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Pyramids of Giza


65 reviews of Pyramids of Giza

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Pyramids at dawn

I've seen a lot of the great natural wonders, cathedrals, and ruins of the Western world, but none of them have been as impressive as the Pyramids of Giza. My advice is to get a ride out there (your hotel should be able to arrange something) as early as possible. The buses full of tourists and Egyptian schoolchildren (and the pushy peddlers) show up around 10am, so try and get there at 8:30 and you can at least have an hour to yourself. When I got there, there were maybe 20 other people at the most, which is a rare feat if you consider how famous the pyramids are. Alone, you can savor the sheer drama of the place: no sounds excepts for the wind, the sky so bleached with sand that it's practically white, and, of course, the three mysterious giants sticking up out of the sand. If you get there early, you'll get blown away.
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The amazing giza pyramids

The amazing Giza Pyramids
Ahmed Eiweida
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Cheops, chephren and mykerinos are th...

Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinos are the names of the three great pyramids of Egypt. They were built by order of the pharaohs homonyms waiting to get to another world as "deserved" thanks to these constructions. Seeing them from a distance is quite amazing. What surprises a lot to tourists is that the city is truly as close to the pyramids. As you approach them, you may lose some of its majesty. But to see it from a distance is impressive and unique experience. In addition, everything from having the pyramids mythical helps increase the feeling of fascination.

Keops, Kefrén y Mykerinos son los nombres de las tres grandes pirámides de Egipto. Fueron construidas por orden de los faraones homónimos que esperaban llegar al otro mundo como “lo merecían” gracias a estas construcciones.

Verlas desde la distancia es absolutamente asombroso. Lo que sorprende un montón al turista es que la ciudad se encuentre verdaderamente tan cerca de las pirámides.

A medida que te vas acercando a ellas, quizá pierden algo de su majestuosidad. Pero verlo desde lejos es impresionante y una experiencia única. Además, todo aquello de mítico que tienen las pirámides ayuda a aumentar esa sensación de fascinación.
Pedro Jareño
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You sobrecoje the large size of these...

You sobrecoje the large size of these colossal structures is still a mystery as to costruir reached podiandisponer media at the time. The estimated date of completion of the construction of the Great Pyramid is about 2570. C., the first and largest of the three great pyramids of Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. It was the tallest building until the fourteenth century (being surpassed by the spire of Lincoln Cathedral in England [1]) and the highest stone building in the world until well into the nineteenth century, being then superseded by the needle St. Nikolai, Hamburg. [2] Erected with about 2,300,000 blocks of stone with an average weight is two tons per block, weighing up some sixty tons, and originally covered with 27,000 white limestone blocks Polished, several tons each, retained this appearance until the early fourteenth century, when an earthquake off of the limestone cladding. Subsequently, the Ottoman Turks used the liner for the construction of various buildings in Cairo, as the mosque of Hassan

Te sobrecoge la grandes dimensiones de estas estructuras colosales que aun es un misterio como se llegaron a construir con los medios que podían disponer en su época.

La fecha estimada de terminación de la construcción de la Gran Pirámide es alrededor de 2570 a. C., siendo la primera y mayor de las tres grandes pirámides de la Necrópolis de Giza, situada en las afueras de El Cairo, en Egipto. Fue el edificio más alto hasta el siglo XIV (siendo superado por el chapitel de la Catedral de Lincoln, en Inglaterra[1] ) y el edificio de piedra más alto del mundo hasta bien entrado el siglo XIX, siendo entonces superado por la aguja de San Nikolai, en Hamburgo.[2]
Erigida con unos 2.300.000 bloques de piedra cuyo peso medio es de dos toneladas por bloque, llegando a pesar algunos de ellos hasta las sesenta toneladas, y originalmente recubierta por unos 27.000 bloques de piedra caliza blanca, pulidos, de varias toneladas cada uno, mantuvo este aspecto hasta principios del siglo XIV, cuando un terremoto desprendió parte del revestimiento calizo. Posteriormente, los turcos otomanos utilizaron dicho revestimiento para la construcción de diversas edificaciones en El Cairo, como la mezquita de Hassán.
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Visit cairo, involves taste .... visi...

