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Restaurants in Barcelona

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1.589 places to eat in Barcelona

Restaurants in Barcelona
La Bella Napoli
La Bella Napoli is a pizzeria-trattoria located in Barcelona's Poble Sec neighborhood. It stands out from the multitude of Italian restaurants in Barcelona for its authentic cuisine, the genuine Italian personnel (they speak Spanish but only a little) and the prices, very reasonable price compared to other places of the same. The cuisine is 100% Napolitana and there are various typical dishes from there on the menu. Everything is made on the spot, including pasta. Pizza is not the most original but they are made in wood-fired oven and the dough is thin and crusty. Delicious. I have to say that, despite everything, this restaurant is not what it used to be. It used to be a very informal tavern and it was ridiculously cheap. A bargain. Now they have updated the place, reduced the menu and upgraded prices to another level. The clients are slightly more posh, too. However, it is still a good choice to have authentic Italian cuisine in Barcelona. I recommend it.
Restaurants in Barcelona
La Fonda Restaurant
After reading some comments, I decided to test La Fonda. If we'd gone later, we would have had to wait as a queue developed, but we arrived at 13:40, and had no problems. We had to wait a little for the fideua (20 minutes for it to be prepared), but the waiters were very gracious and apologized about it. The waiters aren't Spanish, but Barcelona is a multicultural city, so I don't have any problems with that. The portions are huge!
Restaurants in Barcelona
Dos Palillos
I disagree with those ve said that this place looked a bit trashy. Simple, I think, is a word that’d describe it better. Simple if you just enter the bar, and sophisticated if you enter into the dining area. The truth is that I always wanted to eat at El Bulli, but I never did. Thank goodness that we discovered this restaurant when we were strolling through the Raval one night. We went inside and since we didn’t have a reservation, we had to wait for around an hour, but it wasn’t so bad. While we waited, they took our orders. Since we didn’t know what to order, our waiter suggested the tasting menu (a very good suggestion, it turns out!). Rather than getting upset about the wait, we had a very nice chat with an Irish family that had also come to the restaurant from a recommendation. When we sat down, Japanese-style “tapas” began to arrive at the table and we enjoyed a true explosion of flavors. The service was perfect and the food was excellent. It’s nice to be pampered once in a while! I recommend this place and want to thank the staff for their wonderful customer service. We’ll definitely be back!
Restaurants in Barcelona
Restaurante Petra
Petra restaurant is one of the places you don't know, no one recommends it, you have never heard of it, but when you find out about it you think: where have I been during the last ten years? ;-) With original facades, you do not find out what there is inside if you don't look carefully, original decoration (the lamps are made of cutlery), original menu (sticked to the bottles) but most of all original and delicious dishes (salads, carpaccios, hamburgers). We found it by chance after visiting the Picasso museum and it has now become one of my favorite. Reserve a table if you want to go, because it is a small place and it gets full immediately!
Restaurants in Barcelona
La Paradeta
I think they have four restaurants in the city: in Riego, 21 in Sants, in El Borne next to the market, another one next to la Sagrada Familia in Simo, 18 and finally in S.Andreu in Pacífico, 74. Going to one of these is an affordable and funny way to eat seafood. Right at the entrance there is the stand with the fish and prices. You choose what you want, say how you want it cooked and then to the bar to order drinks and wait until they call your number in the end, shoulders to the wheel.
Restaurants in Barcelona
Creperie Bretonne Annaick
Annaick is a place for families. Everything is appealing, from a bus turned into a kitchen, to cinema seats taken from an antique shop or advertisement posters of another time. The tablecloths are sheets of papers so that the kids (and older ones) can draw with color pencils on each table while waiting. But apart from the decoration, the dishes also surprised me. On the menu you will find crepes, salads, omelets, plates of cheese and cold meat. I recommend the Chèvre Chaud salad (mesclum, toasts, goat cheese, serrano ham, tomato, walnuts and honey) and the "galette" Begmeilloise (spinach, goat cheese, smoked salmon and toasted almonds). If you are brave enough to go for dessert, do not miss out on the sweet crepes. I would have tried the Quistinic (chestnut cream, Cointreau and cream). Enjoy!
Restaurants in Barcelona
Les Quinze Nits
Les Quinze Nits (fifteen nights), is a restaurant in Plaza Reial in Barcelona. It might seem like one of those places with high prices and low quality food, as it's in the centre of the city, in one of the most touristy parts of Barcelona. When you arrive though, you'll often see a long queue of people, because the food is really fantastic, and in fact the prices aren't so bad. You can sit on the terrace and enjoy an incredible view, but it can be a bit noisy and hectic. The portions are generous, and you can enjoy all the classics of Catalan and Spanish cuisine. People start to queue at 7pm, so if you can, make a reservation.
