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Things to do in Côte d'Ivoire

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The top 8 attractions in Côte d'Ivoire

Palaces in Yamoussoukro
Sacred Crocodiles at Presidential Palace
No doubt that the city of Yamousukro is disconcerting, not only does it provide the largest airport in Africa, one of the few in which could land the once famous and weighted concorde, but also does it have the honor of hosting the largest university in the west of the African continent. There is also according to the Guiness book the largest Christian church built on the face of the earth, the Notre dame de la paix whose dimensions exceed those of St. Peter in Rome. Not content with these awards the late president, Houphouet-Boigny, wanted to leave a legacy to their successors a whopping Versailles-style palace that surrounded a gigantic lagoon and extensive avenues. The old presidential palace is a tourist attraction that offers a daily show which is offered by the caregivers of the palace at about five in the afternoon. At that time hundreds of crocodiles that inhabit the neighboring pits come not surprisingly because they expect a hearty meal of chickens, live chickens. You can imagine the show - Africa is different.
Churches in Yamoussoukro
Of Cultural Interest in Abidjan
(The Fanicos)Doing the Laundry in Adjamé
We are "dumped" in the middle of a highway in Adjamé neighborhood, located north of Abidjan flourishing in authentic culture and economic center of the Ivory Coast. The 4x4 did not break down but simply ran out of fuel. As it would be a while before they come to our aid we decided to pull off the road and explore the surroundings. We are in a suburb, a former fishing village that has been swallowed up by the brutal Abidjan growth. Poverty and misery is constant in these marginal areas, so much so that the inhabitants of these disadvantaged áreas engage in trades as strange as that carried out by the so-called fanicos. These poor people are engaged in washing rich people´s clothes by hand, in one of the branches of the river. They use old tires filled with sand where they rub them and then pile up the mountains of freshly washed clothes. From a safe distance, as we do not want to inconvenience anyone, we watch hundreds of people, with half their body submerged in the river water, put all their effort into the difficult task of washing clothes of others in exchange for a miserable wage. It is undoubtedly the bitter side of progress ....
Of Cultural Interest in Korhogo
Villages in Korhogo
Bars in Abidjan
Embassies in Abidjan
Citadels in Béoumi