Visit Cairo, involves taste .... Visit the Giza plateau. Amazing how moving a relentless desert sand into the city, where nearly three pyramids as guardians seem to control the sand spit that appears to slow down at his feet. The three impressive. The visit easier (fewer people) Kefren. I was told that after all there inside as in the Cheops. And the feeling of claustrophobia is very similar. If you can get inside ... Sign ... You will not see anything special, is not pretty ... Simply awesome .... but you will feel like the first person who by his endless tunnel spent the first day (if you pass people going up, shared "hallway entrance hallway with output." Odor, heat the narrow tunnel makes you wish it arrives soon end. If you can come and you remember chewing mint gum ... is necessary. Beware of people who offers you a "little spin" on the camel, easy climb but difficult down (I was told) .... Also watch out for gifts, usually when an Arab gives you something, if you ask for something and usually not with the same proportionality .... Get used. Below to visit the three pyramids esfige, from a distance, one can not hacercar much. amazing.

Visitar El Cairo, implica con gusto....Visitar la meseta de giza. Impresionante ver como avanza un implacable desierto de arena hacia la ciudad, donde casi como guardianes las tres piramides parecen controlar la lengua de arena que parece frenarse a sus pies.

Las tres impresionantes. La más fácil de visitar ( hay menos gente) Kefren. Me dijeron que a fin de cuentas en su interior hay lo mismo que en la de Keops. Y la sensación de claustrofobia es muy similar.
Si podeis entrar dentro...Entrar... No vais a ver nada especial, no es bonita... Simplemente impresionante....Pero te sentiras como la primera persona que por su inacabable túnel el primer día pasó (si pasas de la gente que sube, se comparte "pasillo de entrada con pasillo de salida". El olor, el calor del angosto túnel, te hace desear que llege cuanto antes el final. Si podeis y os acordais entran masticando un chicle de menta... Se hace necesario. Cuidado con la gente que te propone una "vueltecita" en el camello, es fácil subir pero difícil bajar (me contaron).... También cuidado con los regalos, normalmente cuando un árabe te regala algo, siempre te pide algo y normalmente no con la misma proporcionalidad.... Hay que acostumbrarse.
Mas abajo de las tres piramides visitar la esfige, desde lejos, uno no se puede hacercar mucho. Alucinante.
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What most impressed me is that i thou...

What most impressed me is that I thought would be lost in a desert and yet are in Giza that can be considered a suburb of Cairo. These are known Kepos pyramids, Khafre and Menkaure, recognized as one of the Wonders of the Ancient World Seite. It has an exoteric meaning that I will not explain because I sure any book Game Review it much better than me. I'd rather stay and leave you with the feeling of a very old and, seeing the camel dress ready to have a walk around the area or are the police going around uploaded on their camels, may think these alongside Peter Ustinov making Hercule Poirot in the film Death on the Nile The Sphinx is smaller than I thought and as you know is missing nose (if you read Asterix in Egypt, and know that snatched Obelix trying to climb it). Worth down inside one of the pyramids (I think it was the Kefren) through the narrow and dark passage that leads to the burial chamber. Of course, the claustrophobic refrain. Anecdotally I will say that when I got out front I play an English fairly thick (say politically correct) that did nothing more than shouting "my Good, my Good" and loaded all the charm but, well ...

