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Hotels in India

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    mandawa hotel
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    A lovely little hotel in Mandawa, Rajasthan. The hotel is in the city castle, a old and uncared for building on the outside, but inside remains a pleasant surprise. Much of the interior is yet to be renovated, but the areas accessible to guests are in perfect condition. It has numerous gardens and a large pool. Work on a new wing was starting (in August 2008). Good price, good service, proper rooms, clean, some had four poster beds. As the city is small it is quick to walk around, swimming is the best thing about the hotel :)
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    anoop hotel
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    New Delhi
    I have been to this hotel twice and I left quite happy. The prices are more than fair and it has a rooftop terrace, from which the roofs of the houses seem like watercolors (as Marta pointed out). You canr eserve online and it's close to the airport and is less than 1 km from the train station (so it's very easy to keep traveling). The rooms are comfortable (but basic, the entire area has very few luxuries, and this hotel is the simplest, but it's not a bad idea to bring a sheet or buy one as a souvenir, since cleaning is not the strength of the Indians (and I'm not very scrupulous.) Rooms have AC (which is almost air conditioning), sink, and hot shower (not always, but usually). They make great milkshakes and sandwiches and as I said, enjoying the sunset on your roof with a shawl while the sun sets and seeing kites flying over the roofs of the colorful houses is a wonderful moment to reflect on your journey, to make your plans, and to get excited about the adventure ahead.
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    the imperial, new delhi hotel
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    New Delhi
    Perfect for a drink on the terrace, while enjoying the spectacular gardens.
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    east home stay
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    Sleeping in McLeod overlooking the Himalayas. The two times I've been to Dharamsala I have stayed in these apartments: East Home. The apartment price double or extra mattress for between a third round (in 2004) 2-3 euros per person. When I went in 2003 they were still building them and in 2004 recently completed, so they are pretty new, so we have western toilet, shower and sink, a kitchen and a great terrace overlooking the Himalayas. The guy who runs it is a very clean Indian and also fun. The other people working or staying there are usually lovely. Highly recommended and located in one of the quietest areas of town.
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    the grand haveli hotel
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    Located in Nawalarh which is a city within the silk route, we can say that it is not all that well known, and it really allows you to get to know the real India. This hotel is an old merchant's house, and has been fully restored. It looks like you're in a tale from Arabian Nights. There are charming rooms and a restaurant with enough variety considering the area.
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    gorbandh palace hotel
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    In the city of Jaisalmer we stayed in this charming hotel. It is situated just outside the city, outside the medieval walls. It's easy to reach the center by renting a rickshaw (after negotiation for the price). Our room was very conformable and had a terrace with views of a beautiful courtyard. We ordered room service for dinner and I have to say the service was great and the food was delicious.
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    coconut lagoon hotel
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    This hotel is situated in the middle of the Backwaters of Kerala. To get there you have to go by boat, in order to get to the pier facilities. It is an idyllic place with wooden bungalows, where you can practice yoga, enjoy a massage to pamper yourself or enjoy the sunsets. They also offer Indian cookery courses, traditional music ... A great place to relax for a few days.
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    ashram del templo dorado: "sri gudu ramdas niwas"
    Youth Hostels in
    In the complex that surrounds the Golden Temple in the populous city of Amritsar, and the temple kitchen and beautiful gardens there is a pair Ashram, what has become a shelter of a lifetime. It is run by devout Sikhs, and in addition to temporarily accommodating the pilgrims who come to their holiest shrine, it has a room for travelers. Several units are available for travelers. Everything is free, however, most travelers will offer some form of donation. There is a very long fourth floor, full of beds, all together (enter barefoot), a pair of smaller annex rooms, with 4 or 5 beds, also together, and a shower room (single sink and shower ). The baths and more showers are communal and are on the other side of the courtyard. For what you might expect in India, the place is spotless, especially the bathrooms, which are constantly cleaning. Of course we need bag / sack-sheet (seasonal), but have a pillow. And the toilet paper is a must. An inexpensive way to stay in Amritsar.
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    taj chandela hotel
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    Advantages of the hotel within walking distance of the airport, comfortable room like the bathroom but this did not have so many little details. Very near the hotel in the morning a huge store to take tourists and at night a very cheap and beautiful spectacle of the different dances that occur in India, I recommend that the best sound and light show in Khajuraho is in English then you understand, not speaking Khajuraho at all! Look out! With cataracts Panday going out in rainy season isn't wort the bother. This hotel has 2 restaurants, a bar and, ah!, there is no elevator! The breakfast buffet in the morning is not bad.
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    spice village en reserva de periyar hotel
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    It's a resort in Periyar National Park, in Kerala. All rooms are small huts made from wood and straw, in a lush garden. I loved the rooms inside, which combined natural materials. This hotel is committed to natural soaps and recyclable products. In addition to being able to book different excursions in the park, they have other services like ayurvedic massages. It is highly recommended.
