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El Capricho Park

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259 reviews of El Capricho Park


A secret garden

El Parque del Capricho (Capricho Park) is located in the Alamedia de Osuna neighborhood, in the Northwest of Madrid, right next to Juan Carlos I park. It’s the most unknown of all Madrid’s parks, despite being the only Romantic garden in Madrid.

It’s a very beautiful and remote park, which explains its limited visiting hours, which are reduced to weekends and holidays. It is prohibited to enter the park with food, drink, pets, bicycles, etc. (park entrance is controlled by turnstiles).

It’s an absolute delight to visit this park, as it’s so isolated, pure and gorgeous. The plant life is abundant and is perfectly maintained, thanks to the army of gardeners that work there. Among the many exemplary attractions, my favorites are the trees of love, whose leaves form a heart.

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A day of Capricho

One of the loveliest spots in the city of Madrid, an area that used to be the Duke of Osuna's. An authentic whim (as the name Capricho indicates) at the time in the surroundings of Madrid. It was designed by the French landscape architect Jean Baptiste Mulot and is located next to Juan Carlos I, somewhat under urban pressure now, it is still a real luxury to visit it.

A place worth it in any season of the year. The time of most splendor is Autumn, but it is good anytime. There are some restrictions to get in and check the opening hours.

Everyone who does not know this wonderful place will be surprised by this exquisite place full of spots for leisure, with the very extensive variety of flowers and some small but lovely lakes.

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A complete nature-filled whim

The other day I had the opportunity to visit the marvelous historic 18th century gardens. It’s a lovely garden where you can find many interesting architectural works like the Casino del Baile (Dance Casino), the beehive, etc.

In the garden, you can find a bunker that provided shelter many years ago during the Spanish Civil War. Unfortunately, you can’t enter the bunker, but from what I’ve heard, it has meters and meters of underground tunnels. At first glance, it seems like a completely natural garden, with no hint of man-made structures.

The upper part has a beautiful lake which you can access by a wharf, also known as the Casa de la Cañas because it’s completely covered in reeds. The park was constructed almost entirely by the distinguished gardener Pablo Boutelou towards the end of the 19th century, under the orders of the Dutchess Doña María Josefa.

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Perfect harmony

This park, the jewel of all gardens in Madrid, is located in Alameda de Osuna, very close to Juan Carlos I park (Subway El Capricho, line 5).

It is an impressive garden. Not known for its size, as it’s not nearly the biggest park in Madrid (14 hectares), but for its beauty. Construction of the park began in 1787, as an order of the Duchess of Osuna’s will, and was finished in 1893. The architect in charge of its design was the Frenchman Jean Baptiste Mulot.

The Alameda was bought in 1920 by the Baüer family, who maintained the garden in good condition until they sold it at the end of the Civil War. From then on, the building was left abandoned until the town hall of Madrid took control of it in 1974 and began renovations a few years later.

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Cristina Venegas Méndez

A relaxing stroll in Madrid

This is a perfect place to take a walk and get away from the noisy city. In fact, the first description we made was “like a smaller, less crowded Retiro that also offers parking.”
It was built by the Duchess of Osuna between 1787 and 1839 and is the only Romantic-style park in Madrid.
After entering the gates and walking along a long flower-lined passage, we arrive at the Exedra de los Emperadores, an homage to the Duchess by her grandson, and then on to the stunning Palace.
There is also a pond and a river that runs throughout the entire park. You can hear it gurgling in the well below the ballroom and is where the Duchess would take her guests for boat rides across the property (how glamorous!!!).

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Concha Domínguez

A joy for the senses


On August 13th, 2011 I could finally visit El Capricho. So many years eager to go and I could never find some free time. It is one of the places you have heard of so many times and in such a good way that you are worried to be disappointed.

It was during a very hot afternoon in August. At 5.30 pm I was at the gates of the park and I could immediately feel the fresh air, the joy and a will to share this experience with everyone. I would just add that they are currently renovating the buildings for your information.

The palace has changed its exterior appearance and has been painted in one color (almost white). The sphinxes of the exedra are now black, standing out from the rest and obliging you to focus on the exedra.

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Victor del Pozo

The loveliest in the city

It is not as famous and big as El Retiro, but it definitely deserves a visit because it is considered the loveliest by many locals.

Jose Haro

It is the most beautiful park in Madrid

It is the most beautiful park in Madrid, wonderful and really lovely.

Carlos Loxley

Do not forget the camera or at least a good mobile


Check when is open as is not well communicated and maybe is a waste of time if finally you go and is close.


Un parque para conocer y transportarse en el tiempo.


Ideal para disfrutar una tarde de verano calurosa, ya que ahí el es más llevadero.

Carlos Roig Salvador


Different types of flowers and plants.

Russell Davis

Beautiful grounds, however a difficult time table.

José Varón Jiménez

Cute and florished park


Yet it does not admit food or pets. Worth walking around it and discover the great spots it hides.




It looks like you are in a fairy tail, it is lovely in spring.

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