Lo que mas me impresionó es que yo pensaba que estarían perdidas en mitad del desierto y, sin embargo, están en Gizeh que puede ser considerado un barrio de las afueras de El Cairo. Son las conocidas piramides de Kepos, Kefren y Micerino, reconocidas como una de las Seite Maravillas del Mundo Antiguo.
Tiene un significado exotérico que no voy a explicaros porque seguro que cualquier libro os lo comentaria mucho mejor que yo. Prefiero quedarme y dejaros con la sensación de un sitio muy antiguo y que, viendo como visten los camelleros dispuestos a darte un paseo por la zona o como está la policía dando vueltas subidos en sus dromedarios, pueden pensar que estas junto a Peter Ustinov haciendo de Hércules Poirot en la película Muerte en el Nilo.
La Esfinge es más pequeña de lo que yo pensaba y como ya sabreis le falta la nariz (si habéis leído Astérix en Egipto, ya conocereis que se la arranco Obélix intentando trepar por ella).
Merece la pena bajar al interior de una de las piramides (creo recordar que era la de Kefren) por el angosto y oscuro pasadizo que te lleva hasta la cámara mortuoria. Eso sí, abstenerse los claustrofóbicos.
Como anécdota os diré que cuando yo bajé me toco delante una inglesa bastante espesa (por decir algo políticamente correcto) que no hacia nada más que gritar "my Good, my Good" y se cargó todo el encanto pero, en fín...
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Visit the pyramids of giza

When you wake up in the morning does not make you not realize what is outside the window of your hotel, casually open the curtains and appears in front of you ... high a figure blurred the largest pyramid is impressive, I think it was the construction of man-made that impressed me the most. Our arrival in Cairo took place in the middle of the evening, tired after a long day started from Aswan in southern Egypt, and then quickly switch between Abu Simbel ... a busy day, but full of emotions. For this reason when we arrived we could see the pyramids, the dark over there and BLACK in the true sense of the word. The excitement, however, was only postponed after a long rest in the hotel, when we wake in fact we realized the majesty of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Close to the 3 pyramids are also very famous Sphinx, beautiful, magnetic, charming and even "small" compared to its surroundings. To the left of the River Nile, 11 km south-west of Cairo, emerges from the desert complex of the three pyramids dating from the fourth dynasty (2700-2500 approx. BCE), which consists of three imposing tombs of the pharaohs Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. For those wishing to visit these wonderful advice as soon as possible to arrange your holiday in Egypt they are going to severely limit access to various monuments of Ancient Egypt. The cause of this initiative is linked to the conservation of monuments. Some burial chambers have long been prohibited since studies have shown that the presence of man alters the internal humidity deteriorating the hieroglyphs.

Visita alle piramidi di giza

Quando ti svegli al mattino non ti rendi ancora conto di cosa c'è al di fuori della finestra del tuo albergo, casualmente apri le tende e appare davanti a te una sagoma sfocata piramide più grande è imponente, credo sia stata la costruzione realizzata dall'uomo che mi ha impressionato maggiormente.
Il nostro arrivo a Il Cairo è avvenuto in piena serata, stanchi dopo una lunga giornata iniziata da Aswan, nel sud dell'Egitto, per poi passare velocemente da Abu Simbel...una giornata intensa ma ricca di emozioni. Proprio per questo motivo al nostro arrivo non abbiamo potuto ammirare le piramidi, il buio da quelle parti e NERO nel vero senso della parola. L'emozione però è stata solo rimandata dopo un lungo riposo in albergo, al nostro risveglio infatti ci siamo resi conto della maestosità delle Piramidi di Giza.
Vicino alle 3 Piramidi troviamo anche la Famosissima Sfinge, bella, magnetica, affascinante e anche "piccola" se confrontata con quanto la circonda.
Alla sinistra del corso del Nilo, 11 km a sud-ovest da Il Cairo, emerge dal Deserto il complesso delle tre piramidi risalenti alla IV dinastia (2700-2500 ca. a.C.), costituito dai tre imponenti monumenti funerari dei faraoni Cheope, Chefren e Micerino.
Per chi volesse fare visita a queste meraviglie consiglio di organizzare prima possibile la propria vacanza, in Egitto hanno intenzione di limitare pesantemente gli accessi a diversi monumenti dell'Antico Egitto. La causa di questa iniziativa è legata alla conservazione dei monumenti. Alcune camere funerarie sono già da tempo vietate in quanto studi hanno dimostrato che la presenza dell'uomo altera l'umidità interna deteriorando i geroglifici.
Fabio Redaelli
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Latest first photo christmas holiday ...

