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El Capricho Park


112 reviews of El Capricho Park

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A secret garden

El Parque del Capricho (Capricho Park) is located in the Alamedia de Osuna neighborhood, in the Northwest of Madrid, right next to Juan Carlos I park. It’s the most unknown of all Madrid’s parks, despite being the only Romantic garden in Madrid.

It’s a very beautiful and remote park, which explains its limited visiting hours, which are reduced to weekends and holidays. It is prohibited to enter the park with food, drink, pets, bicycles, etc. (park entrance is controlled by turnstiles).

It’s an absolute delight to visit this park, as it’s so isolated, pure and gorgeous. The plant life is abundant and is perfectly maintained, thanks to the army of gardeners that work there. Among the many exemplary attractions, my favorites are the trees of love, whose leaves form a heart.

The best time of the year to visit the park is in the spring, when the lilacs are in full bloom. Although, the fall also offers spectacular scenery, especially if it’s a shady, damp day where you can really smell the outdoors.

The Capricho Park houses many neat and interesting places to discover, such as: a labyrinth, flower beds, beautiful buildings like the Palace, the Casino de Baile (Dance Casino), a lake with swans, ducks, and a small wharf that connects the canal running throughout the park to the Casino de Baile. Each path offers something new and breathtaking to see.

What are my favorite places in the park? The Plaza de los Emperadores (Emperors Square) and the hermit’s dwelling, where a hermit used to live under contract of the Duchess of Osuna.

Stunning, remarkable views in a place worth spending countless hours while in Madrid.
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A day of capricho

One of the loveliest spots in the city of Madrid, an area that used to be the Duke of Osuna's. An authentic whim (as the name Capricho indicates) at the time in the surroundings of Madrid. It was designed by the French landscape architect Jean Baptiste Mulot and is located next to Juan Carlos I, somewhat under urban pressure now, it is still a real luxury to visit it.

A place worth it in any season of the year. The time of most splendor is Autumn, but it is good anytime. There are some restrictions to get in and check the opening hours.

Everyone who does not know this wonderful place will be surprised by this exquisite place full of spots for leisure, with the very extensive variety of flowers and some small but lovely lakes. A good opportunity to spend a good day.
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A complete nature-filled whim

The other day I had the opportunity to visit the marvelous historic 18th century gardens. It’s a lovely garden where you can find many interesting architectural works like the Casino del Baile (Dance Casino), the beehive, etc.

In the garden, you can find a bunker that provided shelter many years ago during the Spanish Civil War. Unfortunately, you can’t enter the bunker, but from what I’ve heard, it has meters and meters of underground tunnels. At first glance, it seems like a completely natural garden, with no hint of man-made structures.

The upper part has a beautiful lake which you can access by a wharf, also known as the Casa de la Cañas because it’s completely covered in reeds. The park was constructed almost entirely by the distinguished gardener Pablo Boutelou towards the end of the 19th century, under the orders of the Dutchess Doña María Josefa.

The garden is located in the Alameda de Osuna neighborhood of Madird and is open to the public practically every day of the year. If you’re in the mood to enjoy another stunning park, the Juan Carlos I park is close by. Juan Carlos I park is very well taken care of and is a place I definitely recommend to visit for its unparalleled charm.
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Perfect harmony

This park, the jewel of all gardens in Madrid, is located in Alameda de Osuna, very close to Juan Carlos I park (Subway El Capricho, line 5).

It is an impressive garden. Not known for its size, as it’s not nearly the biggest park in Madrid (14 hectares), but for its beauty. Construction of the park began in 1787, as an order of the Duchess of Osuna’s will, and was finished in 1893. The architect in charge of its design was the Frenchman Jean Baptiste Mulot.

The Alameda was bought in 1920 by the Baüer family, who maintained the garden in good condition until they sold it at the end of the Civil War. From then on, the building was left abandoned until the town hall of Madrid took control of it in 1974 and began renovations a few years later.

El Capricho offers some idyllic landscapes. You can almost always find recently married couples taking pictures in their wedding attire. You can find just about everything in park’s 14 hectares. You could almost say it was a precursor to today’s theme parks, like Disneyland, since there were different atmospheres where the famous visitors could travel time and distance visiting different areas.

