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Sultan Ahmed Mosque (The Blue Mosque)


123 reviews of Sultan Ahmed Mosque (The Blue Mosque)

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An istanbul essential

The Blue Mosque is one of the true gems of Istanbul and a masterpiece of Ottoman architecture. With its six minarets, 43-meter-tall dome, and exquisite interior featuring over 20,000 blue-hued Iznik tiles, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque will literally take your breath away.

Pick a spot in the corner on one of the huge red carpets and just admire the overlapping domes and half-domes, all surrounded by huge columns wrapped in white and blue.

The mosque is surrounded by walls and trees so if you really want to appreciate it's grandeur from outside, you'll need to move a little ways away to take it all in. One of the best views is the one had from the ships that head to Buyukada Island (it's where I took the picture). In short, the Blue Mosque is an Istanbul essential.
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Istanbul's most stunning mosque

Ok, so the Hagia Sofia was stunning too, but that was taking its age, size, and historical importance into account too. For sheer visual splendor, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (or Blue Mosque) takes the cake. The interior is empty except for carpets and a few low-hanging chandeliers, which gives added emphasis to the real star of the show: the tiles. The white plaster walls of this enormous mosque are covered in ridiculously intricate tiles all, not surprisingly, in blue. Trivia: did you know the word "turquoise" comes from the Old French word Turkish? The never-ending variations in the tile are simply overwhelming and can't be missed. Women beware, head scarfs and "modest clothing" are required. Take care to show some respect too, it's a religious place after all (i.e. don't lie down on the ground to see the roof, as some tourists did, much to the security guards' displeasure). Practical notes aside, the Blue Mosque is one of the most mind-blowing places in all Istanbul.
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Amazing and moving structure

The six minarets stick up like beacons in the blue sky over Sultanahmet. The impressive Blue Mosque, along with the Hagia Sophia, is one of the most moving and amazing structures in all of Istanbul. The construction of the mosque was ordered in 1606 by a Sultan who wanted a mosque to match the Hagia Sophia just on the other side of Sultanahmet Park. It stands out for its size, its 260 windows brought from Venice, its massive dome, the thousands upon thousands of marvelous blue Iznik tiles, and its grand courtyard, the largest of any Ottoman mosque.
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Blue mosque at night.

With its six minarets reaching for the sky and great dome, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque by night is a site to behold.
John A Takish
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Allison Cook
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The beautiful sultan ahmed (blue mosque) in istanbul

The beautiful Sultan Ahmed (Blue Mosque) in Istanbul
Hecktic Travels
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Blue mosque

Blue Mosque
Izar Aziz
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Mehran Cheraghchi Bazar

Impressive to see

Impressive to see the banks at the entrance of the Blue Mosque The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia Mosque are facing, as Christian-Muslim rivalry with St. Sophia Cathedral.
gustavo carballo
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Blue as the sky

Wonderful, superb, a beautiful work of art and engineering! And the sunset is romantic icon, all to enjoy the city skyline. The name is derived naturally from the blue of 21 000 tiles used to make this beautiful effect. It is said that at the time it was built in the seventeenth century, sparked the ire of the pride with which they were added to the six minarets, a number greater than all the other mosques and too 'close' to the seven of Mecca.

Blu come il cielo

Meravigliosa, superba, una stupenda opera d'arte e d'ingegneria! E al tramonto diventa un'icona romantica, tutta da godersi nello skyline cittadino. Il nome deriva naturalmente dal colore azzurro delle 21 mila piastrelle utilizzate per dare questo bellissimo effetto. Si dice che al tempo in cui fu costruita,nel XVII secolo, scatenò delle ire per la superbia con cui vennero aggiunti i sei minareti, un numero superiore a tutte le altre moschee e troppo 'vicino' ai sette della Mecca.
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The istanbul blast

Opponents?, Irreconcilable enemy, or accomplices centenarians? Always think. Standing in the Sultanahmet Park, between the two. On the one hand the strength of faith, the Hagia Sophia unmatched by other foamed architecture, bright as the tiles that adorn the outside and wrapped with that aura that seems to emanate from all the Muslim shrines, the Blue Mosque. Enter it is to let the imagination run wild, being back in time in the same space, enter the story and see how the rulers returned to Allah grants and benefits that have been granted with palaces of faith. The domes seem to get away from us, up, challenging us to discover the details of its mosaics and say that those who form the wonder of its walls. Profane, cloth covered western honoring our nakedness, we walk through the temple could not close his mouth, and eyes even the ears are open all captured every feeling in the air. Let's go, let the wonder away from luxuries and glitter, to fulfill its function, honoring Allah