Latest first photo Christmas holiday in Egypt, the pyramids, discovered the night before, but here in the morning. They overlook the plateau is already full of people, and it is a little monument "obligatory visit" when you go to Cairo, but the emotion is very strong Caesar and Mark Antony have been there. .. They were covered in sand ... A poet Pharaoh ... A dream ... A desire for power ... Gods ... I foolishly left my hair in one of the left, Képhrène. In this photo, two women (Egyptian? Iraqi women? Of Algerian?), And each his pyramid. What is puzzling is that civilization has been built at a time of such behemoths, maintaining high sensitivity, and leaves his people now languishing in a big pile of shit, ready to s' collapse ... Second photo 20 or 30 km away, Cairo, saw the great mosque, surpollué huge slum, where 18 million people crammed on 40 km long. Presidential neighborhood like our cities to suburbs, tourists, the police guard carefully, remain in the bus, indigenous, left to themselves, look at the bus, and probably curse us ...

Première photo
Dernières vacances de Noël en Egypte, les pyramides, découvertes la veille de nuit, mais ici au petit matin. Le plateau qu'elles surplombent est déjà noir de monde, et il s'agit un peu du monument "visite-obligatoire" lorsqu'on va au Caire, mais l'émotion est très forte: César et Marc Antoine sont passés par là... Elles ont été recouverte de sable...Un pharaon poète...Un rêve...Une volonté de puissance...Des dieux... J'ai bêtement laissé un de mes cheveux dans celle de gauche, Képhrène.
Sur cette photo, deux femmes (des Egyptiennes? Des Irakiennes? Des Algériennes?), et chacune sa pyramide. Ce qui laisse perplexe, c'est qu'une civilisation ait pu bâtir à un instant donné de tels mastodontes, en préservant une grande sensibilité, et qu'elle laisse croupir à présent son peuple dans un gros tas de merde, prêt à s'écrouler...
Seconde photo
20 ou 30 km plus loin, le Caire, vu de la grande mosquée, énorme bidonville surpollué, où s'entasse 18 millions d'habitants, sur 40 kilomètres de long. Le quartier présidentiel ressemble à nos cités de banlieues, les touristes, que la police protège avec attention, restent dans le bus, les autochtones, livrés à eux mêmes, regardent le bus, et surement nous maudissent...
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The archaeological site of giza, incl...

The archaeological site of Giza, including the three pyramids, the most famous of which is undoubtedly that of Cheops, is located about 15 km from the city center of Cairo, at the beginning of the desert and is easily accessible by taxi or subway + taxi. As one of the main attractions of Cairo do not expect a relaxing visit. Try to avoid the hottest hours of the day to recarvici because the sun at the zenith is really hard to bear. Bring water and equip yourself with a hat or scarf to protect you from the sun. The entrance is free of charge and during the whole time of your visit you will be plagued by tourist guides with camels and horses and street vendors. Counted about two hours to see you calmly site. It is not allowed to enter the pyramids, but you can visit the interior of umidissimo tombs. The Sphinx is impressive and protects the entrance to the pyramids from pests, remember to respond well to the question that you will or risk of being devoured.

Il sito archeologico di Giza, comprendente le tre piramidi, la più famosa delle quali è senza dubbio quella di Cheope, è situato a circa 15 km dal centro città de Il Cairo,all'inizio del deserto ed è facilmente raggiungibile in taxi o mediante metropolitana + taxi. Essendo una delle attrattive principali de Il Cairo non aspettatevi una visita rilassante. Cercate di evitare le ore più calde della giornata per recarvici perché il sole allo zenit è veramente difficile da sopportare. Portatevi acqua e munitevi di un cappello o foulard per ripararvi dai raggi solari. L'ingresso è a pagamento e durante tutto il tempo della vostra visita verrete assillati da guide turistiche con cammelli e cavalli e venditori ambulanti. Contate circa due ore per vedervi con calma il sito. Non è permesso entrare nelle piramidi, ma potrete visitare l'interno umidissimo di alcune tombe. La Sfinge è imponente e protegge l'ingresso alle piramidi dagli scocciatori, ricordatevi di rispondere bene al quesito che vi porrà o rischierete di venir divorati.
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The blast from the past

