite if terminasen dropping their bombs just days ago, the streets and ramshackle houses suffered the horror transport us there and what the man can do. There are many stories of ghosts in Belchite and no wonder, after dark feelings are very different ... Belchite definitely has something that once you have to go back again. Two of the most emblematic buildings are certainly Belchite church of San Martín and the Church of St. Augustine, both buildings are better able to withstand the attack. A highly recommended visit where we can reflect and meditate walking through the gritty streets ...

En la foto se ve la iglesia de San Agustín y San Martín realizadas en plena noche.
Durante la guerra civil Belchite fue fuertemente atacado siendo una gran resistencia republicana que no esperaban las tropas de Franco, siendo pequeño el pueblo de Belchite sufrió un ataque descomunal, siendo así que murieron en la batalla mas de 30.000 personas de Belchite y pueblos cercanos.
Franco como muestra de su victoria decidió que Belchite debía permanecer tal cual quedó pasada la guerra... Y así ha sido hasta día de hoy, Belchite permanece como si sus bombas terminasen de caer hace apenas días, sus calles y casas desvencijadas nos transportan al horror sufrido allí y lo que el hombre puede llegar a hacer.

Son numerosas las historias de fantasmas en Belchite y no es para menos, cuando cae la noche las sensaciones son muy distintas...

Sin duda Belchite tiene algo que hace que una vez que uno va tenga que volver otra vez.

Dos de los edificios mas emblemáticos de Belchite son sin duda la iglesia de San Martín y la Iglesia de San Augustín, ambas son los edificios que mejor resistieron el ataque.

Una visita más que recomendable donde podemos reflexionar y meditar paseando por sus descarnadas calles...
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No if indeed been captured cacophony,...

No if indeed been captured cacophony, we also speak of apparitions that I personally do not have accompanied me during the evening walk I gave one night in the ruins of the village. They say it is just as intense bombing was after he was subjected, as a reminder of a bygone horrors. To me that is more deteriorated than then, but the truth is that impresses walk those streets and weigh the spectacle deruidos buildings due to the impact of the bombs. For that one has little sensitivity is also impossible not to shudder and strange sensations perceived costs that put you goosebumps. At least to me happens.

No se si es cierto que se han captado cacofonias, se habla también de apariciones que a mi personalmente no me han acompañado durante el paseo nocturno que di una noche entre las ruinas del pueblo. Dicen que está tal y como quedó tras el bombardeo intenso a que fue sometido, como recuerdo de unos horrores ya pasados. Para mi que está algo más deteriorado que entonces, pero lo cierto es que impresiona caminar por esas calles y sopesar el espectáculo que ofrecen los edificios deruidos como consecuencia del impacto de las bombas. Por poca sensibilidad que uno tenga es imposible no estremecerse y tampoco cuesta percibir sensaciones extrañas que te ponen la carne de gallina. Al menos a mi me sucede.
Francisco Dominguez Penis
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Belchite, the barbarism of civil war

Little can say more, next to the new town of Belchite this ancient city now gives very deteriorated, even as the story is worth view. walk the streets where the famous battle of Belchite and the guide explain in detail the whole story is concocted, before pruning visit without more, now for reasons of vandalism entry are 6 euros.

Belchite , la barbarie de la guerra civil

Poco se puede decir mas , al lado del pueblo nuevo de Belchite esta la antigua ciudad hoy en día muy deteriorada , aun así por la historia que tiene vale la pena verlo.

recorrer las calles donde se fraguo la fAmosa batalla de Belchite y el guía explicarte con detalle toda la historia , antes se podía visitar sin mas , ahora por motivos de vandalismo la entrada son 6 euros.
alejandro santos sanchez
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A town with mystery.

Mgicos are many places we can find in our geography and certainly Belchite is among the most prominent. Sicofonas, sinfn appearances and stories that make this place special. There are guided tours, which recommend first by the dangerous terrain and in the second by all the history that all concentrated.

Un pueblo con misterio.

Son muchos los lugares mágicos que podemos encontrar en nuestra geografía y sin duda, Belchite se encuentra entre los mas destacados.

Sicofonías, apariciones y un sinfín de relatos hacen de este lugar que sea especial.

Existen visitas guiadas, las cuales recomiendo en primer lugar por la peligrosidad del terreno y en el segundo por toda la historia que allí se concentra.
Alejandro Sepúlveda Chamizo
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Belchite is a few tens of kilometers ...

Belchite is a few tens of kilometers south of Zaragoza, Aragon, an absolutely beautiful area. In August and September 1937, this village was the scene of fierce fighting between Republicans and Nationalists, and was completely destroyed. At the end of the war, Franco decided to leave the state, to make a "living monument of war." And a new village was rebuilt a little further. These ruins can be visited. And, although they are poorly maintained, they are very impressive. In fact, there is virtually nothing left of the village except the church of San Martin, and the convent of San Raffaele ... That had to be beautiful ... I visited this village martyr in March 2010, the end of a beautiful day, with only the sound of wind in the ruins ... It was wonderful and awesome!