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    oriental hotel & guest house
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    This excellent hotel is much more than just a Guest House, it is an old Ladakhi house. Prices vary, from 250 INR to a few thousand rupees. Excellent breakfasts, with freshly made Ladakhi bread. Water is free (you can fill your bottle and save some for later, most importantly). Rooms have a view and there is a lovely garden to sit to read in. Good internet connection. Taxi service in 15 minutes. Its owners are a family of maybe 2 or 3 generations. The only disadvantage is that it is the farthest hotel from Leh, though it is close to the stairs going up to Shanti Stupa. This hotel is ideal if you rent a bike or simply do not mind walking about 20 minutes from the center. It is very quiet and away from the hubbub of the center. Perhaps one of the best rooms is 211, shown in one of the photos.
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    fateh bagh hotel
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    This is a romantic old mansion turned hotel. The rooms are decorated with antique Indian furniture, and the atmosphere makes you feel like you're in the old marajahaas of Rajasthan. We couldn't enjoy the outdoor facilities (pool, gardens) because we were there during monsoon season and it rained a lot. It was very comfortable and the people were very friendly.
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    ideal beach resort
    Hotels in
    The Ideal Beach Resort is situated just outside Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram. Is a typical beach hotel with a great swimming pool, you also have direct access to the beach with hammocks. The rooms are very spacious, and the bathroom huge, almost a little disproportionate, with two baths and showers. The resort is the best in the area. The hotel has a gift shop and a spa where you can enjoy a massage. The hotel staff are very friendly and helpful, but certainly in no hurry to do things. The worst thing is that being on the outskirts you can not easily walk to town.
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    maison perumal
    Hotels in
    Thsi was an old colonial house that was converted into a hotel. It has 10 rooms and is quite small, creating a very personal experience. The breakfast is served directly to the rooms. The house is beautiful with several courtyards filled with plants, the rooms are spacious, decorated in great detail, the only downside is that the bathroom is a bit small, almost like a hallway. It is in the heart of the city so that you can move around it very easily. There is high-speed internet access.
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    ideal river view resort
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    This resort can be found in a very tranquil palce which is just 7 kms from the city, the restaurant has a large terrace overlooking the river Pennaar, which at this time was almost dry as it was still not the rainy season. At night in the restaurant's there is traditional music and dance, the only problem is the mosquitoes at night as it is next to the river. The rooms are spacious, and the bathroom is also quite large, in the bathroom it is hot as there is no air conditioning, just a fan. Wi-Fi is provided at different rates.
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    casa montagna - la casa del fauno
    Country Houses in
    This place is located in the midst of a large plantation of cardamom and tea, the house dates back to 1936 and retained its original wooden ceilings. It has three bedrooms with bathroom, ours in particular with a terrace and a view from which could see the entire plantation, but there was so much fog we only saw a great white curtain. We were alone in the house with what they ask you what time you want to eat dinner, the house is at your disposal, the guys ve run the hotel only comes when bringing and serving meals. It's a simple meal, typical of the area: rice, chicken, many sauces with varying degrees of spiciness
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    punnamada houseboat
    Hostels in
    These traditional boats have been converted into accommodation, with all the comforts that you might expect including bathrooms and televisions. They come in different sizes, we had a two bedroom one which was fine. It is a great way to explore the backwaters and areas near the canals. The ship's crew consists of three people - the captain, the chef and an assistant. As for the food, it is traditional Kerala cuisine such as rice, chicken and fish. The chef gives you a menu to choose your food for the day from.
    Top 46
    the oberoi mumbai hotel
    Hotels in
    This is a large hotel with 287 rooms and a commercial gallery, through which it connects to the Trident Hotel. It's on Marine Drive, a long promenade in a lively area south of the city. It was remodelled in 2010, following the terrorist attacks from the 27th of November 2008 on two hotels. There's complete security to enter the hotel that reviews your bag, camera, purse or car you each time you enter. The hotel is really great, with a nice pool overlooking the Arabian Sea. It has several restaurants serving Italian, Indian, and fast food. As for the rooms, they offer beautiful views of the sea and the city befitting a 5 star category with all amenities. There are no negatives about this hotel. You have half an hour of free WiFi per day.
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    new dharma guest house
    Hotels in
    Upon reaching the city Vashisht seemed to be still asleep, but it woke up and when went into the streets in search of good, nice and cheap accommodation. As usual it was not us who found it, but was the place which came to us. A small, vivacious young man offered to show us (newcomers with backpacks) the place he owned. We followed him to the top of the town and he showed us this quiet, clean place with great views. For 350 rp/night (about 5 euros) we had a very spacious room with a double bed, bathroom (with shower, hot water, sink and toilet), a large closet and a terrace. The people who run it are also very nice and you can get you almost anything you need. Right there they organize excursions, have a small shop and a restaurant on the terrace, make henna tattoos, have free room service .... but the best, the best of the hotel is the peace that reigns and the views surrounding it.