The garden preserved a perfect harmony, where each element occupied the exact place so that distances and proportions were those of a perfect ideal of harmony, a perfect whim for the demanding Duchess of Osuna.
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A relaxing stroll in madrid

This is a perfect place to take a walk and get away from the noisy city. In fact, the first description we made was “like a smaller, less crowded Retiro that also offers parking.”
It was built by the Duchess of Osuna between 1787 and 1839 and is the only Romantic-style park in Madrid.
After entering the gates and walking along a long flower-lined passage, we arrive at the Exedra de los Emperadores, an homage to the Duchess by her grandson, and then on to the stunning Palace.
There is also a pond and a river that runs throughout the entire park. You can hear it gurgling in the well below the ballroom and is where the Duchess would take her guests for boat rides across the property (how glamorous!!!).
Another place that caught my attention was the Abejero (“bee house”), a pretty building which served as a beehive and to which two cabins were added to view the bees from safety.
You can also see a magnificent pedestal dedicated to the god Bacchus, the hermitage, the dolphin fountain, the frog’s grotto, and much more, all surrounded by luscious vegetation.
There are plaques explaining the history of every monument, pond, bunker, column, or structure that you’ll encounter. They help you understand the function of each structure and give you a really interesting glimpse into the style of living of that era.
The park also holds concerts and dances during the weekends in spring, summer, and autumn.
Cristina Venegas Méndez
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A joy for the senses

On August 13th, 2011 I could finally visit El Capricho. So many years eager to go and I could never find some free time. It is one of the places you have heard of so many times and in such a good way that you are worried to be disappointed.

It was during a very hot afternoon in August. At 5.30 pm I was at the gates of the park and I could immediately feel the fresh air, the joy and a will to share this experience with everyone. I would just add that they are currently renovating the buildings for your information.

The palace has changed its exterior appearance and has been painted in one color (almost white). The sphinxes of the exedra are now black, standing out from the rest and obliging you to focus on the exedra.

It is very well cared and a real pleasure to walk on the numerous paths or sit down and rest in any of the benches. The grass is an invitation to lay down. If you have time, enjoy this wonderful spot of Madrid, just remember they only open on weekends and holidays.
Concha Domínguez
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The loveliest in the city

It is not as famous and big as El Retiro, but it definitely deserves a visit because it is considered the loveliest by many locals.
Victor del Pozo
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It is the most beautiful park in madrid

It is the most beautiful park in Madrid, wonderful and really lovely.
Jose Haro
Carlos Roig hjyhj
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Enjoying the tranquility!

One day I was looking online sites ..... Madrid you can visit sites that have not seen before, beautiful and peaceful places. So he found the park The Capricho.Hable with two of my friends and we took the subway and verlo.Esta went a bit far but we are worth the trip, because we spent a very enjoyable day, we have brought good memories and have gotten quite beautiful photos I say. We prepared sandwiches and surprise was that we were not allowed to bring food, but that was not a problem, we went to a green park that had very close, and when we finished eating and entramos.Lo I liked most was the number of flowers ... everything is beautiful ... everything so green ... so romantic .. It should be up to go for a walk with your partner there.There many banks hiding under trees where one can steal a kiss to her have a crush ... and charm.The old cottage garden full of vegetables we like suggests that these granny's house in the village ... and that every moment may appear by the massive door of the house ... as you will see from the photos there are many wonderful things, many statues, plants, flowers, the penalty was that the roses were not florecidos.El black swan charm me, it seemed that came out on purpose so people would take pictures, it seemed seeking the best way to pose, but cost a bit because I kept moving. Here you have the opening times and public transport from 1 October to 31 March: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9 to 18:30. Note: access is allowed until 18:00. Doors closing at 18:30. From 1 April to 30 September: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9 to 21 hours. Note: access is allowed until 20:30. Doors closing at 21:00. Nearest Public Transport: Bus lines 101, 105 and 151 of the EMT Madrid. Metro: "El Capricho", line 5.

Disfrutando de la tranquilidad!