Belchite se situe à quelques dizaines de kilomètres au sud de Saragosse, en Aragon, une région absolument superbe.

En août et septembre 1937, ce village a été le théâtre de terribles combats entre Républicains et Nationalistes, et a été complètement détruit.
A la fin de la guerre, Franco a décidé de le laisser en état, pour en faire un "Monument vivant de de guerre". Et un nouveau village a été reconstruit un peu plus loin.

Ces ruines se visitent. Et, bien qu'elles soient très mal entretenues, elles sont très impressionnantes. En fait, il ne reste quasiment rien du village, sauf son église San Martin, et le couvent San Rafaele... Qui ont du être magnifiques...

J'ai visité ce village martyr en mars 2010, a la fin d'une journée magnifique, avec seulement le bruit du vent dans les ruines... C'était superbe et impressionnant !
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The old town of belchite, is one of t...

The old town of Belchite, is one of the places I've been that impressed me most. Located next to the "new people", was razed in bloody battles of the civil war. Such was the siege suffered, we had to build a whole new town. For me, this town is a living testimony of past mistakes, than the barbarity of a fratricidal war can do, and I must admit, it's a great and terrifying testimony. For many locals, is a taboo, which naturally brings up many feelings trying to be hidden. For me it was an unforgettable experience, because once in place, and treating it with the respect it deserves, it can make you think of what man is capable. The "old town" is a dilapidated, with debris scattered across the floor and walls of old age pending their foundations. Walls which are still perfectly bullets and shells. So I recommend going with right shoes, and look very well where you step, and you can suddenly find yourself with socabones on the floor of underground canals. The urban structure of Belchite, looks perfectly, with its main street, where even resist the facades of their homes and their streets, alleyways and squares. On reaching the village the first thing I saw was the Church of San Martin de Tous, still retaining the bell, marked by shells and walls, and demonstrates the wealth that lived in his day the people. In the gateway can read an inscription that investigating, I discovered that was written by a neighbor, allegedly Natalio Barquero, shortly before being exiled to Catalonia, "old people Belchite, you no longer will be about lads, no longer hear the Jacks singing our parents. " Next to the church, the convent of San Rafael, which has preserved only the facade and interior columns riddled with shrapnel. Continuing the road that marks the high street find the square clock, with the cross of the fallen, a daunting. Finally, add that regardless of the convictions of each, is a place that in my point of view deserves a lot of respect. It's not a theme park. Older people new to town I could talk, I was a great way, but it showed some sadness and even fear that caused them the vision of those ruins that were once their homes. Please, you have to know the place, and learn the mistakes we made, but try to keep it as it is a testament to what we have to repeat. Thank you very much and greetings to all!

El pueblo viejo de Belchite, es uno de los lugares en los que he estado que mas me ha impresionado. Situado al lado del "pueblo nuevo", fue arrasado en cruentas batallas de la guerra civil. Tal fue el asedio que sufrió, que hubo que construirse un pueblo completamente nuevo.

Para mi, este pueblo es un testimonio vivo de los errores del pasado, de lo que la barbarie de una guerra fratricida es capaz de hacer, y he de reconocer, que es un gran y aterrador testimonio.

Para muchos lugareños, es un lugar tabú, que lógicamente despierta muchos sentimientos que tratan de ser escondidos. Para mi fue una experiencia inolvidable, ya que una vez en el lugar, y tratándolo con el respeto que se merece, es capaz de hacerte reflexionar de lo que es capaz el ser humano.

El "pueblo viejo" es un lugar en ruinas, con cascotes desperdigados por el suelo y fachadas pendientes de la vejez de sus cimientos. Paredes donde todavía se ven perféctamente los impactos de bala y obuses. Por eso recomiendo ir con calzado adecuado, y mirar muy bien por donde se pisa, ya que puedes encontrarte de repente con socabones en el suelo de acequias subterraneas. La estructura urbanística de Belchite, se ve perféctamente, con su calle mayor, donde aun resisten las fachadas de sus casas y sus correspondientes calles, cantones y plazas.

Al llegar al pueblo lo primero que ví fue la Iglesia de San Martín de Tous, que todavía conserva el campanario, marcado por los obuses y sus paredes, y que demuestra la riqueza que vivió en su día el pueblo. En la puerta de entrada se puede leer una inscripción, que investigando, descubrí que fue escrita por un vecino, supuestamente Natalio Barquero, poco antes de exiliarse a Cataluña, "Pueblo viejo de Belchite, ya no te rondarán zagales, ya no se oirán las jotas que cantaban nuestros padres". Junto a la iglesia, el convento de San Rafael, del que solo se conerva la fachada y las columnas interiores acribilladas por la metralla.

