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300 reviews of Tower Bridge

An interesting experience

After visiting the impressive engine room, our guide told us that Tower Bridge would soon open. When boats need to pass the bridge, but they are too large to go under, they need to inform the administration with 24 hours' notice. Passage for the boats is free. In general, the bridge rises just enough to let the boat through, and is only lifted to its full extension out of respect for the royal family or, for example, when the body of Winston Churchill was brought to London for his state funeral. The bridge raises in less than 30 seconds, and traffic is stopped for 5 minutes while the bridge lifts,

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A great city

London is a city that can really change you, and bring out something that you never knew you had. It's a paradox: a multicultural city, unconventional and young, but also the home of the oldest institution in the country, the royal family. It's a great city because it has opened its doors to everyone ... tourists, students and professionals all rub shoulders here, and the different cultures have brought new ideas, new lifestyles, and new foods to the capital. The British capital is a young city for young people, with rhythms of life that only extremely strong hearts can bear. London also offers

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London Calling

This photograph came from a trip a took after I graduated college. I've never been to Europe before and when I arrived in London I felt like I was home. I roamed the streets day and night and found the London Bridge to be breath taking during the evening. I had to capture that beauty on film and I think the black and white gives it something more.

The views were spectacular


As part of The London Pass we visited Tower Bridge.


The Greatest Capital City in the World

London - the city that has everything for the budding tourist - culture, sights, experiences and an amazing history. Here is the famous Tower Bridge a spectacle for tourists and this shot was taken during the time of the Olympics.

Classic beauty

A classic, but truly magnificent place to visit. Get there on a sunny day and it will truly impose on you the grandeur of this institution.

Sunny day at london

That was one of the moments it was not cloudy , but it was really a sunny day I have decided to go out
and find interestings sites to explore, well it worth it....





Awesome marina

There is an awesome marina behind Tower Bridge, on the north side. You should go!

Tower Bridge




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