Un día estaba buscando por Internet sitios de Madrid que pueda visitar .....sitios que no haya visto antes ,sitios tranquilos y bonitos .Así fue que encontré el parque El Capricho.Hable con dos de mis amigos y cogimos el metro y nos fuimos a verlo.Esta un poco lejos pero merece la pena el viaje ,porque hemos pasado un día muy agradable ,nos hemos llevado buenos recuerdos y hemos sacado fotos bastante bonitos digo yo.
Nos preparamos bocadillos y nos sorpresa fue que no nos dejaron entrar con comida,pero eso no fue un problema ,nos fuimos a un aparcamiento verde que había muy cerca ,y cuando terminamos de comer ya entramos.Lo que mas me gusto fue la cantidad de flores ...esta todo precioso...todo tan verde...tan romántico..
Debe ser lo máximo ir a dar un paseo con tu pareja allí.hay muchos bancos escondidos debajo de arboles donde uno le puede robar un beso a su enamorad@...y la casita de la vieja nos encanto.el jardín lleno de verdura te hace pensar que estas en casa de una abuelita ,en el pueblo ...y que en cada momento puede aparecer por la puerta maciza de la casa...
como vais a ver en las fotos hay muchas cosas muy bonitas,muchas estatuas,plantas,flores ,la pena fue que los rosales no estaban florecidos.El cisne negro me encanto,parecía que salía a posta para que la gente le saque fotos ,parecía que buscaba la mejor manera de posar,aunque me costo un poco porque no paraba de moverse.

Aquí os dejo los horarios de apertura y el transporte publico

Del 1 de octubre al 31 de marzo: sábados, domingos y festivos de 9 a 18:30 horas.
Nota: el acceso está permitido hasta las 18:00 horas. Cierre de puertas a las 18:30 horas.
Del 1 de abril al 30 de septiembre: sábados, domingos y festivos de 9 a 21 horas.
Nota: el acceso está permitido hasta las 20:30 horas. Cierre de puertas a las 21:00 horas.
Transporte público más próximo: Líneas de autobuses 101, 105 y 151 de la EMT Madrid. Metro: estación "El Capricho", línea 5.
Adriana Oancea
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Strolling through the park el capricho, madrid.

This is one of the green spaces that make up the artistic-natural heritage of Madrid. Located in Alameda, it is one of the most beautiful parks and, paradoxically, the most unknown. Created in 1784 by the Dukes of Osuna and especially by the Duchess, Doña María Josefa of the Solitude Alonso Pimentel. The garden offers three different styles: the parterre garden or francs, the Englishman and the Italian giardino landscape. West front facade of the palace extends the parterre, with clipped hedges like a embroidered on the land in question. At the bottom is situated the Italian, the most ancient area of ​​the farm, which mixes with trees hedges where winter sun or shelter in the shade from the summer sun. Ste near the labyrinth, designed for foreplay and hiding, is made with laurel and respects the planes in which plant life of the Duchess. Finally, the rest of the park is designed as a typical garden landscaper English, evoking nature in its pure state, a stroll and stop in the most hidden corners.

Paseando por el parque el capricho, madrid.

Estamos ante uno de los espacios verdes que conforman el patrimonio artístico-natural de Madrid. Situado en Alameda de Osuna, es uno de los parques más bellos y, paradójicamente, de los más desconocidos. Creado en 1784 por los Duques de Osuna y especialmente por la duquesa, doña María Josefa de la Soledad Alonso Pimentel.
El jardín ofrece tres estilos diferentes: el parterre o jardín francés, el paisaje inglés y el giardino italiano. Delante de la fachada oeste del palacio se extiende el parterre, con sus setos recortados como si de un bordado sobre la tierra se tratase. En la parte baja se sitúa el italiano, el espacio más antiguo de la finca, que mezcla los setos con árboles en los que tomar el sol en invierno o resguardarse a la sombra del sol veraniego. Cerca de éste, el laberinto, concebido para el juego amoroso y los escondites, está hecho con laurel y respeta los planos del que se plantó en vida de la duquesa. Por último, el resto del parque está concebido como un típico jardín paisajista inglés, evocando la naturaleza en su estado puro, que invita al paseo y a detenerse en los rincones más escondidos.
Eugenio Bonilla Calonge
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Really fantastic

The least known of Madrid garden does not have to envy anything Retirement .Construido in 1784 by the Dukes of Osuna and especially by the Duchess, doa Mara Josefa of the Solitude Alonso Pimentel, who empeo to do in that short a magnificent residence nature, planted thousands of trees and building many buildings having a boating lake to enjoy their guests .The codeo with the most illustrious artists of the few, as Goya's portrait several times with his family They are 14 hectares of land with a wealth of water, in which you can see, the grandmother's house, the house of reeds (where to pier), the lake, etc. The estate fell into the hands of the City of Madrid in 1974 and still today is in reconstruction. Spend a morning walking around the park, under the trees even in the middle of August is not hot, remind Podis not pass food, drink even if there is nothing to buy drinks inside Admission is free