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    avis grand hyatt hotel
    Hotels in
    New Delhi
    After a long, but exciting trip, it is essential to get a good hotel to rest. The Hyatt Hotel is near the Indira Gandhi airport and has very good security. It seems incredible that such luxury can exist in such an apparently poor country. I would always go back. India has the most extreme contrasts ever. The hotel restaurant offers high-level international cuisine and has an extraordinary buffet.
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    suvi transit accommodation hotel
    Guesthouses in
    In India there are only two types of hotels: mega luxurious, super expensive and ... the other, well, this is one of the others. Simple, cozy, friendly, clean. Anything more? It's for sleeping. It has TV with millions of channels, air conditioning 'on demand', that is if you want to rent the remote control. A piece of advice: rent it or be in a sauna! It also has a computer with Internet access in the broom closet. Yes, in the broom closet. You're in India, remember. Nothing is the same here. The neighborhood is not chic, but is near the airport and its inhabitants are the nicest, most humble people east of the Mississippi. The hotel offers a free shuttle to the airport and a taxi is an economic and reliable way to visit the city and its surroundings. If you just want to relax in a clean and well located place, this is your place, if you prefer something better, there is a Hilton nearby...
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    hotel chanchal continental
    Hotels in
    New Delhi
    There are lots of options for lodging in New Delhi, and the Chanchal Continental Hotel is a good choice. Its location is quite good, halfway between New Delhi and Old Delhi, and with many rooms facing a small back street so noise is at a minimum. The rooms are quite comfortable and the service is perfect. For just 15 euros we have a double room, with flatscreen television, shower, and toilet.
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    hemkund basera hotel
    Hotels in
    The Hemkund Basera Hotel has cheap double rooms (300 rupees after haggling) which is about 5 €. The rooms have large windows and views of the Ganges river. Not all of the rooms face the river, so you have to ask. The owner of the hotel can do laundry for a small fee. It's in a good area as there are many places to go shopping and it's close to the bridge that crosses to the other side of town where there are yoga classes and more places to buy all kinds of clothing and other things. It's very close to "Café del Mar".
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    yogis guest house
    Hostels in
    In Jodhpur, maybe the best option, opposite the fortress, an unexpected gem with a good view, great staff, great rooftop terrace where you can eat and enjoy a relaxed and good environment. The rooms range from about 7 to 20 euros. There are Many travelers, very good atmosphere
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    samrat hotel
    Hotels in
    From the third floor of the hotel you can see the city moving below. The classic "auto-rickshaw," the motorbikes, cars and the crowd is a spitting image of the twenty-first century India. This hotel provides cleanliness, a shower and very attentive service for only € 8 which is actually a bit pricey for what you can find in India. The temperature is well regulated so that you never feel too hot or too cold. Its location is also great, right below is the stop for a bus that is always going to and from other cities. My video is of me from the balcony of my "room." I was acting a bit foolish but it was from the excitement of the moment. Nashik was one of the cities with the most fascinating Hindu culture.
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    regent hotel colaba
    Hotels in
    From the door of my hotel I saw this - some taxis, some vans, stalls and people here "pa yá". At least it was clean, something that you'll have to be alert for in almost all hotels and mid-priced hostel, in Bombay hygiene leaves much to be desired. The good thing was that it was in a lively area with possibility to start making contact with people who can advise you the first few days that are very difficult in this kind of city. The price ranges 6 and 9 euros depending on the season. Note: If you leave the front desk, with a little luck and if you have enough time, you can work as an extra in "boliwood", there are always people in the neighborhood capturing European extras to make a "movie" or TV program, it is a hilarious experience, you get to eat and at the end of the day you get paid.
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    hotel simla haveli
    Hostels in
    Former home of Kalifas, the Simla hotel has all the magic that this city exudes. Inside it has all the details of the luxurious rooms of the marahás, and the outside keeps the original charm, since the facade and surrounding area has been well preserved since it was built. The rooms are small yes, but considering the price ranges between 3 and 6 euros, there is not much we can complain about. It is located in the upper north part of Jaisalmer Fort. I recommend it because it is clean, good service and a haven of peace, to be in India.
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    mateula en jari hostel
    Hostels in
    In the village of MATEULA, there are only 3 hostels: One at the beginning of the village, another next to the temple, in the center of the village fair, and the one where I stayed, at the top of the village. The views from my terrace were simply heavenly. Few times in my life will I enjoy these types of views in my "room". Everything around me was unbeatable. There were no meals, but fruit was around for you. A royal garden and not made by decorating professionals. Some young neighbors in the "flirting" age and a few birds here and there .. which made the only noise. After all of this the price of the "room" was one euro per head per day! .. Is there any other place in the world better in value?. Ah! Here I'm wrong with the name as other many times. The correct name of the village is MATEULA, but do not remember the hostel. .