Restaurants in Sabadell
Restaurants in Barcelona
La Vietnamita
I've loved this restaurant since the first time I went there. It's a small place located in the Gracia neighbourhood in Barcelona, offering fast, good value Vietnamese-style food. It's not exactly a fast food restaurant as we know it, but their collective tables and informal atmosphere make it the ideal spot for a quick, cheap bite before drinks or a movie. The menu is simple, with a limited number of dishes that vary to suit individual clients' tastes; you can add ingredients to the base, such as soups, curries or noodles. I personally love the summer rolls. All dishes are made from fresh ingredients and are super healthy.
Restaurants in Barcelona
Thai Gardens Barcelona
Years ago, when it was the only Thai restaurant in Barcelona, ​​it was definitely the best choice. There is a lovely atmosphere and they serve excellent food ...At the moment Barcelona has other Thai restaurants with a more eastern flavour, but this is still a smart choice.
Restaurants in Barcelona
Kin Sushibar
We went there for two reasons: close to our hotel and, most of all, we trusted Zazie's recommendation. We were not disappointed at all. I would even say that everyday I like this type of Japanese restaurant a little more: you come in, eat wonderfully, and you go out of there with the sensation that you had a great time, with a very good service and most of all, without having to book nor wait in endless lines. If you read guides of the best Japanese in Barcelona you won't find this one. If you just want to have more than decent sushi without having to go to the best one in Barcelona, this is the place for you. And on top of that, I discovered something wonderful: some curry noodles with something else I don't remember, which was really mouth-watering. The service is excellent, both the manager and her daughter (I am not sure it is her daughter, actually) treated us perfectly and made suggestions spontaneously. The latter, by the way, looked quite a lot like the actress Bai Ling.
Restaurants in Barcelona
Restaurants in Barcelona
L'Osteria del Contadino
By far, one of my favorite Italian restaurants. The place has it all: greaty quality food, perfect decoration and excellent service. I guess we're not the only ones who think like that, the night before (Friday) we gave it a try and there was no way to get a table. So here is my first piece of advice: in the weekend, book beforehand. The second one could only be the following: if you have someone to seduce... You have to go to Al Contanido to satisfy his or her palate. I will tell you why little by little. It is a good place to go with children too, there are special dishes for them and most importantly some color pencils on the table, ideal for them to decorate the tablecloth according to their taste. We were served by one of the managers, a star. To begin with we had a delicious antipasto made of many things; then we had truffle pasta, very good but we decided to share one and it turned out to be too little. When I ordered it the "star" manager warned us of the price and asked how much of it we wanted (in grams). I asked for advice and he kind of failed to answer the right amount. For dessert a delicious cheesecake, an A+. I think I forgot about one dish, well... If I remember I'll post it here. And now the curious anecdote. At some point the manager caught me taking a video and said: "I'll have to ask for credit". As he is Italian I didn't understand very well and didn't know how to react. I quickly understood he was joking. But even so I told him I loved sharing my favorite spots on minube and he was very happy about it. He was so happy that he actually told us that next time we would have to tell him in advance and he would put us in THE SECRET ZONE OF THE RESTAURANT. Amazing. It is separated from the rest with lovely curtains, really charming. He told us that a client had come to the restaurant four times the week before, each time with a different girl... An A+ Italian restaurant in the middle of the neighborhood of Gracia.
Restaurants in Cornellà de Llobregat
Restaurants in Barcelona
La Báscula
This vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona had the best ratings out of the rest. This is what motivated us to go, and I can now assure you it was definitely a good choice. For those ve have some kind of prejudice against this type of restaurants, forget about it. "In a vegetarian restaurant you always leave hungry." This is a lie, I ate everything I wanted and more, spicy, not spicy, tasty and very tasty. The place has a special charm, wooden tables, parked bikes, faint light but it was enough, very very kind service. I loved the dishes of the day. Instead of ordering something on the menu, they recommend one of the dishes they offer at the moment. Conclusion: the price is more than affordable, it has a lot of charm and most importantly you eat a lot and very well.
Tapas Bars in Barcelona
Taller de Tapas
Taller de Tapas is for me one of my most fetish restaurants for dinner when I go to Barcelona. There you can eat traditional tapas in creative ways. In addition, the menu is extensive and diverse. Come on, there's something for everyone! The key lies in the wine, if you do not know which one to choose the waiters make good recommendations. Be sure to call ahead so that you don't have wait when you get there.
Restaurants in Mataró
Lasal del Varador Restaurant
Restaurant with a waterfront design, sustainable and serving delicious food, what more could you want? I recommend the black rice and the hamburgers ;-) Don´t forget that the kitchen uses organic products so the dishes will not only taste good but also make you feel better. The atmosphere is great, the music too and the location is unbeatable.
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