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Restaurants in Bulgaria

149 contributors

65 places to eat in Bulgaria

Restaurants in Sofia
Dibaka is a very nice restaurant the center of Sofia. The food and service is good. It's packed on weekends, but you can not book in advance. We ate like kings, we each had a beer and a bottle of wine between two, appetizer and main course, it was 10 euros per person! It was very cheap because it was a nice place and wasn't like a normal dive. There is a nice terrace outside, with greenery, then a part under a veranda, which is for smokers and not very well ventilated, but if smoke bothers you then there is a smaller room that is not smoking. Bulgaria is a country where people smoke a lot. I tried a soup served in a bread roll, so you eat the bread and soup at the same time. And the traditional roast stuffed peppers and yogurt sauce. The wine is very good, and we were satisfied with the overall quality of the place. It was a little noisy in the restaurant.
Restaurants in Veliko Tarnovo
Shtastliveca Restaurant
Perhaps one of the best options in Veliko, which is shown by the amount of people that even after 19pm you just have to wait. But it's worth it. The restaurant has two floors overlooking the banks of the Yantra River. It's good, nice and cheap. They have an extensive menu with typical Bulgarian dishes, pasta and pizzas. I would actually consider it a Bulgarian-Italian restaurant. The pizzas are made in a wood oven. To give you an idea of ​​what we ate and prices: With 4 people we had 2 plates of pasta, a Greek salad, grilled calamari and spinach and cheese dip, 2 sodas, 3 half-liter of beers and one dessert to share because we were so full. The total came out to 55 cams, which is 27 euros.
Restaurants in Veliko Tarnovo
Vinarnata is a beautiful restaurant in Veliko Tarnovo. It overlooks the valley, and on a mountain where you can see wonderful views from a large window. The menu is incredibly long, like a book, with Bulgarian dishes from all regions. We began with a Bulgarian salad with a type of eggplant baked with tomato and lots of garlic, served cold and eaten alone or with toast, then a stew of meat and a gondola, which is a baked dish shaped like a gondola, with melted cheese with chicken, vegetables and potatoes. A perfect lunch to warm you during visits to the city, and with drinks it cost less than 12 euros between two people. The service is the only problem. The waitresses wear traditional dress and don't seem very happy to be working there. They barely speak English so you must ask for things several times. The terrace on the street does not have much interest.
Restaurants in Sofia
Pizzeria Victoria
I can not comment on other places in Sofia because once we tried this place we didn't go to any other. It is among all the monuments in the center of Sofia, between the National Art Gallery and the Russian church. At night you can park for free in front of the Gallery dinner and go for a walk in the churches. Italian food is good, in quantity and reasonable prices. It's a very cozy place with several rooms and smoking and non-smoking. I'll give you an example of the first night we had dinner for 4. All dishes were tricolori a salad, a pizza prosciutto, vegetable lasagna, spaghetti carbonara about two tortenilli funghi, 4 sprites, 2 beers and half liter and a quarter liter and only fruit and huge ice cream dessert all around 36.20 euros. The website is
Cafés in Veliko Tarnovo
Stratilat Café
After the statue of Stefan Stambolov you must climb stairs from the street with the same name to find this perfect cafe for breakfast. Everything was very good, the downside was that it took much if not ask for what they had done, ie cakes or pastries. We ordered pancakes the first day and it took half an hour, yes, a chocolate and cream crepes that would lie to anyone. The price for crepes with chocolate, 2 cappuccinos, 2 chocolates, 2 skewers of fruit, a cheese cake and an espresso was 17€.
Restaurants in Veliko Tarnovo
Mexana de ARBANASI Chateau Karnobat
Very close to the Nativity Church, you'll find this typical Bulgarian inn whose sign reads Mexana which is typical of the inns throughout the country. Very good and cheap local food. There is always the Shpka or salad and several dishes like the menu photo. Ideal place to rest or eat in Arbanasi. We only ordered 2 soft drinks and 2 coffees and it came out to only 3 euros. The house is a typical house Arbanasi fortress, with a first floor of stone and the second made of wood. Very clean and welcoming.