Realmente fantastico

El jardín menos conocido de Madrid , no tiene que envidiar nada al Retiro .Construido en 1784 por los Duques de Osuna y especialmente por la duquesa, doña María Josefa de la Soledad Alonso Pimente, que se empeño en hacer en aquella época una residencia magnifica en plena naturaleza, planto miles de arboles y edifico innumerables construcciones contando con un lago navegable para disfrute de sus invitados .Se codeo con los mas ilustres artistas de la época , como Goya que la retrato en varias ocasiones con su familia .Son 14 hectáreas de terreno con un gran caudal de agua, en la que puedes apreciar ,la casa de la abuela ,la caseta de cañas ( donde hacia de embarcadero ) , el lago , etc.
La finca cayo en manos del ayuntamiento de Madrid en 1974 y todavía hoy esta en reconstrucción.
Pase una gran mañana recorriendo todo el parque ,bajo los arboles aun en pleno agosto no hace calor ,recordaros que no podéis pasar comida ,aunque si bebida , no hay nada para comprar bebida dentro ,La entrada es gratuita
Dunka y Jou
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This garden love, looks like a movie ...

This garden love, looks like a movie set, I love the lake with its waterfall and pier, and also the gazebo with the god Bacchus in the middle, I could not photograph palace (was in restoration) Recomirendo the entire Enjoy world that is little known but is second to none, and you can knock down in the grass to rest

Este jardín encanta , parece el escenario de una película , me gusta mucho el lago con su cascada y el embarcadero , y también el cenador con el dios Baco en el medio, el palacio no lo pude fotografiar ( estaba en restauracion)
Recomirendo a todo el mundo que lo disfrute , es poco conocido pero es de lo mejorcito , además te puedes tumbar en el césped a descansar
Carmen Quereda Merino
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El capricho

At the beginning of spring this garden is ideal for a romantic walk, alone or with friends and family. Forbidden food for cleaning issue, but is free entry which is welcome. Windmills of the Duchess of Osuna now also be our whim, we must take advantage! ^ _ ^

El capricho

Al comienzo de la primavera este jardín es ideal, para un paseo romántico, en solitario o con amigos y familiares. Prohibida la comida por cuestión de limpieza, pero es gratuita la entrada que es de agradecer. El capricho de la duquesa de Osuna ahora también puede ser nuestro capricho, hay que aprovecharlo!! ^_^
Xin Wu Yen
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Beautiful garden of 14 hectares, located in the district of barajas, born about 1784 when losduques de osuna, one of the most enlightened and powerful families of the time, they acquire this property to unleash their artistic concerns and ale

Beautiful garden of 14 hectares, located in the district of Barajas, born about 1784 when the Duke of Osuna, one of the most enlightened and powerful families of the time, they acquire this farm to unleash their artistic concerns and to get away from big city. It was the Duchess, María Josefa de la Soledad Alonso Pimentel, the principal promoter of this park. Considered the most intelligent woman of the time and protector of artists, bullfighters and intellectual property created in the artistic and authentic natural paradise frequented by famous personalities of the time and who worked in the artists and set designers gardeners more prestige. Perfect for photo shoots or just to spend a nice evening in good company.

Precioso jardín de 14 hectáreas, ubicado en el distrito de barajas, nace sobre 1784 cuando los duques de osuna, una de las familias más ilustradas y poderosas del momento, adquieren esta finca para dar rienda suelta a sus inquietudes artísticas y para ale

Precioso jardín de 14 hectáreas, ubicado en el distrito de Barajas, nace sobre 1784 cuando los Duques de Osuna, una de las familias más ilustradas y poderosas del momento, adquieren esta finca para dar rienda suelta a sus inquietudes artísticas y para alejarse de la gran ciudad. Fue la duquesa, doña María Josefa de la Soledad Alonso Pimentel, la principal impulsora de este parque. Considerada como la mujer más inteligente de la época y protectora de artistas, toreros e intelectuales, creó en la finca un auténtico paraíso artístico-natural frecuentado por las personalidades más ilustres de la época y en el que trabajaron los artistas, jardineros y escenógrafos con más prestigio.
Perfecto para sesiones fotográficas o simplemente para pasar una tarde agradable en buena compañía.
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Paseo de la Alameda de Osuna, 25
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