Continuando el camino que nos marca la calle mayor encontramos la plaza del reloj, con la cruz de los caidos, un lugar sobrecogedor.

Para terminar, añadir, que independientemente de las convicciones de cada uno, es un lugar que bajo mi punto de vista merece muchísimo respeto. No es un parque temático. La gente mayor del pueblo nuevo con la que pude hablar, me trató de un modo fantástico, pero en algunos se notaba la tristeza e incluso el miedo que les provocaba la visión de esas ruinas que un día fueron sus casas. Por favor, hay que conocer el lugar, y aprender los errores que cometimos, pero intentemos mantenerlo, ya que es un testimonio de lo que no tenemos que repetir.

Muchas gracias y un Saludo a todos!!!
Cristian Sevilla Velasco
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Belchite is known to have been the sc...

Belchite is known to have been the scene of one of the symbolic battles of the Spanish Civil War, where as a result, the town was completely destroyed. Belchite old was not rebuilt and now live the new and the old town, in a stunning testimony to the violence of men towards their history. Totally recommended visit: A people and a history, ruins and testimony from another era

Belchite es conocido por haber sido escenario de una de las batallas simbólicas de la Guerra civil española, donde como consecuencia, el pueblo fue completamente destruido.

Belchite viejo no fue reconstruido y hoy conviven el pueblo nuevo y el viejo, en un impresionante testimonio de la violencia de los hombres para con su historia.

Totalmente recomendable su visita: Un pueblo y una historia, unas ruinas y un testimonio de otra época
Ainhoa Gracia Lasa
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A place in time

Without comment, the people deserve these instantanias Belchite ruined. Walking around the streets between rubble and debris, move the walker makes a worse time of war, suffering and destruction! Fatalistic but necessary never to forget that our tragedy of war!

Un lugar en el tiempo

Sin comentario alguno, merecen estas instantanias del pueblo en ruinas de Belchite. Pasearse por su calles entre cascotes y ruinas, hace trasladarse al paseante a un tiempo peor, de guerra sufrimiento y destrucción!! Fatalista pero necesario, para no olvidar nunca aquella nuestra tragedia de la guerra!!
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Ruins and ghosts

One afternoon long ago, pas with my boyfriend for the ruins of Belchite, and as I love the photo because no pruning avoid taking any photos. Ms late arriving home, look very closely at the pictures and some funny face room. Last saturday I went with my boyfriend to a night touristic visit with my boyfriend.

Ruinas y fantasmas

Una tarde hace mucho tiempo, pasé con mi novio por las ruinas de Belchite, y como me encanta la fotografía pues no podía evitar el tomar alguna foto.
Más tarde al llegar a casa, observamos muy detenidamente las fotos y salía alguna cara rara.
El pasado sábado fui con mi novio a una visita turística nocturna con mi novio.
Sonia Martinez Gracia
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This is the remains of the charming v...

This is the remains of the charming village of Belchite after the Spanish Civil War, famous battle of belchite, was destroyed but instead of remake, decided to do 500 meters further on, so that these ruins are so that history can see the results of civil war. located on land tricks, is very close to Zaragoza.

Se trata de los restos del pueble de Belchite tras la Guerra Civil española, famosa batalla de belchite, quedo destrozado si bien en lugar de rehacerlo, decidieron hacerlo 500 metros mas adelante, por lo que estas ruinas quedan para que la historia pueda contemplar los resultados de una guerra civil. enclavado en tierras mañas, queda muy próximo a Zaragoza.
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Back to the past

After more than 70 years of history as this corner is then. Well worth a walk to understand the horrors of war and appreciate what we have now. We also near Fuendetodos, birthplace of Goya, where you can enjoy tranquility.

Volver al pasado

Tras más de 70 años de historia esté rincón sigue como entonces. Bien vale un paseo para entender los horrores de la guerra y valorar lo que ahora tenemos. Cerca además tenemos Fuendetodos, cuna de Goya, donde podremos disfrutar de tranquilidad.
Toni Serrano
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Belchite is now a pure scenery, hard ...

Belchite is now a pure scenery, hard real disaster shows us the Civil War. There remains a village intact after the destruction and deaths, is a place not to forget history.

Belchite es hoy día una escenografía pura, real y dura que nos muestra nos desastres de la Guerra Civil. Allí, continúa un pueblo intacto tras la destrucción y las muertes; es un lugar para no olvidar la historia.
Arantzazu García Calderón
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976 830 003
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Autovia N-232 y C-222, 55458 Zaragoza, España
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