Restaurants in Rila
Mexana Pohieh
If you visit the Rozhen Monastery, in the small town that lies beneath the hill of access to the monastery, at N 41 ° 31.982 'E 23 ° 26,049' at 510 in height, there is an inn or Mexana, Bulgarian traditional food, delicious and well priced. With 51 or 25 euro 4 of us ate . The owner is friendly and even gave us a typical dessert and we were not charged, as well as a shot. Yes, the Bulgarian music accompanies you throughout the meal.
Restaurants in Plovdiv
Mexana Diana
10 km from Plovdiv is where we stopped for lunch at a "Mexana", close to Highway 64 and just meters away in an adjacent street. The Mexana Diana was one of the best choices. We arrived at 16:30 pm and they made the food quickly. As you know these country inns offer traditional Bulgarian food at good prices and quality, as well as quantity. We ate a salad and cheese Shopska as a starter. After we had a Kavarma and some peppers stuffed with cheese that was breaded (Chushka byurek). To complete the meal we ordered a grilled meat (meat balls ,Kebapche, made of kebabs and chicken). The dishes were served in the form of shipping containers. Drinks and coffee finished it off, and we ended up paying around 55 cams (27 euros). It was a good price and a good restaurant.
Restaurants in Orechak
Mexaná Bogomilovata
This is a beautiful restaurant, or as they call it here "Mexana" where we ate the day we went to visit the monastery of Troyan. It is about 2 km from the monastery, in the small town of Oreshak. The decor was typically Bulgarian. The girls who run it were great with us. We asked about something we did not understand on the menu and they brought a little plate of it for us to try. It was Sirene cheese. Delicious. It is highly recommended. The price is unbeatable, about 38 euros for four people, including 2 bottles of wine and coffee and lovely food.
Restaurants in Obzor
Marlin - Bar & Dinner - Restaurant
One of the best places to eat, have a drink and even get the party started is the wonderful beach of Obzor. Located on the beach, very close to the hotel that is on this beach, is Riu, a trendy bar-restaurant that we liked it. Logically, there is a snack bar and being a rather touristy waterfront area, prices are higher than in other areas of the Black Sea, but you can eat and drink at a great price in an ideal place. It has a terrace overlooking the sea and it is a real treat to enjoy the extensive menu of Bulgarian dishes and a lot of other dishes. I recommend trying what you see in the picture, which is eggs with ham underneath, amazing. There are pints of beer and nothing is expensive. It is modern, with comfortable chairs and tables, and lively music that plays all day. Bar & sunset dinner becomes a place of worship for all party lovers who come to Obzor. Without being a club as such, of course is located in an ideal place, and accompanied by good music, good-looking waitresses, safe environment and company to have a few drinks at night. It look like a typical site with a chill-out terrace where people start the party.
Restaurants in Bansko
Restaurants in Sofia
Made in Home
When I visited, Made in Home was probably the most popular pub and restaurant in Sofia. The atmosphere is very trendy and they serve high-quality dishes ranging from soups to omelette and homemade fries. The clientele and staff are mainly young locals and it's the perfect place to see the modern and young side of Sofia.
Cafés in Sofia
The Corner
Exquisite, good value menu, and spacious.
Restaurants in Batak
Restaurants in Bansko
Restaurants in Bansko
Tapas Bars in Sofia
Restaurants in Sofia
Pasta Box
While pasta is not the best option to order here, I liked the idea of ​​this fast food, which is entirely made of dough. You enter, order, choose the portion size, and within seconds you find a box of pasta in your hand. It's similar to Chinese food, and difficult to eat; so it will be more logical to use chopsticks instead of a fork. It's small, worthy enough, low-cost, equivalent to €1.50. Great orange juice is squeezed on the spot by the servers.