Egypt has been the most amazing destination I have visited: People, landscapes, history. You see all different from the time in which you set foot in the land of Egypt! The purpose of this trip, in addition to live to the rhythm of this new culture, was of course wonderful to see and touch the Pyramids of Giza. Were they real? were as large as described in Atlas and documentaries? The answer is YES. It was surreal to be there, at the foot of the pyramids, listen to the guides tell us how was the process of construction, and the controversy about it, men's beliefs, which have encouraged them to build these giant stone triangles. What I remember, despite the heat, is that he worshiped the Egyptian Ra, the sun, and the pharaohs when they died, they wanted to be as close as this gave, why build a pyramid tombs in order to continue in death gave about RA. Actually there is only 3 pyramids at Giza, are 9 which can be seen in the hot sand floor. The Big 3 correspond to important tombs, and the other 6 are very small and are behind them. Haaaa who was in possession of a time machine to return to this golden era, and gods.

La maravilla del pasado

Egipto, ha sido el destino el mas asombroso que he podido visitar: La gente, los paisajes, la historia.
Lo ves todo diferente a partir del momento, en el que pongas un pie en la tierra egipcia!

El propósito de este viaje, a parte de vivir al ritmo de esta nueva cultura, había sido por supuesto ver y tocar las maravillosas Pirámides de Guiza. Eran reales? eran tan grande como lo describen en Atlas y documentales? La respuesta es SI.

Era surrealista estar allí, a los pies de las pirámides, escuchar a los guías contarnos como fue el proceso de construcción, y las polémicas sobre ello, las creencias de los hombres, las que les han animado a construir estas gigantescas triángulos de piedra. Lo que recuerdo , a pesar del calor, es que los egipcio veneraban al dio RA , el sol, y los faraones cuando morían, querían estar lo mas cerca de este dio, por eso construyan tumbas en forma de pirámide para poder seguir en la muerte cerca del dio RA.

En realidad no hay solamente 3 pirámides en Guiza, son 9 las que se puede ver en el suelo de arena caliente. Las 3 mas grandes corresponden a tumbas importantes, y las otras 6 son muy pequeñas y se encuentran detrás de ellas.

Ah, quien fuera en posesión de una máquina del tiempo para volver a esta época de oro, y dioses.
Julie Bénard
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Now i show you some pictures of the p...

Now I show you some pictures of the pyramids seen from the desert at night during the show sound and lihgt. With an Egyptian friend was born and raised the pyramids we could do dinner in the desert and you can see the show from the outside. Obviously these pictures as a tourist you can not have, which is why I want to share with you.

Ora vi mostro alcune foto delle piramidi viste dal deserto di notte durante lo show sound e lihgt. Con un amico egiziano nato e cresciuto alle piramidi abbiamo potuto fare cena nel deserto e poter vedere lo spettacolo dall'esterno. Ovviamente come turista queste immagini non si possono avere, per questo motivo voglio condividerle con voi.
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Just west of downtown, is one of the ...

Just west of downtown, is one of the most celebrated in the world, the Giza Plateau. Here stand the impressive pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus, three Old Kingdom pharaohs. Walking shudder at the foot of the pyramids and see from their base these moles funeral and heavy blocks that compose them, and think like the media could be constructed with available then. But even more impressive going into their gallery, which can be claustrophobic, in which the heat suffocates and where there are certain sections where the ceilings seem to want to crush the pyramid intrusos.La most requested by visitors is that of Cheops, the largest and oldest kas three, followed by that of Khafre.

Al oeste de centro, esta uno de los lugares mas celebres del mundo, la meseta de Giza. Aquí se levantan las impresionantes pirámides de Keops,Kefren y Micerinos, tres faraones del imperio antiguo. Da escalofríos pasear a los pies de las pirámides y contempla desde su base estas moles funerarias y los pesados bloques que las componen, y pensar como pudieron construirse con los medios disponible entonces. Pero impresiona aun mas adentrarse en sus galerías, que pueden resultar claustrofobias, en las que el calor sofoca y donde hay ciertos tramos en los que los techos parecen querer aplastar a los intrusos.La pirámide mas solicitada por los visitantes es la de Keops, la mayor y mas antigua de kas tres, seguida de la de Kefren.
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One can not go to egypt without visit...