La maravilla estambulí

¿Oponentes, enemigas irreconciliables, o cómplices centenarias? Siempre lo pienso. Parado en el parque de Sultanahmet, entre las dos. Por un lado la fortaleza de fe, la inigualable Santa Sofía, por otro la arquitectura hecha espuma, brillante como los azulejos que la adornan por fuera y envuelta con ese aura que parece emanar de todas los templos musulmanes, la Mezquita Azul.
Entrar en ella es dejar que la imaginación vuele, retroceder en el tiempo quedando en el mismo espacio, entrar en la historia y ver como los gobernantes devuelven a Alá las mercedes y bondades que les han sido concedidas en forma de palacios de fe.
Las cúpulas parecen alejarse de nosotros, hacia arriba, retándonos a que descubramos los detalles de sus mosaicos y a que digamos cuantos forman la maravilla de sus paredes.
Profanos, cubiertos por telas que honran nuestra desnudez occidental, paseamos por el templo sin poder cerrar la boca, ni los ojos ni siquiera los oidos, atentos todos a cada sensación captada en el aire.
Salgamos, dejemos que la maravilla, lejos de lujos y brillos, cumpla su función, honrar a Alá.
Roberto Gonzalez
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The famous blue mosque was built to o...

The famous Blue Mosque was built to order d the Sultan Ahmed I, between 1603 to 1617, and was erected in the dumps where he had been Constantinopla.Es Palace one of the most impressive monuments in the world. Majestic and splendid, much more impressive on the outside, built of marble and stone. It has six minarets, so apart from the rest of the mosques that have only four. The blue color in some parts now faded over time, due to the sulfur away 20,000 handmade ceramic. There are 50 different types of these tiles, and highlights especially decorated with tulips. You have to go barefoot and shoulders covered (you provide the input that put stockings on your own). The interior, as a place of prayer, is in total silence CIO as well in quite dark, despite the multiple light bulbs. It is much more impressive than the outside inside, in my opinion. Be sure to appreciate the immense courtyard tambie'n, as large as the area of ​​the mosque in the center where you will see a relatively girl, for that surface and two places to constados ablutions to the front door, as there throughout Turkey - It is separated from the Church of St. Sophia in a park with gardens, so do not forget to admire the grandeur from the outside of both buildings. The definitely going to enjoy. Try to go around 10am. So do not you come across so many people that although they speak very quietly, take away the charm of the place.

La famosa Mezquita Azul de Estambul fue construida a pedido del Sultán Ahmed I, entre los años 1603 a 1617, y se erigió en los terreros adonde había estado el Palacio de Constantinopla. Es uno de los monumentos más impresionantes del mundo. Majestuosa y espléndida, impresiona mucho más por su parte exterior, construida en mármol y piedra. Consta de seis minaretes, por lo cual se distingue del resto de las mezquitas que tienen sólo cuatro.

El color azul, en algunas partes ahora desvaído por el paso del tiempo, se debe a los 20000 azul lejos de cerámica hechos a mano. Hay 50 tipos diferentes de estos azulejos, y se destacan especialmente los decorados con tulipanes. Hay que entrar sin zapatos y con los hombros cubiertos (te proveen a la entrada con unas medias que colocas sobre las tuyas). El interior, al ser un lugar de oración, está en total silencio como así también en bastante oscuridad, a pesar de las múltiples bombillas eléctricas. Es mucho más imponente la parte externa que la interna, a mi entender. No dejes de aprecias tambie´n el inmenso patio, tan grande como la superficie de la mezquita adonde verás en el centro una fuente relativamente chica, para tal superficie y dos lugares para abluciones a los costados de la puerta principal, como existen en toda Turquía- Está separada de la Iglesia de Santa Sofía por un parque con jardines, así que no dejes de
admirar, desde el exterior la grandeza de ambos edificios.

La vas a disfrutar sin duda. Trata de ir alrededor de las 10am. Así no te cruzas con tanta gente, que aunque hablen en voz muy baja, quitan encanto al lugar.
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The most famous mosque in istanbul is...