One can not go to Egypt without visiting the pyramids, is a must visit if you allowed by the "evil of tuc". It's been thousands of years of its construction but they are marvel, is more mathematical construction that could ever be, is all graph with astonishing accuracy, almost unbelievable that could perform at that time. There are many legends of how it was constructed but look incredible all when you are there. Recommendation for people who suffer from claustrophobia, do not enter. It is tight, you have to walk a squat, extremely humid and double meaning as it enters and exits along the same corridor. I would recommend that you go to the nocturnal visit where lights do a pretty nice game, but need not pay the entrance from the side as it also takes nice photos and listening to music.

Uno no puede ir a Egipto y no visitar las pirámides, es de obligada visita si te lo permite el "mal del tuc". Han pasado miles de años de su construcción pero no dejan de maravillarnos, es la construcción más matemática que jamás haya podido verse, está todo milimetrado con una exactitud pasmosa, casi increíble que la pudieran llevar acabo en aquellos tiempos. Existen muchas leyendas de cómo han sido construidas pero parecen increíbles todas cuando estás allí.
Recomendación para las personas que sufran de claustrofobia, no entréis. Es estrecho, tienes que caminar de cuclillas, extremadamente húmedo y de doble sentido ya que se entra y sale por el mismo pasadizo.
Me permito recomendar que se acuda a la visita nocturna dónde hacen un juego de luces bastante bonito, aunque no es necesario pagar la entrada ya que desde el lateral también se toman bonitas fotos y se escucha la música.
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Pyramids of egypt

The pyramids of Egypt is one of the most important monuments we left the ancient Egyptian people. Thousands of laborers worked years to build a pyramid, which serves the pharaoh tomb. The pyramids were temples erected to the glory of god, temple rituals of death and birth. It was long thought that the workers employed in the construction of the pyramids were slaves, but later learned that Pharaoh hired with farmers in the months when there was work in exchange for salt, wheat and barley.

Pirámides de egipto

Las pirámides de Egipto es uno de los más importantes monumentos que nos dejó el antiguo pueblo egipcio. Miles de obreros trabajaron años para construir una pirámide, que sirve de tumba al faraón. Las pirámides eran templos erigidos a la gloria de un dios, templo para rituales de muerte y de nacimiento. Durante mucho tiempo se pensó que los obreros que trabajaban en la construcción de las pirámides eran esclavos, pero después se supo que el faraón contrataba con campesinos en los meses en los que había trabajo, a cambio de sal, trigo y cebada.
Laura Medina
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Entrance to the pyramid of cheops

When we arrived we went straight Giza to see the Pirmides. Muchsimo are more massive than what we create! The entrance to the pyramid of Cheops was one of the adventures esperbamos wanting. It is a very narrow path that barely fit 2 people. It has a couple of sections where the height is 1 meter and little. Many stairs, that s. After arrival at the tomb esperbamos the walls were full of hieroglyphs but it was not as, we took a small disappointment worth it in, although the views are not beautiful, you can see it so well that estn overlapping stones and appreciate as not only his immense size but also its perfection tremendous.

Entrada a la piramide de keops

Cuando llegamos a Giza nos fuimos directos a ver las Pirámides. Son muchísimo mas descomunales de lo que creíamos!
La entrada a la pirámide de Keops fue una de las aventuras que esperábamos con ganas. Es un camino muy estrecho en el que a penas caben 2 personas. Tiene un par de tramos en los que la altura es de 1 metro y poco. Muchas escaleras, eso sí.
Una vez llegada a la tumba esperábamos que las paredes estuvieran llenas de jeroglíficos pero no fue así, nos llevamos una pequeña decepción

Merece la pena entrar pues, aunque las vistas no sean hermosas, puedes ver lo tan bien solapadas que están las piedras y apreciar así no solo su inmenso tamaño sino también su tremenda perfección.
Jose Antonio Gutierrez Sagredo
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