The most famous mosque in Istanbul is named after the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior. Its uniqueness is that it is equipped with six minarets to differentiate it from other mosques including Hagia Sophia in front of it. Built during the reign of Sultan Ahmet 1, 1609 and 1616, it is open to visitors every day except during prayers (5 per day) where you have to wait outside. It is therefore a very impressive active mosque outside. Be careful not to shorts and bare shoulders (shawls provided), shoes are to be removed.

La plus célèbre mosquée d'Istanbul doit son nom aux mosaïques bleues qui ornent les murs de son intérieur. Sa particularité est le fait qu'elle soit dotée de 6 minarets pour la différencier des autres mosquées notamment Sainte Sophie qui lui fait face. Construite sous le règne de Sultan Ahmet 1er, de 1609 et 1616, elle est ouverte aux visiteurs tous les jours sauf durant les prières (5 par jour) où il faut patienter à l'extérieur. Il s'agit donc d'une mosquée active, très impressionnante de l'extérieur. Attention pas de shorts et d'épaules dénudées (châles fournis), les chaussures sont à retirer.
Sophie P.
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The blue mosque, built by sultan ahme...

The Blue Mosque, built by Sultan Ahmet, is named after the color of the porcelain tiles. It was built in the seventeenth century, in ancient Byzantium. Hence leaving the pilgrims towards Mecca. The wall decorations mention the name of Allah, Muslims can not represent Catholics human form as Jesus or God painting. There are also representations of paradise in murals upstairs. It is one of the few countries where non-Muslims can enter mosques. Inside, there are four pillars that hold a huge dome, over 40 meters high. Across the square is Aya Sofia, Hagia Sophia, an Orthodox church which was later converted into a mosque and now a museum. There are magnificent carpet covering on floor, so that the faithful pray. The four minarets are launched into the sky, and look from afar, across the Bosphorus. It asks you to take off your shoes, leave them at the entrance and cover your legs and arms.

La mezquita azul, construida por el sultán Ahmet, debe su nombre al color de sus mosaicos de porcelana.

Fue construida al siglo XVII, en la antigua Byzantium. De ahí salían los peregrinos en dirección de la Meca. Las decoraciones murales mencionan el nombre de Allah, que los musulmanes no pueden representar con forma humana como los católicos que pintan Jesús o Dios. También hay representaciones del paraíso en murales en la planta de arriba. Es uno de los pocos países donde los no musulmanes pueden entrar en las mezquitas.

Al interior, hay cuatro pilares que mantienen una enorme cúpula, de más de 40 metros de altura. Del otro lado de la plaza se encuentra Aya Sofía, Santa Sofía, una iglesia ortodoxa que luego fue convertida en mezquita y ahora es un museo.
Hay magníficas alfombras que cubre en suelo, para que recen los fieles. Los cuatros minaretes se lanzan hacia el cielo, y se miran desde muy lejos, del otro lado del Bósforo. Se pide que te quites los zapatos, los dejes en la entrada y te cubras las piernas y los brazos.
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The blue mosque is an impressive buil...

The Blue Mosque is an impressive building. With its six minarets, is the only one with this large number of towers. The interior is very spacious, overwhelms the dimensions of its huge central chandelier and the columns that support its vaults are of a diameter that can not leave anyone indifferent. We were lucky, so unexpected, to witness the recording of one of the sequences of a film, apparently, medieval atmosphere, and it was very interesting to see the many preparations they made to record a short movie scene.

La Mezquita Azul de Estambul es un edificio impresionante. Con sus seis alminares, es la única que cuenta con este elevado número de torres. Su interior es muy amplio, sobrecoge las dimensiones de su enorme lámpara central y las columnas que sustentan sus bóvedas son de un diámetro que no puede dejar a nadie indiferente.
Tuvimos la suerte, por lo inesperado, de presenciar la grabación de una de las secuencias de una película, al parecer, de ambiente medieval, y fue muy curioso observar los numerosos preparativos que realizaron para grabar una pequeña escena de la película.
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Information about Sultan Ahmed Mosque (The Blue Mosque)

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (The Blue Mosque) Phone Number
+90 212 518 13 19
+90 212 518 13 19
Sultan Ahmed Mosque (The Blue Mosque) Address
Sultanahmet, 222
Sultanahmet, 222
Sultan Ahmed Mosque (The Blue Mosque) Website
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